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  1. Amaruk

    Link to the Wiki is gone?

    Here is the old banner. Looks like they may have axed the wiki in favor of console links...
  2. Sounds like you're describing a sophist.
  3. This... and this. This screenshot is from a game with the supposedly 'improved' AI. The instant any bot was spotted it turned tail and ran away. ALL of them. The green Minotaur was with me when I engaged that red Montana in D cap, as soon as it was spotted it ran to A cap via B cap. The Montana had moved up to F8, but as soon as it was spotted it turned and ran to the far corner. End result was about 10% more XP than average for a game that took over twice as long as usual. This is true for some. Others are just parroting what they've heard. And some are just desperate to fondle their epeen. Although you have to admit claiming that the AI running to the redline is 'good' play while complaining about players in PVP doing the exact same thing does demonstrate a certain level of hypocrisy.
  4. Amaruk

    Karma Question

  5. January 12th at 19:42:16 Congrats on a job well done! Just be prepared for the same level of derision as those who bought it...
  6. Amaruk

    The Armada pack?

    Yep, coincided with Thanksgiving/Black Friday the previous 3 years. 2016 Armada bundle -- https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/worldofgravyboats/ 2017 Armada bundle -- https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/jive-turkeys/ 2018 Armada bundle -- https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/black-friday/
  7. Amaruk

    Spotting after death

  8. WOT's version (The Feast) was gutted. The gold comp for tanks already owned was reduced to the point where buying the 25,000 gold package at the normal everyday price gives you more gold per dollar spent. I was considering the Armada if it's offered this year, but if WoWS does the same to the Armada that WOT did to The Feast, that's gonna be a BIG no.
  9. Amaruk

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Finally did it. First 1,000 BXP game ever.
  10. Amaruk

    Weird post-battle screen

    I suspect module hits are not counted as potential damage, but I can't say for certain. Might make for an interesting training room exercise.
  11. Amaruk

    Lose unique ships if I reset?

    While the subject may be the same, the avatars themselves are not the same. I've used the same avatar here on the WoWS forum since 2015 when the game was still in beta, which precedes your participation here by several years. One cannot steal that which does not exist yet...
  12. Amaruk

    Lose unique ships if I reset?

    Nothing happened to my tier 1, apart from accumulating a bunch of XP. Erie never left my port, Kelley Shaw was still aboard in command, Main Armaments Mod 1 was still mounted, both flags (& both signals) were still flying from the rigging. All I had to do was spend 350 XP on the Erie to unlock the Chester, buy it, and start grinding away playing.
  13. Amaruk

    Weird post-battle screen

    Ah, it seems we're answering the wrong question... This happens to me on occasion as well. The 2 shells that hit Yamato and bounced show up as zero damage because they would have removed some of the Yamato's health if they had penetrated. The shell that struck Jutland damaged a turret. Since turrets do not directly affect the ship's health pool, there was no potential damage to the Jutland itself as a result of the hit; thus no marker in the detailed report. In your case, you destroyed one of the Pyotr Velikiy's AA mounts. Since AA mounts do not affect the ship's health pool, there was no potential loss of health for the Pyotr Velikiy. No potential loss of health to the ship, no marker.
  14. Amaruk

    Lose unique ships if I reset?

    Yes. I reset all the USN lines except the CVs, a total of 31 ships. All of them were in port except Gearing, which was researched but not yet purchased. All Ship modules were fully upgraded and mounted, all available upgrade slots were full, all had captains assigned and onboard, and all had 2 signals mounted except Fletcher, which had 4. All 30 of the ships and their modules were sold, with half of their original cost credited to my account. All signals were demounted and sent to inventory. All upgrades were demounted without charge and sent to inventory. All 30 commanders were moved to reserve with training/specialization retained. Also, additional slots were added to my Commander's reserve because I did not have 30 open at the time I reset.