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  1. I agree that double CV games in a DD suck, but they aren't the norm in my experience. Even then, there are ways to make the most out of a bad situation. For french destroyers, I personally don't have much experience with them. I hated the low tier ones and only have the vaquelin currently. For the pan European DDs, I've gone through the line and have halland right now. I can understand you're frustration with the french, but from tier 8 on in the pan euro DDs, they're AA is actually very good. Many CV players are nervous about getting AA trapped by hallands at tier 10. It doesn't make them immune to carrier strikes and the spotting they do, but it definitely will cost a CV to strike you. Pan European DDs strength mid tiers are they're hybrid gunboat builds. From tier 8 onwards, the flavour changes to fast torpedoes with a quick reload time. I would reccomend building them for torps, but you can definitely make the guns work in some situations. Bringing someone's stats into the argument doesn't do anything for you, nor makes you look good. It's also against this forums rules so keep that in mind. As well as this, stats aren't always a good way of showing if someone has right or wrong opinions on something in the game.
  2. mcgibe

    WG, What the hell

    Pretty much this. Most BB shells won't lose too much speed in the air. This means that unless it hits at a 30 degree angle or greater, the shells can't penetrate because of the overmatch mechanic. Some battleships may be able to penetrate it at the very edge of their ranges due to the shells impacting from a steeper angle (american BBs for example) but the best place to aim is under the funnels in the midsection. If they run, I'd tell you to load HE to burn them, but they have 5 sec fire duration because that's completely balanced. Around 10k damage is nothing to scoff at on a DD. Shimakaze has 17,900 health without SE so that's more that half it's health gone. Yamato's AP (I assume you were firing that) does 1,480 damage per hit on a destroyer. This means you landed around 6 or 7 shells on that destroyer and chunked it for more than half it's health. Conversely, if you shot HE at it, each shell would now do around 2500 damage (iirc). That means you'd all but annihilate that destroyer with your salvo, not to mention break a lot of stuff and start fires on it. I understand that it's difficult to predict when to switch ammo, but if you're ever stuck in that 1v1 with a DD, you know what to shoot. The comparison of a guided anti ship missile to a WW2 era timed fuse shell is stupid. That's because said shell would overmatch because said fuse doesn't arm on that thin of armour, whereas said missile is not only guided to it's target's weak points, but it also has contact fuses that detonate almost as soon as they hit the frigate. Overpenetration was a very real mechanic and consideration for warship designers at the time. That's why destroyers and certain light cruisers can survive devastating broadside salvos at close range. Although I feel like overpens can be fairly abused by some cruisers (smolensk), it's perfectly fine for destroyers. If we were using realistic physic, then Yamato wouldn't be able to bowtank any battleship (and even some supercruisers) at all. Any relatively large shell would go through that bow like a hot knife through butter. If that happened, people would complain that yamato isn't unique or good anymore so that's why we have this fictitious mechanic around. If we went full realist, then most of your battleship shells would miss the target by hundreds of meters. Destroyers would also be much harder to hit at range and you'd have to sit in the back and snipe from 30km or so to stay relatively safe. Carriers would also completely dominate you even more than they already did. You can't pick and choose you're historical accuracy argument here. Play a high tier destroyer, get within 10 kilometers of a radar cruiser, and smoke up. Come back to me then and tell me how invincible DDs are. I'll wait.
  3. mcgibe

    Setting up a VampDeuce?

    I'm not sure what you mean. They both a base fire chance of 8%. Do you have IFHE on your Vampire 2 captain? I'd say buffing up consumables is the best way to go. She really relies on them to do well. That and most of the captain skills buffing consumables will stack on her hydro, smoke, and speed boost. For me, my first 10 points were spent on preventative maintenance (more module survivability), last stand (obviously), survivability expert (more health), and concealment expert (a literal no brainer). The other 11 started off with adrenaline rush (DPM buffs), superintendent (more consumables), then I took radio location to emphasize the DD hunter role. Finally, I ended with grease the gears cause why not. And finally for modules, if you can spare the coal, I'd get the smoke and hydro modules for the extra consumable duration. Both synergize very well with her as well as with haida at t7. Otherwise, take main armament mod in slot 1, steering gear mod in slot 4 (she doesn't get acceleration mod cause it's practically built in), concealment mod in slot 5 (duh), and finally main battery mod 3 in slot 6. Now this might not be the optimal build, but it's been working well for me. There's a few ways to build this one and it might change in the future. Hope that helps
  4. mcgibe

    Server Back UP

    Yep server is back up. Sadly though, Vampire 2 isn't yet in the RB. Hope they fix that soon
  5. mcgibe

    Immelman as good as MVR

    I think I recognize you from one of my games. In any case, gg and well played. Seems like immelman is a pretty good carrier. It certainly doesn't have FDR strike power or health, but skip bombers are a really interesting mechanic and pretty powerful.
  6. mcgibe

    KotS: First ship ban announced

    Interesting choice for the first ship to be removed. No doubt Petro is good, but I don't feel it's as meta defining a tier 10 as some of the others. For me, my first choice probably would have been the kleber. The high tier french DDs are very good when played right, and in my opinion are pretty meta defining. If anything, this CW season proved such.
  7. mcgibe

    Cristoforo "Sempre in fiamme" Colombo

    Uh what are you on about? Besides the fact it doesn't have a special damage control, you shouldn't have any more problems with fires on this than you would in a montana. There are things that the ita BBs are good at, and there are things that they are bad at. This is not it.
  8. mcgibe


    not really. We can even see on the fitting tool that it has a 31.5 degree rearward firing angle on it's X turret (the back turret). that's very good, in fact it beats out a lot of it's contemporaries at same tier, including Vladivostok's 35 degrees and Monarch's laughable 37 degrees. If you're talking about the AB turret's rearward firing arcs, then yeah they aren't that great at only 140 degrees, but a lot of BBs at this tier aren't the best in kiting positions.
  9. mcgibe


    Vladivostok also has 16.3km base and 18km upgraded. She also doesn't have a spotter unlike the Veneto. If we include sansonetti, Veneto can hypothetically trash Vladivostok's range. I'd say there are similarities between the two with things such as range, armour layouts, and AP penetration (Veneto has slightly better AP pen up to 15km, but they're pretty much the same for all intensive purposes). The playstyle of both is somewhat similar, but Vladivostok has better accuracy mid/close range, and Veneto has SAP along with Roma railgun-like shells. Veneto also has a fuel smoke which can help with pushing and/or disengaging. Just don't fire you're guns while in that smoke because smoke firing penalty is a very real thing.
  10. mcgibe

    Vampire II coming, so what's leaving?

    As of now and from what I have heard, no other RB ships are being removed or have been announced as being removed. However, there are a bunch of premiums that will be removed in update 0.10.5 (two months), and the list is as follows: you can also see this in the update announcement under the armory tab. Hope this helps Edit: since screenshot doesn't want to upload (reeee), I'll just say the ships here in order: VI German CV Erich lowenhardt VI German DD T-61 VI German CA Graf Spee VII British BB Nelson VII Commonwealth (not pan euro Zoup) DD Haida VII German DD Z-39 VIII Japanese DD Asashio VIII Russian BB Lenin That should be all of them. I hate my internet connection
  11. Who knows if it will stay that way for long *wink wink*
  12. Looking back on this now, I can't believe I called it. Ofc I'm not narcissistic enough to think that wargaming did a 180 on her resource just cause I asked. Although... maybe I could ask them for some free coal and see what happens?
  13. Looks pretty crazy, but we'll see how it is on release. Always up for minor nations getting their own ships! @Lert just had the best two days of his life
  14. Well it looks like some people are going to be pretty excited she's coming to the game (myself included). More minor nations ships is always a great thing!
  15. mcgibe

    Can't sell Italian battleships

    You can't yet. These ships are designed as special ships currently so they technically cannot be sold. You will be able to once the next patch rolls around next Wednesday and they lose that status. Personally, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on veneto. Everything that Roma has along with fuel smoke? Can't wait for the t10.