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  1. Just wanted to ask everyone's opinions on ranked this year. Did you like it or hate it. Personally, I haven't been having much fun with carriers and rentals and I'm still not done with the grind despite being at rank 2
  2. It just feels inconvenient. I'm flying out on vacation on Monday so it's a bit annoying for me. Again, I don't want special treatment for expressing my inconvenience with the move, I'm just wondering why
  3. mcgibe

    Scapa Flow views/thoughts

    These places are protected by the government because they are historical monuments. Raising these wrecks for scrap metal is spitting in both the face of history and the sacrifices of those who risked their lives to do this. That's why its illegal to salvage these ships for scrap and diving is heavily regulated. It's. Besides, they have already been on the bottom for about 100 years so why raise them now
  4. So I logged onto WOWS today and got a message saying that my armory ship coupon reload date was increased from tomorrow to the 25th. Now It's only a 3 day increase which I can live with, but I just have to ask why this happened? I'm not angry at all, it's just a bit inconvenient for me. @Radar_X @Gneisenau013 is it ok if you could let me know why this is? Again, I'm not mad, I'm just a bit confused.
  5. mcgibe

    Scapa Flow views/thoughts

    Maybe ones from 50 or so years ago, but not ones from 100 years. The steel is usually not as good as stuff you can make from forges. It doesn't stop looters though and that's a problem
  6. mcgibe

    Scapa Flow views/thoughts

    I just think that even if these wrecks aren't war graves, they should still be left as monuments of history. I'm glad that places like the Arizona are protected from people that believe it's ok to dredge up a war grave without sympathy for the ones who gave their lives there. At least there are a few nice things in the world
  7. mcgibe

    USN vs IJN starting Fri.

    *opens door into a large dark room* *flips on lights dramatically* *room slowly lights up* "It is time" I say *USS flint stands before me* *grabs the helm as music comes to a climax, then stops. I breathe a large sigh and then open my eyes. I put her into full ahead* *John wick. Chapter 4*
  8. Exactly. More whining and I love it
  9. mcgibe

    Rank 1 again...

    Well done ranking out! I'm still at rank 2 after 4 consecutive losses (2 of which I lost my star)
  10. mcgibe

    Scapa Flow views/thoughts

    These are important places in history and should not be torn from the bottom to make useless stuff that we will throw away in six months. And by the way, shipwrecks are not a great source of steel, especially ones that have been sitting on the bottom for over 100 years. The metal is rusted, worn, flimsy, and oxidized. Certainly not something you want to build skyscrapers out of. I think that these wrecks are more valuable as a piece of history and send a message about that time. About the constructs of war. That it was noble, in the germans eyes at least, to scuttle the ship and risk your life to stop the ships from falling into the hands of the enemy.
  11. mcgibe

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    And this is why the community appreciates you
  12. mcgibe

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    As always, thanks for another great review and all you do @LittleWhiteMouse Upvotes for you
  13. mcgibe

    What did I do wrong?

    Fine. I was meming with the post. I know what the CV rework is and have even ground out the midway. Yes, I know that the French cruisers have existed for a while now and yes I know that they have speed boost to help them juke shots. *puts hands in the air and raises the white flag*
  14. mcgibe

    What did I do wrong?

    Me and my brother both share the account. Sorry. Should point that out