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  1. mcgibe

    Flower class (here me out)

    Look. As much as I love the flower class and commonwealth ships in general, this ship fundamentally wouldn't work for the game. Even as a tier 1. These ships were designed for ASW and convoy escort across the Atlantic. They won't work in a game where guns and torpedoes are prevalent at every tier. The flower class has none of these things, and you've changed it into something that is more like an unrealistic friesland rather than a solely ASW focused ship. If this is a troll, and I suspect it is, well played. If it's not, then while it's an interesting class of ships with some interesting history, ultimately it won't fit the game. Not even as a tier 1
  2. mcgibe

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    Makes sense. I wasn't looking at it from the continuous mindset over the full 60 seconds. Thanks for clarifying
  3. mcgibe

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    I don't think that's really equivalent. Yes the Austin isn't terrible like it's made out to be. I do like mine. But it's not competitive like it's steel counterparts Regardless, there are differences between Austin and Atlanta's hulls, their ballistics, their AA values (Atlanta still has terrible AA for a marketed AA cruiser) and their health pools either Austin getting heals. As of now, both are fundamentally different ships
  4. mcgibe

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a 75% reload reduction going to be quadrupling the DPM of the ship? At least that's how it works with Austin. I agree San Diego needs something more than just the Austin gimmick, however I don't think a mini Austin would be a bad thing. If anything I love Austin (which I guess kind of makes me weird)
  5. mcgibe

    Super ships in Randoms and Tier 11

    Didn't subs already kill randoms? Oh sorry, I must have missed something. Superships are now what's killing randoms Arms race is pure fun. You cannot argue that a des Moines with a three second reload or a yamato with a 30% alpha buff isn't fun.
  6. mcgibe

    rocket planes are useless now

    If you aren't trolling, rockets are still very much usable. You just have to lead your targets. They are still your prime squad for scouting at the start of the game, they still hit hard, and they still set fires easy. #justlead
  7. mcgibe

    Super ships in Randoms and Tier 11

    Personally, I wanna see them in randoms. I feel like more surface ship combat should be a good thing overall. Most of the superships I played aren't as powerful as made out to be. Only one I feel that really stands out is Annapolis which kind of has too much going for it. On top of the alt fire mode, it's got ridiculous DPM and the super heavy AP, as well as some decent citadel protection.
  8. mcgibe

    HMCS Sackville Camo

    Glad to see it's one promise they kept
  9. mcgibe

    Hot Takes on Atlântico?

    Really nice to see more Pan Am ships. Here's hoping some of the more neglected nations can get some fleshed out tech trees In terms of how it looks, and it's probably gonna change when it's in testing, the thing looks like a lot of fun. It's got a pretty low HP pool and speed, but the guns look pretty nice and the secondary memes could be interesting.
  10. Wait. I thought this line was DOA? Oh well. People wanted them buffed. Careful what you ask for I guess
  11. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/214 It looks like WG actually listened to people's feedback and gave everyone the ability to counter subs. All you have to do is point and click my man. Your Massa should be easier to use now If you hate the game and left, why are you still here? What's the issue now with submarines where they're overpowered?
  12. mcgibe

    Commonwealth Cruisers - Potential Line Ideas

    Now I like the enthusiasm, and I'm all for more commonwealth ships in the game. However I feel like some of your T5+ selections are waaayy too uptiered, in particular HMS Blake. Tier 1 to 3 looks good, however tier 4 and cape Town really doesn't have any place in the commonwealth of nations. It wasn't in service with any commonwealth navy or that navy predecessors (such as HMS Dunedin and the New Zealand division of the Royal navy, which was the predecessor to the Royal New Zealand navy) and Cape Town wasn't majority crewed by a commonwealth nation (such as HMS Nabob which was all but a Canadian ship with her crew, but couldn't be handed to Canada due to lend lease agreements). Tier 5 and 6 are okay for ship choices, however I don't really think two leanders in one tech tree will be interesting. Yes Delhi is missing one turret which is the balancing factor for her, however I don't think WG would be on board with it. Also removing the smoke and replacing it with a heal for the T6 is very weird. It's not consistent with the line as a whole and would make Sydney look like a huge black sheep. Your tier 7 pick is great. What I probably would have picked as well. However from tier 8 to 10 is where I think things go off the rails. HMNZS Black Prince at tier 8 is just a big no. First, we're downgrading in gun caliber only to go back up to 152s at tier 9 and 10. It doesn't make sense and it doesn't fit with the caliber progression of the line. Not only this, but she'll be wildly undergunned compared to peers unless you make the DPM on the guns completely ridiculous. She also has one less turret compared to a regular dido class which had 5x2 133mm guns. In fact, the PA cruisers will be getting one with that exact layout at tier 6. Finally, she's tiny compared to her light cruiser contemporaries, displacing only 7,200 tons max. On top of that she really is made out of paper and wouldn't be taking anything well in a fight with even a gunboat DD at her tier. Tier 9 and Ontario is even more baffling. Now I understand that the 1943 Minotaur Class (which isn't the one we have in game as the tier 10 british one) was quite advanced for the time. However in terms of hitting power for tier 9, it's just not there. It has the same Armament Quebec had, but two tiers higher. It's also on a hull that already isn't displacing much. It's just not tier 9 material. And the tier 10 is just a big no. I'm not even going to explain why through writing, but rather point to the tier 8 british premium tiger '59. With only 2 dual 152mm guns, it struggles to stay afloat at tier 8 in every sense of the word, and only barely manages because it's loaded with gimmicks such as smoke, radar, superheal, etc. A sister ship of Tiger at tier 10 would be abysmal to play against anything unless it's loaded with gimmicks and the ROF of her 2 twin barrels is ludicrous. Those are my issues with the proposal, however I really don't want to sound like I'm punching down your idea of a commonwealth cruiser line. Trust me, I really want to see one in game some day and feel it's long overdue. Heck, I'm even writing my own proposal for them at the moment. So instead of leaving it here, I wanted to make some suggestions. First, replace Cape Town with something else. It could be Dunedin as I explained before, or another cruiser similar to it that was in service with a commonwealth navy and fits at tier 4. Achilles and Sydney are fine as even I have had trouble with finding suitable tier 5 and 6 material that isn't two leanders. It's not ideal, but it's more the fault of history leaving little to work with at this tier (in terms of ship type diversity). And finally the whole tier 8 to 10 section needs redoing. I actually had HMNZS Gambia, a fiji class serving with New Zealand for a time, as my tier 8 pick. Given how powerful fiji is at tier 7, bumping her up to tier 8 along with a commonwealth style flavour (which I have my own ideas for) would be a solid fit. Tier 9 and 10, I'd reccomend looking at paper designs from either Australia or British export designs. It was difficult to find a few personally that fit, but there's quite a list of options. Besides it would be better to make 9 and 10 paper rather than ships that just wouldn't fit. Apologies for the long winded reply. As I sad before, the idea has a lot of potential and I'm all for it. The selection just needs some work.
  13. I really like the idea and think this proposal is really well put together. I'm all for putting more commonwealth ships in the game as I think it's long overdue. I personally would like a light cruiser line, but heavy cruisers also have their appeal too. In fact, I'm writing my own proposal for a commonwealth light cruiser line. One idea I though might be interesting, and could distinguish commonwealth cruisers from other lines would be giving the ships both depth charges and ASW aircraft. Just an idea, but I feel due to commonwealth nations history of performing ASW and convoy defense operations, making them the ASW kings kind of makes sense. Great proposal once again.
  14. If I may interject, there's a few issues I have with this statement. On the topic of fires, coop bots will use their damage control on the first fire or flood that is set on them. In comparison to randoms, many players (especially battleships) let a single fire burn because instantly controlling it opens you up to follow up fires that HE spam is always looking to set. Back to bots, they don't take any of this into consideration. This opens most of them up to tons of follow up fires after you set a single one. Couple that with bots being very predictable and coop matches lasting shorter than random matches on average, means it's quite easy to farm fire ribbons and damage if you know what you're doing. This kind of brings me to the bigger picture here. And while I have nothing against people who main coop and have fun doing it, coop bots are predictable. Random battle players are not. The bot AI in coop will always charge in a straight line, always focus the closest target with the lowest health, and always damage control the first fire which again leads to multiple follow up fires set. This isn't to say PVE players don't have any skill, because to do well in that mode you do need to know the basics of the game (leading, ammo type usage, consumable use, etc) but to do well in random battles usually requires a greater grasp of advanced tactics (minimap awareness, ship lineups and how to adapt for those lineups, positioning, etc). This is absolutely not a bad thing because not everyone wants to consider all these things each game. Some would rather just shoot boats and I definitely respect that, but with random battles being both unpredictable and favoring those who think outside the box, random battle players usually need to take more advanced tactics into account than coop players do My two cents
  15. mcgibe

    My suggestions

    To explain this the best I can, the ships removed were either taken away due to their popularity, being too strong, or a combination of both. As an example, the original Belfast was too strong due to the radar and smoke combo at tier 7, Missouri was removed for it's popularity (and cause it made too much credits, so that's why it's coming back with nerfed credit income), and Thunderer was removed because it was just the unholy trinity of both. Now for my two cents on this, while I see the "artificial scarcity" marketing ploy as pretty icky, there are some ships I never hope see the light of day in the shop again, and many others agree. Hope this helps