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  1. [] Dasha Captain

    Where did you put the file?
  2. [] Dasha Captain

    Yes, you can rename the file and replace it with any other captain (like base_0_0, base_0_4, etc.)
  3. [] Dasha Captain

    Greeting Captains, If anyone is interested in having Dasha as your one of your Commanders, I created this to replace "John Doe" (ex-Seagal) Just put the file into C:\Games\World_of_Warships_NA\res_mods\\gui\crew_commander\base\USA and you should be good. Enjoy!
  4. Greetings Captains, I have returned once again with another silly T-shirt that will maybe interest you. The shirt is up for sale if you want to snatch one up. Heres the store link:https://teechip.com/pixelbotes?retailProductSlug=2C2E906A93A1A3-886198C15410-GS0-TC1-ATH Maybe the Dunkerque will persuade you hmmm? Hope you guys enjoy my silly side projects I do between saltmining games
  5. I'm selling the shirt!!!!!
  6. I'll definitely be up to making another version. Once I start selling this shirt, I'll ask the forums for what ships they want on the shirt. Dunkerque will be on the next version I already have an idea of another shirt design
  7. Thanks for feedback guys! I just got back from a cruise, but now that back in the States I can get to work! I will be selling the shirt. But's it's going to take a little bit of time (not long, maybe a week or two, probably) since this the first time I sold a shirt. I'll post the store page when I set it up. Wish me luck! -Capt. Delta
  8. That is not the ship you are looking for. The Dunkerque is actually one of my favorite ships next to NC and Mutsu I was actually going to put Richelieu in place of Yamato but IDK, I like the Yamato more. fight me But if hey, it can easily be made either way
  9. Greetings Captains, Now that I completed the finishing touches to the shirt design, I have finally started to sell the shirts! There's one for men and women. Get them while you can at Delta's Gift Shop! Store Page: https://pro.teechip.com/stores/deltasgiftshop/sort/-createdAt Initial Post: I was bored the other day and decided to design a t-shirt ( Because that's what normal people do when they're bored, right? ) Anyway, I wanted to share it here, because, why not? Ships on the shirt from top to bottom: NC, Mutsu ( me waifu, fight me ), Yamato, KGV Any thoughts? I'm thinking of selling but I haven't committed fully to the idea yet. -Capt. Delta
  10. [] Yet another Yamato skin...

    No problem, great mod btw! -Capt. Delta
  11. Audio Mod Requested

    This forum thread is getting a little heated
  12. [] Yet another Yamato skin...

    Hey, I think there's a bug with the secondaries. They keep appearing like this: -Capt. Delta
  13. Did I miss something?

    Where did the "Mods and Addons" page go? I swear it was here last night... Did I miss something? -Capt. Delta
  14. [Help] Replays To Videos

    Yes, I realized that when I was going through my replays seeing which ones worked. Low and behold, all the 6.12.1 replays worked -Capt. Delta
  15. [Help] Replays To Videos

    Unfortunately, I do not have a Nvidia GPU installed I have AMD. Thanks for the help though! My biggest problem right now is the replay is not showing the shells firing from ships -Capt. Delta