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  1. For me Yubari is a great team support ship. I do have a lot of fun escorting team carriers and battleships IF it is a carrier match. I enjoy playing with her a lot because it has unique gameplay. However, she could really use a sonar in those non-carrier T5 fights... but hey, she can hide pretty well and she has a really good AA performance. (just hide a lot, if you get hit you're crap) This is an example of a support fight (hence damage was low):
  2. Newbie here!

    I'm not really sure what kind of advice you're looking for, but I think you should just play untill you find a ship/nation you like and enjoy.
  3. And also most Russian DDs of that tier range will easily citadel you with AP.
  4. AP vs HE rant

    The only ship I can think of is Ishizuchi, it's ok to use HE with it if you're undertiered because you're not gonna penn sh*t with those small guns, it's better to do 1000-5000 damage to doing 0 on 3 salvos in a row hitting the middle section of a broadsided NM (It happened to me). For the rest of the BBs I've played, AP for everything but DDs. Well aimed AP will blow enemy guns and do significantly more damage than HE, sticking to HE all the way is a bad idea.
  5. Is WOWS dying already

    I played ONLY IJN DD until I reached Tier 10. I didn't use the free exp until I completely researched fubuki and I could just skip Kagerou. Then I decided to max out IJN BB without skipping and it was way easier than I expected. I think that if people has problems with the grind it has more to be with them grinding many trees at once than it has to be with skill. My win rate is only 51% so I'm not even good.
  6. Sorry, I didn't tried to search for your review, will do in a minute ^^. I didn't knew about the extra upgrade slot, nice Surface detection bloom when firing? I can't find this ingame but sounds interesting. I still only stealth fire my guns while behind smoke or chasing another DD. About the detection range though I see 7.0km detection range in my screen. Maybe when you take out the camo it becomes 7.2km but, why would one even consider taking that camo out? what's gremyashchy detection range with the camo on?
  7. I must disagree with you in the last part. Farragut is spotted earlier than Anshan (7.6km vs 7km), is slower (36.5kts vs 38kts) and the rudder shift difference is a mere 0.4 seconds on a bigger ship. About gremyashchy, I dunno man, it's a solid ship and it's better than Gnevny, but I don't see anything in the numbers besides rudder shift and turning radius that would make him OP over Anshan. Thank you for the numbers on free exp 5%. I would like to hear from WG about how that 100% free exp works because I can see the difference.
  8. I'm not completely sure about the numbers, but you usually earn just a little free exp with each fight. With this camo it becomes somewhat decent in the long run. The next game I had after the first win of the day I earned 500 free xp without actually doing anything special nor killing enemy ships and that sounds good to me.
  9. Well, you're comparing a tier 6 Rus DD with a tier 8 USN DD and Benson is an awesome ship. At tier X Khabarovsk has just a 2 second difference in turret rotation compared to tier X Gearing. To put it into perspective, at the same tier (VI) Farragut is slower, has less hit points, worse detection range and torpedoes than Anshan, but he excels at a turret rotation and rate of fire so you can clearly see the focus here. I think you should really try Russ DDs in general, they're better than they look at first, you might even find it fun to play
  10. So I play mostly DDs, got to tier X IJN DD (jumped over Kagerou) and got used to really long range torps and good concealment. After a while I saw the Russ DD line and said to myself: "wth? 3km torps? 10km detection range on higher tiers? I want that challenge" and then jumped into Rus DD's and it went better than expected. (currently tier 7) Then "wild chinese rework of a Rus DD design appears" and I just check it out out of curiosity. Dayum... It plays like a rare breed between a Russ DD and a IJN DD. 1. 8km torps like Gremyashchy, just that they're faster. 2. 130mm guns like Gnevny and Gremyashchy, but they turn slightly faster (30s). They can get to 19.1s at the cost of ROF. 3. Slightly more hitpoints than Gremyashchy and more than Gnevny 4. Better armor than Gremyashchy and Gnevny 5. It has the same detection range as Gnevny (7km), just 0.2km above Gremyashchy 6. Reaches 42 knots on engine boost without speed flag. (EDIT: I HAD THE FLAG ON LOLZ sorry) 7. Rudder is faster than Gnevny, but slower than Gremyashchy. (4.4s but 3.5s with upgrades) But the best thing is that it has something unique: 100% FREE EXP camo, which I'm loving so far. TLR version: this ship is awesome, and you should definitely buy it. It is really fun to play and it will save you some doubloons in the future (regarding free exp) this thing is a keeper. Screenshot of my first battle (yes, I'm sorry to whoever was that teammate I bumped into)
  11. 260 Pearls!

    Good guy littlewhitemouse, we need more players like you xD
  12. I have all the pearls now, but I dunno when will the ship arrive to my account
  13. I don't feel the same way you do about russian DD. I come from playing IJN DDs so when I saw that OP 3km (lolz) torpedo range I knew I was in for a different experience. They don't play the same way as IJN DDs at all, but I find them quite fun and refreshing to play. My experience below tier 5 though so things might get bad after that (as it did with IJN DD after Minekaze for me) but look, this is a screenshot from my last random game, and it wasn't bad at all. So far I'm loving russian DDs.