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  1. Kiraee

    Possible Solution to Radar

    TL;DR, I got tired of you, bye.
  2. Kiraee

    Possible Solution to Radar

    hahahahahahah man you have that many battles and you're calling me in on experience? talk about a stuck up, pedant piece of work. If you're that experienced and good, then why are we even discussing? you can't evolve to play against radars, then your number don't mean anything. Let me know when you learn to grow as a player, bye. PS: the more you call me on experience, the more you prove my point. If someone so less-experienced and talented than you can overcome something you can't, that tells enough of you.
  3. Kiraee

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I read in the web page somewhere that WG is working on what to do with the current situation. I wouldn't mind if they balanced the game again to make it easier for us destroyers to play again. That said, I do not think that solution will come out soon so while we wait for that, we need to find ways to deal to the current situation. Playing DDs effectively is still very possible, and it doesn't really take much skill, just extreme precautions since we're the underdog for now.
  4. Kiraee

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Of my 5420 battles so far, 2480 were destroyers. Know why my Yugumo only has 1 fights? because by the time I got to shima, Yugumo didn't exist. I played Yugumo once to see if I liked it, I didn't. And I saved up almost all of the free exp I earned while I was playing all destroyers up to my old Fubuki (VIII) so that I could quickly jump to shima, and even that has nothing to do with the topic. You say I've got no other T9-10 games? *laughs hard* Players in T8 nowadays mostly get matches vs T10 and sometimes even T9, and I have no problems sailing in my Akizuki in any T10 fights. Hell, when I play in T7, I get T9 fights 8 times out of 10. You can even tier that down to my Anshan which often got fights against 3 enemy Clevelands, so trust me, I know your pain. But you should just get over it, and improve. Sorry "respectable DD player", git gud.
  5. Kiraee

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I'm laughing hard at those who didn't read and honestly think this was a radar hate thread. Radar is fine, gameplay just changed. This thread was meant to make those who refuse to improve think outside the box.
  6. Kiraee

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Ok, now that I got your attention, I know you may be here because you just got pwned by an entire enemy team while you were blind, hiding in your smoke, so you googled to see if there were more people like you and... I don't blame you. As soon as the whole enemy team activates their radars you feel as if you have zero control over the situation but guess who feels exactly like you? Musashis that get tripple (triangle) squadron torped by a T10 Carrier (or two), and unsuspecting ships that get wall torped by shimakazes. But you know what? there IS something you can do about it. To take back control of the situation. And I will go beyond just saying "git gud" and give a few points of advice that had let me keep playing my favourite class, the destroyers. I'll even make it simple: a list, so you can take what you think would work for you. 1. RELEASE yourself from the prison your smoke mindset has gotten your into: WG made smoke almost worthless, I even dropped smoke completely on ships that have an alternative, like Harekaze. Smoke was there to help destroyers conceal themselves while sitting in, that was ages ago, it's not coming back. Nowadays, popping smoke and staying inside will only get you either torped, radared, hydroed, blind, or all four combined. Use your concealment instead of your smoke 2. USE your smoke to LURE cruisers into using their radars. Of course, don't sit inside your smoke, just leave it there. 3. LEARN about radars so you know what to expect: Chapayev's radar has a 11.70km range, but last's only 20 seconds, while Atlanta's radar is 8.49km and lasts 25 seconds. Did you know that? 4. PUT that radar knowledge into use: if you 1v1 Cleveland for example, you may want to stay just near the limit of that ship's radar range limit and get his attention so he pops his radar, then outrun him so he wastes it. Shortly after you know his radar time is up, you can go back to classic torping maneuvers knowing you're safe from his radar. 5. NOT all radar ships in the enemy team are communicated, in fact, even though you may face two Des Moines in the same place, they have no screen indicator telling them the ship next to them already used radar, that's why luring radars is very effective. 6. DON'T go straight into caps at full speed alone: nearby enemy cruisers will see someone is capping and they will just pop their radars on and that's 75% game over (I made that number up) 7. LET your teams face the hard truth: they can't just sit 18km away from the cap while they expect the destroyer spot and cap all alone anymore. Move at a safe distance from your nearest cruiser. They sit at the spawning point? no problem! you too can do the same. You might get criticism but remember that no matter what your team tells you: 8. You will not receive credits and exp from them after you get fried alone 9. They will not win the game staying at spawn 10. It is not your sole responsibility to cap. 11. You will be told to "deal with it" (radars) destroyers were forced to change their game play, your team will have to deal with it too. But decent games are still possible in a world with radars.
  7. Kiraee


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