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  1. All too often the bots will simply smash into each other head on, not as an accident or desperate tactic but as an opening attack. They seem to lack any collision avoidance.
  2. As a slow battleship its frustrating having matches end when there are still 2 bots alive because their team hit 0 score. Matches often end just 4 minutes after starting because of this. So can the 0 score winning condition be removed? Or maybe set so that it doesnt trigger a win until say, 10 minutes have elapsed?
  3. Annekynn

    SSD for WoWs

    People who play on crappy 5400rpm HDDs is the reason I dont do randoms any more. Kinda hard to have a balanced and fair fight when one or more of your team members dont start moving for over a minute AFTER the fight has started because theyre still loading the game. If the 45 seconds needed to load the map is not enough for your garbage rig then maybe you should join me in Co-op where no one really cares there. For what its worth on my SSD the map loads in about 3-4 seconds giving me a nice 41 seconds or so wait for the match start.