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  1. Annekynn

    WOWS runs on 4 cores??

    You do not tell any program to use more cores. Threads are auto allocated to cores by Windows itself. You can tell a program to use fewer cores so its less needy, but otherwise all available resources are utilized as needed. This game wont use many cores as it has no reason to.
  2. When subs first came out they were scary. Pings coming at you from beyond. Eventually torpdoes could be seen homing in on your location, so you would run and try to evade best you can. As much as I hated seeing that, I miss those days given how the sub "gameplay" has changed since. Someone discovered the shotgun approach. Just sail up to the enemy ship, pop up, fire all your torps into their face, get the kill, and dive away. Easy right? So apparently almost every sub tries to play that way and behold, they are last on the team at the end of the match because they were one of the first to die. They just sail into the cap where a DD is likely to be, and then keep sailing further into the cap trying to get close to the cruiser/BB beyond it. Madness. I only once in the last week or two saw a non-suicidal sub player and that was yesterday. The guy was patient and waited for enemy ships to come to him and he picked them off one by one. Every other match its just BANZAI charges into the cap. Frustrating.
  3. Annekynn

    Hipper was amazing, hate the Roon

    Thank you for the info!
  4. Im puzzled about the ship progression in this game sometimes. The Hipper is an amazing ship. Four turrets and two torp launchers on either side. Enjoyed every minute of it. Then comes its successor the Roon and you get just one front turret and you lose 2 torpedoes on either side (4 instead of 6). How is this ship an upgrade exactly? Is the idea to make you suffer for a while to prep you for the Hindy? Or to encourage people to burn FXP?
  5. Alright, so I stand corrected for how long this has been broken and remains unfixed. That doesnt make things better! Is there any method of getting unstuck?
  6. 3 times now this year ive gotten stuck on land where I just cannot reverse. There is water behind me and yet nothing I do lets me move my ship. This was never a thing before whatever changes were made to accommodate submarines. Is there some mechanic im missing that lets me get my ship unstuck?
  7. Annekynn

    Submarine Gameplay

    By the time you see a ping on your ship the torpedoes (all of them) are already in the water and just a few km away from you. If youre a fast mover you have a chance, otherwise if youre a BB then youre about to have some Wargaming Entertainment (tm). I had torps chase me around an island today, brilliant stuff. The solution to this is pretty simple, the torpedoes have to be aimed like any other in the game and the whole ping mechanic should be reworked for sub vs sub battles.
  8. Annekynn

    Constant microstutter

    Full screen or Full Screen Windowed? because the windowed one is thats not working right for me
  9. Annekynn

    Constant microstutter

    Win 10 Pro. Its not there in Full screen borderless, but it is there in Maximized Borderless. In that mode the task bar is visible, and as long as it stays visible there is no stutter. However the moment I hide the task bar the game switches to full screen borderless and the stutter is there.
  10. Annekynn

    Constant microstutter

    CPU between 10 and 12% usage for the game (20% total when factoring in background apps), RAM usage (total) at 49%, and finally GPU that fluctuates between 34 and 37% in port when rotating around my ship. This is not an issue of resources as in full screen its 100% correct, and maximized borderless WITH the windows taskbar visible is also 100% correct. As soon as I hide the taskbar the problem is there (as then I guess its using full screen windowed).
  11. Annekynn

    Constant microstutter

    Yes, and as stated ive tried both gysnc and fixed refresh, from 75 to 240 hz. Beyond 75 it does improve but never goes away. Full screen is never an issue, but to interact with my secondary screen the game then minimizes when you tab out of it which is super annoying.
  12. Annekynn

    Constant microstutter

    I am aware, but this isnt an FPS issue as my FPS doesnt drop. I can test this stutter in port just by panning the camera around my ship. The stutter is only there in windowed full screen mode, and thats the mode I want to use.
  13. Annekynn

    Constant microstutter

    Im not interested in Gsync with this game, its just a feature I have to play with besides fixed refresh. Ive gone through all the settings in various combinations (to my knowledge) and none resolve the stutter in windowed mode which is all I want. But you made me realize one thing, and I didnt have gsync enabled for windowed mode, just full screen. Lemmie play with that and see if anything there works better Edit: nope, even with gsync enabled for windowed mode, whether im using gsync or fixed refresh I can only see an improvement at 120hz, but the stutter is still slightly there but more intermittent and not consistent like it is at default 75hz
  14. GeForce 3070 on a Dell 240Hz Gsync monitor. In full screen or maximized borderless the game runs flawlessly. However in Full Screen Windowed (which is what I want) or Maximized Borderless with the windows task bar hidden I get a persistent micro stutter when rotating/panning the camera (easily done in port). Its like every 2nd frame is dropped. I have played with Vsync, Triple Buffering, Gsync, Fixed Refresh etc, none seem to make a full screen windowed experience smooth. This issue is only present in this game, all other games run without problems. I am aware that the game is pre-set to 75Hz max, so ive edited the config and tried 120 and 240Hz. There is no difference between the two that I can tell, but at 120 the amount of micro stutter has reduced by about half to maybe two thirds, but is still plainly visible. So that said, is anyone aware of this problem and knows of any fix?
  15. This mode is why I re-subbed to this game. I had a blast with my T8 playing against T10 players. Against bots it was Ok, different than coop and that in itself still made it worth it. They could have simply added more bots and lowered the rewards a bit and it could have been incredible.