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  1. Also disconnects repeatedly after game lockup. Happened 5 times in the last two days.. VERY frustrating.
  2. Sodoshi

    Login lockup workaround

    I have two computers running through a KVM switch. Interestingly, when I start WoWS on one and then switch to the other machine and then back again, it logs in very quickly. Otherwise, it just hangs waiting to log in. Curious.
  3. Sodoshi

    Military Month Contributer Flag

    Have flag. Always use. Small bonus, but adds up over time.
  4. Late to the party, as usual. Just discovered this issue late last night while watching a Flambass video. Concept sounds terribly flawed. Cannot see how this will 'solve' any of the 'problems' they presented, other than getting people to grind through all their ships again and create a 'Super-Sayen' level of players that are already far above the vast majority of players. That said, it appears to only impact Random and other competitive players. As a person who only plays Operations now (and only when it is convenient), I will be curious to see how it will impact me. Also curious to see how it will impact Premium ships (those purchased or earned previously). I must agree with Lert that since it will require converting much XP to advance fast enough to make the grind worth its while (earning truly legendary power for ships), the whole affair becomes PTW. I will wait and see what they actually do before deciding on my own actions. If they do implement the NTC as it is described so far, I stand with Mouse-san in opposition. It will mean the death of the game.
  5. Zipangu port. Please tell developers that it is no longer winter in Japan. Even Hokkiado has spring now. Expected change with 8.4. Only change was freighter no longer says 'Happy New Year'.