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  1. Jake_1973

    Submarine Testing

    I was finally able to log in lol
  2. maybe try the Training room you don't get any XP or Credits but it won't cost you any camouflage, flags, consumables then you can pick the ship you want to go against if you get killed just leave the battle and you have your ship right back no waiting for it and you can keep the teams the same so you can find what works and doesn't so you can get consistent in your game play and its fun and don't worry about stats
  3. Jake_1973

    update ??

    2 days to in a row to do this get it right the first time. 2am MT til 6am are my normal time to play so this is 2 days worth of VIP lost 1 day for an update fine but very next day it happens again to fix the first that's [edited].