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  1. Hi, after the giveaway of T8 CVs it's impossible to not noticing that a lot of players have bought something without the minimum idea about how to play it, ruining in this way the game of the Others. So i have this idea: you will not be able to use your premium ships until you will unlock a ship of the same type and same tier. In this way it's easier that you know how to play this ship. This is a good thing for everyone, in fact, the players won't blame you because you don't know how to play your ship ruining their game, and you will have more fun because you will play it, if not at the best, but, at least, in the right way.
  2. Am i the only one that read 457 mm guns on HMS furious?? lol
  3. Hi, i've notice that on che middle of broadside of Roma there are 2 guns on each side that is not counted nor in the AA nor in secondary guns, so i'm corius about why they are not counted (they are not relevant i know but… you know, everything helps in Roma), TY all for the answers