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  1. This is due to the developer's desire to add the "angle" of the bomb when it is dropped from the plane, so it throws it forward if dropped at the last point as the plane pulls out of the dive. It's not surprising, but the sad thing is that the developers have been sitting around looking at their spreadsheets, seeing damage numbers that are "too high" and then nerfing dispersion and base damage numbers.
  2. I know. It was a desperate attempt, but I probably shouldn't have hoped ;) But I appreciate finding gems like this one on the forum.
  3. Good work! Wargaming, please hire this man.
  4. I used to play PvP pretty much exclusively. I was a pretty competitive player. Then I stopped playing all together as it became boring. Thinking about it now, there were only ever two parts to the game that were ever really interesting to me: the tempo switch from being a calm and slow paced after-work game to a more intense flurry of activity in combat, or the teamwork around strategic map-control. But that only ever really felt satisfying for me in destroyers or CV play. I couldn't go back to battleships by tier 6- I could never invest enough feeling in them to ever feel 'intense'. Cruisers were pretty boring for a long time, too. My favorite part was playing strategic map control, using the CV to help coordinate pushes to take objectives, and to thwart enemy map play. But most of the time the players in pvp don't coordinate, don't pay attention to chat, don't understand objective based play, or otherwise, so it was only ever really 'fun' when I would division with friends whom I could rely on and coordinate with. There is only so long that one can play random team deathmatch on a random map. Then the map pool began to get stale and boring. Ultimately seeing a bunch of ships sitting still and sniping at each other ruined the game tempo for me. It wasn't exciting, which meant that the gameplay loop went from 'calm and slow-paced' to simply 'slow-paced'. Then the CV gamemode was ruined for me when I played a different naval combat arcade game and realized truly the extent of the flaws in this one. I realized I wanted something with some more depth and complexity, more UI responsiveness, more player agency. More ability to coordinate with your teammates, better map design. I was barred from Clan Wars because 'no CVs allowed', which is probably the one pvp arena I was genuinely curious about in this game, though in hindsight that was probably a good thing. It let me get my PvP fix in far better games. That let me realize that the game Wargaming wants WoWs to be is not the same as the one I want it to be. I came back when they announced the CV rework. I participated in the betas and offered feedback. None of it was really taken seriously, but oh well. Then they took half of my CVs away at the odd-tiers. But honestly I enjoyed playing British CVs on the other naval sim, so I figured it'd be fine to transition to being an illustrious-class main here when I do a few games with clan friends now and then. I decided that the kind of game that Wargaming wants WoWs to be is not the kind of game I care to devote more time and effort into being a 'competitive pvper' anymore. Since coming back, I've played a bit of Coop and Scenario Battles. The Scenario battles are a nice change, I wish there were more of them (or that they didn't take some of them out). When a voice in the mission tells people to do something, most of the time people try to do it somehow. I find them to be more fun than pretty much everything else in the game. The shooting and driving is the same as it is in pvp; the ships are the same after all. The maps are more interesting (at least for now while they are still novel to me). Getting in a division together to play through a scenario is fun, even if we duff it up. Even solo-queuing into scenario battles can be an enjoyable experience. I stuck my head into PvP and found it to be pretty much the same experience it was a few years ago, except nowadays there are more premiums running around. Matchmaking is still a broken mess. Map pool is still boring. The rework still isn't finished, obviously. Frankly, I'm just apathetic to it. I see little reason to invest more time in pvp. I can't get my competitive 'fix' here, which means that the only 'reward' is earning more credits/xp than one does in coop or scenario battles. But why bother? I have 46 million credits, over 600,000 free exp. And there just aren't any ship lines I want, save for the British CVs, which I have enough to get already and be content. Coop isn't terribly interesting, but of the two parts in this game that interests me, it satisfies the first one and offers no deception about the second.
  5. daegrima

    WG-CC Arsenal creator codes

    I think it is a terrible idea. The content creators already have support by their streaming platform, where they earn ad revenue from you watching them play a game. The ones that create videos for youtube earn ad revenue there, some of whom double up by exploiting Twitch and Youtube to earn money on the same content twice over. Content creators also receive donations from fans, such as yourself, which they use to support their content creation or lifestyle. some community contributors just do what they do for fun and do not ask or want any sort of help or support. This fundamentally makes your relationship with the community contributor include Wargaming as a middleman. It would create a system where the 'community contributors' have an incentive to tell you to purchase things in the arsenal. Frankly speaking, the CC program is a way that Wargaming can exploit members of the game community to provide services and PR support to them without having to hire them as actual part/full-time employees. If you really enjoy the content such people put out, there are plenty of ways to support them, and I would highly encourage you to send a message to the CC you enjoy and ask how you could support them. They may thank you for your kind words, or direct you to their patreon, or paypal, or some other form of support.
  6. Did anyone in development consider carriers and their mechanical impact on map design before or during this rework? I know it was largely ignored for the last few years due to the smaller number of carrier players, but I'm getting the feeling that the developers have not anticipated map pool/objective dynamics and the carrier's influence on these things. At the basic level, I can tell there was attention paid, due to aircraft detection range and basic speed values of the planes at different tiers, but it is a complex and very relevant field that I think has caused an otherwise largely-invisible layer to the CV rework, it's troubles, and potential alternative solutions. I could write a design document pdf on how CV mechanics impact these and influence playstyle/metagame, if you would like. Please tell me if you are interested.