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  1. Target_23

    Help your team cause damage ...

    No, I spotted a ship and fired on it, caused damage and I got no mission points. I was in another battle where I spotted no one and still got mission points. "your spotting" means you were spotted. I was spotted by the carrier, killed the carrier and got huge mission points. All I want is for WG to define the rules for the mission tasks. What counts, what doesn't. Unhide the calculations.
  2. "Help your team cause x HP of damage upon your spotting" means damage the ship that spotted you. It has nothing to do with ships you spot. I think WG should provide a list of possible mission tasks and should spell out precisely what they mean.
  3. Target_23

    New Update 12.0 - Bug Report

    This has nothing to do with my issue. Create you own post.
  4. All I get to see are Loading in progress screens. I can sometime hear battle actions, but I can't see anything. I've tried 3 battles already, submitted three tickets, but all you get from the ticket system is a message saying they may read it someday. I don't want my premium days wasted, I spent hours working up to level 29 in the dockyard, I want my ship. How can I be assured anythign is goign to happen?