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  1. Chill out my dude This is a fun game not an amazon job If you want to isolate yourself from all human interaction just click temp block in chat when the game starts
  2. this game needs winning, surviving, and kill streak economic multiplier incentives the one win per day bonus is nice, but does it really incentive good game play? adding economic multipliers that continue between games would greatly improve things the whole win once on every ship once per day, and collect your 2 ez containers every day, is ok but something like this would really boost player skill and activity
  3. Now all the change is bad people have calmed down. Is deadeye really a big deal?
  4. Hey what is this I hear about removing deadeye? How about fixing skills that are crap?
  5. rep0

    AL Montpelier demonstrating Dazzle's effects

    This isn't some mathmatical proof, we are all trying to interperate this skill the best we can. And I think looking at the same thing in different ways might yeild a greater understanding. As mentioned above the large dots obscure themselves. I'm guessing that if you replaced the large dots with very small dots, it will result in people interperting the data differently. Like you said this is just guess work. We are already taking liberties in our interpretation of this. Every single time people look at one of these they are making one level of guess, but add dazzle to the mix and your guessing a guess. It's like one of those dodgey graph memes. Lies, Damed lies, and Statistics. At the end of the day everyone wants to know if dazzle is going to reduce the damage petros do to dds during radar time in cbs.
  6. rep0

    AL Montpelier demonstrating Dazzle's effects

    Agreed Would it be easy for you to make a copy with very small dots?
  7. rep0

    AL Montpelier demonstrating Dazzle's effects

    I have concerns about using the heat map method to infer shells hitting. It seems like its relaint on guessing first what the heatmap actually shows in relation to the distribution of shells. And then how that actually applies to the target being hit. Have you done any tests to show that your theory correlates with real hits.
  8. Yea I fixed mine with a bios update Something about USB global cstates and the bus on the new zen 3 not working properly at the time
  9. They can take my -10% Dead Eye skill From my cold dead hands!
  10. Its like it looses connection But the client freezes Then it starts again but everythings super speed while it catches up Then its back to normal Seems to happen more at higher tiers and with cvs, but not sure Literally unplayable I've made a ticket
  11. rep0

    CV still ruin the game

    Just dodge (tm)
  12. ok think i narrowed down the bad mods to one of the mods in the last tab of modstation, fog splash borderless binocs etc. which is strange because they shouldnt create a massive cpu load also could be the damage counter or team hp, but the hp meters in panels is fine
  13. Please do This is what happens to the game when you enable vsync (totally broken) I'm using OCAT to record these and produce graph. https://gpuopen.com/ocat/
  14. So you had a unstable overclock.