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  1. theLaalaa

    Credit Earning

    I have 6 (I believe) TT (Tech Tree) Tier 10 boats. I have about 20 total Tier 10 battles. I have a few TT Tier 9 boats I'm slowly leveling to Tier 10. Why? Snowflake-type events. I don't need to play them any other time. If I want to have some upper-tier play, I'll pull my Tier 9 Premiums (Alaska, Kronshtadt, Georgia, & Jean Bart) that allow me to at least break even (or even make a few coins) in battle. I find that I make the most silver in Tier 7 battles in my premiums at that level, including 5 Myokos.
  2. theLaalaa

    Anybody played on the other servers.

    EU and RU used to be pretty hard going, with good shots all 'round. ASIA not so much. Never been on Chinese server.
  3. theLaalaa

    Stuck at "LOGGING IN..." screen

    I was in a match. I died. I got the "switching servers" message. I was dumped out due to "Inactivity." I logged in at the log in screen. I'm now <title>. Edit: after about 5 minutes, I am back in the game.
  4. theLaalaa

    Unfun vs Overpowered

    "Unfun" figures a lot in this vid, though he's talking about WG's decision to make the same guns do different things depending upon which ship they're on.... Love his passion!
  5. theLaalaa

    Unfun vs Overpowered

    I'm thinking of adding Smolensk specifically to my signature line.... It's just ridiculous with its rate of fire and trajectory.... Oh well, can't complain too much when a free-to-play game actually encourages you to NOT spend money on it...
  6. theLaalaa

    British Cruisers Part 1: A Belated Post-Mortem

    @Ensign_Cthulhu Your prose shows your nose knows things other pro's throws prose at without such a nose. Thanks for the read.
  7. theLaalaa

    The Bristish cruiser event

    Ah, right... absolutely agree about the meh incremental rewards. I just keep plugging away for tokens for doubloons and mission accomplishments for London.
  8. theLaalaa

    The Bristish cruiser event

    Is a T6 Brit Premium Cruiser of no value to you?
  9. theLaalaa

    Miffing the ships

    Your statement reminded me of a completely unrelated fact: Addicts don't care if their supplier kicks them around. They are still desperate for what the supplier has and are willing to pay no matter the treatment.
  10. I guess it's difficult for someone that'll just toss cash for whatever s/he wants in this game to see the opportunity to acquire gold / premium boats / whatever from the perspective of a free-to-play-er like myself. To you, all of this was a "non event," but to me, it was a profitable event. I also originally posted this stuff so others that are also considering playing for free may see the opportunities available. One doesn't need to spend real $$ on this entertainment to be entertained as well as enriched (game-wise). o7 back at y'a. :)
  11. I am getting London and doubloons for playing the game. Why spend real money on something I will get for just playing the game? Premium time for doubloons lasts a few days. The boat(s) I will buy with doubloons will last the full time I play. I play the game and level up lines while playing, so why buy (expend FreeXP for advancement) what I get through playing the game? I use FreeXP EXCLUSIVELY on premium boats, which are long-term, tangible (you know what I mean) items.
  12. Lucky? No, as I'm not playing for boxes of who-knows-what. Nor am I playing for wages, but for entertainment - and with this event my entertainment also garners a premium ship and currency otherwise unobtainable that can be put toward another premium boat.
  13. Still, I'm so appreciative of your insight and taking a moment to share it!
  14. RATS!... you know, I never gave that a thought.... back to the boards for re-analysis.... EDIT: I suppose I could grab another 20 tokens with two wins in London IF that Heart of Oak thing runs through that TUE 03MAR, and I get London MON and win a battle in it on MON and TUE. Have to check when they're pulling Heart of Oak challenge.