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  1. I play my Krony with a variety of caps from cruisers and destroyers in order to level them up. I don't have dedicated caps for any of my premium boats.
  2. theLaalaa

    Leaving World of Warships for good, after 2+ years.

    I don't think we can limit 'bye bye' posts to literary giants. Sometimes you have to dig the gems (if there are any) out of the mass of rubble that is many postings on this forum. I mean, I only really understood #1. His "cash-grab" gripes (#'s 2., 4., 5., 7., and 9., I think) are just the primary aim of a business, to generate cash, and are thus not really relevant. The other things make my head hurt. ...anyway, any feedback from customers concerning a product is valuable to the ones producing the item. He took some time to write a lengthy, albeit muddy, review and opinion/reason piece for his dissatisfaction and departure. More for the devs to rate the merit of than forumites to disparage, I think.
  3. theLaalaa

    Leaving World of Warships for good, after 2+ years.

    @STARWALK3R Thank you for your post. It allows the devs some insight into why some players are simply not showing up anymore. While some here with IQs lacking a second digit might disparage you for your 'bye bye' post, I consider such posts as personal surveys of the game that are far more in-depth than "How satisfied are you with this match" pop-ups that hit from time to time. Take care.
  4. theLaalaa

    Economy at T8 is [edited]

    I find profit in running T8 and T9 premiums. I don't buy them with $$, mind you (see sig below), but I have award, coal and free XP ships at those levels, and I almost always profit. I have 2 T10 boats with less than 50 games in the both of them...
  5. theLaalaa

    Cheating going on . A hack for sure.

    YOU DO HAVE A REPLAY. In the subfolder of your WoWs folder there are replays saved. Upload it, or choose to not upload it, but you DO HAVE IT.
  6. theLaalaa

    April Combat Missions

    I consider April a 'breather' after the Exeter marathon and let others chase these smoke rings.
  7. theLaalaa

    Welcome to NA, the Land of the DDs

    Sorry to see you go, but understandable given WG's stubborn obstinate position of keeping CVs in this surface battle game, though both history AND their own creation show that CVs absolutely changed the dynamics of surface ship warfare.
  8. theLaalaa

    Twitch 'super' container for some contest

    Well, to tie this up... I opened the crate and it was indeed some silver, consumables, and flags.
  9. theLaalaa

    Twitch 'super' container for some contest

    No. I know what the containers contain for watching twitch streams. This was honoring some contest or something. I can't read the special announcement because I've restarted the client since getting it earlier today.
  10. Anyone know what's in it? If it's Premium Time that [edited] WarGaming activates immediately upon opening, I'm soon out of town and don't want to waste it.
  11. theLaalaa

    Racial Slurs in Chat

    Understand that many in the US are mental midgets, looking for (and finding) offense where none is intended. They'll generally preach tolerance while practicing the most strenuous intolerance of anything they are offended by.
  12. theLaalaa

    Racial Slurs in Chat

    Remember the little ditty we used to teach kiddies.... "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." Welcome to the twenty first century, where the emotionally unstable are running the asylum.
  13. As a free-to-play player, I'm glad they've backed off the premium nerf. I have a few premiums from coal, free xp, and missions, and they should be left alone. If a premium boat is OP, then the opposing team needs to target with focus fire to remove the special threat to their team.
  14. @Ensign_Cthulhu thanks for the invite... ...however, many of the views / opinions expressed on allowing eligibility for daily missions fulfillment in Random, low tier battles are well thought through and I can add little. I will agree that it might subject many baby seals to far harsher environments (again, I speak of Randoms). Now the environments I refer to are: Tier 2, where the babies spend some small amount of time. Tier 3, where the babies spend rather more time. Tier 4, where the babies spend a good deal of time. Where's Tier 1, you ask? You may look at many hundreds of players' stats just off the Warships' homepage and notice that most all have SINGLE DIGIT battle counts for Tier 1, as the standard thought process is to get to the next tier as quickly as possible because that's where the 'better' ships are. Indeed, many have already purchased tier 2 ships (and some even tier 3!) prior to their leaving the protected matchmaking! Those with double and triple digit tier 1 battles are not 'struggling' up the line (as I've pointed out many times to those who believe the myth of tier 1 seas filled with baby seals), but have found contentment in the gameplay of simple ships. FULL DISCLOSURE: It's been about six months since my last tier 1 random battle. As the Swan was killed by the devs to make it equally effective in the hands of a novice as of an experienced player (mission accomplished), I've spent time in the upper tiers getting my CA and BB lines in all nationalities leveled to tier 9, with a goal of researching all CA and BB lines to tier 10 (though I may not actually purchase all the boats). Part of the reason for getting 9's across all nationalities is to be able to participate in many missions with high tier and specific nationality requirements.