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  1. Region Changing No Longer Works?

    To @Chaser617... I use the NA client to play on all four servers (EU, RU, ASIA, and NA). I have set up accounts on each server using the same email but with a different password for each server. It still works, but you must install and use a separate program to choose the server, then start the client. I did this just minutes ago to confirm that it still works in Here's a fuller explanation (from a previous patch).
  2. I use it in a similar manner to @Ducky_shot... to assess opponents to be wary and on the look-out for. ...and also to prove a point: ;)
  3. Hey... spotting mechanics can be difficult to get the hang of. I think it's more art than science.... :) Here's a vid I made answering a guy that accused me of cheating because he didn't understand spotting mechanics:
  4. You get it back only if you weren't spotted during firing and are concealed right afterward.
  5. Vulgarities

    You actually could care less. You could have read over the OP and moved on. That you chose to stop and pee on the OP's opinion (TWICE) shows that you in fact DO care, as I see many posts go by without any comment from you. To @EA375, I do agree with you. That so many eat and drink from unflushed toilets is a shame; that they should spew their diet in chat debilitates the spirit.
  6. From your perspective, how do I go off script? What should my next statement be?
  7. So I should conduct Bible lessons on Jesus here in a Warships posting concerning new names for captains?
  8. I fall silent because this is not the place. I would happily continue it with you (and any others) in another venue. You love your Sartre, but his quote is not applicable to this situation.
  9. You are thoroughly mistaken on Jesus take on taxes and on riches. You are wrong that the bible 'justifies' slavery. You are wrong about the story the bible tells as laughable (that is to say, unbelievable). I say the above things to answer your assertions... but this is not the place of correction on religious and historical matters.
  10. ...which gets us back to my original suggestion: Dump all names (real or imaginary) and use 7-digit numbers. No one can be offended by that.* * I think.
  11. Eugenics deals with purifying a 'race' of lesser 'races' influences / traits. Darwin's quote in "Descent of Man" speaks of the expectation of civilized races exterminating savage races. This speaks volumes of his core beliefs that some near-human types needed to be exterminated. His understandings were put in horrifying candor by Osborne, who differentiated a negro from a homosapien. As to your handling of the Christian Bible: The Law portion of the Old Testament is a religious / civil code that was to govern the nation of Israel. When it is recognized that those laws were unique for that unique nation, we then can gain understand about restitution, punishment, etc. while not forcing rapists and their victims to marry today. Those laws are not binding as a law set upon any other nation, though many nations have recognized their value and incorporated portions of them into their own law codes. In your mishandling of Jesus' quote, you failed to grasp the context. Jesus' opponents asked Him a question about paying Caesar's poll tax (Mark 12:14-17) that expected a single answer: A (yes) or B (no). Jesus answered that it is both A (give Caesar his due) and B (give God His due). Not pro-tax, but teaching responsibility to both government and God. Yes, the Bible does tolerate slavery, but it's basis is either a self-imposed slavery or else spoils of war, and certainly not on inherent worth based upon concepts of 'not quite human,' as race-concepts originate from. It also commends attaining freedom, though it is not the greatest freedom to seek. (1 Corinthians 7:21) As to the submission of wives to husbands, yes, that is an integral part of Christian teaching (Ephesians 5:22-24) that is a little beyond a Warships post. Suffice to say that as a Christian (as a member of the church, Jesus' bride) is to submit himself/herself to Christ, that spiritual relationship is to be modeled in the physical world by the wife being submissive to the husband. It goes on to say that the wife has nothing to fear for as she models the church, her husband is to model Jesus, who loves the church and gave Himself up for her. You might say this assumes the man is under control of Jesus, and you'd be right. A man not controlled by God is generally controlled by his own appetites, which can be unpleasant to a submissive woman. As to the core story... it is cohesive from beginning to end, but again, well beyond the postings on a WarGaming site. :) ... and Jesus is the Joshua of the New Testament. The ultimate fulfillment of a prophecy of Moses concerning his successor. (Deuteronomy 18:15-19)
  12. ship XP over 1 million?

    I'll let you know....
  13. I did anticipate this reaction at the inclusion of the Christian Bible, but as it guides my morality, and as I promised open-ness to @_RC1138, I felt it only right to cite the basis of the stance I take. ;)
  14. I realize this is difficult for those raised in a sound-bite culture to understand, but it was more than slavery. The slave issue was important to most land-owners of the south in the pre-industrial and nascent mechanical era. It was the most efficient way to bring in the cotton crops, and so Stephens spoke to that issue in rallying support. Certainly, the inequality of the black man was even ensconced in the constitution of the Confederacy - and both Stephens and the Confederacy's constitution were dead wrong. I am fully aware of the weight of the issue of slavery, but I am also aware that other issues, including taxes and tariffs, were part of the growing rift between the industrializing north and the agricultural south. Whatever the issues were, war came when Washington (the federal capital, not the man) asserted authority it did not have over the sovereign states. South Carolina's militia firing on Ft. Sumpter was a planned event (even the leaders of the militia and the fort convened over the coming engagement!) so that the over-bearing federal government could not reinforce and thus maintain their military presence on South Carolina's sovereign soil. It was no surprise attack, nor vindictive, but preemptive in its purpose and scope. And as a point of open-ness to you, it is really quite impossible for me to be "racist." My belief system speaks of only one race: humanity. A song learned in childhood spoke that truth (and continues to do so) to little ears: "Red and Yellow, Black and White, They are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world." The features of humanity are just expressions of the genetic variability the Creator built into humanity. The very concept of races comes from racists; those who believe that the creature human is an evolved rather than a specially-created being, and that in that evolutionary process some are ahead in the "race" toward fully human. In no way do I subscribe to the concept of races, thus I cannot, by definition, hold "racist" views. We are all one 'race,' the human race. The Christian Bible asserts this quite plainly: "...He [God] made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth..." Acts 17:16