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  1. theLaalaa


    We are in the midst of a coronal storm. Perhaps that is a reason. Or maybe things just aren't as fast now that 'the Bandit' Reynolds' death has begun to affect the universe?
  2. theLaalaa

    How to win an unwinnable game

    Here's one of mine (from the Russian server):
  3. theLaalaa

    Ships that have me tearing my hair out.

    Take your boat to training room and load up 6 AI at High Int. Their only objective will be your destruction, and they don't miss.
  4. Perhaps. Apologies for my part in ruining the first 'sub' in WoWs.....
  5. @wstugamd The Swan could be played in a unique way due to her Stealthiness - allowing me to get close (less than 3km, optimally) before engaging. 2/3 firepower in the nose - allowing a minimal aspect to target(s) while attacking. AP shells - allowing citadels (at optimal range) to any boat (except Erie) with dependability. Jackrabbit acceleration - allowing quick re-positioning in a tight environment. So many talk of her 6 barrels, but my success in the Swan was due mainly to 4 barrels - those in the nose. My back guns were unused in a good 80% of engagements. From happier times: And another: I played the Swan extensively because I could play it so differently (utilizing cunning, strategy, etc.). Sadly, the Swan has been crippled and is now just another 'sail around and shoot' boat that the rest of the tier 1's are. When you got as close to multiple enemies simultaneously as I did, you needed to have the weaponry to then take out multiple enemies quickly. The change-out of the Swan's rate of fire (from 3 to 4 seconds) and type of fire (from AP to HE) has made that impossible (and a further hobbling of her RoF happens in the next major patch with the reduction from 4 to 6 seconds per salvo). There is no reason to get close (using stealth and acceleration) because you will only be summarily executed by multiple enemies at close range (because you can't clear the field quickly enough). The dev's stated purpose was to make the Swan's performance the same whether in the hands of one with 3 games or 3000 games. They have accomplished that. I have pulled my Erie out of mothballs and am reacquainting myself with its qualities.
  6. If you don't want '41, then Don't Buy It If enough premium ships that aren't wanted don't sell, then maybe they'll start polling in their official forums for what ships ARE wanted. You keep buying and crying, then all WG cares about is the former! Figure it out.
  7. theLaalaa

    video found with forbidden mods

    Here's the player's profile: https://worldofwarships.ru/ru/community/accounts/90567375-Fulhahaha/!/pvp/ships/?bestShip=wyoming And for those in denial of "it looks real but it isn't," need I remind you of a well-known youtuber and a CC (STILL, I believe!) that accidentally streamed while using (and allowing it to show on his streamed screen) a similar cheat program?
  8. Well, in the space of about 10 days I burned through over 150 million, so, yeah, I think 217 is running a little close to the shoreline.... ;)
  9. I understand. On the day the sale on tech tree boats began I had 13 boats researched: IJN: Amagi & Myoko US: Montana, Des Moines, Helena, and Seattle USSR: Chapayev Ger: Gneisenau & Hipper UK: King George V & Fiji Fra: Lyon & Charles Martel A couple of boats had been researched since May, but I was too cheap to buy them full price! I went from about 380 million down to 240 million or so, and am currently sitting at about 217 million as I'm playing through the upgrades on these new boats (the 200% win bonus really helped get these new rides to speed!). Now the rebuilding of silver for however long it takes 'til the next sale.
  10. theLaalaa

    Atlanta gone

    I tiptoed in and swiped it.
  11. I have found Helena play to be pretty enjoyable. Just keep dancing and raining fire; try to be effective without being too noticed.
  12. ...or stop playing the game, wait for their "where did you go" email about 6 months later, then answer with the reasons you left and that you won't be back until there are changes.
  13. It goes back to the decision to make Cookie Monster blue, which of course was based on the gauge decision for rail cars. You trace it far enough back and you'll probably find Alexander the Great as an impetus.
  14. theLaalaa

    XVM Prevalence

    If you don't want your stats accessed, then make them private. If you don't mind your stats accessed, then keep them public. Asking for a ban of 3rd party programs like this is the poster-child definition of moronic. Each user may ALREADY decide if s/he wants stats accessed. > For clans that require stats accessible.... well, you just have to decide whether privacy or community is more important.... AGAIN, a choice for each player without asking for such bans.
  15. theLaalaa

    Possible Anniversary Container Contents

    Thank you for the link.... I shall practice my forum search skills some more as they are obviously lacking...... :)