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  1. theLaalaa

    Your First Kraken?

    Well, this was my first RECORDED Kraken, though I apparently already had a few before this round.
  2. theLaalaa

    My investment in this game is complete

    The game wouldn't loose it's appeal if it was less cluttered (like chess), and perhaps if it just charged $5 a month for access. Then the ones that enjoy this type of game / gameplay would stay and the fickle "I want new/I want different" crowd could just pass on to some other shiny thing....
  3. theLaalaa

    Thoughts on Hawkins?

    Hawkins is worse than Omaha. Omaha (and Murmansk) can dance and keep shells in the air while dancing. Hawkins is slow, sluggish, and an eternity between reloads. Good thing it's free, cause I'd balk at paying in-game silver for this dog. Oh, uh, thanks for the free ship, WG!
  4. theLaalaa

    New Survey from WG

    I've had maybe 3 of those surveys.... They were each 1 question long: "How likely are you to recommend WoWs to your friends?" (paraphrase) The scale is a 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (definitely likely). I always choose 2. Survey ends.
  5. theLaalaa


    I think you need 5 tier X ships before you can reset.
  6. theLaalaa

    FB code

    I got "Invalid Wargaming code format."
  7. Just about 3 months since I've logged in to this game.... detox goes well, and I see that WG:WoWs continues to sour their product, making it easier each day to do anything else.
  8. You win! The game is JUST AS FUN and you're ahead financially!!
  9. Nah, the quick expiration date just makes it all the easier to not spend a dime on this game. ;)
  10. theLaalaa

    Explain this new MM algorithm to me again..

    @Soshi_Sone I think I found the new MM formula (it's usefulness is wide-ranging, I guess...)...
  11. When you shovel money at this company, you purchase nothing except a privilege to play a boat much like any other boat, with unique abilities that exist as long as this company (of no refunds) decide they exist. Now that you know, spend if you will.
  12. theLaalaa


  13. theLaalaa

    My Wallet Is Closed!

    Isn't the OP's posting basically saying: "My wallet is closed until there's something I want to buy!" A non-sense post, it seems to me....