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  1. OBJECTION, YOUR HONOR! Counsel is making a clearly false statement! May I submit exhibit 1....
  2. I did read it all. I don't have the attention span of a knat. ;)
  3. No. Let me tell you how to read the MM screen. See the "Battles:" stat just to the right of the name? That's the number of battles the player has IN THAT PARTICULAR BOAT. Yes, I had (at the time of the second screenshot) 3118 battles in my Black Swan. Yes, Downtown17_1 had 10,828 battles in his Erie.
  4. Here's a couple of shots of random game lineups (one with an old tablet and one a screenshot). Please do keep talking about 'all the baby seals' at tier 1, because when you repeat that mantra/myth, you show your ignorance of the ACTUAL, ONGOING demographics of that level. For the umpteenth time: The 'baby seals' imagined constantly cruising Tier 1 waters ACTUALLY spend 3 to 9 games there, because after that number or less they have enough XP to get rid of the 'junky, free' boat and get a 'good' Tier 2 boat. They start the grind ASAP. When I talk of NA Tier 1 demographics, I speak from a position of EXPERIENCE...
  5. I was pointing out that looks can be deceiving, as the tier 1 matches I frequent often look like the one I linked to in my first post, or this one I happened to snap with an old tablet a little while back.
  6. It may look like seal clubbing, but if almost all the opponents have many hundreds of games (and thus also high-level capt's) is it actually seal clubbing?
  7. I said it was where the real 'clubbing' begins. I didn't say it was the only tier it occurs in.
  8. Sure, you choose the tanky-est example to counter my general statement, but you still had to press through a nearly 5km range difference to hit the Colorado, depending upon him not focusing on you as you closed the range gap so that you wouldn't be at 60% health before getting your first chance at an answering volley.
  9. Any real, unfair "clubbing" well and truly begins at Tier 5, where boats with inferior armor, ammo, and range meet boats 2 tiers higher (with likely the requisite experience of the grind to 7 as well). Those 7's can swat the hapless 5's that have little recourse but to charge towards or run away from their tormentors. Until WG reconsiders their MM paradigm, 5 is really the level where players are punished with being severely disadvantaged and are STUCK in that level for quite a few games as they try to grind up through it. While I'm constantly accused of seal clubbing in my Tier 1 play (despite most games looking like THIS), no other level can boast the degree of parity Tier 1 enjoys. Also, anyone honest must admit that most truly new players spend minimal time in Tier 1 (3 to 6 games) in their exuberance of grinding up to the 'better' boats of the upper tiers.
  10. The fun is still there where you left it. Tier 1. Join us.
  11. Find the "completely new players" in this vid: Oh, and due to your obviously low IQ, I've even put the opponents' stats in the comments just below the vid so you don't even have to look them up. And, as I told you several times before (which leads me to think you have the memory of a toddler), I never thought a Swan could take a Yamoto - that was in some fevered fit you had in our earlier conversation.
  12. I'm not as bad at the game as you are at reading english, that's for sure. I said I do almost exclusively random... Look for yourself: https://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1015458619-theLaalaa/!/pvp/ships/?bestShip=black_20swan
  13. I do a few Co-ops if I'm practicing CV or doing some quest that allows Co-op missions, but I play almost exclusively random. I'm not sure what you mean by "a friendly ranger." Are you talking CV?
  14. Actually, Mr. Lex, you can choose your ammo. You choose it by choosing your boat. :P ;)
  15. There is an arena where cruisers are unhampered by BBs and DDs; where they reign supreme, and alone. The place you started Warships at is still there... a cruiser-only paradise. Join us at Tier 1!