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  1. Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    As for the Island work: only me and a few others play like this. It's called using cover. It's why soldiers use foxholes rather than the moronic WWI style of running into the withering fire of the opposition. Stealth and cover allow me to close on the enemy without being mostly dead on arrival. As for the quiet base-capping: I included it tongue-in-cheek as an absurd opposite to the intensity of the first vid. I have a honed sense of humor. As for variety: I have over 7500 games in Tier 1 Random, and about 6000 games in the Black Swan. Tier 1 consists of exactly TWO maps in the rotation. I like the gameplay like I like a game of chess: the field and pieces are the same - the variety comes from you and your opponent's interaction. There is, indeed, a good amount of "in between." You can see hundreds of T1 Random matches on my youtube channel (see below).
  2. Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    Relaxing, ... relaxing, oh, yeah, here's one. No gunplay whatsoever:
  3. Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    If you use the Chimp Strategy Manual, yes, that's "all you can do." There is, however, other, more thoughtful ways to play....
  4. Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    Be refreshed AND play Warships at the same time.... Tier 1 Random.... where the fun never left.
  5. Dev Blog - Balance Changes

    I remember the heady days of yore, but I don't remember being 'kicked around..."
  6. Dev Blog - Balance Changes

    I talk (at length) about my Black Swan here: It looks like a new vid will be in order soon. While the Swan loses her: Rate of Fire AP shells It retains her: Jackrabbit acceleration Excellent stealth characteristics 2/3 of firepower in the (relatively) far forward Will the retentions be enough to keep the Swan a unique tool on the battlefield? I don't know. It does sicken me to think that I might have to go back to sailing back and forth taking pot shots like every other boat in the sea. The Swan's qualities allowed it to be played like a sub/destroyer amongst the other relatively bland boats of tier 1. Thankfully, I don't pay a dime to this development group, so I'm not too disappointed in the development team's desire to remove the MSG from T1. ;) <sigh>
  7. Dev Blog - Balance Changes

    So, the Swan will now have HE rather than AP. It will also fire far slower. But it appears to retain the SMALLEST SHELLS of the tier, and probably retains the severe inaccuracy as well. Nice.
  8. Ingame Down casting and Complaing

    You can close the chat, but then you'll miss the banter that (through the bull) makes for enjoyable exchange.
  9. Those Were The Days!

    When the mighty Orlan dispatched Tier 2 boats with the same ease as Tier 1...
  10. Where do I complain about players?

    They don't play as he wishes, thus they are bad players. If they would do what he commands, then they would be good players.
  11. Not Really a Free Game

    How is it that I have Tier 9 boats and haven't payed a dime in a year and a half? I haven't payed anything at all ever on my EU, RU, and ASIA accounts. You're so badly mistaken it's pitiful.
  12. New player second day playing

    Just looked up the OP's stats on the website: https://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1031910913-ScubaDoobie/!/pvp/ships/?bestShip=st_2E_A0louis Please notice the number of Tier 1 Random games this 'noob' has played (ZERO!). This is a common occurrence, and stands against the myth that Tier 1 is highly populated by noobs being slaughtered by a few highly experienced players.
  13. The New WGC Launcher

    The only thing a company pays attention to is effects on the bottom line. If revenue declines drastically after WGC then they will 're-evaluate.' If you want change, the first step is keeping it in your pocket and publicly alerting WG that their decision has COST them your business.
  14. The New WGC Launcher

    This just popped in to my email from the Russian server. I love the Russians' accidental honesty!
  15. The New WGC Launcher

    How will it improve my ability to use my North American client to play on the EU, RU, and ASIA servers? Currently I log out of the game, flip a software switch, then log back in to the desired server. Will this "user-friendly solution" streamline this process? I'm willing to bet it BREAKS it.