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  1. Nope. This is me on the Asian server at 3:44pm on 2017-05-25, which was about 2:44am their time.
  2. I'll just put this here...
  3. Thanks to this thread I pulled up the calc and turned on the NUM Lock and finished up with 6,542 expendable camos... I only use them for grind sprints.
  4. Sure, but it will be somewhat historic rather than current, as I've not been in that arena since late August of 2018. But I could tell of why I was there for so many battles (over 6000) on so few maps (only two) in only one boat (the unique Swan) with only one captain (who garnered ALL of his 19pts in the Swan alone).
  5. Not all that bitter @Ensign_Cthulhu, just disappointed and far less motivated to play, as no boat in all of Warships could accomplish what the Swan did in its environment. My thoughts on Tier 1 play were well documented through over 200 YouTube videos (as well as many postings on this forum - now deleted). This retrospective posted some six months after the Swan's emasculation encompasses my thoughts on Tier 1 play, the myth of Tier 1 crowded with noobs with 3 or 4 battles, the unique tool that was the Swan, etc (the video improves at about the 3:45 mark): ...and a little on how I did what I did with regularity: There are many more vids of my Tier 1 competitive play there in a playlist and in recordings of livestreams.
  6. They were thinking that people like you would spend a ton of money for nothing. It's been paying off for them for years.
  7. theLaalaa

    No "Daily Rewards" at log in.

    Ah, ok... thanks. That did the trick.
  8. theLaalaa

    GK and Secondaries

    So, neither my T9 or T10 German BBs have perma-camo just naked boats (with no flags). T9 is less to service than T10. T9 can get a bonus for damaging T10s that a T10 cannot get. In this comparison, it seems more profitable to sail the T9 German.
  9. I play a lot of tier 9 and I have to say I get more than a few all-9 matches.
  10. theLaalaa

    GK and Secondaries

    If I may ask... Why play the tier 10 where there's no possibility of a multiplier for hitting higher tier ships when the tier 9 will do about as well, cost less to service, and have the possibility of hitting tier 10 to up the earnings per hit?
  11. theLaalaa

    Which Coal Ship

    Pommern is invincible in co-op, particularly with a secondaries build & captain.
  12. Permanent camo for a ship that already comes with permanent camo.... it's like getting a second spoon for your Frosty. You've gotten something extra, but you've really gotten nothing (cleverly disguised).
  13. theLaalaa

    Your shortest games

    5 minutes, 19 seconds. My actual time of engagement: 1:19
  14. theLaalaa

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    Developing the game.... to death.