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  1. theLaalaa

    What the heck is Pink?

    You can believe all the players above reading from the same script, or... ...you can believe the obvious: Some players have joined their accounts to the Mary Kay corporation (makeup and pink Cadillacs) and are pink so you know you can talk to them about any cosmetic needs / wants you may have. I would recommend the former.
  2. theLaalaa

    Sub tokens - some kind of joke?

    I guess there aren't too many like me that will never take them out. They will rust in port 'til snatched away by WG. Meanwhile, I'll appreciate the 3k coal from the doofus token 'event.'
  3. theLaalaa

    Submarines Pros and Cons - Initial Impressions

    Sadly, I missed out on the loot (500 coal) for sub token today. Instead, I got three types of undersea cancer that will sit unused 'til WG removes them from my dock (as I, of course, haven't enough sense to control my own dock population).
  4. READ THE NEWS! they say.... But if you've read it already, you're outta luck unless you go back later and read it again. Anyway, here's the article, NOW with a "gift" button that wasn't there initially: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/history/naval-legends-bismarck/
  5. theLaalaa

    Submarine feedback for WG

    I wish I could trade your tomorrow's coal for my tomorrow's misfortune....
  6. What it is is feedback from someone not paying, but someone that has shown a willingness to pay. This is considered gold to companies that want to know the likes and dislikes of potential customers. As sloppy as you are with research and truth, you show the same sloppiness with definitions of terms: Entitlement in general parlance is an expectation of a right to something. For example: "Since WG has made a game that doesn't require payment, I should be able to play that game for free." Contrary to a sense of entitlement, I am grateful for the free-to-play aspect of this game, and I understand that if it changes WG changes it terms of use to charge a fee (or other gating of the game), I will have to decide whether to meet the new terms in order to play or not. I.e., I do not deserve to play this game for free.
  7. You should work for New York Times or pMSNBC with such astounding research skills and willingness to blab a falsehood. My sig says I've played for free since January 2017. A little search on my profile would show that I've been at this game since August 2015. In that mean time I purchased port slots for me and my son-in-law and a gift card for my son-in-law. I don't expect others to pay. In fact, in many post, I berate players for paying and thus telling WG "GOOD JOB" for their disintegration of this game.
  8. You might want to download that clip to a local drive, as I expect some smart cookie will delete it from youtube at a future date.
  9. I fear the total loss of a nice get-away, which this game provides. If I wanted to play airplanes (CVs) I'd play World of Warplanes. If I wanted to play subs, I'd find some game specializing in subs. I found this game in 2015 that satisfied my desire for surface ship warfare. It is decreasingly fulfilling that role for me.
  10. They may well... as I said in another thread: this game has been getting easier and easier to just not play.
  11. Some changes should be feared.
  12. Been mostly co-op for almost two years, now.
  13. Perhaps someone with "as many battles" has a wider perspective.
  14. ...meaning, I won't be playing another; not sooner, and not later. CV's in a match are like drinking your own blood after a nasty tooth extraction. Add subs, and then it's like the blood flow doesn't abate. If those matches are the future of this game, then I'm all-the-more pleased that I've spent nothing on this game in years. I really hope something else like this game comes along, though... except I hope it's surface warfare, and I hope it's $5 a month so the company doesn't have to run it in the ground trying to generate an income with crap and crap and crap. See ya in co-op.
  15. theLaalaa

    unintended Sub Effects

    ...slowly making the game less enticing, less relaxing, less engaging... ...and easier to just turn off and log back in in a few days for a co-op or two, then off again...