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  1. theLaalaa

    Favorite Warships memory.. GO!!!!

    One of many favorite moments.... Not counting my time on the Russian server...
  2. I believe I'm short an SC as well...
  3. theLaalaa

    How would you fix power crept ships?

    I think a way to keep out-classed boats in the water would be to award 1 doubloon for each PVP (Random/Clan/etc.) battle. A slight incentive without rewonking the math. Maybe adding a doubloon to the booty if you're on the winning side.
  4. theLaalaa

    CV's Need to go.

    If you've spent so much you can't remember, then you're no longer a priority target to their marketing department. They gotten their pound of flesh from you.
  5. I think they're used to calculate tokens, or something... Here's my spreadsheet from 2 days ago....
  6. Agreed. I am glad I recognized WG as unethical and thus a poor repository to sink anything other than leisure time into many years ago. It certainly eases the pain of watching a great game being developed to death when you're not seeing real dollars being evaporated in the process. I appreciate your detailed (but not overly) analysis of this 'minor.' change.
  7. I research/buy tier 10 boats only for the 'flake-type events; they are not played. That being said, I'll see what the tier 11 boats may garner from those events - if there are sufficient rewards for having them, then I'll buy them for 'flake-type events, and they'll stay in port for the rest of the time with zero-pt captains.
  8. theLaalaa

    Having a Maxwell Smart morning....

  9. So these top 3 'same' camos: Should I sell them or keep them, as the 3% will be given to everyone and the 4% will be removed. Edit: Great minds, @ArIskandir
  10. They gave the reason for this rework in the middle of the third paragraph: The rework is because such a great number of players wanted it to happen ("popular"). I guess we asked for it.
  11. theLaalaa

    Any Reason to Access New Lines in 2022?

    Sure, just decide to stop at Tier 8 gameplay, which will keep you out of the line of fire of Tier 11 guns.
  12. theLaalaa

    Harbin, or OMG I Hate This Ship!!

    I hate my Harbin, too...
  13. theLaalaa


    You may be more tired of the changes in game-play than you are of the game. I played over 6000 games in one boat on two maps. Each time I loaded in, I was excited to play, because I enjoyed the play. When they changed out my boat for a different one, changed my opponents' boats, and then changed my opponents, I quit playing. WG doesn't believe enough in their game to let people play it for the fun of it, they must change and change and change, until the play is no longer fun.
  14. theLaalaa

    Easter Egg Hunt in Co-op land

    I got just over 400 today and stopped. Figured I'd play some after 7CT tonight to begin the second 400 chase.