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  1. Frank's only ride....
  2. I didn't realize they had a port of the game for the Atari.
  3. I did PTS once in late 2015. For no particular reason, I never went back there....
  4. There could be alternative ways to get Cleveland.... ;)
  5. Tired of the OP Ship Thing

    I think you accidentally put a zero after the one there....
  6. Switch Server Or New Account

    @Tarvil Maybe this will help:
  7. I saw what you did there.
  8. matchmaking is FUBAR

    Absolutely yep.
  9. I loved this so much I just wanted to quote it, so I did. Thanks for the enduring smile you gave me with this statement!
  10. I need a break from Tier X

    Yes, please do. It'll likely restore your drive and enthusiasm for upper tier play!
  11. its been a while sorry off topic

    Replays are still not a clickable option in settings, but many ships' riggings look nicer now.
  12. What is the goal of this game?

    What's the point of playing cards with friends? It's entertainment and social interaction.