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  1. I loaded in to the Public Test server and it is working correctly. No matter what combo I use, I cannot make my Nicholas or my Marblehead disappear when they should appear.
  2. I just made a short vid about my experience. Before posting I thought I'd see if anyone else was experiencing this, and here you are. Here's my vid of 'the same thing?' as you're seeing: EDIT: I just noticed while checking the vid embedding that at the 5:05 mark one of my premium cruiser Marbleheads is gone! Wow...
  3. theLaalaa

    PTS 12.4 pt 2 - Bug Reports

    Last night I couldn't get in to convoys. Waited almost nine minutes. This morning, looks like same thing: I finally got in after over 7 minutes of wait time. **************************************************************************************** Maybe it's a feature, not a bug? Just waited about 7 minutes for another mission and got this: So it apparently doesn't have some minimums it's trying to meet...
  4. theLaalaa

    255,000 Commander XP; Is This a Typo?

    Isn't it obvious that Daisen is just another boat? All this anguish to acquire just another boat... The sooner you quit pushing the "Participate" buttons on the website to grind for WG's version of Mardi Gras plastic bead necklaces and quit salivating at the bell of another boat offering to add to your 300+ boats, the sooner WG may make a course correction in their offerings and demands. Sure, they may not change, but at least you'll keep your money and not subsidize the very poor behavior you're on about in this thread.
  5. Dev Blogs can sometimes be comedy scripts. Good catch, and thanks for the laugh!!
  6. theLaalaa

    Monthly Super Containers - April 2023

    Every major change is a downgrade. WG does not go through the convoluted exercises it takes for these changes without a payback involved.. Generosity has been on a slide since 2017. But, as enough of this playerbase has shown that they'll spend real money on free things, there is zero incentive for WG to rethink it's strategy. We're stuck with a relatively unresponsive and increasingly stingy game provider BECAUSE that's what so many players are willing to subsidize.
  7. theLaalaa

    Monthly Super Containers - April 2023

    That was the idea of the camo/flag/bonus breakup. More gifts by separating; far less value of each separated component.
  8. theLaalaa

    King of The Sea event.....

    I'd give you my two if I could... sorry.
  9. theLaalaa

    Is This For Real ?

    If you have your TWIT acct connected to your WOWS account, you can open a tab to a KOTS broadcast, choose the lowest RESO setting (save BWTH), mute the tab (save AGRO), open another tab for whatever other internet stuff you want to do, or just leave your comp on, racking up time watched. No fuss, no muss...
  10. theLaalaa

    Is This For Real ?

    Hey, you didn't expect to get that huge, massive, incomprehensible, huge, great treasure haul for little to no effort, did you?
  11. theLaalaa


    So, we get this message in our offerings update notes... Now, I have all the 'cheap' coal commanders presently offered, each with 10 skill points AND a special talent or two... This leaves me to wonder about the prospective coal cost of these new 10 pointers WITHOUT special talents... Same? More? Less? Thoughts?
  12. theLaalaa

    Credits for Credits? Seriously?

    Every event, every offering, every reward is a marketing experiment: How much will players do for less and less and less. All players get the game some players keep paying for. As long as players buy, WG will continue this trajectory. There is a small window of opportunity between players ceasing to shovel money into WG's maw and the servers going dark: that opportunity will be WG asking users the top two or three things they would like to see changed to return the game to profitability. But every player that buys "just" this or that pushes that opportunity further and further down the road by keeping WG ears stuffed with cash, and thus deaf to the complaints.
  13. theLaalaa


    Working for me, too.
  14. theLaalaa

    [12.4.0] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Do you know of any mod that would cause my whole upper info panel to disappear? From yesterday: From today: