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  1. theLaalaa

    Kronshtadt game

    No.... may buy with coal. Still undecided.
  2. theLaalaa

    Kronshtadt game

    Wow... uh... hmm..... I was sitting at forum main debating whether to extol this ship when I noticed your post. I mean, I love this boat. Now, I have the long range gun and the better aiming thingy, but I sail it with my 15pt Orlan captain with his Orlan specs, and I have an absolute BLAST in this thing. I stay at extreme range whenever possible (>19km) and do alright against Yammy's, Musashi's, Montany's, Kurfursties, any cruisies, often coming away with many citadels per game. The only reason I wouldn't recommend it is so that others aren't in a highly potent cruiser like me. ;) I waited and fretted and read and fretted and asked and fretted before finally vomiting 3/4 of a million XP I was building for the Missouri WG said "would be there" for me. I'm having about as much fun in Kronshtadt as I did in my pre-neutered Black Swan. I guess this boat is an example of "one man's trash is another man's treasure."
  3. theLaalaa

    recording games for YouTube

    Look up OBS. I've used it for over two years.
  4. I was checking the changelog and the page was last touched on 28SEP18. (http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Changelogs_for_World_of_Warships) The MAIN page shows the game at version! (http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships) Has it lost editors, or interest, or what?
  5. theLaalaa

    Who the hell is Dusty Rodes?

    Someone that will NEVER be implicated in any #MeToo or other scandal, ever.
  6. theLaalaa

    Do you need to "opt-in" for "Daily Shipments"?

    Priorities.... First they must improve the look of the port holes on the Fiji, then they'll get to the less important projects like a plain calendar of events, etc.....
  7. Great ideas, but first they need to finish the detailing of the AA guns' hanging ammo belts on the Caledon! Don't y'all understand anything about priorities?!
  8. theLaalaa

    500 Secondary Hits

    The mission must be accomplished in a Tier 5 or higher boat, though....
  9. theLaalaa

    500 Secondary Hits

    Take your best BB to co-op and yolo into the enemy a few matches.... bingo, 500 secondaries.
  10. So I'm trolling co-op, yoloing to get enough secondary hits for the Russian Hockey Player who's not yet been implicated in the #METOO thingy... In this match I only got 7 secondary hits, but I was the object of the bot CV's affection, to be sure....
  11. Perhaps their next colab:
  12. theLaalaa

    complaint about MM [edited]

    I understand.... was in the same situation with my Amagi. I can tell you, though, the aggravation with this game is inversely proportional to the amount of money you spend on it. Cease paying anything for anything - not even a buck for a T2 DD - and you'll find WG's deafness and dumbness are far more tolerable.
  13. ...the easier it is to stop up the drain. 29 hours (11:40am US Central Time) after the start of the Ovechkin event, and 19 hours after a last "be patient, we're working on it" from support, still no joy. Don't just put the event in everyone's missions. Nah, put a button in the flow-chart..... no, wait, put TWO buttons in the flow-chart of beginning this mission set! YEAH!! One on the website and one in the in-game 'browser.' What could possibly go wrong with two extra, unnecessary bends in the flow of getting players in to missions?! <sigh> This is a public post so that any others in this state of limbo may know they're not alone.
  14. theLaalaa


    We are in the midst of a coronal storm. Perhaps that is a reason. Or maybe things just aren't as fast now that 'the Bandit' Reynolds' death has begun to affect the universe?