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  1. Well and precisely stated. The info wasn't deemed cheating, the way the info was displayed used the same method that cheats use to display info. I allow you to look over my shoulder while I install both modpaks here:
  2. How do I block a user from messaging me?

    Or you can take a black permanent magic marker and scribble over his/her message on your monitor so you can't see it.
  3. Forum changes

    Coders don't keep their job by leaving code alone. Also, face it: We live in a time where new... ANYTHING new... is preferable to old... I mean, look at the NEW DD line. Junk, but new, so....
  4. 2 other reasons come to mind.... With a promoted Captain, the plebs may want more money, or They realized they're fighting for the baddies and have run away from their guns.
  5. Just for the record, an Orlan with Advanced Firing Training should be maneuverable enough to avoid many hits AND keep the enemy in deckside weenie roasts with its rate of fire and fire chance. It can provide a great deal of 'paper cuts' to an enemy while the mainlines brawl it out. Yes, I've fired up St. Louis' and Wakatake's from time to time in my T1 Heavy Cruiser Orlan with her 14pt Capt. An excellent challenge.
  6. I like sailing and sneaking and shooting against unpredictable, erratic, smart & silly opponents (humans). I generally like to play alone, and I always play each match to win, thus, I choose an environment where I am not too dependent upon team mates and tactics that can manage 1-v-Multiple scenarios that a lone wolf will invariably run into.
  7. -> This is just a reminder, as many seem to comment after reading the last three responses and thus believe themselves informed enough to yap about a subject. <- The mod(dification) being talked about is distributed BY WARGAMING. -> This concludes this reminder <-
  8. Reference video: I believe it is part of the "Battle Interface" section (3:28), specifically the "9. Minimap" subsection (5:14) called "Smart Minimap." At 15:19 the match starts, and I show how the X marks the spot your aiming at, how the X cannot be used against target directly behind islands, and how the X can be turned on and off from the minimap controls accessed by clicking on the gears on the upper right-hand corner of the minimap.
  9. I have that hesitancy every time I fire at Arizona. I know, I know... with my stats at that level I pose little danger to Arizona. :P
  10. Thanks for the heads-up. Corrected.
  11. According to a number of forumites: Wargaming has produced and is freely distributing a cheat for their game (no, it's not called Radar). They should be informed of this as soon as possible so they can ban it. Here's the link to legally cheat <sheesh>: http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/projects/mods/mods_pack/Release/WOWS_MultiPack_beta_0.6.14.0.exe Better get it before the modders are busted and banned. Edited. >>Thanks to @Crucis for correcting me on use of red in forum posts.<<
  12. A predictive mod makes a prediction on where a target will be and provides to you that predicted location to aim at. <- Read that sentence 10 times before proceeding. Now, the X makes no prediction on target location at any moment (it's that predictive calculating that is prohibited), it only show you in a top-down format where your reticle is aiming horizontally. The mod is available as a FREE add-on for anyone to the game, as opposed to costly add-ons like premium camo, ships, etc. that cost real money to use and are only available to certain persons possessing certain boats. It's only grey to those who will never fully accept it, but must intellectually acknowledge that it is provided by Wargaming with Wargaming's blessing.
  13. So is a reticle, a zoom, a proportional distance aim bar. All assist in aim and all available to anyone who wants to use them while shooting... just like this Modifications Package PUT OUT BY WARGAMING: Available to anyone who wants to utilize the re-arranged / enhanced / focused information panels / reticles / etc. I watch a lot of newbies playing WoWs on Twitch. Almost all of them work their mousewheel to death zooming all the way in on a target, then zooming all the way out for an area situational check up. To them, someone utilizing the Shift key for immediate zoom in / out would be using an unfair advantage. If it's something available FROM WARGAMING that you don't use, it's your choice. In any case, beefs with the X should now be directed at WG, not at other players using zoom the X mod.
  14. I've been hit just behind islands (and I get very, VERY close to islands). I have over 10,000 games and haven't figured out how to land the kind of shots I've taken. I'm suspicious, but haven't chased down the issue. In my vid I show how the X does not track to just behind an island, but tracks the arc of the shells, which is at the base of the next island.
  15. Let me spell it out slowly... IT IS IN THE OFFICIAL WARGAMING MODPAK. I think that makes it an OFFICIAL part of the game, if players choose to use it. It's not what I think, it's the game company's own approval AND distribution of it.