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  1. Hey_man_Gneis_shot

    Prepare thy booty

    Looks like I'm being pressed into anti-piracy patrols. I'll see you on the high-seas next weekend after I get all of the sand out of my boots! "The best defense is a well-directed fire from your own guns." - David Farragut, United States Navy #keepcalmandtankon
  2. Hey_man_Gneis_shot

    Letters from Twentynine Palms - A Sitrep

    I saved the best for last....but when will "last" arrive?
  3. Hey_man_Gneis_shot

    Letters from Twentynine Palms - A Sitrep

    Most of my trainings and duty stations were in the hot sandy deserts of the lower 48. I did have a nice TAD at NAS North Island but that didn't last long. MCAS Yuma was my last post back in 1997.
  4. Hey_man_Gneis_shot

    Letters from Twentynine Palms - A Sitrep

    Yup, I went there for Field Radio Operator school and spent many combined arms exercises (CAX) there as a reservist before I got my commission. And then, the Corps saw fit my last duty station was....MCAS Yuma. I guess the brass figured I like it hot!
  5. * Marines from 1st Tank Battalion qualify with the BGM-71 Tube-launched Optically-tracked Wire-guided (TOW) missile at MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, CA on 28 March 2018 Ahoy Fleet! Training has been as expected returning to dry land with the Tank Battalion! My current Table of Order consists of the following to qualify on: M4A1 Sherman PzKpfw (Panzer) IV T-34 Cavalier M4 Stuart My first week was a tad rough and rusty as refamiliarizing on the battlefield has been....trying. However, after a few dozen battles, I managed to hit my stride and was able to get some good shots on target: I was also able to answer the call from my shipmates when they needed fire support. So I pulled my trusty Missouri out of port: All in all, things are going well but I still have a ways to go and the training is never done! In the meantime, I'm counting on you to take the Fleet into battle and get some good shots and torpedo strikes down range! "I'm going to fight my way out, I'm going to take all my equipment and all my wounded and as many dead as I can. If we can't get out this way, this Division will never fight as a unit again." - Oliver P. Smith, United States Marine Corps #semperfidelis #keepcalmandtankon
  6. Hey_man_Gneis_shot

    Permission to Go Ashore

    Aye aye! And good luck to your new recruits! If you need me for anything just holler and I'll send over some artillery support!
  7. Hey_man_Gneis_shot

    Permission to Go Ashore

    I'll drop in on your streams to say hi and see you sink em all!
  8. Hey_man_Gneis_shot

    Hapa Fodder new look >.>

    Looks good...approved! #rollout
  9. Hey_man_Gneis_shot

    Permission to Go Ashore

    @Navalpride33 appreciate it! It has been a wild ride so far from CA to TX! Now I just need to get used to the bipolar weather here! #rollout
  10. Hey_man_Gneis_shot

    Permission to Go Ashore

    Looking forward to it! #rollout
  11. Hey_man_Gneis_shot

    Permission to Go Ashore

    Thank you Chief! I stand relieved!
  12. Hey_man_Gneis_shot

    Permission to Go Ashore

    Yes, June of 2020 was when the final M1A1 departed MCAGCC 29-Palms. CA eastward towards the US Army depot in Alabama. https://www.stripes.com/news/marine-corps/a-farewell-to-armor-marine-corps-shuts-down-tank-units-hauls-away-m1a1s-1.639355
  13. Hey_man_Gneis_shot

    Permission to Go Ashore

    I actually saw someone drown themselves playing WoT over the weekend.....
  14. Hey_man_Gneis_shot

    Permission to Go Ashore

    *pictured: An M1A1 from 1st Tank Battalion deploys from a US Navy Landing Craft Air Cushioned (LCAC) before being retired from active service at Camp Pendleton, CA - 02/17/2020 Ahoy Fleet! To all that shall see this presents, greeting. Know ye that reposing special trust and confidence in the integrity and abilities of @Gneisenau013, he is hereby transferred to the following shore command: https://worldoftanks.com/ Effective: 04/26/21 - 05:01 UTC After 3 years of fateful and often adrenaline pumping service, the time has come to disembark the ship and join the Tank Battalion to qualify and take on new challenges. I wanted to personally say my tour of duty with World of Warships has been such a ride that has taken my career and gameplay to new heights. I will still engage the enemy fleet during Naval Battles but will spend most of my tour of duty mounting up and rolling out! Request permission to disembark the ship! "I have just taken on a great responsibility. I will do my utmost to meet it." - Chester Nimitz, United States Navy #semperfidelis #rollout
  15. So i enter a co op battle and then immediately got dumped somehow as the connect screen came up. log off and back on and message said im penalized for leaving a battle early. I dont not like your penalty system as all i got was an Ok button to click like "yeah totally my fault" you need to add a Not OK button so you know it wasnt my fault. Im tired of all this ONE WAY treatment. If you guys were starbucks you would have zero customers with your treatment of players.