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  1. Yes you do keep the ship. The commander XP earned on the Acasta stays with your commander. Glad everything is working for you! #anchorsaweigh
  2. Gneisenau013

    Let’s Talk About "Halloween: Scary Battles!"

    You can earn the Nobilium by completing a combat mission during the Halloween event. #anchorsaweigh
  3. Ahoy Fleet! A micro update is scheduled tomorrow requiring the server to be offline during the following time: 10/18/17 Start: 03:00AM PT/06:00AM ET End: 04:00AM PT/07:00AM ET The following items will be updated: Cross realm linking for Clan Battles testing Fixing a bug for Halloween event rewards Please make note of the times during the server maintenance. See you back with the Fleet after the work is completed! #anchorsaweigh
  4. *pictured - USS Sullivans underway from Pearl Harbor in 1962* What warship in your fleet are you sailing into your first battle today? Whether its the ship you feel most comfortable with playing or working on a tech tree grind, captains have their reasons for picking their first ship of the day. Especially with the new patch 0.7.10, there are new ships to try out (RN destroyers) and new scenarios (Halloween) to play. Skippers! Which ship will be flying your battle colors for the first match of the day? "If you're not making waves, you're not under weigh." - Chester Nimitz, US Navy #weighanchorwednesday #anchorsaweigh
  5. You can leave the commanders in those early access DDs but they will still have to be retrained. The earned early access DDs came with stock 3 point commanders that are specialized towards their respective vessels. These stock commanders do not require retraining as long as they are assigned to their original vessels. I had to clarify earlier information I provided in this thread: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/172645-psa-british-early-access-destroyers-final-call/?page=2 #anchorsweigh
  6. The achievement you're referring to is related to this article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/earn-your-greatness/ The participate button will be available this Friday (10/19/18) to activate the combat missions. #anchorsaweigh
  7. You sure can! This is a public invitation for the CV rework so feel free to stream the test! Keep in mind all mechanics and gameplay are in testing so the stats and gameplay/mechanics are not final.
  8. Gneisenau013

    Let’s Talk About "Halloween: Scary Battles!"

    Here are the items that may be in standard Halloween containers: And here are the items that may be in premium Halloween containers: The items listed are randomly selected when you open the container. The skins for the specific ships are permanent for that vessel. Good luck and don't get spooked! #anchorsaweigh
  9. Thanks for the feedback! The introduction of installing different server instances in the GameCenter was a recent addition and it is something we can consider in the future! #anchorsaweigh
  10. Gneisenau013

    CV Rework Discord

    Thanks for setting this up! Don't forget that the CV TST Rework is postponed and will be online tomorrow! https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/172695-cv-rework-tst-rescheduled/ Looking forward to seeing the CV Rework participants! #anchorsaweigh
  11. Will do! It might be a while but I will follow up with the team! #anchorsaweigh
  12. Ahoy Fleet! Start of new carriers beta test is postponed until tomorrow: Thursday - October 18, 2018 05:00AM PT (08:00AM ET). The TST server was not ready for testing so the team decided to postpone it. Sorry for the delay but we wanted to make sure good solid testing of the CV rework was available for all of our participants. #anchorsaweigh
  13. Gneisenau013

    PSA: British Early-Access Destroyers, Final Call.

    Hey Fleet! I need to clarify and correct some of the items listed above. - The unlocked early access ship came with a 3 point captain - That captain that came with the early access ship is the assigned and trained captain of that RN destroyer - During the early access period for RN destroyers, players were able to move captains trained on other vessels into the early access DDs as if it were a premium ship Here is where the clarification is needed. - The captain that was assigned to the early access RN DD after the patch update now requires retraining for that vessel - The retraining requires a cost for the assigned captain to be specialized to the now tech-tree RN DD - The stock 3 point captain that came with the early access RN DD does not require retraining and can be assigned to that vessel without any additional cost Apologies for the conflicting information and hope this helps clear up any confusion! #anchorsaweigh
  14. It won't update your client yet. Just download the files to prepare for the installation.
  15. Once you launch the WGC, the client should detect the new update 0.7.10 and it should start downloading onto your PC. When the server initiates the update, that files will start to install at the time post for the patch downtime. #anchorsaweigh