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  1. Gneisenau013

    Public Test Seasons

    Completing the seasonal missions will still land you rewards (minus the emblem) as stated in the PTS main article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/public-test-097/
  2. Gneisenau013

    Public Test Seasons

    The start season would be Fall of 2019 to the present. If you completed the seasonal missions of PTS from last Fall (2019) and each season up to Summer 2020. (Fall 2019, Winter 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020).
  3. * Sgt. Gaines of Platoon 1069, Bravo Company, 1st RTBN prepares to lead close quarter drills at MCRD Parris Island on 18 July 2016 * Attention on deck! To all that shall see these presents, greeting: The class of SuperTest 2020 Alpha has been selected and will report immediately to the World of Warships SuperTest Academy. All applicants have been notified regarding the status of their application. The selection process was not easy and at times very competitive. We received over 600 applications from all over North, South and Central America as well overseas. Bravo zulu to all that took part in this process and welcome aboard to the few, the proud, the SuperTest 2020 Alpha class! For more information about the SuperTest program, read about it here! "Manage things. Lead people." - Grace M. Hopper, United States Navy #supertest #anchorsaweigh
  4. Gneisenau013

    Flightdeck Friday - First Strike!

    Oddly enough, I'm starting to launch dive bombers first instead of the rocket attack planes. My goal is to try and intercept the enemy aircraft squadron Provide fighter cover for my team's destroyer screen Find isolated battleships for targets of opportunity Find an isolated destroyer and try to keep them spotted DBs have more HP than fighters (starting to run the German CVs now) Eliminating an enemy destroyer provides a huge tactical advantage, but providing valuable intelligence and spotting allows my fleet to adjust their tactics and avoid getting caught in cross-fires. "The difference between a good and great officer is about ten seconds." - Arleigh Burke, United States Navy #anchorsaweigh
  5. Ahoy! My avatar is the squadron patch for Marine Strike Fighter Squadron 312. https://www.mag31.marines.mil/MAG-31-Units/VMFA-312/About/ This was one of the tenant squadrons of F/A-18 Hornets based out of MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina where I had my first assignment fresh out of The Basic School as a legal officer/investigator. “Show me a hero and I'll show you a bum.” - Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, United States Marine Corps #semperfidelis #usmcaviation #anchorsaweigh
  6. *A U.S. Marine Corps TBF Avenger from VMTB-232 escorted by New Zealand Air Force P-40 Warhawk en route to Empress Augusta Bay on 1 November 1943* Commanders of the Air Group: which squadron is your first off the flight deck during an engagement? From rocket attack, dive bombers, and torpedo strike aircraft, aircraft carriers have an awesome arsenal at their disposal. Mission and purpose are key to selecting your first wave as some are more suitable for scouting while others can deal an early strike and blow to the enemy fleet. CAGs - Which squadron do you keep on alert status 5 and ready to launch when the fighting starts? "Flying is hours and hours of boredom sprinkled with a few seconds of sheer terror." - Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, United States Marine Corps #flightdeckfriday #anchorsaweigh
  7. Gneisenau013

    Batalla de Clanes - Bug

    Comandantes! Debido a un error técnico hoy, no puedes acceder a una parte de las misiones de combate de la Batalla de Clanes. En este momento estamos trabajando en una solución al problema. Las misiones de combate estarán disponibles en unas pocas horas. Disculpe las molestias. Gracias por su paciencia. #anchorsaweigh
  8. Gneisenau013

    0.9.6 - Operaciones y XP

    Comandantes, después del lanzamiento de la actualización, algunos de ustedes pueden haber encontrado un problema con una cantidad incorrecta de XP recibida en Operaciones. El problema ya esta solucionado. Pedimos disculpas y ofrecemos como compensación 1 contenedor de WG para todos los jugadores que hayan jugado al menos 1 batalla en Operaciones después del lanzamiento de 0.9.6 hasta las 10:30 UTC del 11 de julio. https://worldofwarships.com/userbonus/ Puede obtener la compensación dentro de una semana, hasta las 15:00 UTC, 24 de julio. ¡Muchas Gracias por su comprensión y buena suerte! #anchorsaweigh
  9. Gneisenau013

    Have you served in the armed forces? When where?

    United States Marine Corps - 1991 to 1997 Enlisted: Infantry/Field Radio Operator Commissioned: Legal investigator - 3rd Marine Air Wing "Show me a hero and I'll show you a bum." - Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, U.S. Marine Corps #semperfidelis #anchorsaweigh
  10. Gneisenau013

    Canada Day Broken?

    @_WaveRider_ you can complete the mission anytime before 07/03/20 and you will be eligible for the drawing for a random Haida. Even if you completed the mission over the weekend, like me, you'll be counted. Make sure you click on "Participate" on the article. If you already have the Canada Day patch, you'll get credit compensation. #anchorsaweigh
  11. Where do I find this "Application Template" to apply to be a super tester?



  12. Ahoy Fleet! If you're reading this, it means that you have reached the most hidden and secret section of the forum What is a SuperTester? What do people do over there? How to get there? This FAQ was specially prepared so that you can get answers to them. If this does not happen, feel free to ask your question in the comments; We will do our best to give you an answer. Please note that questions not related to the SuperTest will be deleted without warning Q: What is the "SuperTest"? Q: I'm in! How to get there? Q: Are there any age restrictions? Q: What will my tasks be? Q: Is ST obligatory? Q: What's the schedule for testing sessions? Q: Wait! What's the salary? Some kind of bonuses? Q: Who are the "Super test coordinators"? Q: I know all this because I participate in WoT (WoWp) ST . Can I participate in your ST? Q: I am a member of another volunteer group of the game, may I participate in ST? Requirements for ST candidates When checking the application we take into account: Your application must comply with the application template. Applications submitted not accordingly to the form are automatically rejected; Experience of playing World of Warships (At least 2000 PvP battles, according to profile statistics; at least 400 battles on 2 out of 4 classes played on and ships of tier 8 are present in the port *not included premium ship). Candidates not meeting this requirement should refrain from applying until the threshold is met. IMPORTANT: the game statistics of the candidate shouldn't be closed for viewing. Applications from candidates with closed statistics or with access to their statistics by link are not considered! Experience in writing feedback and bug reports in the project (is welcome) The general culture of communication on the forum and in the game - before making a decision on candidates application, we check the candidate for violations of the rules in the game and the forum, if a certain amount of violations is exceeded (disclosed ST information,no comments are given), the application is rejected The number of applications submitted by the candidate (three attempts) Fluent English Age: 18 years old or older Technical requirements Must have a PC meeting minimum system requirements (link) At least 200GB of HDD/SSD space for additional clients Internet must not block downloading ST client This may happen if you are currently living in an area such as a University/College dorm with controlled internet Working headset for voice comms Must be able to install both Discord & Teamspeak Thanks for your interest in finding out more about the SuperTest program! Be sure to follow me for more information about upcoming recruitment cycles! "No computer is ever going to ask a new, reasonable question. It takes trained people to do that." - Grace Hopper, United States Navy #anchorsaweigh
  13. Gneisenau013

    Earn Even More with Alienware Arena

    Make sure you're redeeming the correct code for existing players. Reference the screenshots @KARMAT1KA provided. There are 2 on the landing page: One is for existing players for 8x Shadow Lurker camos One is for new accounts for the items that come along with the Charleston If you receive something other than 8x camos, PM either one of us a screenshot of what you received. #anchorsaweigh Hope that helps
  14. Ahoy Fleet! The NA Server will be inactive to prepare for Update 0.9.4: from: Wed. May 13 - 06:00 AM ET / 03:00 AM PT to: Wed. May 13 - 09:00 AM ET / 06:00 AM PT Update Size: 3.1 GB Thank you for your patience and see you on the high seas! #anchorsaweigh
  15. ¡Atención, Comandantes! Los servidores no estarán disponibles mientras la actualización está siendo implementada. de: 13 mayo - 06:00 AM ET / 03:00 AM PT até: 13 mayo - 09:00 AM ET / 06:00 AM PT Tamaño de la actualización: 3.1 GB ¡Les agradecemos su paciencia y nos venos en alta mar! #anchorsaweigh