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  1. Kemi337

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.8

    Not picking up other players when selecting the operation is pretty crappy. It would be better if they really want to incentivize playing a "random" op to just give some Credits and XP bonus when picking the random option, so you could try rolling the operation table with a slightly increased reward, or select a specific operation and play for standard rewards.
  2. Kemi337

    How It Works: Hit Points

    Of course not. I understand there are players who may not have been around when this was last released, so this may be helpful for them - but pretending its a "new" episode is just silly.
  3. Kemi337

    How It Works: Hit Points

    Yeah I am not talking about CCs covering the same topic. WG literally released this video almost three years ago.
  4. Kemi337

    How It Works: Hit Points

    This video was also released before. It's a two almost three year old video that the original is now "unlisted" on youtube. The old video is 30 seconds longer, don't know what they cut out or changed. It appears they just edited the intro - some comments were dropped, the colors in the armor viewer have changed and the new intro features a Petropavlovsk hitting citadels for... reasons.
  5. Kemi337

    Santa Crates

    Playing devil's advocate here, the 2017 season Santa crates were available until January of 2018. That could be a translation error instead of willful misdirection. 2016 and 2017 were announced. 2016: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/suspiciouspackages/ 2017: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/we-are-many/ The rules in 2017 for duplicates specifically mention if you get a duplicate it will reroll into a supercontainer. This implies to confirm the observations that the "short list" ships are the ONLY ships that actually drop from the containers; you must own one before the full list becomes available. Specifically in 2016, the Emden was available from the middle crate after being available for free from a mission chain earlier in the year - so for most players the full supercontainer list was immediately available when purchasing the $3 crates.
  6. Yes - I don't have one of those on video, but I did see it happen where a battleship got wrecked with a 60% torpedo strike and no Dev Strike was issued. I submitted a ticket for them to look at it. The achievement doesn't give flags or anything, but presumably its worth some credits or exp, although that is speculation as well. It's just weird and should be fixed.
  7. Now please explain to me how this happened: I finish the Omaha off with a second volley, after a 40 second reload (which this ship has no business having, but that's a discussion for a different day) and it triggers a D-strike (look in the chat). Is this making checks like an Arsonist? Because I did well over 50% of the damage in a single salvo to the ship with my first shot, but then also got the kill, I got the achievement? I've also seen instances of the achievement not triggering when actually killing the ship with a 50-60% killing blow on it. If I encounter another I'll record it and post it here. What's going on with this?
  8. If he was only receiving supercontainers, he was first getting a drop from the short list that was already in the port. The visual cue for getting the ship directly from the short list is that the santa crate just has the boat in it - no supercontainer, Once you've gotten the supercontainer, that's a separate roll. And remember - the short list is PER CRATE TYPE. As in, the Makarov is on the $3 short list this year, but not the $5. So if you open a $5 crate, roll a Yuudachi but already own it, you'll get a supercontainer which then could still be a Makarov.
  9. Fair point. I just see a lot of people completely losing it over how these are awarding the ships, even streamers and CCs who've been around long enough to know better.
  10. Lol, you made an absolute statement based on the logic these crates have used in the game since the 2016 event. Nobody should be surprised that this is how they work.
  11. You're not drawn from the short list first in the case of a supercontainer. It's some element of semi-random, with the lower tiered stuff being more common. i.e. I got a Cheshire from a supercontainer replacement in a Mega crate without owning Ochakov.
  12. This means they own one of the ships on the short list, got a supercontainer as a replacement and that's what it rolled.
  13. I am saying the first case. If you roll any ship, it will always roll one of the ships from the short list. If you happen to own that one already, you get a supercontainer. The supercontainer can contain technically any of the ships (short listed or not) - and in most cases you will not get the "rare" ships until you own all the others. You can get those supercontainers if you own even one of the ships on the short list for that type of container. The issue here is they haven't outright disclosed the short-list ships since 2017.
  14. The logic used is based on how the crates worked in previous years. If you do not own ANY of the ships on the short list for that container, your first ship will be in a normal crate without a supercontainer substitution. You will never receive a supercontainer unless it rolls one of the short list ships that you already own. The main issue is WG has not released the short list ships. They have in the past and made things clearer. See this from 2016: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/suspiciouspackages/ 2017: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/we-are-many/