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  1. o4x4

    Anniversary Container Limit?

    I asked support last year. Got a replacement. I just opened the 2nd bad one from same batch last week and it gave me 250 doubloons, so just keeping that way.
  2. o4x4

    Anniversary Container Limit?

    WG containers with 1 day premium are keepers. Only open when needed.
  3. o4x4

    Anniversary Container Limit?

    You didn't lose anything, they got opened without notification. You received oil as well. I reached 100 as well on last Friday, got a wargaming container with 1 day premium. Although can't see any message, the premium time was added. Wiki said oldest container gets opened but no, newest one gets opened. If you manually collect daily with 100 stock pile, there is notification about the contents of that daily. Only ones from missions/rewards showed no message.
  4. For me, free T4 will eventually turn into more port slots for other higher tier ships, so each worth 300 doubloons.
  5. o4x4

    PT mission requirement is not reasonable

    Try t9 and 10, easy.
  6. o4x4


    I have seen it, then I just watched the ship building animation from beginning, then at the end, the esc button showed up.
  7. o4x4

    How to skip Collect Lootbox animation

    Just don't collect and next day they show up without animation
  8. o4x4

    Cannot exit out of REPLAY

    If I remember correctly, while it's playing at normal speed, ALT-F4 will exit.
  9. o4x4

    Who have you seen in game

    Caught @Notser in rank yesterday.
  10. If we know whose profile got more than these 5 of these, the achievement filenames can give some hints BD6_WELCOME BD6_AIRCARRIERS BD6_DESTROYERS BD6_CRUISERS BD6_BATTLESHIPS Edit, from above, last one is named BD6_GETALLACHIEVEMENTS.png So this could be 7th achievement. We just don't know what 6th is.
  11. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/154187-update-0108-world-of-warships-anniversary/?do=findComment&comment=4000018 EU said no.
  12. Looking my Social Lion screenshot's range finder, kill was at about 8.7km away.
  13. Maybe so, in cap kill a dd, but also first kill though.
  14. Pure T9 battle, got the Brain on 2nd cruiser kill with bot Drake that just passed the rock. Last kill was bot Jean Bart, got Social Lion.
  15. The flaw is up to 500 tokens rely on the team progress, that would affect the free T8 camo...