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  1. Now we back to random prize for German Carrier early access. PTS will give 2 and Twitch missions will give 5. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/watch-streams-receive-rewards/
  2. T8 1x1 match was giving fixed base xp and credit. Other than that, only clan battles/brawls would tell.
  3. From my study, T8 premium earns 65% more credit than tech tree, T7 is 45% more, T5 is 20% more. T10 has none but compensated by 20% in permanent camo. T9 could be higher than 65% but no proof yet. T6 should be around 35%. Data backed up by this
  4. My first half of 2020 report from mxstat: opened 459 resource containers got 242800 coals, 139000 free xp. 6 SC (15000 coal, 1000 dub, camos and signals)
  5. o4x4

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    Same, got nothing. I only claimed the mission for containers as I'm saving 3 premium days for weekend.. Do we need to file ticket?
  6. o4x4

    Directive 4 Progress

    Good Monday result: Buffalo game earned 65k fire damage this morning, a perfect start for stage 4. Took out other easy ones like damage, credit, ribbons, and 5 kills (also got a Kraken today). 48/71 done on capture/kill, and 7th mission will be done via US DD gun hits throughout the week.
  7. o4x4

    La Fête du Canada! Happy Canada Day!

    I clicked participate button and got a sierra mike, but looks like same missions that were finished over the weekend, so no more mission showing up. I guess I'm still in for the drawing.
  8. o4x4

    PT Spring Season T6 ship container out!

    Waited till I got Graf Spee from dockyard and weekend to use the 3 day premium, time to open up the crate!
  9. o4x4

    Warhammer Containers

    Only got 1 5x and 1 10x camos for the 2 free crates.
  10. o4x4

    PT Spring Season T6 ship container out!

    WG made it easier in 0.9.5 test where you could make up previous spring missions (with less requirement too). For summer the missions will stay there through out 3 test patches but not sure it's going to be sequential or parallel.
  11. I didn't count every item but I counted the popup messages for receiving PT rewards. There was eight of them. Old way of check user bonus is much better, clearly listing rewards so easy to tell what's missing.