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  1. o4x4

    4k anyone?

    I am running wows on LG 31MU97 4k monitor, very nice. Enjoy checking out the details of different ships in port.
  2. Won't stay long though. Worthy ammunition to tech tree reset for Research Points.
  3. Also next update has 1v1 in Ocean map, so can resolve this issue as well.
  4. Make it more fun: 1v1 brawl should only be won by sinking opponent. Without sinking then it's a draw.
  5. o4x4

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Sunk 2 subs with guns.
  6. Warship Premium has 65% extra base xp recorded in profile, as seen in my personal record:
  7. o4x4

    PTS 0.11.11 pt 1

    UTC 17:00 is best time to play PTS missions for me, no much wait time for Supership/T10 random. Also Brawl and Carol Clash event are also available during that time.
  8. Others must have been 1 HP, but I only got to 2 HP and stayed alive till the win.
  9. Also wants this new player then must unlock a researchable Tier VI ship and fight one battle aboard it in one day? Maybe easier now with a rental...
  10. o4x4

    Access to Sekiryu???

    Just wait for upcoming auction in next few weeks.
  11. o4x4

    Weekly Operation Mission Chain

    Ya, thought it should be recurring. @Ahskance please check.
  12. o4x4


    If bots are playing them, it means these ships are for early access: next auction in current update will feature the next 2 new super ships.
  13. o4x4

    More WG stingyness

    They actually made an improvement to mount the upgrades when you get the free ship.
  14. o4x4

    Why Are Subs Excluded From Operations?

    This is a good feature to add.