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  1. Fun fact... Only one of the three accepted the surrender of enemy combatants to an unmanned drone used to spot and direct gunfire. If that is not intimidating, they must have changed the definitition of the word. BTW... The over zealous weeb-ism. "Glorious Yamato with her 1000 time folder, Nippon steel armor can only be best!" Is even more annoying than the zealous patriotism of "ours is the only one still floating". Think before you speak, because I have one question for you, my name is kettle, have we met before?
  2. It can't be done. CV players have had a taste of god's power. And they will not be satisfied until they have it back.
  3. 1" Flintlock and the broken shoulder

    Ever heard of the .577 Tyrannosaur? It was the heaviest "Stopping rifle" (A gun meant to stop a charging animal in its tracks.) ever produced. It generates 1100 ft-lbf (1700 J) more muzzle energy than the .700 Nitro Express. It also generates one of the most powerful free-recoil impulses of any shoulder fired rifle, at over 250 ft-lbs. (By comparison, the .700 NE generates a 180 ft-lbf recoil impulse. A .308 Win generates a ~10-12 ft-lbf recoil impulse.)
  4. So, what you are suggesting, is a taking away the only thing that gives you any information, from one of the more confusing aspects of the game? Like we didn't have enough problem retaining new players already. Why do you think they gave everybody situational awareness by default anyway?
  5. Eyeballs and optics are passive systems. Does that also mean, that you should not get a detected indication when you are within your concealment range, and line of sight of an enemy?
  6. The music thread

    A few new ones to add to the thread. If there is one thing that Bungie really can do right with a video game, it is the soundtrack. ASMR all over the place on the Destiny 2 track. I forgot to add.... Two Steps from Hell has uncompressed mixes on their newest album, "Unleashed"
  7. The Audio Thread

    We have a long running "Music thread". Where members share their favorite music to sail and frag to. We also have a "Post your rig" thread, to show off your computer. I figured I would start off an audio thread. Where we can share the audio setups we use both gaming, and listening to music. This is my set up... It includes: Audio-Technica ATH-AD700x. These headphones are great for the price. They are very anemic on the low bass, but have great, clear response on mid bass, mids and highs. They also are open backed and display a very large sound stage. They really shine with games like rainbow six, or music that is heavy in the mid to high tones, or featuring female vocals. Schiit Magni 3 amplifier. Not really needed with the current headphones I have, but they still sound more controlled, just less distortion overall with a real amp driving them. It also introduces a warmer tone. I am intending to add a set higher impedance headphones to the mix later. I might ask for some opinions on which set to buy at the end of this post. Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Plus. I use this mic for in game and voice chat, I also use the onboard DAC as my primary DAC audio source. It seems to be a fairly decent DAC, but the main reason is due to the delay-less monitor mic. I may add a Schiit Modi 2 DAC to pair with my amp for music only at a later date. All in all, a somewhat decent audio set up, at least one that sounds really good to my untrained, and work damaged ears. My wish list: Schiit Modi 2 DAC, for a higher quality D-A conversion than the AT2020 offers. A higher end set of headphones that is more balanced for music. I am thinking one of these: Beyerdynamic DT-880-PRO-250 or DT-990-PRO Philips X2's Sennheiser HD600 or 650's AKG K701 or K702 I am having a hard time finding a list of reviews to base my purchase off of, as everybody seems to want to include Beats, and I cannot take a list of HiFi headphones seriously if they include beats. What I am I doing with all of this? Sitting here, rocking out to the Destiny 2 soundtrack while writing this post. Feel free to share yours. Is there anybody else on the forums into audio gear? What kind of setups do you all have? Any suggestions on headphones?
  8. You have obviously never played the likes of "Call of Duty", "Rainbow 6 Siege" or "CS:GO". All paid games. Nothing free to play about them. Go play any one of those with voice and text chat turned on, then come back and talk to us about how toxic this community is. This community looks like a bunch of nuns compared to the fools on CoD. And Rainbow Six is the only game I have ever felt the need to turn off text chat.
  9. ?? Are US Battleships so slow

    If we want to get technical about it. South Carolina and Wyoming were considered dreadnought designs. New York was considered a Super-Dreadnought design. There are only three of the five classes of USN "Standard-Type" Battleships represented in game. BB-38 (Pennsylvania) Class. [Arizona] : BB-40 (New Mexico) Class : BB-45 (Colorado) class. But, yes the reason the "Standards" are so slow in game, is they were in real life. It was a simplification of the "Battle line". They were designed so that the all ships on a single line had the same turning circle and maximum speed, so the line would not be limited by a single ship with lower performance.
  10. Best bang for your buck is proabbly going to be something like the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+ (Plus). Really high quality Cardioid condenser mic,good build quality. Good quality internal A-D converter. It is plug and play USB. It also has an internal DAC that will run headphones up to 32ohms, with a zero delay monitor that will allow you to hear your own voice while doing voice over work. A close second, for a few bucks less would be the Blue Yeti. If you are in the market for a game with it, there are a couple of bundles out there, that offer the Blue Yeti with a game of you choice for 100-120USD. (You are getting a 120USD mic, and a 60USD game for the price of the mic alone)
  11. Video games and dating

    As far as I can tell, there is no difference in the reason for playing video games that make it any different in the eyes of a potential partner that will make them less unappealing. The equation seems to be fairly straightforward at (Video games = nerd [Poindexter stereotype, coke bottle glasses, pocket protector, and a nasty lisp] = less attractive.) Even though there is a considerable difference between somebody who is passionately into video games, vs somebody who passionately follows football, or baseball or NASCAR. The difference being, the gamer lives his passion, where as the sports fanatic worships the ground that someone he will never meet walks on. The performance of somebody that he will never know can ruin his whole week, and negatively affect his relationships with everybody around him. Even though he will never be a QG, never be a forward or a driver.
  12. Video games and dating

    I am a pretty hard core gamer. I too have noticed that when you are playing the dating game, any mention of video games can be a major turn off, seems to most may be due to the amount of time they can sop up, and the perceived nerdyness. (Let's be honest here, nerd is still not an attractive stereotype to many women, even though we have better income potential with more stable jobs) But, not only being a hard core gamer, I am also into several other hobbies, albeit not as passionately. Such as muscle cars, photography and shooting. Even though I put now where near as much time into those three combine as I do gaming. They are all far more expensive. I fail to see how somebody can be upset with spending a large portion of your free time on a pretty affordable game. But not upset with the significant other / husband that spends 60-80 hours a week, outside of work, and tens of thousands of dollars, building a hot rod. I don't get it...
  13. Division games fair?

    I came to this thread expecting another complaint about how playing socially and with your friends is tantamount to cheating, as they think it gives you an unfair advantage. I was sorely disappointed. But, be that as it may. I really think that they could make an exception to the rule for tier 8. After all, its not like they are going to go getting stuck in tier 12 matches?
  14. Detonation needs to go

    If I am wrong, don't just say so. Explain to me how I am wrong. Explain to me what purpose they serve.