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  1. As far as I can tell, there is no difference in the reason for playing video games that make it any different in the eyes of a potential partner that will make them less unappealing. The equation seems to be fairly straightforward at (Video games = nerd [Poindexter stereotype, coke bottle glasses, pocket protector, and a nasty lisp] = less attractive.) Even though there is a considerable difference between somebody who is passionately into video games, vs somebody who passionately follows football, or baseball or NASCAR. The difference being, the gamer lives his passion, where as the sports fanatic worships the ground that someone he will never meet walks on. The performance of somebody that he will never know can ruin his whole week, and negatively affect his relationships with everybody around him. Even though he will never be a QG, never be a forward or a driver.
  2. I am a pretty hard core gamer. I too have noticed that when you are playing the dating game, any mention of video games can be a major turn off, seems to most may be due to the amount of time they can sop up, and the perceived nerdyness. (Let's be honest here, nerd is still not an attractive stereotype to many women, even though we have better income potential with more stable jobs) But, not only being a hard core gamer, I am also into several other hobbies, albeit not as passionately. Such as muscle cars, photography and shooting. Even though I put now where near as much time into those three combine as I do gaming. They are all far more expensive. I fail to see how somebody can be upset with spending a large portion of your free time on a pretty affordable game. But not upset with the significant other / husband that spends 60-80 hours a week, outside of work, and tens of thousands of dollars, building a hot rod. I don't get it...
  3. I came to this thread expecting another complaint about how playing socially and with your friends is tantamount to cheating, as they think it gives you an unfair advantage. I was sorely disappointed. But, be that as it may. I really think that they could make an exception to the rule for tier 8. After all, its not like they are going to go getting stuck in tier 12 matches?
  4. If I am wrong, don't just say so. Explain to me how I am wrong. Explain to me what purpose they serve.
  5. My point again?
  6. And your point? There is a difference between a winner, and an [edited] that gets his win handed to him on a silver platter by RNG. I was the latter in that case. Not a winner, but getting RNG handouts. The difference is, you would claim you legitimately earned that win. Where as I deny it.
  7. First, there is a difference between strategy and counterplay. Even if a ship has chosen to forgo AA increases. That is his choice in strategy. He is not completely at the whim of the enemy CV pilot. There are still different types of counterplay that he can conduct in game if he does not want to become prey. There is no such thing with detonation. Well, there is, but people complain about it too... Sit back at the A line sniping. Avoid any incoming fire, at all, and you will be safe from detonation. You know that Yamato that you complain about camping??? He is doing the only valid counterplay to detonation. Second. Devilfish and I (regardless of whether we agree or not) have already determined, on this thread. That the shells we fire and the torpedoes we launch are not explosive. The boats we float around in are not filled with explody things. They are lines of code. Meant to resemble ships. Therefor, WG is free to do what then need to make proper balance. Just look at Kahaborvsk. The ship would not have been able to exist in real life, let alone go 50 knots. Third. I am not going to do your work digging up the threads for you. But I have, on numerous occasions, complained about detonating other players. I have complained about winning a ranked game due to me pulling off a full health detonation on a red DD. And I have shared this screen shot of a reed DD that I detonated with splash damage. Adamantly claiming that I did not deserve the kill, and I was upset that it happened. We won this game, a game that we did not deserve to. The enemy flat out outplayed us. But because I detonated a very powerful DD early in the match. From >2/3 of his health, without landing a single shell on him. I was able to squeak out the win by just a few points. I would gladly give the reds back this win to rid this game of this crap mechanic.
  8. There is only one proper way to balance detonation. Remove it. It is a mechanic that solely exists to shorten matches, to make the snowballs occur more often It serves no meaningful purpose in balancing ships with each other. Bad mechanic, end of story. People complain about one sided matches? But then they fervently defend the mechanic intended to make one sided matches and collapses more prevalent?
  9. Then maybe, we can consider how asinine the argument in favor of detonation is: "Well, you are sailing around a ship with hundreds of tons of explosives in a contained area, what did you expect?"
  10. Mans you realize the same can be said about the ships they are hitting, right? It is not a ship loaded with explosives you are shooting at, but lines of code. Nothing in there to blow up. But lines and lines of code with a few pixels to represent them. No propellant. No projectiles.
  11. Dodging all fire is not necessarily good enough. If some idiot in a BB is spamming 406mm HE, you not only need to dodge it, but you need to make it so he misses you by a country mile. Considering that the blast radius for much of the 406mm HE in this game is the same size as your DD is long. If a BB spams HE at you, and detonates you from full health, there is literally no counter play to it. Other than not being detected in the first place. Which is not good gameplay. A flag is NOT counterplay. Counterplay is a tactic or strategy, that you use in the heat of battle to avoid something, or outplay someone. If that BB detonates you, you did nothing wrong, and the guy in the BB got rewarded for playing like an idiot. Great gameplay mechanic. Excellent. And we wonder why this community never improves. WG rewards people for doing the wrong thing.
  12. It was likely repeatable, 100% of the time?? Similar to a headshot in Rainbow 6? BTW, that equivalance makes me laugh. When players seem to think that detonations = headshots. They do not. In games where headshots are a 1-shot kill, they are only influenced by skill. (Rainbow six, they kill in one shot, but your bullet always hits where the sight is pointed.) In games where there is some RNG, they are not a 1-shot kill. (Battlefield series, it will take ~2 headshots to kill a full health target, but they also have random bullet dispersion to some degree.)
  13. Balance > Historical accuracy. FTFY.
  14. You are not being mean, you are being a stubborn idiot. Who obviously has no experience gaming outside of warships and candy crush. Like I said, IN ANY MAINSTREAM GAME, the process of causing a detonation would be considered a bug to be patched out before it tarnishes the name of the developer's too bad. But these idiots seem to embrace that tarnish.
  15. I may be in the minority that stick around. But if you polled every player that left, I would be willing to put a large amount of money that I am in the majority. I heard this analogy once. "If you are the manager of a struggling restaurant, and you want to know why it is struggling. Who are you going to ask? The old guy that sits at the same seat, at the bar, every single morning, with his coffee and eggs? Or the family that came in once or twice, and has decided not to return?" Which of these two is going to give you a better idea of why your restaurant is srruggling?