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  1. Yet when CV's were fun to play, they were a dreaded crapshow to play against. They were litterally the god of the game, deleting people at will. Deleting Montana's and DM'S at will. Come to think of it, they are still not fun to play against. As there is no meaningfully interaction between you and the cv, from your point of view. See the planes, try to maneuver to keep the away from you and in your AA bubble for as long as possible (even though they are 8-12 times faster than you), and pray that RNG is in your favor. Because that is litterally what the AA game is, is RNG rolls to determine a shootdown. Or huddle up with your teammates, like a heard of sheep, trying to avoid the slaughter. Yup.... Fun AND engaging.
  2. Fire... Kill it with fire.
  3. Shiratsuyu: Tier 7, 34 knots, 590m turning circle, 3.1 second rudder. There is only one tier 7 cruiser that is faster. (Myoko, 35 knots) There is no tier 7 cruiser that can turn tighter. I will use Akizuki, seeing as it is the least maneuverable of the tier 8 IJN DD's. 33 knots, 730 meter turning circle, 4.6 second rudder. This one may be in kind of a bad spot. But, with the nightmare that is Khabarovsk, who in their right mind would want one at tier 8? Do you really want a 50 knot demon spitting out shells with a 2.7 second reload and 1000mps muzzle velocity at tier 8? A small one at that? Every single tier 8 cruiser is either faster OR more maneuverable than Akizuki, but not both. Only Hipper is worse in both regards (32 knots, 740m turning circle) So, seeing that Akizuki is not as badly gimped as you claim it is, care to reconsider your statement? I think I have proven my point enough to not even dig into Yugumo. Destroyers have all of the tools they need to stay stealthy. Even with the inclusion of radar, and the removal of stealth fire. The ONLY tool that cruisers had was LUCK. They had to wait for a DD to make a major mistake before they could fire on them. There is still an element of luck with radar. The DD driver still has to make a mistake to truly be punished by it. If you get killed by radar, you were out of position. And don't give me this crap that your weapons are shorter range than the radar. If you are within 1-1.5km of the radar's range, you can escape with most of your health intact. You have to be several KM inside of its range, or not have a preplanned escape path to get murdered by it.
  4. Translation issues I think. Just off the context. I think the intended message is the "finalized" date for the sale to start is the 19th.
  5. Way offf topic... Must be one heck of an ammuntion hoist to get everything up to that one turret.... lol
  6. This is why I have not been playing much recently. Well, sort of. I am in the process of not only relocating for work, but moving into a much more demanding role. So the little bit of time that I do ha e to game. I have been spending on Rainbow 6 siege. Where they have a skill based match maker thay is very good, and it ends up being a very close match. You can win with three rounds in casual, but most of the time it is 4 or 5 rounds, when the game goes into overtime. It is very satisfying to fight toother and nail through five roubds to see a message on the results screen "hard fought victory". Or I have been playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. A truly random, chance game. (The best players have a win rate of under 10%. If you don't know the game, you have to be the last one standing out of 100 other players to get a win.)
  7. I normally don't comment on political theme's. But, I can't resist this one. Those of you in the last two pages discussing freedom of speech and expression in a privately ownew and operated intErnest environment have 0 idea what you are talking about. The ONLY thing that "freedom of speech", when used in the context of the first amendment to the Constitution of the United states of America, protects you from. IS the federal government supressing your speech. WHAT IT DOES NOT DO? Grant you the right to say whatever the he'll you want on an online forum. This forum is owned by wargaming. Their house, their rules. Don't like it? GTFO. So, with that said, let's get off the politics before this thread gets locked.
  8. Stealth torp in in and of itself is fine. I have no problems from either playing against dd's or playing in them, with mid range stealth torping. Even in open water. What I do not believe has a real, viable place in this game.... is the 12-20km stealth torp game. I have not she'd a tear over the nerfs to the long rang IJN torps.
  9. Do I think it is highly insensitive to those who have been ravaged, or had friends or family that have fought it? Hell yes it is. Even more so, as it is used contextually wrong in that video. A cancer is an unwanted / unhealthy mass that grows out of control. We do not have "cancer" in wows. Even those of us that hate CV's realize the number of people playing them is shrinking. Hence, not a cancer. The model 10-A shotgun in battlefield 1? Yes. It was horribly overpowered, and did not require skill to use. The number of people abusing it only got bigger every round until they nerfed it. Hence.... cancer.
  10. Except for the occasional island... that is a big mistake. I have had plenty of those oh.... sh!t!!!! Moments. Where I stayed in my smoke just a few seconds longer and bam! Bismark secondaries in my face. Totally my own fault.
  11. Ranked in this game is litterally a grind. That just about anybody, regardless of win rate can rank out of. My opinion? Too many people rank out and go back to randoms. Combine with too many unrevocable ranks. Makes it so you can use perseverance instead of skill to reach rank one The real test of skill in this game is not that you ranked out, but the number of battles you did it in. How many players do you see in diamond rank playing rainbow 6 siege that don't belong there?
  12. So much this... Radar is not that hard to play against. However. Not having a tool like radar makes outplaying a destroyer extremely difficult, neigh impossible. As he holds all of the cards. Better speed? Check. Better maneuverability? Check. Better Concealment? Check. Smaller size? Check. Higher alpha strike? Check.
  13. I've Citadeled an Iowa with my Indy before.... But that was before the citadel was lowered. IIRC, indy and NO have similar gun performance.
  14. DD's are fine as is. There are a few Russians that could stand a few more nerfs though. I will merrily continue main'ing the tier 8-9-10 American and russians.
  15. Challenge accepted?