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  1. So much this. Remembered buying a lot of premium camo for tech tree ships, and one or 2 premiums with those. Tried to do the same with Cossack (buying her with a 30% of coupon I got, then exchanging the Guineas for a full doubloon value) but WG won that hand (they removed the Cossack from sale before the coupons were gifted to a lot of people).
  2. I truly don't know. But I think it is not that malicious, as the prize you get is decided the moment the crate is in the transport ship (assigned to you). It will do nothing to accumulate them for a better chance at getting ships.
  3. I would suggest you to just wait until you know the price of the Steel campaign. In the case of the Santa crates, some are suggesting the drop rate of ships is a little lower this year, and I agree. The year before was something like once in each 6 crates. Right now (with very low statistical data) it is once in each 9 crates. Some can get better results, others just will never get any ship for the love of it.
  4. Emile Bertin got nerfed very hard. She was a little monster when the french line got out, so it was understandable. So much this. Furutaka's armor is so effective she can sort of park herself in a channel, shooting everything that is within reach, and will not be punished for it. Her 48mm deck is responsible for that, she can't get penetrated through there. And the ship is very sleek looking, so her bow is on the small side. One thing I discovered recently is that she is very capable in brawling against slow BBs (sort of like Graf Spee do on tier 6), the AP put the hurt each time, the HE hits hard and has good fire chance, and her torp angles are awesome, perfect for disrupting some BBs brawling tactics.
  5. hanesco

    Ships of 2018

    The problem is the 200+ dispersion at long ranges and the low number of guns. The reason why Lyon is very effective despite having something like 1.6 sigma. Warspite is reasonably accurate because she does not have long range to speak whatsoever (16 km is medium range for me). Contrary to Jake's case, my Roma blesses me every time I get her out, devastating Buffalos and Minotaurs left and right, and getting citadels on Montana at max range. I can even brawl reasonably well with her, just always minding the citadel that can be blown at the minimum mistake.
  6. hanesco

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    Well, in that case it is almost useless. For you at least. I have only 17 million credits, as I don't have that much time to play, recently got a tier 8 DD and 4 tier 7 BBs and I am keeping the previous ships. I need credits, but I learned by now to play without rushing. I will probably get to 50 million in a short time. Having played "only" 6k matches in 3 years testify for that.
  7. Well, the tier 10 cruiser Azuma (B-65) was revealed in the DevBlog. She will get into SuperTest in the next patch or the one after that (0.7.12 or 0.8.0). She does not look promising in the armor department, as she have the same octagonal citadel as Yamato, and is a vey high citadel, too.
  8. hanesco

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    Well, you can just sell those camos for credits. Unless you have one billion credits in your account, it will always be worth to have credits. I have all IJN 10-point commanders they gave during december 2016. I still have not used 4 of them, and after that I even have one 7-pointer and two 6-pointers. Mind you I have almost all the IJN DDs and cruiser lines with 10 point captains. And 2 CVs with 10 point captains that I don't even use at all.
  9. Well, this is something they can consider. Just now Yahagi at tier 5 has the same torpedos as a fully researched Kagero/stock Yugumo. 10 km range, 21k dmg, 67 knots speed, 1.7 km torp detection range. So giving a IJN DD at tier 7 the F3 torpedoes is a reasonable choice. Even so, I don't think an F3-equipped Shiratsuyu needs a Reload Booster, that would be too much damage in one salvo, never mind having 16 torps with 8 km range, 21,4k dmg and 76 kts.
  10. hanesco

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Well, I was referring to the option of buying her with money, then redeeming her with the Guineas and getting the full value in doubloons. She was removed from the premium shop during the 30% discount coupons. So yeah, WG won this round xD.
  11. hanesco

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    As a novelty, Cossack was retired from the store some time before WG offering 30% coupons to everyone I know xD. I tried to use the coupon on Cossack, you got me :P
  12. hanesco

    Dear Little White Mouse.

    The problem is, the OP did not choose the ship, he/she won it in a Black Friday container. On the other hand, I think CE is useful on any ship and MFCSA has its demerits. If you just want to die quickly while delivering hurt to the enemy, then yeah, you don't need CE on the Mass. If you want to survive a little more, then CE gives you an advantage. I detest MFCSA just because you can only shoot one target at the time, not because I hate secondary builds (as I use a sec build in my Bismarck, I do not have the points to get it yet but am not planning on using it, I prefer BoS/SI or CE).
  13. hanesco

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    As the 3rd test is about to begin, they are beginning to watch balance between ships. Right now the only planes that have AP bombs and deep-water torps are from the IJN (ironic enough). This was done probably to test everything at the same time. Now begins that time-consuming work of balancing the performance of the different CVs. I approve this motion. WG, please make it happen
  14. hanesco

    Previous Premium Ships not on sale

    If I remember correctly, the chances for tier 8/Gremy/Nikolai are the same in any supercontainer. The chance is higher for lower tiered premium ships. Remembered the first time I got a Santa's crate I had sold 2 days before my Emden. Opened my Santa crate, then, lo and behold, got a Emden xD. Last year I managed to get a Mutsu. I don't buy Santa crates because the holidays is a season where I lack money (as strange as that sounds xD),
  15. hanesco

    Hello people

    Welcome aboard man! Always good to see people not only from this side of the pond. I have looked up almost all options related to naval combat, and the only navies with more than one ship left out of the game as of now are only the Dutch and the Spaniards in Europe. So yeah, I am a fan of Lert's work, just because I loved his idea to give a spotter plane to a DD xD. About the 1042 project, there are already a ton of battlecruisers in the game at tier 9. One more would not hurt anyone WG.