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  1. Many thanks for choosing me as a Pirate Crew! Was hoping to do this from the hunted side since I saw the Corgi fleet, so I have trouble waiting until friday to go out as a Pirate. #PirateCrew110
  2. If I understand correctly, we are to be notified before Aug 15th? I thougt it would be today. Well, I am fine with it. Will eagerly wait to be notified xD. Good luck to all of those that will be chosen.
  3. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    Well, I am buying her too, and I already have the Z-39 which is enough for me as a German trainer. I have all tier 6 premium DDs except the newest ones ( Monaghan and the yet to release T-61). So yeah, she looks more than interesting enough.
  4. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    T-61 has almost the same price tag as Sims. She will be the most expensive tier 6 DD by a little margin, almost all has the same pricetag (23-24 dollars, by the way, Anshan is the cheapest one).
  5. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    I don't think it is that grave. Sure, T-61 is a very powerful ship (even overpowered) but in a gunfight it is not a foregone conclusion. And torpboats are famous for that "feast & famine" performance. She is not "Gremyaschy-good" in that T-61 suffers when uptiered, but she is too good for tier 6. Will buy her anyways so...
  6. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    If you read the LWM review on Leningrad, she is considered OP...with a 17-19 point captain. Lenin needs help because of her awful turret traverse and garbage angles, but the torps are okay. T-61 is similar in rol as Leningrad at tier 6, but she doesn't need as much help as Lenin. In the case of Anshan (Fushun is similar, but different), she is not considered OP precisely because she is gun-centric. Great power on the guns of DDs are not a reason for a nerf (except in the case of Khaba, that was too much) so you never will find the playerbase wanting a gunboat nerfed. In the case of T-61 vs Anshan, the German DD has worse dmg per HE shell but has better reload on the same number of guns. T-61 has better HP pool (marginally, but she has), better torpedo armament (reloads in less tine and have more fish per launcher) and her gun angles are better. Stealth is better too (0.2 km better, but still). One could argue that T-61 is not OP, and WG don't consider her to be OP, but is the same with Cesare. They are too good at everything that it seems unjust with the other ships at their respective tiers. But they are not insta-win ships. You need to know them to be able to unleash that good all-roundness towards victory. I will be getting her this Friday, so I need to play at tier 6 xD.
  7. I know right? I volunteered just to participate as the one being hunted (as I already tried to be the hunter, failed to do it tho). Just with it being the continuation of the Corgi fleet is enough to sign up enough volunteers. This will be very interesting.
  8. It would be left to MM. It was probable you could get 2 Corgis in the same team (as they played at one tier during a timeframe). But situations with more than 2 should have been extremely rare. I suppose it will be the same for this one.
  9. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    Yes. For once, Belfast is heavily specialized towards killing DDs. If there is no DD in the match, she can outwit enemy cruisers thanks to radar, but she can't do anything to a BB. Kamikaze excels in killing BBs over time, if there is no BB, she can work her way around but he performance will drop drastically. On these cases, despite these ships having glaring weaknesses, they have a way out in case of an unfavorable engagement. Belfast with her smoke, Kamikaze with her stealth. Gremyaschy is very OP because she is an incredible jack-of-all-trades (like T-61). Kutuzov has that too, she can spam fire from long range, and if she wants to get close and support she has smoke for that, she even has usable torps too. On the BBs case it is more difficult. K. Albert, Nikolai and Cesare are all great DPM ships, and her armor is enough to keep them in the match. They don't have any type of gimmick, but they dish out damage like noone's bussiness. All of these ships are able to keep a flank almost all by themselves. They are just that good. They are not healthy for the game.
  10. Looks like a mandatory break time. Because "all tiers allowed" schedule are mentioned too.
  11. Great to see you again Niko, ages since I saw you post anything (probably I don't participate in threads you do, but yeah). Enjoyed the last Corgi event, now I want to know the feeling of being hunted by all the enemy fleet. Would like to know how a Conqueror feels every match :P
  12. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    I named the ones I have. Z-39 is not Op, she is good at throwing torps, can compete with other tier 7 ships in the main battery department, and is stealthy. Haida has excellent stealth and an interesting smoke/hydro combo, but I don't consider her OP. T-61 has no competitors at tier 6. Sure, you can say T-61 is not as OP as Gremyaschy or Imperator Nikolai (which are very broken vessels), but she is incredibly strong, as much as Kamikaze, Belfast and Cesare. So yes, she is warranted to leave the store someday.
  13. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    Finally, she is here. Despite all of the hype for her being an overpowered ship, it is probably not acknowledged by WG because her superiority is through "balanced" stats, in the same way as Cesare and K. Albert. Probably just giving her worse reload, or just stripping off the Hydro (or both) would have been enough to balance her. Well, now that this is the final version, will just buy her then. Would like to get another OP ship like Kamikaze and Cesare xD.
  14. Well, it's not like anyone found out about Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya not being in the store too. It looks like they will be removing some of these ships to go back to the usual WG model of rotaing the premium ships available. Or they will be announcing the retirement of both Cesare and Albert (again) from the shop soon.
  15. T-61 will be available as normal sale on August 17th. Would like to see a review of that incredibly competitive ship from you @LittleWhiteMouse. From today until the 9th, if you spend 25k+ doubloons in game, you get her for free. So if you want to buy Musashi/Kronshtadt exclusively with a doubloons-to-freeXP conversion, this is your chance to get a free ship xD.