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  1. Well, not gonna deny that anyone can throw a match down to the trashcan. But it is more often with people that not play as good or as often as other players. And I saw that screenshot...how the hell can you lose a match like that? I will not comment on that anymore here, we are going off topic.
  2. I have seen a guy who killed 11 ships with Gremyaschy and his team managed to lose. He is on the "painful defeats" post in the forum. After seeing that I always expect my team to lose, potatos will always manage to find a way to lose the match xD
  3. Mmm, I don't have KA but don't know if I want her. I hope she remains on sale until next month at least to be able to buy her xD. But Mouse, in your opinion is KA in the same level of OPness as Nikolai or as Cesare?
  4. I wanted Kidd, as I am sure I will never get her from the normal crates. But I only have some 30ish buck to spend until the end of month. So don't know if I choose KA+30 days premium, or Warspite alone.
  5. @LittleWhiteMouse She showed up. A ship I thought we would never see again in the shop. If this surprise is a one-off then it is good (KA is in the same verge as GC of being incredibly powerful but they don't have gimmicks. So they both can be considered OP). If they lifted the ban on this one, then it would be good if they announce it.
  6. Oh well. Doing this change without notice is a mistake of course. So I understand why are you refunding the difference. Talking about the change, I mentioned it was fair, but that happened just because the discount was that nice. Normally it would be restricted to only novice players or first-timers in the premium shop. That would be ideal. But if you released the Steam pack for everyone, then someone in the marketing department had to be aware of the potential of veterans adquiring doubloons at 66% discount.
  7. I got 2 of the 3 packages for US$ 40. Got 10k doubloons, which I already spent. The Steam discount was ridiculous, and a bargain not seen that often. The shop's prices are a little higher than average, so each discount goes a long way towards allowing purchases. This change, despite being fair, would not allow to rise sales, as some of the people that buy discounted ships back on sale already have the ships and are looking to get discounted doubloons.
  8. As I thought, the ship was meh. The torp boat ended up being more interesting than expected, but not enough to make her a gudbote. She looks good enough to be kept and complete my tier 6 DD collection, hope I get her in the crates given, don't want to buy more crates XD.
  9. Premium Ship Review: USS Kidd

    And @LittleWhiteMouse strikes again! Good guess on that one!
  10. This is the most likely outcome. In which order? Who knows. The next adittion to the game will be the completion of the 2nd japanese DD line.
  11. This is bullcrap. One of the things I used a lot against CA's DPM is go bow-on or stern-on any AP slinging cruiser. The overpen+pen bug is something that hard to balance that they have to make a general balance to keep it from happening? The only advantage is that Akizuki and co. will not need IFHE to do direct damage against other DDs
  12. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    One of the solutions I gave when this hull was still Cossack, was to give her a heal. While you can strip hydro out of her, the combination of heal + Perth's smoke will make her a competitive choice. The heal will let her fight when the smoke is in cooldown, the lack of hydro would require another ship spotting for her. As she is now, she does not look perfect but she can be worked.
  13. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    The decision to make a non-competitive premium out of Duke of York is probably because of this. WG and the ST team thought Graf Spee was a rather difficult ship to use to her strenghts, so they didn't tamper with it. Ended up being the tankiest cruiser at tier 6, while being capable of fighting 1vs1 dreagnouths and punch way over her weight (the number of times I won a brawling against a BB in her are so much I can't remember). That did not mean she is an OP ship, as she has very glaring flaws that can be exploited. With Graf Spee being so popular, they probably decided to not give away another good ship on december, as they keep on rising the price of their giveaways. The current Duke of York despite being underwhelming (would never recommend someone to buy it), it can be played. While it would not be sure to remain as it was, cruiser-DoY looked interesting. I still think giving her the same shell performance (minus reload) as cruiser-DoY had, she would be more interesting than she is right now.
  14. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    She does not. She tried to participate in a podcast before if I remember correctly, but her voice sounds very girlish (in her opinion) so she discarded the idea. And yeah, her writing skills are awesome. And is one hell of a time-consuming work she does. If she had time to make videos, she would prefer to pump out more reviews or revamp the older ones XD
  15. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    The reason is, this is not even a work in progress. They are using the first iteration of Cossack to EVALUATE the performance of Haida with some gimmicks like Perth's smoke + Hydro. They could use the same model of Cossack for Haida, but the words given by Sub_Octavian sounds like they probably finished the 3D model for Haida already and they are just testing in anticipation. NOTSER already mentioned that this is a Work in Progress. Stats will always change, and it is not thanks to public outcry. Probably in next update they are going to introduce the Cossack in her 2nd iteration (4-turret DD) and Haida at the same time for testing. Remember that he tested COSSACK with Hydro+Smoke, not Haida.