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  1. hanesco

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    That simple evaluation just means: "I don't know how to play them". They are far from being "killed", Saipan being a showman for a skilled captain, and Kaga with her huge squadrons outlasting all other CVs outside of Enterprise?
  2. hanesco

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    The timeframe in which they expected the rework to finish is getting close (0.8.2). They already stopped the balacing of premium aircraft carriers, so the only problems that will keep coming are the uptiering of CVs and the low credit income and damage output at tier 4. All other problems are brought up by players feeling uncomfortable with some mechanics.
  3. hanesco

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    Well, that information is sorely needed. Hope you can include it when you are comparing each type of aircraft, or as a stand-alone post. I for once know that you can get one plane in a squadron red with the others still green. On this topic, it is good that there is a semblance of balance between CVs. Can't say the same about CV vs other classes, as what I would consider true balance can only be achieved when CV MM gets to be +1/-1. I think it's too difficult to balance 2 tiers of CVs against the same AA aura. About the balance at the same tier, I think by now it is alright. The only hilarious think was getting 3 plane kills with Nikolai I while I was playing as a Maskarado.
  4. hanesco

    Excess Credits

    This is a problem known since day 1. Sure, now it is easier to play at tier 10 (Clan discounts, Premium time availability, Permanent camos and even some expendable camos) managing to reduce the repair costs in 75% in some cases. But even with that, it is not warranteed to keep gaining credits at tier 9-10. That's why I play almos all tier from tier 5 onwards. In my case, only now I have a sizeable amount of credits. Finally can buy a tier 10 without the need of selling something else. But I have not gotten to the ridiculous amount of half a billion credits yet.
  5. hanesco

    Japanese T10 CA for coal

    Yoshino is still in construction (literal construction...of the 3D model). It was a rush, thanks to everyone reminding them that the project was designed with torpedo tubes. She will not be announced in the near future, as she has to get to SuperTest first. Just a guesstimate, but I think she will be available on the Armory (new Arsenal/Premium Shop mashup) by the end of year.
  6. hanesco

    I wonder what would happen if ...

    It would be perfectly fine to do so. In my case I barely have time to finish all the freebies that WG gives. As someone who normally login everyday but have some periods when it is impossible, that says a lot. They gives so much that sometimes, only people playing everyday would get all those freebies. Right now I am finishing the 2nd leg of the Exeter missions, and have not gotten to the Hall of Fame in any week (have not finished any stage in this event). Hopefully I can finish the Exeter missions this week.
  7. As I said, it is not like that. I refer in one of my previous posts, to the "ease" that the playerbase would have to raise the performance of a ship as being OP. Ou can have an amazing winrate with a ship, but if all the players that plays it don't hold up to your performance, then it is you who are good in the ship. But if the majority of the players driving a ship makes it perform well above her class and tier, then the ship is OP. It's all about what is that ship capable of doing that others could not, while also being easy for the average player to unleash that performance.
  8. Come on, that's just sofistry. Or are you going to tell me the previous Hakuryu (which has the world record on max dmg in a match) was not OP just because I don't know how to play with her? Because that's what you are saying. A ship being OP or not has absolutely nothing to do with the player driving it.
  9. No cruiser is save from any BB instadeletion. The problem is not if the ship is easy to kill or not. The problem is that ship having much more advantages than other ships of the same class, while getting the same weaknesses. Just tell me any "tanky" cruiser at tier 8 or lower. So squishiness doesn't discard any cruiser from being OP. Especially Belfast and Kutuzov. Same case can be made about Nikolai, Cesare and Konig Albert. Those can be overpenned by the bow, but ALL ships at tier 5 or lower get penetrated by the bow with BB guns. And even more in the case of Cesare and Nikolai's broadside, they can get DevStriked relatively easy. That doesn't stop them from being OP. Kamikaze can be hunted relatively easy too. But the reason she is OP is because she requires the effort of more than 1 or 2 ships to kill her. I would define an OP ship with one condition: "If you have to pray for him to make mistakes, or even if they make mistakes you can't deal with them". Those are the ships WG looks for when they talk about "balance".
  10. hanesco

    USS Montpelier - Tier VIII Cleveland premium?

    This was what they wrote for update 0.8.1. American Tier VIII cruiser Montpelier, a copy of cruiser Cleveland, with the following differences: HP amount – increased from 36,900 to 37,500 Main battery reload time – increased from 6.5 to 7 seconds 'Sigma' parameter – increased from 2 to 2.15 Japanese Tier VIII destroyer Yukikaze, a copy of destroyer Kagero, but carrying different torpedoes: Maximum damage – 21,367 Torpedo range — 8 km Speed – 76 knots Reload time – 104 seconds Torpedo tubes 180-degree traverse time – 7.2 seconds Torpedo detectability range – 1.9 km
  11. Well, to be frank, the shitposting during the testing period of tier 6 Cesare proved his point. He is as salty as I am about this topic, because they threw the last line to make some attractive things with lower tiers. Now they will be reduced to Operations/Random/Coop unless someone at WG gets really creative. Just in case, I was aware that they would get a hit to the (minimum) amount of trust they had before, but that they took it into account and went along with it. That means 2 things: they did not take that distrust into account or the rageposting was very real.
  12. What makes a ship OP is the facility (relatively ease) to make that ship perform leagues ahead of their competition. Konig Albert, Nikolai I, Kamikaze triplets, Gremyaschiy, Giulio Cesare, T-61, Belfast, Kutuzov and Stalingrad have that facility. Obviously there will be some that will not make those ships work for the sake of it. But for the average playerbase, those are ships where they can make them work without that much effort. Just in case, I put 2 ships that the community considers OP from time to time and have not been banned from the store (T-61 and Stalingrad). I would even put Haida and Massachusetts in there, as those 2 have an amazing performance, despite not being OP.
  13. Well, I don't see anything positive with this. I never minded the changes anyways, and was even looking forward to Cesare (the italian) at tier 6. Now I know we will never see Ranked seasons out of tier 10, with the side effect of not being able to earn credits at all on that mode. Keep wrecking this, WG.
  14. hanesco

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Oh, I forgot to take off the camo as I was checking the port. The point still stands, as all ships I checked had their permacamos on. Don' know about you, but no Kongo or OktRev ever has blapped me. I have blapped Nagatos, Fusos and Normandies in ny Cesare, and I don't keep going "that thing is OP! Nerf it!". I have even bested some KGV players in a brawl, and I know Cesare is not a good brawler. Related to that difference of 6%, if you are referring to the damage output (what I am discussing) then you are totally wrong. If you are talking about the WinRate, even more so as you cant compare percentages like those as if they were numbers. Is like you were saying "but the difference in damage output between Cesare and New Mexico is 23k only, that's an non-issue", your comparison is lacking context. Even so, if you take a 56% WinRate player and a 50% WR one, what will you say about them? That one is a good player and the other is not. In this case, a 50% Win Rate on a ship played as often as the NM is incredibly good. A 56% WR in a tech-tree ship will inmediately raise concerns of the ship overperforming. I think the only ships with 60+% WinRate are those in hands of special population (Arkansas, Iwaki, Alabama ST) and some competitive rewards (Flint and Black before the Arsenal went live, and currently Bourgogne and Stalingrad)
  15. hanesco

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    The problem is not money (at least not what you think it is). Their plan is to restore balance, then try to monetize out of it. What you suggest is no different than the model they are following right now. They are not pushing Cesare to tier 6 to monetize it. They are pushing her there because they just don't want any OP ship hindering new players from using another game mode. What you suggest don't solve any of the problems WG is trying to adress. And they want to do that with all the ships that are hindering them from putting competitive modes in lower tiers. Well, to go back on topic. With Cesare being as she is in tier 5 (an overperforming ship) I tried to compare her with all the tier 6 BBs out there (not including Izmail because I don't have her current stats) and found: •With 45.5k, she has the smallest HP pool of all BBs at tier 6, the 2nd being Normandie with 2.7k more HP and the 3rd being WV41 with 4.7k more HP. •She has the thinnest belt armor at waterline (220mm), comparable with Dunkerque (225mm) and Normandie (240mm). PEF is close at 270mm. •She has a huge bow without any strip to protect it, but the same applies to Mutsu, New Mexico, Arizona, WV, QE, Warspite and Dunkerque. •She has 10 320mm guns, the smallest at the tier. Despite that, her AP is rather hard-hiting, doing the same damage as Dunkerque's and just 500 less than Fuso. Just in case, the AP that does less damage is Normandie's. •Her range is rather small, at 16,4km. She has more range than all the American BBs and Warspite. Despite that, the american can extend their range with the APR Mod1 to 18km, and Warspite has a Spotter plane. Cesare has no option to upgrade her range. •Her AA rating is 35 (I know, a rather meaningless stat). But it shows that she has more AA firepower than all the unmodernized premium ships and Normandie, so she is in the middle of the pack. •She is on the fast side of the tier with 27 knots, losing to the french (both do 29,5 knots) and PEF (28 knots). The other ship close to being 'fast' is Mutsu with 26,5 knots. All the others are slow ships, with Bayern and Fuso being decisively average (25 and 24,5 knots). •Her turning radius is 3rd best at tier, bested only by Warspite's 550m and Bayern's 630m. Cesare is tied with NM, Arizona and Normandie at 640m. •Her rudder shift is the 2nd fastest, at 13 seconds stock. Best is New Mexico at 11,9s and 3rd is Normandie at 13,4s. Not mentioning she would have access to the Steering Gear Mod2 (despite the majority preferring the Damage Control Mod1) •Her concealment is best in tier, getting to 11,6km with CE. Almost tied to her is Bayern, with 11,7km. NM and Warspite can get to 12,0 km with CE. So, as you see, the ship is not only more than capable of putting a fight against tier 6 opponents, she is one of the best at the tier. Despite her short range, she has a small detection range and can effectively close the distance and put the hurt before disengaging. Her armor cannot keep up with her, but the same can be said about any fast BB at this tier. Even so, she is tankier than before, grace of her beign capable of tanking all tier 5 guns. The thing is, she would go from "totally decisive" to "not recomended" in a competitive match, just because she cannot overmatch the 25mm bow at tier 6 (a decisive advantage all the 15" and 16" ships enjoy).