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  1. hanesco

    No fan fare for Florida?

    I'm all in for new modes, because there's a limit to how much fun you can have in random. I have fun there (even while losing) but there are times even that is not enough to get motivated to play. Some operations should be nice, a shame the players I get as allies are somewhat...worse than those of randoms. It seems to be my luck at work tho.
  2. hanesco

    No fan fare for Florida?

    Oh, I found her now (between HMS Hood and USS California) Extremely weird, if I'm being honest. I will proceed to buy it tho, seems like something they will patch soon because it just makes that Token event so less appealing than before.
  3. hanesco

    No fan fare for Florida?

    Damn! It works! For some reason, access from the Shop page seems restricted tho... PD: And not +200% mission attached...it seems Reward ships don't include that mission
  4. hanesco

    Encouraging lower tier play.....

    If you play that much, it doesn't matter. Just your experience in that particular ship will make it difficult for newbies to outplay you. A 10-point or 19-point captain would be icing on the cake.
  5. hanesco

    No fan fare for Florida?

    Could you give a link? I think there is no promo for Florida
  6. Because they want to change it? Remember: this is a online game. If they don't change anything, the game dies. You and I probably feel they should invest that effort on other things, but this was what got approved by the development team, so they have to test it. I'm no expert on Statistics, but I understand they have to prove the idea. We will see, but I think they want to change the Daily Shipemnts because it is rather lame right now (just conect and get some rewards). As I said before, we will see if the new concept is better than what we have now.
  7. In Statistics, when someone is evaluating the effectiveness of a new element or strategy, it should always be compared to a reference group. For other type of content it is easy enough to get that reference group without affectimg gameplay. For Daily Shipments (available to everybody even if they don't play a game in months), it is not that easy. It would be fair if those people get compensated, but giving the reward during the patch will spoil the reference group. So they probably will give something like credits during this test. This patch. Available after spending some 40k American Tokens. 12.9k are "free", and you have to buy 27.1k tokens, equivalent to 19k doubloons. If you get Vermont im those tries, you will need a extra bundle, raising the price to 20k doubloons. Nasty, isn't it? You get everything along the chain, but if you just want Florida, then the price is effectively 20k doubloons if you grind the directives, and 29k doubloons if you just want to buy it from the beggining.
  8. Bienvenido @ParceNautico! Espero que de tu mano, este foro logre prosperar tanto como el foro en inglés. Me gustaría ver a la comunidad participar más de este espacio
  9. hanesco

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    That's what happens when the XP required to advance follows an exponential formulae. This is incredibly common in gaming, a new level requiring more XP than the previous one. It seems excessive? For me not. Sure, it is a hassle to collect that many XP for 1 extra point, but you will eventually collect that amount of XP just by playing. I mean it, I got 2 19-point captains without even knowing when. I only got to see the whole process with the third one.
  10. hanesco

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    Oh, I think they do deserve some criticism in some of the things they do. But always painting them as evil or doing things to anger the playerbase on purpose are unwarranted, because it is illogical, makes no sense and because I'm sure they are not dropping evil schemes around the corner just to make some players suffer. That level of rage seen in forums is not healthy for any community, so people really need to mollify their mamaries and try to see all decisions that WG makes as objectively as possible. They can always surprise everyone with a good decision, an attractive game mode or putting the balance of CV in the right point.
  11. hanesco

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    People here is quick to send every news to the sinkhole. They just need to suppose WG will always do the worst-case scenario and everything snowball from there. Every news has been like that, hybrids, dockyards, submarines, captain skills and now the snowflakes knock-off. They are starting to badmouth the new planned Ranked system, despite being one of the most interesting changes WG is planning to do to the game right now...
  12. Hapa, I have a current problem in my clan. Our leader @Nemesis94C suffered a hack on his account's credentials, and got the leadership transferred to another player (Leonora is his name). The previous leader had some serious problems with other clanmates and was kicked out of the clan on bad terms. We suspect Leonora is an alternate account of the aforementioned leader. I want to ask if there´s any way we can recover the leadership of my clan, as we think that guy may try to disassemble the clan.

    My clan wants to know how to proceed to recover the leadership, or if it is possible at all. Leonora's account didn't have any type of activity registered since at least September 2019.

  13. hanesco

    Premium Ship Review: München

    Just to remind you, Bayard and Colbert has comparable stealth (after being fitted out with Concealment upgrade and skill). I find her similar to Ochakov. Both being oddballs within their respective lines, somewhat lacking in firepower but dominating the sea when the destroyers are taken out of the match. München being easier to use than Ochakov thanks to her range, which is great for such a light ship at tier VII. I bought her and definitely can find her interesting enough to not overlap with Mainz's gameplay at all. Mainz is just a heavy cruiser with 150mm guns (same as Mogami in the japanese line), so München can be considered the first Premium light cruiser of the German tech tree.
  14. hanesco


    Putting a hard cap of 1 CV per side will leave a LOT of matches with bots (which are not frequent at tier IV). The majority of new CV population is concentrated there, as they try to learn the mechanics while not getting an impact in their economy. Some are simply people that don't want to bother with AA (normally we potatoes find it hard to attack with planes at tier VIII). Other are sealclubbers, that want to play the best thing out there. Just limiting it to 2 per side is forcing the MM to sometimes asign bots to tier IV, limit it more and we will always be fighting bots at tier IV.
  15. hanesco


    It is normally not that obvious. But his lack of understanding of game mechanics makes me wonder how did he manage to get to 12k games without understanding. And the only explanation is the conclusion the majority here has arrived at