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  1. They did not include the banned ships in the last bundle (Nikolai and Gremyaschiy). So I suppose they will not include them now. I think they could sell the banned ships in this bundle only, as it is so restrictive in price that not many people will be capable of paying for it; and if they saw the overall sellings on the bundle they had to consider it for this year...
  2. Gonna necromance this post, having 120k+ dmg in tier 5 is seriously a challenge, and the team does not make a little more effort to make it a win...
  3. She has been a blast for me, averaging close to 75k dmg per game. Did 2 matches on the 150k+ dmg, one was a loss with kraken included. I hope to see some ranked in tier 5 someday.
  4. Vaya vaya, si usted no pertenece ya al clan? :V
  5. Everyone has to understand this is not a very solid ship. Solid in the sense of not having a regular performance. Kidd is the most especialized vessel I have seen in World of Warships right now. Her feast or famine battles are even worse than IJN vessels that only depended on torpedoes to do damage. She is not very good in the chaos of random an Coop battles. She shines when the team takes the opportunities created by her to stomp the reds. She negates any cap she gets into, because forcing the enemy to delete 30k (using the consumable optimally) without a citadel will take too much time to be productive.
  6. Obviously so. But she uptiers better than a Konig at least (anything in tier 5 uptiers better than New York, poor thing was powercreeped and need an urgent buff). My worst match was the first one, where her speed had me make a mistake of getting to less than 8 km of a New Mexico and a Oktyabrskaya. Was liquidated in less than a min from half health, nothing I could do. Damage wise I do good, the thing is that it is easier to do in her than in other ships i have tested.
  7. That's why her speed makes a difference. Believe me, I know she is not OP. She is a solid ship, but she dish out so much damage so easily she will be considered OP by many. Nikolai is OP because she is tier IV. Nothing more, nothing less. You put the same ship at tier V and she would be a good, but not OP ship. Same case with Gremyaschy, you put her at tier VI and she would be back on the store.
  8. The same can be said about Nikolai...look how that went out
  9. I don't think so. How much can a Wyoming, Myogi, Kaiser or Orion do against Cesare? And a well played ship will mean trouble for anyone, but it is easier to do in Cesare than any other BB at tier 4/5.
  10. That's why I said "when top tier". It is truly mean what you can do against Ishizuchis and Wyomings. Only Kamikaze would pose a threat to her, CVs cannot get close to her in a tier 4/5 match. There is no BB with that speed, agility and hitting power.
  11. And a prove that LWM was correct. This ship dash so much dmg that it can get a ban in a year or so. Too OP when top tier.
  12. Well, I figured that. But the change should be recent, as this one was from late July and still had the +30% XP. Didn't even see that change in the updates. Thank you for your good work, it's very impressive.
  13. @LittleWhiteMouse I think the camo benefits for premium ships were changed for tier 2-5 to be the same as tier 6-9. +50% XP, -3% detection and -4% accuracy to enemies.
  14. I think I do 200-250k regularly without premium. Cesare has been a refreshing experience in this meta. A BB that can be as stealthy as a cruiser is very dangerous, especially if you go on a Pensacola XD. Cesare and Okt. Rev. has almost the same detection range as tier 7 CAs, so now you have to be extra careful on those cruisers, or you will be punished hard enough to be sent to port in one go. Cesare has the advantage on speed and Okt. Rev. has the advantage on tankiness. I find both very difficult and challenging to fight in good hands, but Okt. Rev. is more noob-friendly.
  15. That just shows how powerful both Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya and Giulio Cesare are (Cesare despite being from 1915 was helped by her enormous modernization, and she feels a little too powerful for tier V, even as she is now). She is very tanky, can put the hurt on ships above her weight and has a decent fire chance, so switching ammo is paramount to good numbers on her, but she is not very user friendly, as a minimal mistake in angling will send you back to port.