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  1. The reason is because they have offered 5 diferent Myokos since January 2016. They offered the Arpeggio ships (4 Myoko-class ships using the same Myoko model) 2 times in 2016, with the last one being in December. They offered 4 Kongo-class battleships and Takao (which is an Atago clone) too. In february or march they offered Southern Dragon for free, but it was a relatively long grind so I didn't got her (and I already had 4 Myokos).
  2. Yeah, I have that too. Would like for it to have some sort of benefit, but they were free ships. Not like I use them a lot right now.
  3. I think they do. My Takao has a concealment of 9.7 km, which is the same as Atago.
  4. It is a great deal for someone that do not have that many IJN ships around. Myoko is a great ship, fully capable of making the life of any type of ship miserable. Great fire starter, a lot of guns n' torps, very usable AP with good muzzle velocity and arcs, and has average armor. The AA is not Cleveland-good but is usable. The reason some people says is garbage is because of her atrocious turret traverse (but she would be a tier 8 otherwise)
  5. Aigle

    Precisely. They knew it will be a great deal to give her for free. Is the first Tribal-class, a ship the British-lovers were waiting for since Closed Beta. Those 3x2 are a great deal, even if she has only one torp launcher.
  6. Aigle

    I was thinking, if they wanted to give away a free Premium, it would have been Cossack. She has an identity crisis right now. She is definitely no torpboat, but her qualities as a gunboat are meh at best, the horrid arc of her Y turret ensures that. The buff she needs is in the gun arcs and a little more torp range, then she will be good to go. Her torps hit sufficiently hard and has a decent speed, the number of them is lacking but some can make her work, even more now that she is being designed as a scout a la Kidd.
  7. Aigle

    Normally they don't give a Premium of an upcoming line for free. The Aigle is probably like the Graf Spee, an odd Premium that they don't know how it will be the reactions to her playstyle. Graf Spee ended up being competitive, and I think this one will, too. Even Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya ended up being a competitive Premium, and that is a good thing. No one would want a Krasny Krym anyways.
  8. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Bought her today. After 3 matches, I can say her guns are comparable to Bismarck. Same trollish dispersion, which means getting some ridiculous overpens because you missed the thickest armor on the cruiser. Sometimes I aim under the waterline, to get the water to slow the shells down, but it is more RNG than her dispersion XD. Slammed 3 cits on 2 Montanas at 18 km tho. Even slammed a citadel on a Tirpitz at 8 km. Those guns are very powerful and should not be underestimated. Overmatching the german turtleback through raw power is not something you do often, even less with a 380 mm gun.
  9. Premium Ship Review: Aigle

    Not mentioned. The highest tier restriction slammed on a mission was tier 8 and up (to get the alternate Dunkerque camo). But when they gives ships, the limit is tier V+ usually. It being restricted to DDs might be a challenge to some (I know a lot of players that do not play DDs), but they will not be interested in a DD if they don't play the class XD.
  10. I want Aigle, where is it

    It has been menioned in the 0.7.1 update that the Aigle will be available through a set of missions. And in the Viva la France news, there is a "Marathon" part not added yet, so I suppose it is true. If so, that will be one hell of a month, with almost 10 missions and up to 15 going at the same time.
  11. But I thougth Aigle was ready? If they plan to sell T-61 before Aigle I can bit on that and buy both. How I wish there was a shopping cart option
  12. Premium Ship Review: Aigle

    It can be put in both, even in cruisers. The bonus to adrenaline rush makes it atractive for BBs main guns and DDs torpedoes. The bonus to expert marksman too, is made for both BBs and DDs.
  13. Premium Ship Review: Aigle

    More like the new captain was designed to command this ship. Will await till payday to see if I can put my hands in these little, cute incoming lolibotes (despite this one being an overgrown lolibote, I want her)
  14. Mouse, I think you have a mistake in the DD post since last year. Aigle is listed in your summary as a tier 7 DD. Everywhere else I see her listed as a tier 6 DD. Hope you can clarify that one.
  15. This word is what defines this ship. Everything is comfortable to use, everything is comfortable to do, even DD hunting. The thing she absolutely can't do is wreck the aerial threats when she is in tier 6-7 matches with top tier CVs. She is capable of almost everything, like a very big cruiser, so that should explain her performance.