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  1. I got Aurora too. Her camo is good, makes me remember the good, old days. I only lack Nikolai I from the Trinity that have the same camo.
  2. She is agreeing with you. It is doubtful that WG will change their corporate culture until someone is sacked, so I would not hold my breath for a change. Instead I think they are more likely to reform or end the Community Contributor programm (not that I have access to the entire thing to know what happened).
  3. The article for next patch gets published on monday. You will know tomorrow (today) if there's a new steel ship coming. If you want to use your coupon, I recommend you Bourgogne, Stalingrad or FDR. Depending of what you play the most of course.
  4. hanesco

    Premium Ship Review - Hyuga

    Oh, I know that. That is something that cannot be done for previous reviews as it is too unreasonable, probably only for new ones. Even then, it should be done to keep track of everything as now we know the "subject to changes" policy is in full force.
  5. hanesco

    Premium Ship Review - Hyuga

    I suppose now it is necessary a Notes section to highlight the changes done to premium ships. I didn't feel she required the nerf tho.
  6. That's not a Supercontainer. You probably didn't logged in for one day, just as me. I get my Supercontainer tomorrow.
  7. hanesco

    Premium Ship Review - Agincourt

    I purchased 20 crates. Got everything but Agincourt, which is a shame but I accept it (Got Konig Albert, an historical sealclubbing ship not available in any reasonable way out of events and this lootbox, and the camos for both KA and Agin). Now I will test my chances 2 more times (the free crates of the event) then purchase her when available if I don't get her there.
  8. Flint is one of those cases that was indirectly nerfed while she didn't needed it. The ship was powerful in her previous iteration , but that required great gameplay. Her current limitations nerfed her so bad she is unplayable. She can be played when top tier (Tier 5-7) but she can't do anything against Tier 8-9.
  9. hanesco

    Best T9 cruiser

    I like Donskoi, but the majority of people hate her. On the contrary, a lot of people love Saint-Louis and I despise her. Tier IX is not a great tier for cruisers. Specially with all the premiums being Supercruisers, it shows that cruisers at the tier have some sort of problem. Objectively, the best tier IX cruiser should be Brindisi, thanks to smoke and relative tankiness.
  10. hanesco

    New World of Warships Trailer

    I did not refer to the money laundering accusation because this is not what is discussed here. But of course it is a serious charge.
  11. hanesco

    New World of Warships Trailer

    I think there is a Cinematic department, in charge of all Video Production. But the CG in this one is definitely impressive. Hats off to whoever participated in this.
  12. hanesco

    New World of Warships Trailer

    Not defending WG, but the Cinematic department is not in charge of creating operations. Even if they stop doing videos or collaborations, Operations will remain in the same spot unless the department in charge decides so.
  13. hanesco

    Premium Ship Review - ZF-6

    I have found some you know? Guys that run a stock Kagero named "Harekaze" But this is it. Even with the change to Akizuki guns and the current Skills, she still needs a high amount of points (14 for a bare-bones build) to be effective as a gunboat. The 127mm are still the better trainer, but with the new option of each captain wielding 4 different builds, this is a non-issue. It should not be bad. Her gunnery, stealth and MBRB are powerful weapons, so the rest of the ship is weak to compensate. Even then, ZF-6 looks to be a great choice for things like Ranked battles.
  14. hanesco

    Premium Ship Review - ZF-6

    Thank you for your work Mouse.
  15. hanesco

    T-61 or Z-39 in 2021

    The option normally is Engine Mod. DamageCon2 doesn't give enough of a benefit to win against Engine mod, which helps you in case some torps come to ruin your farming. Enjoy your ship, she is a good, powerful one.