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  1. No ratios, as all bundles other that the ones containing ships can be rolled indefinitely. So the chances are the same as the ships, 1/infinite
  2. I recommend you to purchase the ship if you feel it would not be available later. I think it would be back up in a week, but I can't confirm that information. Neither Benham nor Hill have been put in the store, and those are not ships I consider OP (Benham is close to the limit, however). But all other ships that have been launched would be back in the store 1-2 weeks later.
  3. When they have sold ships before, they pull the ship out of the store for 1-2 weeks. Normally they are back, but we don't truly know when it will be back, as there are no annoucements to confirm it.
  4. hanesco

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Well, here's my entry: hanesco, NA server of course. My favourite premium ships is definitely Friesland. A different playstyle, great firepower and gets punished easily by mistakes. And of course she looks pretty. Hopes to see a far-removed cousin of that ship (the colombian 20 de Julio, an Holland-class ship with 3 120mm twin turrets, with the same reload as Friesland). I would like to give an honorary mention to Thunderer and Georgia. Both of those have huge-as-hell guns with favorable dispersion patterns, so they are very effective cruiser-deleters (perfect to try and counter ships like Smolensk).
  5. hanesco


    Somewhat late, but Mouse, Leone as far as I remember was a tier 6 DD. For the guy asking where is WV44 (on mobile so I can't quote him), she is tentatively in the 3D model construction phase, as they announce. After that and defining her stats and purpose, the ship is announced in FB's Development Blog. So she is still far from finished
  6. hanesco

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Thank you for your work sir. Would have liked to get the flag, but had to reduce my playing time the last six months. Got to see you some time ago in your Missouri, that match was not pleasant
  7. Damn 😅 At least it was not a pack of flags or camos, as you can't refund those (as far as I know). Not a good decision if you are not playing, but at least you will not lack premium time in case you want to come back.
  8. Some don't print freeXP as fast as others. For some, getting freeXP is the hardest thing ever. I chose Coal despite my reserves looking grim right now, as I stopped playing Warships consistently for 6 months. I lack Smolensk, Thunderer and Georgia. If Hayate gets there, I would buy it before Georgia.
  9. The boosters give a net amount of ship points. Yo have to take them into account along with the bonus to the ship points per minute. The event looks atrociously grindy. Despite that, I think it will be easier to get Puerto Rico than Benham. It is known (to the veterans) that the Santa crates rewards those that already have a lot of premium ships. This is incredibly simple, as it is possible (no one knows the odds) that lower tier ships has bigger chances to get out than higher tier ships (which are more valuable). Regrettably, all the ships you got are meh, and for the same reason, why I bought Yahagi and Viribus Unitis when I had the chance xD. Ships are fine, but I don't recommend them either. As an example, the ships I lack in tier V are Hill, Marblehead, Krasny Krim and Fujin. None of them are attractive (I already have Kamikaze and Marblehead Lima; Hill and Krasny Krim are definitely not worth it). And I am pretty sure that, if I buy 20 crates and get at least 2 ships, those will be Krasny Krym and Marblehead. Reason I don't bother with Santa crates. If I get a Missouri, fine, but will not throw a fit of anger if I get Krasny Krym.
  10. The random roll ocurrs when you get the container, not when you open it. Once you get it, it is useless to keep it around, trying to get better rewards. Despite that, some people prefer to accumulate crates to get bigger rewsrds at once, and I understand that
  11. hanesco

    PT, Balance Changes

    That last point has an explanation. The spotting range by air is the result of a equation related to the spotting range at sea. And that's the reason it is affected by the CE skill. And the reason they don't know the actual value until they introduce the ships in the server, compare it to the AA maximum range, then it gets balanced accordingly.
  12. hanesco

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Remember they are not compatible with the line. If I remember correctly, WG will be buffing the autobounce angles for the SAP shells. I don't know if that will solve their unreliability or not, but should buff the damage output.
  13. Sorry for no writing here these last days, did not have time to surf the forum. I could solve it at last. Had to do as @awiggin said. There was one of the options disabled, despite normally ensuring I had all pf those enabled before. And sorry for being paranoid, but thanks guys!
  14. The item is not missing. I have it in my Inventory. It is simply not appearing with the other camos when I'm in the 'Camouflage' label.
  15. Filters are all enabled. Even then the camos are not appearing. And the Siroco camo is not a special camo, just a second permanent camouflage. Is almost identical with the ones offered during the French DD event for the tier 5-9 ships in the tech tree.