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  1. hanesco

    Apply a Coupon to Obtain a Ship!

    That would be a great offer...but not for whales. Many of them already have all the Kamikaze sisters. Ning Hai is more attractive to whales as it is a new ship.
  2. hanesco

    Apply a Coupon to Obtain a Ship!

    I would be hard-pressed to say I would have gotten the 5k doubloons deal...but it is more affordable than purchasing 12.5k doubloons right now. I will wait for the ship to go on sale or just for it to get in the pool for the T2-4 Premium Ship Container.
  3. hanesco

    Apply a Coupon to Obtain a Ship!

    That's why I explained this is a good offer for someone that wants to get that amount of doubloons. If you want to get only the ship, then it is a really bad deal, and just wait for the ship to be offered in any other way. I would have gotten the offer if I had not purchased the doubloons just last week. That 30% off coupon was a really good offer. But otherwise I concurr with you. Ning Hai is not worth purchasing 12500 doubloons just to get her. Especially for Collectors that have almost every ship already.
  4. hanesco

    Apply a Coupon to Obtain a Ship!

    I don't think the price is 12.5k doubloons. If you need that amount of doubloons (probably for the current Dockyard, or any other thing) then you can purchase the doubloons (which you wanted to purchase since the beginning) and also get a T3 ship. I don't think that by itself is a bad deal. If you want to make the case that the ship is not currently on sale, then maybe you are right, but that is not the ship's price tag. You get Ning Hai + 12.5k doubloons that you can use to purchase another ship or whatever you want. PD. I don't think it is right if they keep Ning Hai as an offer-only ship´, and I undertand the complain if this will be the only way to obtain the ship. I am still waiting for them to release Tokachi (the T7 127mm gunned Furutaka, it was only offered as the reward for the 1st Battle Pass) or Velos (which should be released by next patch, only for doubloons tho). I just think people are exaggerating their complains. PD2. I am not defending WG in this case, just to be clear. I just find the deal unappealing because I got 17k doubloons with a 30% off price tag last week, I don't need more doubloons. But if someone needs the doubloons, this is a good offer.
  5. hanesco

    Apply a Coupon to Obtain a Ship!

    I agree. The appeal is that if you need the doubloons, you get a free T3 ship along with your purchase, which is not bad to be honest. Of course Ning Hai is not worth that much money, but premium ships T4 and lower are not worth the money anyways. It is just a gift for purchasing the doubloons. I reclaimed the coupon, but I'm not starved for doubloons so I can pass on the offer for now. At least you have until Feb 15 to redeem it.
  6. hanesco

    Whose reviews do you trust with LWM gone?

    Well, you have heard it. No one goes as deep on technicalities and minute details as Mouse does. MK is a good reviewer, but a YouTube video can only do so much until you define it is too long to publish. I did try (long ago) to write some reviews in spanish to help the community, but it is a really time-consuming endeavour and real-life projects took all the time I had before I finished a decent review. If you want to get info on a ship that has not been reviewed by Mouse, you can get to the wiki. It is not a full review, but you can get more details than the average reviewer from there.
  7. hanesco

    State Yer Name

    Meh, mine is pretty boring. Just the combination of the initials of my names. My first name is rare enough to not be identifiable just at a glance, the same with my last name.
  8. Well, I did get many ships, but the highlights are definitely Hayate, Malta and Smaland. Got all three back to back, so it felt really good. At the moment I am only missing Kaga, Aquila, Anhalt, Tiger '59 and San Diego out of all the ships offered in the Santa Crates. And I still can get the 25 certificates from the Battle Pass plus the 3 from the above ships.
  9. hanesco

    Duca D'Aosta needs a small gun buff...

    Duca was never a top performer. Granted, she has been powercrept into oblivion, but at least she is playable at her tier. Her "upgrade" in T7, Abruzzi, is just as powerful as her (really) and sees Tier IXs. On those matches Abruzzi don't last. I believe her sea mines are 12 km, I could be wrong tho.
  10. Holy, being in the minority population sure is fresh. I'm getting close to my 30th birthday, Working from home, 42h a week. Being here since 10 days after game went live. Not as many games as I have semi-retired many times through the lifespan of the game. I post on the forums occasionally, as I enjoy more reading good posts. But I have been lurking here longer than my post count would suggest.
  11. hanesco

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    Looking forward to more operations, especially the announced tier IX-X participation. More Operations for subs, even if they are somewhat similar to Wolfpack (subs only) so they can have their own queue in Operation rotation. Continue diversifying the methods to obtain Steel and other resources, as not every player is interested in Competitve modes. Looking forward to what you guys will bring to the game this year, keep going!
  12. This. While I have not been able to get the full potential out of any, by seeing others play and my own experience I can say they are all powerful ships. As always, you just need to know how to use them. The weakest of them in playstyle is definitely Sherman, but I would never say she is a weak ship.
  13. hanesco

    Premium Subs In Naval Battles?

    While WG's attitude on some issues wa disheartening (in my opinion), the addition of the 2x bonus for IJN and Russian Subs could very well be a programming error. Them appearing as 2x for everyone screams too at programming error. But the answer provided doesn't offer certainty, and this makes it suspicious to be an intentional error. Hopefully @Ahskance will receive an answer that satisfies most people.
  14. hanesco


    Some camos are more expensive than others because of their design. They are associated with past events, some of them looked great, and many other reasons. You don't need to use camos to get economic benefits now, so you can just run your ship without paint and that's it. For some reason, I am hesitant to stop using camos even now, despite them being effectively useless combat-wise. Probably has to do with my 6-year almost continuous presence in this game and the still ingrained preception that "Ships without camo don't look good", which is totally subjective. The other option is to sell them all, but I don't reall have use for almost 100M credits that I have in camos. I have almost 200M credits and I'm not grinding any line as of now.
  15. hanesco

    Can someone please explain to me (re: Huron)

    Yeah, in this case, while I think it is not necessary for WG to keep changing damage, ballistics and fire chance for ships using the same guns, this is just not a really big deal. I remember Mouse complaining about the inconsistency of the Russian 180mm guns some years ago (in her Bagration review). At the time it made things more difficult, but now I think everyone is capable of seeing/sensing the difference in gun performance between Donskoi, Bagration, Tallinn and Kirov. I think the same will happen with Cossack, Jervis, Haida and Huron. It is just a statistical curiosity in my opinion, nothing to criticize WG over.