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  1. beijing1989

    Mac Freezing and Crashing

    I tried the game on a 2017 MBP with a radeon 555. At first the game crashes every time I load into a match and then the system crashes every time it reboots. I had to remove the game. I guess it's related to the driver of the GPU of some sort of heat control issue.
  2. I am running the game on macOS Mojave beta 3 with a MBP 2017 15". Obviously the game somehow modified the system settings and caused my computer to freeze every 5 minutes....... Very annoying, deleted the game hours later. Bootcamp is a mess but at least it works.......... Also, Apple is saying the WOWS won't be working anymore sometime in the future due to the end of support for 32bit softwares?
  3. beijing1989

    keeps crashing on mac

    Same here, using a MBP 2017 with radeon 555, the game not only freezes itself but crashes my computer. Had several reboots before deleting the game.......... I guess boot camps works, not very convenient but at least it works......