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  1. 6Xero9

    This anti-CV stuff is getting old

    If CVs are always mirrored, how would their overall winrate be above 50% if all matches are counted? I'm curious about this part, if you could explain to me a reasonable way?
  2. 6Xero9

    Shame on you WG!

    Most of America doesn't even celebrate memorial day beyond "NEED MUH BORGERS!!"
  3. 6Xero9

    Hangout by the Sea

    *Starts a random fire*
  4. 6Xero9

    The Pirate Boats make it not fair!

    The event is cool in theory, dumb in practice. Can go numerous matches with no pirates or they're only on your team. Then comes the part where one IS on the enemy team, you go and chunk them for all but 1hp, then the random light cruiser that fires after gets the reward because they sank them. It's a case where the team the pirate ISN'T on is encouraged to play for their own sake instead of as a team.
  5. 6Xero9

    Hangout by the Sea

    I used a heavy gauss rifle, 2x ER PPCs and 2 ER Lasers on my Marauder II in MWO, also XL Engine since I was dead without my side torsos anyway
  6. 6Xero9

    North Carolina: Inbound Nerf?

    Clearly N.Cal is getting nerfed so they can add in Washington.
  7. 6Xero9

    Hangout by the Sea

    *The box is no longer around, in it's place is a Marauder with the flag mounted ontop*
  8. Just carpet bomb the entire area. Also, torps take more than 20 seconds to land in most situations.
  9. 6Xero9

    So, this Germanic Beast Event...

    You don't have to finish a mission in it's entirety to progress. Nor are the missions hard or unreasonable. If its hard for you to get damage with your main guns, that's not an issue with the mission...
  10. It's going to be effective against ships that aren't at full speed.
  11. Currently people complain about ships not pushing, soon there will be a ship that can airstrike with no warning. Then, people will complain about ships not pushing and just perpetually kiting.
  12. 6Xero9

    So, this Germanic Beast Event...

    The event is fine, it's literally just there and is something that players can get rewards for by just playing the game without having to do something specific such as getting 400 ribbons in a single match or w/e.
  13. How are you going to keep a good angle and good cover while having to go full throttle to avoid airstrikes? Going dark? How are you managing that with the DD or dutch battlecruiser that's just staring at you while you can't see them? Do keep in mind you can run into teams that have 5 of these dutch cruisers while you have none. So, push = death, trying to stay in a defensible position = death. FUN FUN FUN. All that's left is to eternally kite away. SO FUN. Might as well get rid of the CV cap while they're at it, let me get a team of 4 FDRs while the enemy team gets no CVs. That will surely help get rid of static gameplay.
  14. Man, you really don't get it do you? To keep a speed that is high enough to avoid the airstrike, you need to be at full throttle as a BB. If you're at anything less, you gonna eat bombs. But then again, you're thinking BBs need to be dodging incoming shells as opposed to keeping a good angle with good cover to limit the targets that fire at you.