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  1. How are you able to maintain a solid connection if uploading a 1mb file is too much?
  2. You were in a position that allowed the CV to focus you to death. Guess what, if a BB had you in their sights you'd be just as dead. Heck, even a Konigsberg could delete you if it wanted.
  3. If CVs are so OP, why the 21k average damage?
  4. 48k dmg game in a Hermes? Not bad. I think I had a 97k game in a Kuma before though. And iirc, Emeralds are the reason my Konigsberg has a Kraken.
  5. Oh man, I wanna be a tiny Kaga skating around...
  6. 6Xero9

    The Devil's Advocate: Shall we do a test?

    It's not, it's literally pointing out how WEAK of an argument "Oh but it is capped so it must be unbalanced!" is. If you want to say a cap means something is unbalanced in general, do stick with it and apply it to everything that has a cap, which would be including BBs and DDs as well...
  7. 6Xero9

    The Devil's Advocate: Shall we do a test?

    BBs and DDs have caps too though?
  8. WR is an indication of skill? How? Do tell how a stat that gets affected by one's TEAM is an indicator of one's INDIVIDUAL skill.
  9. 6Xero9

    The Devil's Advocate: Shall we do a test?

    Certain ones maybe. I have my doubts for GZ though...
  10. 6Xero9

    The Devil's Advocate: Shall we do a test?

    You're constantly bringing up the limit as a means to try and say they're unbalanced. Care to show me some 12v12 DD games, or 12v12 BB games? If you wanna say a hard cap means a class is unbalanced, do stick that argument to ALL classes and not just the class YOU dislike. It upsets me because you've not provided any evidence for why you think CVs are unbalanced besides "THERE'S A HARDCAP!" If you wanna get actual facts, then maybe you can actually have an discussion.
  11. 6Xero9

    The Devil's Advocate: Shall we do a test?

    "Anybody who thinks CVs are balanced and not bad for the game I'd ask you all to put your money where your mouth is: Beg WG to put this on the live servers for a few weeks, and we'll see what the population and forums look like after. " You don't want a debate, you want to prove your belief of CVs being OP right. You're not being a devil's advocate so much as you're just dangling it in your topic to try to sell your snake oil.
  12. 6Xero9

    The Devil's Advocate: Shall we do a test?

    I also said that because you like your all or nothing approaches. I'm curious, do you find tanks and healers in an MMO like FFXIV to be unbalanced because they have hardcaps in raids? But, yeah, you love to word your questions that if people don't go for your option, you see it as an admission of your belief. If you really wanted a fair argument, you'd also look up what Devil's Advocate really meant...
  13. 6Xero9

    The Devil's Advocate: Shall we do a test?

    Hey Calibur, how about you share the post then yeah? If you wanna drag up my name, do share the posts yeah? Your question was posed as such that gave it all or nothing with no room for you believing the CVs were balanced with a cap in mind. Even when I brought up the cap of DDs and BBs. I mean, if I were to use your logic, you'd be fine in a BB against a team of DDs yeah?
  14. 6Xero9

    Make ranked 1 vs 1

    Tier 10 1v1, Shikishima vs whatever, who wins?