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  1. WoWS can be bad, but WT is truly the opposite of comeback mechanics. For awhile if someone got killed in ground RB in their first vehicle spawn, it locked them out of doing much more in the match (maybe they could use an AA vehicle or something and hope they got an air kill) due to the high spawnpoint costs. So their entire vehicle lineup was removed from their team. And the guy who killed them got rewarded with spawn points for it, which meant he could potentially spawn a plane or something and kill even more people in their first vehicles. So things can be worse than what we have. And falling back to better positions. A lot of winning teams get a rush of crap to the brain and will gleefully funnel into crossfires at close range and get deleted instead of waiting people out with control of the map and majority of objectives. But if losing team splits up or takes bad positions they're generally done.
  2. MnemonScarlet

    ST: 12th Ranked Season!

    I'm not gonna say anything about CVs, enough people are. But the rentals, uh... Don't do it WG.
  3. That's how I turned my Roma's WR from excellent (upper 70s-lower 80s %) to merely good.
  4. If I think there's gonna be a queue dump, I try to back out of the MM before I got stuck in it. Those are almost never pleasant.
  5. MnemonScarlet

    Game control over win loss percentage

    When the meta changes it's pretty common for even great players to lose some WR%. The strategies people were using to play stop working as well/at all. If the meta shakes up hard enough, you can't even make new ones till it stablizes.
  6. MnemonScarlet

    Ships you play the most.

    I need to fix the WR and damage on the top three, especially Nagato, who is the reason I began playing this game. Over time I expect my supercruisers - especially Kron - to eclipse Scharn/Kongo/Amagi in games played. Always nice to see someone else who likes the Roma.
  7. MnemonScarlet

    Anyone else disapointed with the Zep

    Are you talking about the Montana?
  8. MnemonScarlet

    Roma in a nutshell

    Not gonna lie, I hoped the Deep Water Radar (or whatever you wanna call it) would've stuck so the RM BBs could just be generally good without a silly gimmick. Now they're direct competitors. And yes, the guns can be trolly.
  9. MnemonScarlet

    ST: Changes to Le Terrible and Test Ships

    Georgia's buff looks kinda interesting. The VMF BB reload speed nerf though...that puts the affected ships as a pass for me. I don't have any desire to play/grind low tiers on a 36s reload. It's one of the reasons I feel zero desire to ever own a Imp Nik. It's also kept me from even considering Arizona, with her one second less reload.
  10. MnemonScarlet

    What has happened to tiers 8-10?

    That's not Matchmaking Monitor, it's an older tool that has been floating around since 2015 (and I've used it since then). It gives you account overalls if you want to see them, the downside is it has a somewhat complicated installation process which involves registering its application ID with WG.
  11. MnemonScarlet

    What has happened to tiers 8-10?

    Anything can happen in a match. Take this match (I was the Nagato): You'd think we'd win, right? Nope, we lost. And no, that Cossack was not instrumental in their win, he died in the first third of the match IIRC. Sometimes teams just don't come together correctly, or too many people make mistakes that you wouldn't expect. Or there's just luck involved. Per individual match, that is perfectly reasonable to happen. Well, the hope would be that a gentle push to get better, with accompanying better tutorials/etc, would give people more positive feelings about doing it - improvement can often be a nice feeling. If the system was too punative people would just outright quit, yes.
  12. MnemonScarlet

    Azuma is so mediocre; it's great.

    The difference is Kron and Alaska can move in once the BBs thin out and they see a favorable opportunity later in the match. Azuma has to live in terror of being overmatched through her 25mm plating and getting cit due to her meh citadel armor for most of the battle.
  13. MnemonScarlet

    What has happened to tiers 8-10?

    One of the biggest reasons I play low tiers even to the degree I do, is to kill those kinds of guys. 50% is the highest WG should've gone if they were going to do that, and only as a bar of entry into T10. But that ship sailed a long time ago. What we see now is just how the game is gonna be.
  14. MnemonScarlet

    Premium Ship Review #122 - Azuma

    Azuma is gonna get the Roma effect.
  15. MnemonScarlet

    Forgive me WoWS community, for i have sinned.

    It's not trolling, it's education.