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  1. MnemonScarlet

    3 small QoL changes to improve ASW interactions

    Yeah, this feels extremely dirty when I use it. It blows my mind that you just get to see surface ships for free and they don't even know. The only way they'd know you were around would be if you were spotted in the area prior...so a stealthy approach means they have literally no clue. Nothing else in the vision system works like this, and it's nasty.
  2. MnemonScarlet

    I have to agree with Zoup.

    I adapted alright to both of the newer classes, it took about 10 games or less for each. In most cases it's not hard to find out how you should play when x new thing appears in order to deal with it. But just because you adapt does not mean you have fun after adapting. This is an important distinction a lot of people don't seem to acknowledge. And the issue is bigger than the meta, the meta is just one part of the gameplay environment, it is the reaction of players to that environment and what typical behavior they take and expect. The greater gameplay environment is bigger than that, it encompasses the meta, the state of balance, game modes, map design, state of the overall playerbase, etc. Most of it has gotten less fun to deal with, not more. Despite this, the basic gameplay loop is still quite fun, and not something you can find in many other games. But that only goes so far. So, while I have plenty more lines with varying gameplay flavors I might wanna play, and could probably handle up to twice the amount of games I have now without burning out of the game per se, the amount of fun I actually have dealing with the overall environment is way down. In essence it is not merely the latest changes such as subs, but a long string of bad decisions that have continually weighed down the game experience more and more, going back to even before the CV rework. They certainly fixed a few issues, but they made more and kept some issues around. I mean it's Zoup, usually when he is right it's cause stopped clock, not because he made some uniquely insightful observation.
  3. MnemonScarlet

    Ban all pay to plays from events

    Skill floor is a thing my guy. Gneisenau is the stronger of the sisters if you're good at BB, but Scharnhorst is more forgiving if you're less good at BB. I used to know someone who got Georgia (one of the strongest T9 BBs and a premium) and couldn't play worth a damn with the ship, he had 43% WR in it. But they ground through Izumo (a tech tree T9 BB) and did decently well (56% WR), because Izumo is easier to play. So no, there is no merit in this idea of 'ban all premiums because they're an insurmountable advantage'.
  4. MnemonScarlet

    Ban all pay to plays from events

    Some premium ships do have an advantage, but there are also overtuned tech tree ships as well. The only difference is the latter can be nerfed more easily. But if you are losing consistently to people, it is not because of ship choice, it is because they are simply better players than you. There's only one solution for that, and it doesn't involve banning ships.
  5. MnemonScarlet

    I have to agree with Zoup.

    It's not burnout with me, there's still things I'd like to do if the game wasn't less and less of a fun experience every month. The base gameplay loop is still fun for me...just the environment is more and more garbage as time goes on.
  6. It's horrible because the playerbase is horrible. Even if the MM tried to account for skill, the pool of plain bad players is simply too large.
  7. MnemonScarlet

    [Solved] Bug(?): Torpedo target cone missing

    Did it work out? Or do we have to keep using a driver from May in order to play WoWs? I'm going to update for a couple games coming out soon, so if it's not fixed guess even less WoWs for me.
  8. MnemonScarlet

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    Yes exactly, the game is badly balanced at a fundamental level.
  9. MnemonScarlet

    When is HE spam finally getting nerfed?

    My god, have some shame. I would like to believe this thread wouldn't still get posted in almost-2023, but WoWs_playerbase.html. They actually did consider upgrades to the Colorados up to 25 knots.
  10. MnemonScarlet

    post losing team's lowest total basexp

    The short answer is: you can't. There's no real way to redistribute skill, you can only make the pool more stable by giving it more depth overall so most matches with the best players aren't just freefarm.com. SBMM would just ensure the situation I had on my third bullet point happens a lot more often. But to do that, WG has to make it easier for average players to want to stick to the game and slowly develop into good players. I can't see another solution. As much as people would like it if the asymmetric classes were removed, we know that isn't going to happen just cause the game structure requires them for content flow. The only thing WG can do there and still maintain their own interests is to make interactions less toxic. There are a lot of other things WG could do besides like make better maps/etc, but idk what their dev situation is right now. They seem to have a structure and direction they want to pursue atm and they are pursuing it, but it's one that is making the game less fun overall than it could be. Changing that direction is not a simple thing. I just know that there's no silver bullet quick solution to redistribute skill to stablize match environment, because if there was, WG would have done it by now. Even accounting for 'pain points are supposed to fuel more purchases so you become the one dishing the pain instead', it would be in their interest to do so if such existed. It's always good to reinforce your live-service product against cascade failure in the area of player engagement.
  11. MnemonScarlet

    Please Stop Changing My Port.

    Really hope so, I liked the new version even with the lighting change.
  12. MnemonScarlet

    post losing team's lowest total basexp

    That might help matches be more even from an end-of-match standpoint, but it wouldn't make the minute by minute match experience feel more fun to the people who aren't in those divs. This is for a few reasons. The playerbase has hollowed out a lot of average-to-good players to some extent and skill gap has increased due to this churn as well as content additions. As the game got more complicated, the bar for poor and average players to adapt in order to be 'competent' in the current environment has only risen. They have to play catchup with good and very good players who have stayed on. WG's attempts to make classes that neuter a lot of favored good player approaches to dominating matches has a fatal flaw: those measures apply to everyone. Very good players can most easily adapt to the conditions of increased CV spotting and whatever we want to say subs do (farming out anchor ships? whatever). WG aren't really spot-nerfing the unicums and bluenicums, and anyone who believes that is deluded. WG and Lesta before them are simply raising the bar across the entire playerbase to have match influence...and the increasingly out of depth still-participating general playerbase are who feel the worst effects of this. The following is an important point that should be noted strongly: Adapting to something does not mean you have fun, only that you adapt to it - and this line of thought should make sense when you consider that adaptation is frequently spoken of as a response to persevere in a hostile environment. Good players do this adapting the best, just many of them may no longer have as much fun as they did before. Bad and average players will have far more difficulty adapting, and still not have fun (unless they enjoy the new class gameplay loops more, which some do). But who is still on top? The unicums are. This will always be the case and absolutely nothing short of WG trying to sabotage specific accounts will change this. I don't feel like blowouts have gotten much more common lately, I'd actually agree with the data WG has shown us on that. But that's only regarding blowouts as an end of match 12-0/3/whatever phenomenon. What you do see a lot more nowadays, is matches being decided early. Some key ships are being sailed by morons who throw the ships away, and bam, all a flank's spotting is gone/the CV is sniped/etc. It's a lot more common to see this across an entire team nowadays, which basically puts matches into assured loss territory where no matter what reasonable casualties you inflict on the losing team once you go into farm mode, you're not pulling a win back. The match may last the full 20 minutes even, but it's an empty length of time because the odds can be so insurmountable you are just marking time till the end; basically wasting time you could be playing something where you have a hope of winning and having an otherwise fun experience. Conversely you also see more winning teams get a rush of s*** to the brain nowadays as well and feed spectacularly trying to win harder, those are the only times where you can turn those early-decided games around. But not if you died earlier. Usually the unicums and so on stay alive to the end, so they're the ones who can do that. But it's immaterial for a lot of the other players who got swept earlier in the match. Those people 'get a win', but it's a really bad win. Finally, the hard truth is a lot of good/very good player divisions simply don't want to fight each other, which I am sure you've witnessed. They'll avoid getting into direct fights, and farm the plain-bads who are free easy damage instead. Why wouldn't they do this? It deprives their counterparts from having any kind of support or HP sponges to take focus off of them later, and it helps keep their stats up. And sure, this helps end of match scores look less imbalanced at the end, but with such huge differences in player quality typically being bluenicums/unicums vs people who mess up constantly, and not much in between. So are you actually making the match feel better for those players and the couple ones who are truly average to good? I don't think so. The real solution is for WG to unf*** the game so more players stay and don't churn out (or even return), which raises the average skill level to people who aren't just giving broadside and sailing into torps constantly, because unicums farm those people the easiest. Basically, match environment needs to become more stable in terms of player quality. But with content monetization requirements being what they are, we know at least a substantial portion of that doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of happening.
  13. MnemonScarlet

    post losing team's lowest total basexp

    Also because the game is less and less fun to play by yourself. It happened to me, and it's not even mostly cause 'win more'. The better I got at the game, the less fun I had solo, win or loss. You begin to lose the ability to relate to your teammates and all the ?????? stuff they do. It's kind of sad because conceptually I still like the idea of soloing...but it has started to feel like an immense chore in the last few years, not worth the time anymore. Basically, the game only feels like a team experience when I'm with a div of people around my skill level.
  14. MnemonScarlet

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    He's still right. There aren't subs like he was thinking of in the game...because they'd be awful. I.e, no homing torp mechanic being part of the balancing budget for the subs, would make them awful to deal with, as some people have noted in the past. He was probably thinking of pure dumb-fire subs with amazing submerge times and thus invisible almost all the time, with surfacing only being used for map traversal mobility rather than oxy gauge recharging. That would be toxic af, you'd just get shotgunned or eat a spread of torps from some ??? direction with no warning even more often. And that would definitely not fit with the gameplay of everything else, that's why WG and Lesta before them are bending over backwards with the dumb homing and ping mechanic to avoid it.
  15. MnemonScarlet

    A Submarine a Day keeps MM at bay

    I.e more passive, since most players will just default to 'more passive' rather than take special measures. Especially true for most torpedo DDs against people who have even a cursory awareness of torps, and shorter ranged cruisers and some shorter ranged BBs. As an aside, my first sub game in awhile, the teams basically setup that way, and then mine fed hard while theirs kited away. So no damage. The silver lining was I finally cornered their sub at the end. He didn't want to fight me. So I chased him down and he died tired; it was entertaining forcing him into an engagement. The irony is if he'd stood his ground and fought, he would've actually had a chance (sweaty cruiser and DD took a lot of my HP earlier), but instead he fed almost his entire HP to me. I think the average sub player isn't very far off from the average Shima player who never uses his guns, just wants to passively torp and run. We all have seen those guys.