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  1. MnemonScarlet

    New Rocket Mechanics What's The Problem ?

    My point is that those WRs will go down over time, because 20-40 isn't a big sample size. My Roma at that many games is a good example, look at it now (just go look on WoWS Numbers). It's no longer super-unicum WR, and the damage has averaged out as well. Stats can be used as gatekeeping, but they also show something. That's what I was referring to. 'I feel like this' isn't a valid argument when most people who say it can barely display even average understanding of the underlying game. That is why a lot of people (including me) call poor players out and point out they don't know much about the rest of the game surrounding their golden class when they complain. Nah, I won't. You're a newer player (relatively), and one thing that IS legitimately hard is adjusting to being the ship the buck stops at with no higher tiers to save you. Most people get ruined on their first T10s. I personally played GK as a hybrid-secondary, but since the rework I don't even bother. It does have the good armor and relatively fast shells at least, still. As for Thunderer, I mostly got it to see what the hype was, and it needs another nerf. It's the ship I play when I have some drinks and don't care what happens, but you win anyway cause Thunderer is stupid. Although I mostly use AP in Thunderer whenever I can, just HE is boring AF. I played IJN DDs as skirmishers. Starting around T8, that became way less effective, and my torp sense for high tier play is bad for now. But it certainly works with Akatsuki. The most important thing is it gets 3 launchers, which is easymode for DD torps.
  2. MnemonScarlet

    O-Class Battlecruiser? (Battlecruiser Tech Tree)

    It's not in a battleship slot. Battlecruiser O-class would be 'equivalent to a battleship' for MM. Except it can't stand up to the real BBs in a fight. I have an Agir, and that O-class hull gets absolutely destroyed by most BBs when you try to manfight them with it. The couple minor things WG messed up from the original plans and the 32mm bow wouldn't save it.
  3. That's no longer a thing. Prefer it that way too, cause running into sweaty divs was just annoying in small-comp. Especially once WG removed the sprint-league split of players, so people somehow stuck at 7 or so could all be on your team when you fought a bunch of people more in your bracket (the 1-5 one).
  4. MnemonScarlet

    They cheapened my Missouri...

    No one can take the memories of originally grinding it out and getting it if that's what you mean. As for proof of how you got it, just do this?: That's date of acquisition, for mine off of WoWS Numbers.
  5. MnemonScarlet

    O-Class Battlecruiser? (Battlecruiser Tech Tree)

    Have mercy on that design, it doesn't belong in equivalency to something like Yamato or GK or whatever. It's fine as it is at T9 in the form of Agir and Siegfried.
  6. MnemonScarlet

    New Rocket Mechanics What's The Problem ?

    Your solo WR on BBs is good mostly at lower tiers or in smaller battle samples for the newer BB lines, so there you go. The year Roma came out, I was 81% WR for the first 26 battles in her, p.much all solo, for example. As far as DDs, if you really want to say DDs are easier, play lines that're more representative of actual DD play, like the IJN torp boats or some other fat gunboat line that doesn't get the pen/angle combo the new DKM DDs have (for damage). You'll probably run into the same wall most of your other high tier ships do, once you get to T8/9. A good test of that outside of high tiers would be go try Akatsuki, she is pretty powerful and forgiving for a torpedo DD. What you see on my account is the entirety of my grind on her, all solo (1 more battle after was in a div with some friends). You should be able to do similar if DDs are as easy as you say, with their paradigm. Avoiding fights that aren't drastically in your favor isn't the entirety of DD play and impact. Nice try, but players better than both of us say otherwise. I know who I'll listen to, because the evidence is overwhelmingly in their favor.
  7. IKR, Borodino is just one of these (though no quad secondary turret, they reused assets for 2 twins instead): Just like how Agir and Siegfried are O-classes with different fits, for one example. Yet I don't see people complaining about them this way lol.
  8. MnemonScarlet

    New Rocket Mechanics What's The Problem ?

    If that was true, you'd be way better at them. You're not though. Guess you really speak from a position of demonstrated authority and command of the subject matter on these things, eh?
  9. MnemonScarlet

    A warning before you rush to get missouri

    Like German BBs, USN BBs are dragged down by the overall playerbase that flocks to them. Aside from some reload issues and speed issues, they're pretty decent. Lifetime stats are especially bad because Iowa shares being the oldest T9 BB with Izumo, so plenty of people have failed through her on the way to the Montana. My own Iowa had a really cursed leveling experience (done mostly during the holidays), but aside from winrate the performance isn't so bad. Someday I'll go fix it. That was also before the improved heal showed up. But suffice to say the USN line got a buff it didn't really need in the form of that heal. That shouldn't be spread around because the game is already too high-tuned in general.
  10. MnemonScarlet

    A warning before you rush to get missouri

    Iowa is top end T9 due to the heal buff, aside from certain grossly overtuned ships like Geo, there doesn't need to be other ships put there. She didn't need it to begin with after the other buffs she got, but because of certain other factors the entire line got it. MO doesn't need that as well.
  11. MnemonScarlet

    Missouri is Coming Back

    Also MO has 38mm vs 32mm torpedo plating with Iowa, though I don't think that makes a ton of difference. Their TDS ratings don't change.
  12. MnemonScarlet

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    They don't? I have almost all the droppable ships (missing only Choukai who is about to be farmed and Bunker Hill), and almost all event ships too, minus ones like Lil Bel/etc. So it's mostly some collab girls and PR ships, but last I looked (before PR4) I had about ~86% completion.
  13. MnemonScarlet

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I'll probably go for all the Idolmaster girls, since I want to get higher completion %. PR4 is the first time since I completed Azuma and FDG that PR will be painful again, since I want decisives again.
  14. MnemonScarlet

    A warning before you rush to get missouri

    Missouri doesn't need anything else because 'worse than Iowa' does not mean 'bad'. People need to stop asking for more average USN ships to get buffed to compete with the better ones in the faction (some of which are grossly overtuned). Although MO isn't even average, it's still pretty good, just not as good as Iowa. That's not a reason to buff something, this game has enough issues with bloated performance creep.
  15. MnemonScarlet

    Missouri? Bring back Kronstat too....

    Her vertical dispersion is so terrible I think a lot of people would be frustrated by that ship. It's actually worse than Roma's.