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  1. MnemonScarlet

    Alaska or Kronstadt?

    I prefer Kron, though Alaska is a lot safer. If you can deal with BB accuracy on a BB, it's pretty easy to deal with it on faster reload with better than average sigma. The consistency is less good than Alaska by a bit, though you can citadel even BBs pretty far out. I've citadeled an NC using the floatplane. Yeah Kron got pulled awhile ago. I doubt she'll come back. Just like Musashi and Missouri, if you have her, you have a rare ship. Short fuze would be worthless. Being able to citadel BBs like Kron can is one of the things that make it unique - if you know how to work the soft nose you can punch back and then bully BBs so hard that some players will actually back off and run from you. WG could improve the accuracy (and make Kron OP AF) if they liked, but I would never accept a short fuze. Kron was laid down, so not an actual fakeship. Just an unfinished wonder with engines that in real life might have ripped the screws apart (getting maximum rated HP per shaft from those engines would have probably destroyed the screws). But then we have Geo who goes almost 40 knots, so I'm not too hard on Kron's engine performance.
  2. When you recognize a battle is lost within the first 5 minutes and revert to farming and waiting to see if enemy team will make more outsize mistakes than yours to flip it.
  3. MnemonScarlet

    [VERSUS #1] American Battleships VS Japanese Battleships

    It's much better now. I have an MO, and I find Izumo to be a good drag out and fight ship compared to her, MO is a better positional ship like a battlecruiser. The old reputation Izumo had is no longer fair to it.
  4. MnemonScarlet

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    That is what I'm hoping they do. WG's simplistic spotting system makes vision-heavy classes extremely powerful since they can enable easy focus fire, just see how DD imbalance skews matches. And CV spotting makes it even worse.
  5. MnemonScarlet

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    ^I also do this. If CVs can spot other stuff to be shot, they themselves can be spotted to be shot. Fair's fair~ If someone wants to make a division for it, that's their perogative. It just shows how powerful such spotting is. Other than that, when one CV gets wrecked by it it's just like when an RTS CV would stomp the other one back in the day. And those of us who played over a year ago remember that well enough.
  6. With an average/bad player, Musashi. The power of the guns makes up for a lot of player deficiency, and people can just shoot you across the map due to the range, so if you stop paying attention to them and give a good shot inadvertently...you could eat some bad damage. Vs a good player, Geo. The skill ceiling is much higher with that ship, and players who understand it will exploit that. Fortunately most people just use her capabilities to suicide in her.
  7. MnemonScarlet

    [VERSUS #1] American Battleships VS Japanese Battleships

    Iowa's armor is vastly inferior to Izumo's, especially the citadel protection. Izumo is the only T9 BB that's ever trolled my Geo when I brawl it. Meanwhile Iowas and MOs are easy kills for GA if it gets that close, same with Musashis. It's always easier to citadel an Iowa with most any BB, meanwhile Izumo can get away with showing less of an angle to other BBs across the board, even though her citadel is raised a bit it's far better protected.
  8. MnemonScarlet

    Russian Bias out biasing itself

    At this point, the only VMF ship I really hate seeing when I'm at its tier is Sinop. Kremlin is kinda annoying, but a lot less agitating for tier. The rest of them don't even warrant a mention, unless a pretty good player is in them. But then a pretty good player is a threat in most ships so...
  9. MnemonScarlet

    World of Warships Ship Opinions 08: Roma ( THE REPOST )

    It is, but you never know what WG will do. They have surprised us.
  10. MnemonScarlet

    World of Warships Ship Opinions 08: Roma ( THE REPOST )

    Maybe she'll get some Warspite ish line-release buff that ends up making her OP for tier, and then be pulled 2 months later to be a lootbox only ship.
  11. MnemonScarlet

    Why does MM inject CV's into Co-op games?

    You can have bot CV fighting bot CV in coop. I don't know why, but you can.
  12. MnemonScarlet

    World of Warships Ship Opinions 08: Roma ( THE REPOST )

    I mean, if they did the uptier trick to Roma and turned her into a T9 but fixed her issues and gave her some additional comfort buffs, there'd be nothing to complain about. 8s already see 10s, and you'd still pen bows on 7s. Then they could sell Roma for even more, considering she's already the most expensive premium T8 BB for some reason. And even then, things like Georgia would still be more powerful than her.
  13. MnemonScarlet

    Ship you dreaded seeing on your team in Ranked

    I've seen unicums have good wins in it, but they know how to get results from it in a ranked environment. Most people shouldn't take it into ranked though, yes. Whenever I saw one on the enemy team, I'd just focus him until he disengaged out to ineffective distances if I had the option, since I was almost always playing Yamato.
  14. It's unfortunate this point of view isn't more widespread.
  15. MnemonScarlet

    World of Warships Ship Opinions 08: Roma ( THE REPOST )

    Yet she doesn't get reduced reload like most all of the other high tier 15" gun ships.