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  1. MnemonScarlet

    Ranked is becoming toxic

    I remember in the Pilot Season of Ranked (very first one), some terrible BB raged at the entire team and then blamed me for doing badly, while getting in my way for like half the battle. Ranked has always been like that.
  2. MnemonScarlet

    Does Anyone Like Playing the Roma Regularly?

    I have over 150 solo games in Roma, and 60% WR / 74k average damage in her atm, also solo. Combined div/solo getting close to 250 games. So yeah I'd say I play her regularly, considering how frequently I play the game overall over the time period. Imagine french accuracy, but better AP and worse HE. That's about what Roma has. Except Roma has good armor, and above water citadels are easy to deal with if you know what you're doing. Her AA and range are her real issues in the current meta. If Roma ever gets a RoF/range buff she'll be quite comfortable, if she gets some kind of big accuracy buff she'd be overtuned. As it is, she's perfectly workable, but in the environment where we're spoiled by braindead-easy ships, yeah she seems lacking. ^This person knows what's up.
  3. Some people aim at the tall rear barbette, that's why. But it's still better than risking getting stuck bow in and having to reverse till you die.
  4. MnemonScarlet


    FDG doesn't need more substantial buffs. GK is even fatter and mounts the same guns, you just get 4 more of them. So it's not gonna be much better. And if you don't know how to perform in FDG, in GK you will always be toptier so the weight of performing for your team will be consistently even heavier, leading to more losses since more rides upon you. It is best to master the FDG as much as possible, else your GK's performance will be even worse as the flaws in your play are exposed more strongly.
  5. Nah that's BB tears that're the best.
  6. MnemonScarlet

    Is FDG as fun as Bismarck?

    She's pretty fun, especially after the buffs. Unlike Biscuit, the 27mm cruisers can't just laugh and torp rush her for free. While it's true she's a lot fatter, if fat BBs are a problem for you you should probably turn back from high tier BBs, because almost all of them are like that to some degree.
  7. MnemonScarlet

    Epicenter opinion poll

    I'm ok with Epicenter in most maps, provided they're setup to work Epicenter well.
  8. MnemonScarlet

    How? Just how is it possible?

    Everyone gets loss streaks, they're not fun to have. The best thing to do is not chase them; it's a game and you're supposed to be having fun. If it gets bad bail and do something more fun and let the day's teams play themselves out, come back another day. I usually stop after 3 losses in a row, sometimes it's just 3 bad battles (even if wins) in a row, where I barely got to do anything but watch stomps happen. Sometimes drastically changing tier helps, but some days you are just cursed. That's just luck of the draw.
  9. Honestly more people should get Stalingrad and discover its limitations for themselves. The guns are really nice on it when it comes to shooting AP, but even bad players can no-sell you. It's a special feeling when your teammates tell you you need to kill an entire flank who is just pointing their bows at you while they crossfire everyone else on your team who is in the middle. The shells themselves are pretty heavy and keep their speed over range, but remember the sigma is the same as GK on 3 less barrels, and even the old German dispersion curve was superior to the VMF one past about 15km. Kreml is pretty great in ranked when clueless people don't fight it very well, but I'll take Yamato over her for randoms most of the time.
  10. MnemonScarlet

    Paper Armor

    A lot of CLs are like that, thin armor + narrow hull is pretty troll when your shells take awhile to fuse. Dallas is another one that's annoying to get cits on.
  11. Kreml and Stalin did get nerfed, they have actual weaknesses now. Bad players just get deleted by them (getting deleted by Kreml at this point is ????? unless it's in close) and get mad, but most ships would delete them. You're an older player like me, remember the days when people got outraged instead cause Yamato would delete them? I remember. Smol is kinda dumb but being slowly killed by any super high DPM/fire ship feels awful in general. As for Petro, I'm sure it will be nerfed whether it needs it or not after a couple months of being a new T10. Btw, Stalingrad is more real than both your Montana and your GK. And your Hinden for that matter. As it was actually laid down.
  12. MnemonScarlet

    The Al Littorio's Secondaries

    They're really not. The 'feels meh sometimes' cause the guns don't always do what you want and click-bug-goes-squish even at long range with that shell velocity and power, and secondaries not being DKM BB or meme-USN BB level doesn't make Roma 'total garbage'.
  13. MnemonScarlet

    Premium Ship Review - AL Littorio

    Hood has those angles too. Often forgotten thing with her.
  14. MnemonScarlet

    Fire alarm

    This is a game, not life, so yeah it does need to be. Playing a game is a choice, dealing with what life throws at you is not. Btw, when some BB turns his bow at me or sits there angled and I'm in a BB, guess what I do if I'm not in Yamato or Musashi and there's no better targets to shoot at? That's right, I set him on fire. Plenty of BBs are good at doing it. You know what else is unrealistic? Thin bow plating granting ships the immunity to a lot of the guns that they enjoy in the game. So as long as we have that, the place fire is in is just fine. We have survivability skills and modules for a reason, using those plus good positioning and engagement skills makes it way less of an issue.
  15. MnemonScarlet

    Premium Ship Review - AL Littorio

    I actually don't mind WG taking the SAP out, whenever I saw Imperos they got very easy damage on other ships regardless of angling or anything. Like the other ship could just not do anything about it at all. So actually good on them for not releasing it into the wild like that, and then it being stuck as an unnerfable monster forever due to the silly no nerf money premiums policy. What isn't cool is they didn't take any steps to make her different from Roma at all.