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  1. MnemonScarlet

    Make a Player-Run Forum Together!

    I'd say let me know about this, but the point of contact for most is this forum pretty much. :V
  2. MnemonScarlet

    Make a Player-Run Forum Together!

    Yeah, it'd be the time for sure.
  3. MnemonScarlet

    ArIskandir's last thread and Farewell

    Ah ha. If you don't mind, I can PM you mine, then you just input the profile ID part (it's not the same thing that you log in with) into the friend search area. And I really want to like SD2, just the campaigns always have the AI running away from you until they corral some units into an unwinnable engagement. I probably need to look up how to deal with that. It's really weird behavior, kinda like one time in an ALB campaign I (along with another friend I was playing coop with) caught the AI straightlining units along the edge of a map in order to flank our HQ vehicles. The 'i' trolled me for a long time when typing the name in lol.
  4. MnemonScarlet

    ArIskandir's last thread and Farewell

    Thanks for the well-wishes, and it is indeed a shame we never got to be in the same match/same team (it might've been vs at one point, but we were not on the same flank IIRC). It doesn't help that I've played a lot less over the recent years, though ironically I'm beginning to play a bit more because I just reached the state of no longer giving a damn aside from experiencing the gameloop when it suits me. Discord can be fun, but it won't be a replacement for what the forum does at all, as has been said by many people. Sadly I don't think they will. It's probably been on their minds for awhile now, and for whatever reason it's been stated in a short-fuse for participation time...but it's actually not something all the outrage the community could do can change. If you have steam though, always can exchange steam ids in PM. Especially if you want to go into WARNO. I might do WARNO at some point in the future too, maybe soon maybe later.
  5. MnemonScarlet

    End of the Forum

    You can do that with a BetterDiscord plugin to sets it to off, but BD is a discord mod that... a) Only works with the desktop client, not on mobile. b) breaks frequently/the plugins themselves break frequently whenever Discord themselves do an update. Which is p.often. So there's not an easy way to automate that to default to off IIRC. You have to remember to click it off every time.
  6. MnemonScarlet

    End of the Forum

    Guess it was inevitable we'd get reworked, huh. History can sometimes be quite embarrassing afterall.
  7. MnemonScarlet

    End of the Forum

    You can, but it's definitely inferior for certain types of discussions. Not all discussions though. You can also have a lot of people taking part in a forum thread and it's still easy to follow and respond to different sub-convos in it, whereas on discord that's not easy or fun to do. I like discord for a lot of things, but for something like what forums do it's not really it. It is what it is though - they're gonna do it and there's no turning back.
  8. MnemonScarlet

    DD players..sigh

    ^This exactly. We just notice the DDs cause they tend to go first (and ruin vision for everyone else), and the BBs cause they're last. Cruisers get snuffed all the time as people get their damage off them, silently, in the background. But there's plenty of trashy players in all of them.
  9. MnemonScarlet

    End of the Forum

    I tried SD2, but it didn't really click with me (and the generals campaign is kinda weird compared to ALB's or RD's campaigns). Warno still has no campaigns alas.
  10. MnemonScarlet

    The "Fight On" feature was a bad idea

    Players with enough other ships and captains could just use another ship/captain pair, before - plenty of people did that. So it really just punished players who didn't have many good captains, or just 1. So they'd esc-out, then go into another battle with another ship with a bad captain. That wasn't really any better for their teams. :V WG is p.much trying to make the game more new player friendly with this. And for players like us, it means our specific ships aren't held captive anymore. Is it a good change for match health? Hell no lol. But it's such a minor thing compared to all the other things making match health worse nowadays, it's barely even on the radar from my experience.
  11. MnemonScarlet

    DD players..sigh

    One of the most depressing things is playing DD, but watching the drones in their BBs f*** it up when their job is so much easier. 'I'm spotting this guy for you, you see his broadside? Fire, FFS.' Or spotting torps and then they eat them anyway, etc. Literally messing up something you could almost do in your sleep, if you were playing their ships. Meanwhile you're doing something with a higher skill floor and not getting anywhere cause they won't even left click on enemies properly.
  12. MnemonScarlet

    Kept my mind sorta open on mines....

    You don't control blowouts happening or not past a certain point, and that kind of experience repeatably occurring is what would ruin chances to enjoy something's gameplay. Yes, even on blowouts that are wins. Matches which are decided early due to certain ship losses where it becomes impossible to turn the game around unless the enemy team really misplays en masse are functionally the same for that, although you can get some damage farming in while you wait for the end to come.
  13. MnemonScarlet

    how horrible is the italian BB line grind?

    I found that out when playing Marco Polo, I tried to SAP another BB, he just pointed his bow at me and I kept hitting it or missing entirely. He knew I had no HE so he just kept doing it, and switching to AP I got bad dispersion rolls and couldn't hit the turrets. One of those times where I would've rather been in Roma.
  14. MnemonScarlet

    Kept my mind sorta open on mines....

    Yeah it is, but at some point even with not having your ship be a captive of the current match, you would rather have a fun/quality match than another match instantly. If I'm playing to experience my ship's primary gameloop and have fun with it, but the matches are consistently so bad I can't really do that, I'll just stop playing and go do something else. So WG has to not push the quality of matches down so far that people just give up rather than queue again, it is a balancing act for them.
  15. MnemonScarlet

    Kept my mind sorta open on mines....

    Open water in a lot of maps is the back of the map, due to WG's chosen design paradigm. So forced away from the middle belts/clusters of islands where objectives usually are, playing passive. The more factors push players like that the most passive matches become. Or just the more volatile, as more people try to push into more areas that have more damage taxes/bad situations in them, those stack up and they sink even quicker.