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  1. HI, I was wondering if you knew a good adult clan (i am 50 years YOUNG) and I generally like to play starting early morning central time. Sometimes early like 3am and sometimes 5-6 am and play for 2-3 hours and then I may play more later in the day; however, if I could find an active late night early am clan I would be very happy.

  2. Ambiroa

    Kill Death Ratio

    I have been thinking about this. Because "kill" is the first word, or the word before "death", in my opinion, it should be read as "for every kill, you die X times". For example: KDR 2.0 = for every kill, you died 2 times; KDR 0.5 = for every kill, you died 0.5 times; with the latter being better. Yet, according to all online sources, this is actually applied the exact opposite, with the higher the KDR number, the better someone is. In terms of language interpretation and application, it sounds so counter-intuitive. Anybody else who has given this a thought at some point? Love to hear yours.