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  1. The way it is right now if you don't throw everything you have away and re-spec fully for AA you are going to have a bloody awful time in T10 games. This is NOT fun. That is all I have to say.
  2. Steel_Castles

    PSA Aslain Navigator Mod May Hang

    I can't get the Navigation Mod to work at all now. Things were fine before 8.0.3 I believe. Complete purge and reinstall did not fix it. Navigation Mod seems to be completely broken.
  3. Steel_Castles

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    A question about the Voice Chat. Is Voice Chat available to ALL players on a team now, or is it still limited to just Divisions?
  4. Steel_Castles

    Running in WOWs in Bootcamp

    This question interest me. I have a late 2016 touchbar MB Pro 15". I believe Wow's runs in a Wine wrapper on MacOSX. I too would like to know if Wow's would run better under Parallels or, preferably, Bootcamp. I don't find it runs very well "natively".
  5. Steel_Castles

    Visibility Improvements sorely needed...

    Thanks, I've done all that. We all know what needs to be done here. It's up to WG to step up and do it.
  6. Steel_Castles

    Damage penalty

    iRacing has this same problem, and it drives people (no pun intended) crazy. You can be going along minding your own business and some guy in the process of wrecking can come sliding out of the infield right into you. You take a massive points hit, and thats a big damn deal in iRacing because it mauls your Safety Rating, and SR is a very, very big deal in iRacing. If you complain about it, the fanboy's will reply with something like "You should not have been in his way". It's gets quite comical, really :)
  7. Steel_Castles

    Ship Inventory

    Yep. Good points as well. Also, captains with special skills should be noted as such in the list instead of having to open them to find out. I can't remember their damned names, except for John Doe, and I remember that one because he's an imposter that kidnapped Steven Seagal and took his place.
  8. Steel_Castles

    Visibility Improvements sorely needed...

    Done all that too :) We need direct control over this stuff instead of mods that only get us part the way there. A user interface isn't doing any good if the users can't read it.
  9. Steel_Castles

    Ship Inventory

    This probably has a simple answer and I'll feel stupid, but here goes.... Is there any way to get an inventory of all your ships, what options they have, what upgrades they have, etc.. ? Here's my delima. I purchsed several upgrades from the arsenal with coal. One of them was the speed boost extender. Now, I would like to use it on the ship I'm practicing in for ranked but....... I lost it I have forgotten what ship I currently have it enabled on and, like many, I'm well over 100 ships at this point. Is there any way I can find out what ship I have it enabled on so I can disable it and use it on the current ship? What would really help is if in the upgrades section of arsenal it would, under each upgrade, list the ships currently supplied with it. Along the same lines is there any sort of external app for cataloging ships and equipment?
  10. Steel_Castles

    Visibility Improvements sorely needed...

    Spacebar is my binocular mode :)
  11. Steel_Castles

    Visibility Improvements sorely needed...

    I have all that. It doesn't fix what i need fixin.
  12. Steel_Castles


    Lag seems to be extraordinarily bad tonight. Like, ships stopping like it ran into a wall. Others in the game are seeing the same so it's not my connection.
  13. 10000 Set on Fire Flags? 10000 Torpedo Hit Flags? 1000000000000HP Potential Damage? If some alien WERE able to get all that , the prize is.... wait for it.... 1 Credit? I am obviously missing something here.....