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  1. This heat got me beat, and now finally a cool breeze and rain. Gunna need a day long soaker to shake off the humidity.

  2. Mrphaux21

    CA-124 inc!

    I would certainly buy this when it comes available, because well... a Born Upstate New Yorker It's close to home for me.
  3. Mrphaux21

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Lamp Moth
  4. Nothing like a SLOW update....

  5. Mrphaux21

    Forum Game - Word Association

  6. Mrphaux21

    Forum Game - Word Association

    The Big Dig
  7. Mrphaux21

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Rock and Roll
  8. Mrphaux21

    Forum Game - Word Association

  9. Mrphaux21

    Forum Game - Word Association

  10. Mrphaux21

    Favorite Christmas Movies

    Diehard and Christmas Story.
  11. Mrphaux21

    Chat Funnies

    What are the odds?
  12. Mrphaux21

    DM&IR 2-8-8-4 Yellostone

    The UP 4-8-8-4 is still in service there's videos of the restoration work done to it. They've done an amazing job restoring it. This was taken a few years after it was done.
  13. Mrphaux21

    What's that ocean liner?

    By the looks of it R. M. S Queen Mary. Olympic and Titanic is four stack Queen Elizabeth is two stack Queen Mary is three Stack The rest I looked at are two and one stack and that has 3.
  14. Mrphaux21

    where are you from?

    Upstate New York, Birthplace of Kodak Roll Film inventor George Eastman.