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  1. Mrphaux21

    Fractured Space?

    I also noticed something with the port theme "Space Port" I have a feeling that's a hint.
  2. Mrphaux21

    Fractured Space?

    if the servers are still online. I find it funny that the game itself is not on Steam anymore. just the DLC's I knew I played it before but I don't see the game in my Library anymore.
  3. Mrphaux21

    Fractured Space?

  4. Mrphaux21

    Fractured Space?

    I have been trying to find the game on Steam and All I have found are the DLC's and not the Full Game is there something new WG is working on? I have looked it up on Google and did see that WG acquired the Studio "Edge Games" but now I'm curious is Fractured Space going to be the same as is was on steam or different?
  5. I'm not much worried about it now. as I am on a newer system, it seems to be that World Of warships just don't like WIndows 7.
  6. I miss you, Liska. I really hope you come back. I am Missing my Vixen!

  7. Mrphaux21

    Hi all

    The whole reason of me making that "Boop" post was to see if she responded to it I have been waiting for a week for a response from her. which she is one of my best friends I've come to know through Second life for the past 10 years. I do care about my friends in which Liska here I hold a special place for her in my heart! I am deeply concerned about her.. ('and I hope you under stand from the view from someone who have emotional feelings for her like me.)
  8. OK now that I have it taken care of now, it makes me wonder what made that error to pop up Had to do a Reinstall of my operating system. my thought of this is either a botched Update, or a update that failed to download or the game was missing files it needed from a windows update to fix this bug. As mentioned I tried everything that Tech support had me to to try.
  9. Mrphaux21

    Hi all

    I'm not the one who's creeping, I've known her for 10 years as much she's known me for. (Never left each other's side c.c)
  10. Mrphaux21

    Hi all

    Maybe when I finally get this game fixed Me, Liska and you can division up (when ever they release a patch that fixes the game). (However on the Single part heh. That's my department ^.^ )
  11. Just the usual technical procedures. Which I've tried everything. My thought is ever since the Meltdown /spectre going on makes me wonder if Microsoft screwed with something that ended up breaking the game.
  12. Mrphaux21

    Hi all

    She plays hard in every game she plays. (I've known her for a long time to know that)
  13. I have many times. same result.
  14. Nothing happens just the error that's all that does happen.
  15. I have been trying to play world of warships for MONTHS now and I have been getting the same error over and over again every time I click "Play" on the launcher (yes even with Administrator mode turned on) I have just updated my Operating system to test if that was the case. so it still threw the error. so now at this time, would a Clean Reinstall of Windows 7 be Warranted to solve this issue?