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  1. Mrphaux21

    Bring Back the Classic Designer's Table!

    The updated port theme looks a bit uncanny resemblance of Jayztwocents's gameroom.. no?
  2. What's going on with your SL account. I' don't see your name in any of the searches. (web or in viewer)

    1. LiskaBystrouska


      It turns out that when my original account was hacked and banned, I was prohibited from creating a new account.  But I did anyway, and somehow it got past, at least for 10 months.  Then someone at LL must have noticed the name and address were the same as the banned account, and I got booted out again.  So I'm done with SL, tired of fighting the bureaucrats.  I was thinking of taking a break from SL anyway, as it takes up so much of my free time, so this just makes the decision easier.  Meanwhile, I'll just play WoWS and wait for Antilia.


    2. Mrphaux21


      Damn,  sad to hear that happen, I do want to keep in contact.

      Do you want me to let the others know of what went on? 

  3. Mrphaux21

    Forum Game - Word Association

    The Cat in the Hat
  4. Mrphaux21


  5. This heat got me beat, and now finally a cool breeze and rain. Gunna need a day long soaker to shake off the humidity.

  6. Mrphaux21

    CA-124 inc!

    I would certainly buy this when it comes available, because well... a Born Upstate New Yorker It's close to home for me.
  7. Mrphaux21

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Lamp Moth
  8. Nothing like a SLOW update....

  9. Mrphaux21

    Forum Game - Word Association

  10. Mrphaux21

    Forum Game - Word Association

    The Big Dig
  11. Mrphaux21

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Rock and Roll
  12. Mrphaux21

    Forum Game - Word Association

  13. Mrphaux21

    Favorite Christmas Movies

    Diehard and Christmas Story.
  14. Mrphaux21

    Forum Funnies

    What are the odds?