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  1. Thanks all for the replies. It's sad to leave :( @black_hull4 I likely won't come to the forums anymore now that I don't play the game. Hope you'll have fun too, @Sovereigndawg. Good luck. Thank you @Navalpride33. Hope the rest of your 2020 will be a happy one too. GL to you too. By now I doubt anything will be done. Good luck and stay strong @clammboy! I also don't want to leave, but I don't feel I have a choice. Thanks for your enthusiasm @warheart1992! I most likely won't be back. There's a specific reason I'm leaving and I doubt anything will be done. Hope Christmas will treat you well. Bye @Tingent. Well, I won't be playing anymore, so I'll wish you the good RNG @n00bot. That's sad to hear, @Wowzery. I don't think I can say exactly why, sorry about that. (NDA) Hope you will understand. @ArIskandir, thank you for your kind words! Farewell to you too. Forever is a long time. Let's see if things will change. GL to you too @Herr_Reitz. If things change, I will reconsider. Hi Wolffe! Farewell to you too. I'm happy to read your message, but sad it's like this. If things change, I'll consider coming back. o7! Best of luck to you too @Salvo_Creative! Thank you @1Sherman. There indeed are good people on these forums. Good luck to you too! I am glad to chat with you too @RainbowFartingUnicorn. During Halloween a year ago, I made a post looking for divmates. You were the only one who responded and we actually had a nice time divisioning for the Halloween scenarios. We never div'd after though. o7. Take care too @Capn_Nugget. I remember the time we met in battle and you remembered "spreadsheet guy." That was the only time someone in-battle remembered. I can almost 100% guarantee you I won't be here next week. Hope you'll stay well too @Asym_KS! I'm afraid there won't be a next post. Yes we did. Au revoir @ClassicLib. I guess even if I don't ever return to WoWS, we can meet on Discord. Thanks @Col_Nasty. Thank you @Khafni. Good luck! If things change I might come back. I actually will log in to the game one last time (updating it now) to buy a recruiting station container for one of the players who used my invite link. I won't play any battles. And then I will delete the game. o7 @barbaroja_Ar. Thanks for the well wishes, and good luck to you as well. I agree that, overall, this community is a good one. Thanks @Soshi_Sone! You too! Hi @Hapa_Fodder, thanks for your post. I hope you'll get some relaxation and relief from stresses in this rough time too. Fair winds! Thanks @Learux. Good luck to you too. Fair winds and following seas @iRA6E! I might come back if things change. Thanks for writing this! o7 and fair winds @SteelRain_Rifleman! I'm sad writing this and even sadder I have to write this. There wasn't any reason to push me out. Good luck @iDuckman and o7! I'm glad you think I've made some valuable contributions. If I come back, I will keep contributing.
  2. In keeping with the current times of sadness; to the forum friends I never made: @ClassicLib and @RainbowFartingUnicorn This is not your average player who got fed up with WG's big picture decisions. I do feel genuine sadness. I haven't found a new game. I haven't been driven away by the constant mechanics changes. I haven't been driven crazy by the sped up rate of events and ship releases. My real life hasn't kicked out WoWS. If not for something more personal, I would most likely still be playing WoWS for hours every day. If you asked me a month ago, I would say I would 100%, no doubt be playing WoWS right now. But today, everything's 100% different. I don't know exactly why I'm writing this post. Maybe it's because I'm sentimental. Maybe I'll feel better if I make it official. Maybe I just want to write a final post and not disappear. For those who will continue playing WoWS, good luck. Over the last 4 weeks, I have been writing and re-writing a post about my leaving WoWS. I didn't want emotion to cloud my judgement. I wasn't absolutely sure if I would leave or stay. Up until more recently, I thought I was only taking a temporary break because (I incorrectly thought) time would fix everything. Now I'm sure. I have not played WoWS on the live server since August 12, 2020 (played some PT) and will quit WoWS permanently for what I'll call a personal reason. I can only hope I won't miss the WoWS community or WoWS too much. Good luck and fair seas, henrychenhenry
  3. henrychenhenry

    Proposed new skills -- three examples

    Thanks for your work updating the wiki. I don't think you're appreciated enough.
  4. henrychenhenry

    "Shipbuilding" Collection

    Collections tend to return to the Armory after some time. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is wait. Maybe this collection will come back this Christmas. (I don't know.)
  5. henrychenhenry

    Summer Season

    Last PT (0.9.7), the missions were 100% co-op doable. Although I did them all in Randoms, it's sad to see this step back. Also, because of the small amount of players, queue times are longer. This can really demotivate those who want to play PT.
  6. henrychenhenry

    PT: Anchorage Dockyard Starter Packs

    This is a good topic to post about! Also, on the PT, it's possible to buy both the 3-stage pack and the 8-stage pack.
  7. Great to hear! Tagging them so they get notified: @Lonewolfpj @desmo_2 @Sovereigndawg @AJTP89 @Mademoisail
  8. henrychenhenry

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.7 Participants

    I think (not sure) that flag/patch rewards tend to be credited later. I would submit a ticket to CS to be safe: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/my-tickets/ Personally, I received the 2 containers for Summer Season #2 within just the last 15 minutes or so. I can't check on the flag/patch because I already have them from the first PT season. It's not possible to access the PT server right now because the PT isn't open right now. By now I've developed the habit to take screenshots when I complete any PT mission. According to WG, the new system is automatic (vs. the old one was manual) so there shouldn't be any mistakes under the new system. I sure hope so.
  9. henrychenhenry

    Armada: Pommern

    To see secondary guns turn, you have to enable "Animate small objects" in the Settings:
  10. henrychenhenry

    Pommern/Mainz/Z38 Compensation? (Answer: Doubloons)

    Thanks for your reply! You are absolutely correct, Murmansk compensation was in doubloons. I was referring to compensation for premium ship missions dropped from the "In the Service of the Motherland" containers (event containers). Murmansk was not offered in these containers, but bought from the Armory for event currency. Source: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/victory-part-2/
  11. henrychenhenry

    Pommern/Mainz/Z38 Compensation? (Answer: Doubloons)

    This is a very good question too! Surprised to hear compensation is in credits and not doubloons. I would have guessed credits (e.g. Ovechkin event and Kuznetsov event).
  12. Well, this is sort of a unique case I think because someone else posted recently too and @foodprinter's reply was to answer that player's question. Also, this upgrade was disabled with the CV rework but will be made functional again in the near future (as announced on the Dev Blog), so this is a unique case in this respect too. Good luck and maybe you'll find the updated upgrades useful!
  13. henrychenhenry

    Pommern to be released for 228,000 coal

    Maybe? Personally, I'm happy Pommern is for coal. I was expecting some people wouldn't catch this because it's so hidden (hence this post). Glad you learned something new! @Sinsie About the containers, I would not expect a ship from them. The drop rate is likely to be low.
  14. henrychenhenry

    Azure Lane collection

    @DrHolmes52 is correct. You can hover your cursor over the "box" in the collection to see the reward. The ship is available in the Japanese tech tree for 1,000,000 FXP.
  15. henrychenhenry

    Less than 11hrs remaining on dockyard event

    Thanks for posting this! I didn't realize it!