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  1. That's a good idea. It's not possible to confirm though whether Master of Entertainment drops on log-in or is already credited beforehand because these achievements don't show up on https://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/
  2. henrychenhenry

    WoWS Anniversary 2021 hidden achievement requirements

    You're welcome :) That's great! Thanks for sharing! Thanks too for sharing. Cool, thanks for confirming. Like you wrote in another thread, I'm guessing it's to keep people guessing.
  3. Thanks for the ping and the screenshots. I've updated the other thread. Thanks for sharing that. Makes it pretty clear that the drop isn't connected to playing a battle. I suspect people get it at log-in.
  4. henrychenhenry

    Random mechanics and drop rates

    I didn't know there were "guaranteed drops":
  5. For anyone reading this, the update is releasing in 8 and a half hours. After that, you can't buy T5 and T7 prem ship containers anymore. You mean this one? Sorry. Sorry about that error. I'll fix it. Not sure where I got 15,000 from.
  6. henrychenhenry

    Community Tokens - what to get?

    Why not get 3 T5 prem containers? Leningrad costs 5,550 doubloons in the Armory, so even if you could trade Leningrad for that amount (which you can't), the community token: doubloon ratio is much more favorable for T5 prem ship containers. (unless you are missing many T5 prem ships, and you prefer having a T7.)
  7. To clarify, sir, this info is from the patch notes for 0.10.9 released today and is not from the Devblog.
  8. I'm sure WG appreciates your feedback. I've never thought about things this way. As the Original Poster, I feel compelled to reply and explain why I did what I did. I purposefully and deliberately avoided using "PSA" in the title. If you check my post history, you can see that while I do create PSAs (like this one from just today actually), I only title a post "PSA" if I feel it can directly benefit a player. In my opinion, I have never abused using PSA as clickbait, etc. It's never a good idea to say "But HE did it, so I can do it too!" Check out "A simple PSA": https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/245363-a-simple-psa/ Same info as my post. Even titled PSA! (btw, I didn't know about this other post until I already made this one) I sort of did contribute in the title "New Tier X German battleship Schlieffen to be auctioned in the "Lighthouse"." That's a clear, concise statement I completely wrote myself. Also, I could not lazily copy and paste the news article. If I "paste as plain text instead," the premium and battleship icons will disappear. If I don't, there will be a weird dark background. I had to copy the icons manually. (I guess this is still a debatable one overall.) I did not write anything but the bare minimum so people can get their info quickly (even just scanning the title and not clicking). Or I could go: The above example is no better than the post I originally made. For players, it's also less informative and wastes their time. Players were indeed speculating about the Lighthouse. I only posted about this topic because WG itself hyped up the Lighthouse, and then buried a clue to what it's actually about in 1 small, must-be-expanded section within 3,200+ words. Players were curious, and answering that question many had is, one can argue, in itself more constructive than "Richelieu will be made early access in lootboxes. This is the very first time tech-tree ships are available in an "early preview", and the first time early access ships are being included in a lootbox." Certainly more constructive than "Brindisi will be available in lootboxes." I have to agree with @Taylor3006 here. The OP did not just cut and paste. If you just cut and paste, you will see your post looks "messed up." The OP read through a very long article and took out a small snippet he thought would be the most interesting for players. He even wrote a TL;DR of the small snippet (the title of the post). All this said, I know rules are rules and I'll amend the post to add some more of my own contributions.
  9. Guess we'll find out on Wednesday. Either their picture is sloppy or their wording is.
  10. Sorry for that typo. I meant to say "When you scroll, do you do that while on the "map view"?" Thanks for confirming this. Time to send a message to CS! Like you, I have not blacklisted anyone.
  11. You're welcome! You're also welcome! Good luck with your Leningrad journey. You're welcome! I personally 100% doubt new information will be released before the patch drops and it's too late to change your mind. What I included in my first post is all that's publicly known. Unlike @Nevermore135, I do not see any section that says you cannot buy a ship you already have in this particular patch note. However, I agree with him/her that following current protocol, if you already have a ship, you cannot buy it again from the armory. I do not expect WG to let you buy the ship again and get doubloon compensation.
  12. Thanks for the comment. If you scroll down all the way to the bottom of the news page (the very very bottom), you can read "You can purchase each bundle up to three times. Learn how to earn Community tokens here." That's why I added the "limited to 3" and I stand by that. The omission of cost, though, was an error on my part and I'll add that in. Thanks for pointing it out.
  13. As first announced in the patch notes last month, the following items will be removed: Premium Ship VII Container - 30,000 community tokens Premium Ship V Container - 10,000 community tokens Restless Fire Flag - 3,000 community tokens As announced in the patch notes today and in a KotS news release earlier this month, the following items will be added: Ishizuchi - 10,000 Community Tokens Exeter - 15,000 Community Tokens Leningrad - 20,000 Community Tokens (limited to 3) King of the Sea container - 2,000 community tokens (limited to 3) 6 point American and Soviet KotS-themed commander with 20x KotS-themed consumable camo - 3,200 community tokens (limited to 3) 6 point German and Japanese KotS-themed commander with 20x KotS-themed consumable camo - 3,200 community tokens Other changes (price and restriction changes): 1x Supercontainer, currently priced at 2,000 community tokens and limited to 1, will be priced at 6,000 community tokens without any purchasing limits If you want to get a T5 premium ship container for doubloons, but had been waiting to see what the new rewards would be, now's the time. It's no longer possible to directly exchange community tokens for doubloons. (It's indirectly possible because Supercontainers might drop doubloons.) Sources: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0108-wows-anniversary/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/kots-13/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0109-halloween/
  14. Huh I did not see any threads that mention "lighthouse", "auction", or "Schlieffen" on the first page (and still don't). I must've missed it. On bidding on a WIP ship, that is a fair point. I am guessing (haven't been around long enough to know) that WIP ships will be changed much more readily than already released premiums.