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    Rule Britannia

  2. henrychenhenry

    What Ship Is This?

    This ship already exists in-game in Operation Narai (as transport ships). It's based on the USS Cimarron.
  3. henrychenhenry

    How to Lose You Player Base 101

    Hi Flavius, The statistics screen not showing up should occur only very occasionally when the server does a soft reset. Is this your issue and is it happening to you a lot? Some tips when dealing with CS: 1. Be persistent. Yes, it's annoying to restate your problem. It's annoying to re-open tickets that they close without actually addressing your issue. It's annoying to even check up on the ticket, hopeful for some breakthrough, only to see... closed ticket with robotic response. 2. If you have some issue that you've really tried to fix and get CS to understand, but they just don't, try the Support section of the forum. There's a very helpful employee there (@turbo07) who can help you out too. 3. The community may be able to help in some cases (though not all!). Feel free to ask more gameplay related questions here. henrychenhenry
  4. henrychenhenry

    Is WG "rushing" new ship lines?

    I see what you mean. Skipping to T8 practically allows you to skip most of the line by the time it actually drops. Grinding T8-T9 in 2 patches is quite doable. Of course, this isn't behavior that should be encouraged (agree with you).
  5. henrychenhenry

    PSA: Opt-in for 4 days prem time

    Sorry I wasn't able to help. @Burnsy did a good job with his/her explanations. Sorry to confuse you and others. That wasn't my intention. The news page literally says "Earn 15,000 base XP," so I shortened this to "Earn 15,000 BXP." There isn't any mission that rewards you with Base XP. (There are some that reward you with ship XP or CXP - like the daily mission yesterday.)
  6. henrychenhenry

    Is WG "rushing" new ship lines?

    Thanks for the replies all! Nice to read what others think and why. Hope not. I hope this isn't the trend. Really curious what time between announce and release was before and now. I admit that even I have started rushing down ship lines. I used to grind out my ships without signals and flags, not because I couldn't afford to, but because I wanted to get to know my ships. I think it took 2 years for me to get my first T10 (Midway). Using my flags recently (partly for the 950k XP PR directive), I was surprised I got past a T9 in just 20 battles. Do you think it's 1 team developing ship lines, and they're simply developing faster than before? Or do you think other teams that work on QoL stuff are being "phased out" into developing ships? Thanks for offering a different opinion! Yes, split lines have fewer ships. I think Sub_Octavian recently said on his Reddit Dev Q&A that the argument for fewer Russian ships because most are "paper" will be obsolete when WG starts working on "paper" ships for other lines too (which "will" happen). Thanks for replying! I'm more interested in whether they have sped up releasing tech-tree ships. In terms of premiums, I would think not really?
  7. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/the-big-stick/ This is the Great White Fleet event this year. Missions are not that easy, though are doable in co-op which should make things better. Starts tomorrow, ends Monday 2 am PT/5 am ET. Part 1: Achieve top-3 2x times Part 2: Achieve top-3 20x times and earn 15,000 BXP Rewards: 5x “For Meritorious Service” camos and 4x Wargaming container (activate for 1 day prem time each)
  8. henrychenhenry

    New here

    I think he's saying that because a significant amount of the playerbase dislike that CVs exist in-game and how they are implemented.
  9. "Rushing" is in quotes because I think everyone's definition of this could be very different. I am surprised that European (or Swedish if you prefer that) DDs are coming into early access with the next update (0.9.2). After all, the UK heavy cruiser branch just got released in full with 0.9.1. I think that 4 lines were released last year (UK CV, FR DD, VMF BB, RM CA). This would mean 1 ship line per 3 months. Which would mean 1 month EA, 1 month full release, 1 month break, etc. What are your thoughts? Does anyone keep track of time between Devblog announcement and time of release for past ship lines?
  10. henrychenhenry

    Port Slot

    WG doesn't announce sales much ahead of time. I can't really guess when sales occur either except holidays perhaps. There were some holidays I expected sales, but found none. Module sales happen occasionally (there was one around New Years I think), port slot sales occur more often, and tech-tree ship sales are getting very rare recently. From my memory, they happened a lot more 2 years ago than they do now (and on top of that, the recent Christmas/New Years tech-tree ship sale only applied to some ships). You can spend your coal and FXP when you like. There aren't coal discounts outside of the coal coupons that refresh on set dates. There has only been a FXP discount once (~2-3 years back) during which the Nelson was ~15% off. Given FXP inflation, I would expect FXP discounts to never happen again. (All above are my observations over 4+ years and not facts.) There is literally no use for Elite XP (and will most likely not have a use in the future) unless you want to shell out doubloons to convert it to FXP. The rate is usually 1 doubloon -> 25 FXP, but there are times when its 1 doubloon -> 35 fxp. Personally, I don't think it's worth it at either of those rates.
  11. henrychenhenry


    Did you hijack Hapa_Fodder's account? More seriously though, I think it would be a good idea to create a new account not (necessarily) associated with any one WoWS employee that posts these announcements. That way, these news article-associated forum posts wouldn't pop up in the "WG Staff Posts" section 3 at a time: Maybe ThePermaPloyee?
  12. henrychenhenry

    Another ship setting sail...

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply! Is "you" in you were upset, me? I don't remember being upset :) “The Perthfect Opportunity” was a nice event. It's great to hear community staff have a say in that. Fair winds and following seas!
  13. This is a feature and not a bug. WoWS is moving Unique Upgrades to the Research Bureau. As of Update 0.9.1, players could no longer earn the missions for these Upgrades. Players have until end of year to finish existing missions.
  14. henrychenhenry

    Secret Wargaming Ad stuff

    Hmm.. Interesting. I assume a human entered "Ireland" and it wasn't a default, so why not "St. Petersburg"? Ok, thanks for the info!