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  1. Sorry OP, high tier solo CA play is 100% about positioning and no, you don't need to rush a cap in a CA in order to guarantee a win, you can't support all DD's in all caps all the time. If there is cover you can help more, if there isn't you can get within range of the cap and do what you can but not much else. You have to learn to pick your battles and not overly expose yourself, there is a fine line between too much aggression and not enough. Just a quick glance at a couple of your CA's and I'd say you are too far on the side of too much aggression. Sure get a little close to the caps and help DD's at the beginning with cover, until you know where the enemy is its too easy to get in trouble early on and you cant help your team underwater. Make yourself a bad target, use BB/islands for cover, install WASD and don't get spotted not moving... I see way too many high tier CA's reversing like BB's.. that's an easy kill. Range is your friend vs high tier BB's, kiting is a massive weapon use it. If you are a CA with torps, it should be a little rare that you actually use them. High tier CA's take some time to learn especially when playing solo, maybe around 1000 games tier 8-10 (especially tier 9/10). You can't bend the meta of the game to be the way you want it to be, you have to adapt to it. Massive BB AP hits aren't the issue... that's supposed to happen when the situation presents itself... just try to avoid it.
  2. Wow, still at work but I just added up my 10's and I'm up to 14 now.... (Just missing CV's and Conqueror) However knowing my luck with SC's I'm not expecting much compared to what Lert received.
  3. Probably just jumps on any chance to bash Flamu...
  4. Ahem and RNG of course, I have taken plenty of citadels through the bow of my Moskva... however German 380mm AP bounce all day long.
  5. Meh, had a Khbab game last night, only 11 fires from 427 HE hits, I've had more than double the fires with a similar hit counts in previous games. The BB's (Yam/Monty/Kurf) seemed immune, I couldn't get a fire started after their repair on any of them, though I believe I had 3-4 quick fires on a Baltimore, both before and after his repair. Captain skills/modules make a difference in combating fires who knew.
  6. Had a Zao stay behind an island west of a cap trying to solo burn down a conqueror on his own.... yes he got a witherer.... no he didn't sink it as it sunk him after 3/4 of the battle was over. I tried to get the Zao to stop, telling him he couldn't sink him but no, he wanted to stay on the 1 line frying like a potato should I guess. That game in a Shim I took B then headed to A, the cap he (Zao) was near on the 1 line, as well as 3 of our BB's huddled behind islands... of course the enemy slowly took C then B on its way to the 4 ships hiding in the corner. All my DD games last night had good enemy CV's... it was a terrible night.
  7. That exact thing happens often to me in the Zao.... it just seems to be a potato magnet. The majority of all my other 200k+ wins in other ships are almost always wins it seems... go figure. I believe about 290k is my high and that was quite the battle in my Des Moines.
  8. Really just Kawachi/Myogi.... there were other bad ships, but those were nothing but misery way back when I went through them.. Funny to see people say Pepsi... I am in the minority that liked that ship as it was the first cruiser I played with strong AP that could nuke cruisers at range... though there were only 2 cruiser lines at that time.
  9. More or less a complicated nerf to a problem that doesn't exist, unless your "big fires" are going to be more powerful than the current fires.
  10. I just snagged this over the weekend and didn't realize how terrible its stock range was until I was already in the battle.... wow 16km is rough for a BB in tier 8... hell even 18.5 sucks. Guess this will be the first big grind of the line for me.
  11. Thats [edited]... as I of course got some module... don't even remember which one.
  12. The 23, 46 and 52 are the gems of the line but the rest were a little rough. I wish the 52's torps hit a little harder but that's about it as obviously the reload time is nice. I still prefer the Gearing but really not by much as they are nearly even, one gets better torps and spread the other hydro etc...
  13. I'm sorry but they are correct, most forums I frequent would either lock your thread and hit you with spam points or combine it with the other clones... What use is having 20 or 30 threads only covering 4 topics cluttering the first 2 pages? It just leads to 100 partial discussions of the same topic and or the dead horse theory. Its much more organized and better overall for the discussion of any topic to be contained in 1 thread. That is why we see so many sub-forums contained in this forum no? So many threads of the exact same topic also pushes forum regulars into trolling behavior, "not this again", "here we go again", posting this gif/that gif, only distracting from the topic at hand. I often don't blame the regulars for doing that at times as seeing the same new topic pop up every day gets old. I'm pretty sure many of the regulars keep a file of all their auto-replies for repeat thread on subs, US CV's, torps, fires, invisible ships, TK's, this OP, that OP etc. etc. etc. etc. The search function on this forum works great compared to others... but having 100 threads on the same topic also breaks said great search function.
  14. Search is OP
  15. They haven't but they are not an issue as Lert said above... they are completely useless as they are seen from Mars, you have to try yo get hit by them. WG makes you play through the 20's (or freexp) to "upgrade" to the 8/12km torps.