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  1. I have more of those 3 items than I know what to do with, I'm going with TYL fro the rest of the year to see how it goes.
  2. The ONLY times I've ever gone AFK are due to either game crashes and or super slow load in's that randomly happen every couple hundred games or so... Though they have happened more frequently around some patch times, somewhere around 6.3-6.7 it was really bad iirc.
  3. Maybe they had the Halloween skin/camo and you had viewing that deactivated? or was that the Bismarck?
  4. I'll take one of these plz. Tier 10—1939 Heavy Cruiser In 1939, very soon after the war began, designs were studied for new heavy cruisers capable of beating the German Admiral Hipper-class. These designs would have been able to match the German heavy cruisers in speed, and carried more 8-in guns. However, when Churchill returned as First Sea Lord, he requested a modified design armed with 9.2-in guns and armour to withstand 8-in guns. This ship would have displaced a massive 22,000 t. Maximum Speed: 33.5 kts Armour 178 mm (7") belt 102 mm (4") deck Main armament BL 9.2-inch, unknown Mark (234 mm), 3 quadruple turrets
  5. I'll never understand the constant desire for ships to seriously push middle on 2 brothers like its an actually strategy... I've seen it be a positive move maybe .03% of the time, later on in the battle is often a different story but to derp down the middle first thing never ends well. But if you ask the players requesting the team to go middle its an "innovative" "tactic" that the enemy never ever expects and it always pays off, that's usually all the explanation they are able to type in chat before they are sunk.... That or they'll brag about how they sunk 2 enemy ships in their derp push, cool that only cost us 7 ships to sink their 2 ... nice trade, congrats? (as the rest of our team gets rolled). But there was always that one time that they heard or saw someone do it and win.... that one time. Then you have the troll tier 10 3 ship division who just goes middle to throw the game "for fun".
  6. This is just another reflection of the protected MM down low affecting the higher tiers (8). Having no tier 4's for the tier 6 players to club means less tier 6 players playing overall... therefore at tier 8 you will be up-tiered more often as there isn't enough tier 6 population to constantly fill the rosters. Same thing happens at tier 7, it's just more pronounced at tier 8 because tier 10...... I remember many saying this would happen when they made the switch to protected tier 4 MM and sure enough. Sure many/most tier 8 ships can do very well when up-tiered, but it does get a little old being bottom tier too often. .
  7. When a radar ship is on the enemy team, that should be on of any DD's biggest concerns and said DD should always know the general location of said radar ship before ever closing in. Situational awareness is kind of the biggest part of a DD players job, if you can't keep track of the few ships with radar now, a notifier of some sort wont help. The average is maybe what 3 ships with radar a game if that... its really not something that needs a crutch. Then where would these indicators end? Do DD"s need to know what ships have Hydro? CV's what ships have DF? Who has premium consumables? etc Yes radar/islands is an issue, but from what I've heard that's a game engine issue that would not be easy to fix.
  8. When this phenomenon started early this spring I thought it was due to the summer/schools out narrative... However as it has kept ongoing that's obviously not the case, still haven't been able to pinpoint the issue if any. What blanket change could be attributed to this? What happened this Spring? I just seem to remember a lot more close games and or games that weren't decided in the first 5-10 minutes. My w/r shows exactly when it happened (6700 games) for me, all other stats continued to more or less climb.... just not w/r. That section from 6600-7000 battles on all 4 stats seem to show something going on.
  9. I too was reported/accused of hax in the MO... those pesky Mogami's going Broadside 12km out in front of me, BLAP..... Even his own teammates gave him grief telling him not go go broadside in front of a BB.
  10. 90%+ of those divisions back in the day were failures... it was pretty rare to see an Umi do well... But just because someone saw someone do it on Youtube/forums, they just had to go try it themselves. Most the time they would spend too much time trying to flank to the rear of the enemy get spotted by an enemy dd/cv and get deleted. I always dreaded seeing an umi on my team in higher tier games..
  11. The MO prints credits on a whole new level, I have had the Tirp since it was launched and the MO completely surpasses it.1+ million credit games are completely normal in the MO as the Tirp requires a pretty good game to get that high without extra credit boost signals... However the Tirps freexp camo is extremely handy, with all the freexp signals I've had good games with 9-14k+ freexp in the MO/Tirp. If the Musashi has the same earning potential as MO, I will probably save up for it over the Nelson. Does the Takao have extra premium earning potential? Mine is covered in dust and rust at this point. That wouldn't even buy a tier 10 and fully outfit it, maybe not even a 9 iirc
  12. That's what I thought at first but he has not been detonated yet.... imagine his thread when that happens.
  13. How many caps did you get? I did it first try in the Fletcher, 1 solo cap, 2 assisted... minimal dmg done @ 60k and just one kill due to low HP from said capping but that win netted me 1690. Caps are crucial xp for DD's, total dmg done will not net you much xp unless you do 140k+ with high caliber/confederate etc. (higher % of total dmg done to individual ships will net you more xp than just total overall dmg).
  14. I think it was the same size or close to the current one, it just had a huge open middle area. My main issue revolved around potato BB's that would yolo into the islands on the east side getting nuked by DD's, or solo behind the tall islands on the west side (completely out of the action) and meet another DD... I think it would be worse now as so many BB's push behind islands like they are magnetized now. It was a cool map that led to some interesting games/interactions, but man could some players make it frustrating.....
  15. I got mine in the Fletcher, I believe it was 1690 It was a win with 1 solo cap, 2 assist caps, 1 kill, only 60k or so dmg.... I took all but 1200hp trying to cap when a Gearing/Moskva decided to say hi at the first cap I tried to snag, had to lay low the rest of the match but was still able to cap with cover. As this was a pretty basic game xp wise it could be a good benchmark for others to hit/see.