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  1. The only way to win (players skill being equal and not ramming) is to stay out of range of their secondaries/Torpitz, you are in trouble if that happens. If you try to go 1v1 bow on, they will close into range and whittle you down with secondaries and then torpitz you eventually.
  2. BBS must CAP First-NOT DDs

    The best part of this thread is the "logical tactics" tag, I too thought it was satire at first. But it is a change seeing a BB main tell DD's not to cap... that's rare.
  3. On previous missions for dreadnaughts I've used Khbab, Conqueror and the old reliable Tirp/Bis/Kurfurst. I haven't played much lately, need to get back on to finish the current (temporary) campaigns.
  4. I also had a random crash while loading into one of my games last night, I finally got back in 7 or so minutes, luckily I didn't move far so I wasn't spotted. When I loaded in (Montana) we were in a bad spot, down on ships and they had the epicenter on tears of the desert... I was able to help turn it around for the win, I even took second second place. Random slow loads, lag spikes and crashes seem to happen far too often around patch times.....
  5. Great, I didn't notice they were temporary campaigns, I even checked them in port (in campaigns) and they didn't have a time frame that I could see. I've been busy/out of town and haven't had a chance to play much, haven't even touched ranked yet this season.. Well that sucks.
  6. Situational Awareness

    Pretty much this... Hey BB, get out of my way I'm sending torps wherever I want to.... I don't care if you have to slow down, making yourself an easier to hit enemy target. I don't care if you have to turn, possibly opening up your broadside to the enemy or taking your turrets out of action... My torps are off cool down and I'm sending them and its your bad situational awareness if they hit you not mine. Whats better than having to dodge enemy torps? I know.... friendly torps! Launching torps into friendlies has nothing to do with being aggressive. I'm a very aggressive DD player and in my 9000+ games I've only had 1-2 torps hit friendlies and that was 2+ years ago. Being aggressive also doesn't mean being the first to die.
  7. Hmmmm, haven't bought any crates yet... maybe I'll just hang on to my money this year. This doesn't make much sense at first glance.
  8. Because in shooting him you dropped down to his idiocy level, you could of also easily died by sinking him due to reflective damage.
  9. Yup, between a little clubbing down low and the feast or famine and more well more famine (IJN) of high tier DD's its not too surprising.
  10. I really hope it doesn't become widely used, I've only heard negative things.
  11. Took her out last night, love that ship.
  12. As long as you are shooting you are a very easy target if someone knows how to aim into smoke... even when you are moving, its really not that hard. When I'm in smoke and being fired on I'll usually stop firing and bail... I have sunk many a DD/CL sitting in smoke firing. More experienced players regularly play tier 5-6, that's nothing new.

    Its not so much their mistakes per say, people just want something to blame when they lose... MM is the easiest target, well that and potatoes. Maybe I've just played to many battles at this point but I don't even pay attention to the tier make-up any more, or compare things like who has more DD's, radar ships etc.. I just look and see what enemy ships I'll have to look out for depending on what I'm playing. The second I started "ignoring" the MM a lot of the "phantom" aggravation went away and I could just focus on playing and having fun. MM is light years better than it was a year ago let along 2+ years ago. However, would I like to see the low tier protected MM done away with? ... yes... yes I would.... Tier 5 has to be a rough wall for new players. I wouldn't mind giving +1/-1 a shot just to see how it works though, I think that would greatly help the CV issue.
  14. Take away its main defense from cruisers and other DD's? no thanks, I'll stick with the 12km's that I can still hit other DD's and CA/CL's. I cant think of a reason I would want this change, even with TRB.
  15. Gadjah Mada

    Ah you mean the Belfast players you can 1 shot with AP because they sit still completely still broadside in smoke?