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  1. SCygnus

    If BB's are going to be impotent vs DD's..

    Un-nerfed secondary guns.
  2. SCygnus

    A secondary focused IJN BB?

    Is there a design sketch?
  3. SCygnus

    A secondary focused IJN BB?

    Someone napkin up a hypothetical late-war Yamato refit. Minus well, everyone else is getting ships from the 1950s.
  4. SCygnus

    Remove Zao Torpedo Option NOW!!!!!!

    Zao is fine. It now has a little extra, somewhat situational, extra. It's not OP.
  5. SCygnus

    USS New York

    NY is a dumpster fire of a ship. Just push through and get to the New Mexico, it is worth the grind.
  6. Heck with that, send them on over to us USN Cruisers, we'll take 'em off your hands.
  7. SCygnus

    T10 UK DD Daring

    Welcome to USN Cruiser Life where we were constantly told that low suitability and damage were fine because: you have Radar, it helps win games, and winning is it's own reward so stop complaining. Right now damage is king in this game, it's bad design - See: Conqueror keeping starts during ranked losses by hiding out in the back farming damage. A simple adjustment to the rewards for things like capping, spotting, spotting damage, and tanking would go a long way toward helping fix the problem with out heavy-handed mass changes to core game mechanics while simultaneously rewarding good game play.
  8. SCygnus

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Sure, just as soon as we nerf DD concealment, smoke fire, and buff radar cruiser damage to compensate for the lack of utility.
  9. SCygnus

    Regarding Alaska...

    I mean... yes? I don't think there's a disagreement here.
  10. SCygnus

    Regarding Alaska...

    Big differences. Battlecruisers are under-armored BBs designed to hunt CAs - A BB hull that traded armor for speed. Alaska was an up-gunned CA designed to hunt CAs - a CA hull that was enlarged to increase firepower.
  11. SCygnus

    Regarding Alaska...

    This is nothing like the Alabama threads. Not even close. So stop trying to agitate.
  12. SCygnus

    Regarding Alaska...

    The oddity is that Kronstadt was supposed to be the big brother for the Stalingrads (I think, soviet ship projects are difficult to keep track of). Yet somehow Stalingrad ended up as the Tier X.
  13. SCygnus

    Regarding Alaska...

    You're the one who came in to this thread and got agitated then started pushing your narrative. People are talking about a ship they want to play. There's no AMERICA F-YEAH going on in here. Sorry sport. And yeah, Yamato took some pot shots at a CVE before being chased away by a DE. 'Grats.
  14. SCygnus

    Regarding Alaska...

    Get the heck outta here. We get it, you're triggered by the 'muricans talking about USN ship rumors, but no one is burning the thread down. No one is talking about the Yamato or Mushashi in this thread.