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  1. JojoTheMongol

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Hood

    Which is fine because a Gneisenau isn't hitting anything past 15 kilometers unless by dumb luck.
  2. JojoTheMongol

    Master List of Podcast Episodes

    More podcast like the last one! VADM Katz was awesome.
  3. JojoTheMongol

    Premium Ship Review: Ishizuchi (2.0)

    More like great. I already think she's a decent ship and in the right hands downright scary. In my opinion her range was her worst attribute, so this is welcomed.
  4. JojoTheMongol

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    I don't own an Atlanta, but their player base seems to be either incredibly elite and dangerous or complete moron who sails broadside and gets first blooded every match. There doesn't seem to be any in between. I saw some moronic Atlanta play in a ranked match this weekend. Our smoke: OOOOO Enemy Smoke: OOOOO OOOOO X - Our Atlanta OOOOO OOOOO OOOOO Yep. Both teams went for the same cap and smoked up on being spotted. Both teams sat in the safety of smoke and began to blindly fire at each other. Our Atlanta then decided it was a good idea to go in between the two. He lasted 20 seconds.
  5. JojoTheMongol

    Premium Ship Review: Ishizuchi (2.0)

    I don't think so, but I can't imagine actually using them when the main battery is under use. The concussion alone would throw the crew on their butts. I'm not sure what their function was. Maybe just more close range guns. Seems like a silly place to stick them.
  6. JojoTheMongol

    Premium Ship Review - Yubari 2.0

    I know someone is regretting their purchase. My Kongo looked at their Yubari and it exploded.
  7. JojoTheMongol

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Ishizuchi

    To be fair the a lot of the hate was pre-buff and before the AFT nerf. Before most cruisers even at tier 4 could easily out range you. By the time you got in range your deck was ablaze. Now only tier 5 cruisers out range you, but not by a whole lot. She still doesn't really out range much though (unless they are tier 3). So most of the time you are going to get return fire from anything you are shooting at. Now though, she has two advantages. Firepower and speed. Before her only asset at tier 4 was speed. Now she has the firepower to back that up. Its still a fairly fragile ship for a BB. You really don't want to go toe to toe with other BBs without support.
  8. JojoTheMongol

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Ishizuchi

    Its a lot better after the buff. I know they only buffed the reload, but I swear they buffed the accuracy a tad. My shot groups just seem a bit tighter. It could still use another kilometer of range. It sucks when you are outranged by tier V cruisers and you cannot close the gap because they are faster than you. She's still just a CL hunter, but she's better at it now with a 5 second reload buff. I did out duel a New York. He was wounded which helped (so was I a bit). At point blank range his salvo did all of 10k damage to me. I'm guessing they did what others have been noticing and simply overpenned. I then just out DPS'd him. The highlight of the battle was dodging 6 torpedo strikes from a Bogue. I new I had to have been pissing off the CV player. She can really turn well for a BB. Still outmatched by same Tier BBs and definitely Tier Vs, but she's actually useable now. Before I wouldn't even touch it. Luckily I didn't spend on dime on it and won it.
  9. JojoTheMongol

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Ishizuchi

    She has really no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I'm glad I won her and didn't have to pay for it. The only thing you can do with it is hopefully get something to chase you and you can fire 6 guns at them while you flee. She really is a Cruiser killer but not a very good one. Tier V cruisers can out range you easily. Against other Tier IV BBs you are generally out classed unless the captain sucks. Don't even try to go toe to toe against a Tier V BB unless you have no other choice. I would highly recommend not buying this ship unless you like challenging ships to play or Japaneses BBs in general. However, she doesn't play like your normal IJN BB at all. You have absolutely no range to take advantage of.
  10. JojoTheMongol

    Premium Ship Review: KMS Tirpitz

    Good review. I'm enjoying my Tirpitz immensely and I am glad I bought her. After 14 battles my winning percentage is over 90% with her. So... while not decimating the enemy team with 'The Beast', I do seem to win a lot with it. One thing I will note though, is her torpedoes are really, really fragile. More often than not I find them to get knocked out at the worst times. Maybe its just my luck, but I haven't had the chance to actually torp something with them. She is really vulnerable to aircraft. If there are tier 8 or higher carriers, you have to be really careful and vigilant. Try and stick with cruisers as much as possible. She has the speed to do it. Fortunately, the CV seems to be a dying class. I run into them more and more infrequently.