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  1. It better have preferential MM. In a Tier 9 match you aren't going to last long without repair party.
  2. Colorado needs about 5k more HPs. That would bring here more in line with the rest of the tier 7s. Its laughable that a New Mexico has more HP.
  3. HE everything but cruisers or BBs showing you a lot of broadside at close range. Your range is pretty good now for tier 4, so I like to use my speed and kite a lot while pummeling ships with HE fire. Don't really expect citadels on enemy BBs though. HE should be your primary ammo choice.
  4. Cap fire chance max at 40%. Done.
  5. That was the OPs stats as he was in observer view after he sunk. 80k in a Krispy Kreme is remarkable though. I'm sure the Ceasar got well over 100k with 7 kills, unless he was a kill securing son of a [edited].
  6. Citadels are rare now against Iowas. More than likely you'll just get a lot of normal pens.
  7. I like the Konig. With BFT/AFT/MFAA, your long range AA is the best at Tier 5. No one ever suspects it either.
  8. Would rather have a WV tier 7 premium or something like that.
  9. 1k and then a jump to 15k battles? Wow, seems like they should of staggered the battles a bit. Maybe 1k, 5k, 10k, etc. Oh well, at least its something.
  10. Awesome pictures. Thanks.
  11. And historically a single carrier could ruin an entire fleets day. GAMEPLAY > HISTORY
  12. Their fire chance on some tiers is far and above higher than their BB counterparts. Iron Duke - 40% Kongo - 25% New York - 30% Konig - 23% So 10% higher than the closest competitor. Duke at most should be 35% and it still would have the best HE at the tier by a decent margin. NY has a decent fire chance but the shell does only 5,000 damage compared to the Duke's 5,900.
  13. and if you let someone do that to you, you screwed up. Against HE there is very little you can actually do but just try and sink them quicker or run. Yes you can control your repair and damage party, but they can only do so much.
  14. At least they are bad at something.
  15. I'm reporting it every time I see it now. Now back to the topic... Yes there should be a nerf. I don't have a problem with UK HE being the best BB HE in the game, but right now its far and away better tier for tier. Bring it more inline with other nation HE, especially the fire chance.