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  1. I wasn't saying her logic was sound, but in her eyes Tommen did betray her and in saying so his her twisted justification for what she did.
  2. Tommen did betray her. He backed the High Septon and converted.
  3. Yeah... I was planning on finishing the Shirat grind, but that may be taking a back seat. I suck in the ship as is, but now without smoke it will be even worse. Without TRB, good luck getting many torp hits. The Shirat really relied on TRB by filling the sea with torps to hit anything besides a slow, clueless BB. Its torps aren't particularly fast and have garbage detection. They are really easy to dodge. You are really going to see the Shirat fall in stats.
  4. Heaven forbid a line IJN DD be actually good.
  5. Active Sonar would simply bounce off the island and wouldn't detect crap. I guess WG models passive sonar, but even then you would have a hard time pinpointing anything behind a solid land mass.
  6. Seriously? Last time I checked Islands don't just float at the surface like an ice berg.
  7. The Hipper is pretty hard to play just for the simple fact you get in Tier 10 matches most of the time. You are pretty out gunned in those matches and you have to walk a fine line of actually helping your team and not getting nuked in the first 5 minutes of a match. For me the Shiratsuyu is pretty hard to master. Taking advantage of that torp reload booster is more difficult than it seems on paper.
  8. It seems pretty intentional that you really need EM on the Gnevny and Minsk, but don't need it farther down the line. Pay for the Commander redistribution please.
  9. But in ranked generally the more skilled team wins. (well expect for Tier VII which the team that has the most Belfasts usually won). Random is a different animal and there is way more MM luck involved. With a +1/-1 MM system, you take some of that luck aspect away. I'm a decent player and I can do some work in a ship down 2 tiers, but I usually do a helluva lot better when I'm in a top tier ship or at least not bottom tier. Its also heavily dependent on the ship too. Some ships are okay being bottom tier, because they are probably a bit OP compared to their same tier ships. Others are woefully inadequate to face ships two Tiers higher. Case in point a Colorado in a Tier 9 match or Nurnberg facing Tier 8s.
  10. I use Smoke in the Kagero as either an oh crap option or to smoke up friendly ships. Rarely do I just smoke up and sit in it and pew pew. That is just asking to be counter torped or hit with the radar. The main problem with the torp booster is its great in certain games but useless in some. Smoke is just generally more useful.
  11. Do you even MFCSA brah?
  12. Who needs MB when you got a Light cruiser attached to both your sides?
  13. I got hit by a Sims torp in my Tirpitz that had about 55k HP left. That sea mine that does a max 8,500 damage detonated me. Fun and engaging. I went back to the port, grabbed another ship and moved on with my life.
  14. Since when is the Murmansk a German boat? If it was it wouldn't be any good.