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  1. cthuhulu

    Your monthly super container

    I can’t force myself to log on enough to collect it.
  2. cthuhulu

    Magic Detonations? 4 Detonations in a game

    If you have enough monkeys banging on a keyboard one will eventually type a novel.
  3. cthuhulu

    What's with the BBs firing HE

    If he HE already loaded in a conq better to take the shot with he then try to switch ordinance.
  4. cthuhulu

    Is This a "Good Game"????

    I treat it like a drinking game. Every time someone says GG in a curb stomp I take a drink. I stop caring after awhile.
  5. Don’t miss the fine print, something about a first born.
  6. cthuhulu

    Is this what I think it is?

    Can you imagine a Kitakami in Arms Race with all of those reload boosters?
  7. Anyone remember Everquest?
  8. cthuhulu

    Black Event Cost Breakdown

    No way I an getting this boat via the missions. I can hardly play more than one game a day without raising my blood pressure due to the current game status. My first and only game today was spent in a t5 match with my kami being constantly hounded by enemy cv while our cv chased bb’s, neglected the enemies capping our flag, and didn’t deploy a single fighter CAP. OTH, my wife is much happier these days as I spend less time on it and more time working on the list of “things to get done”. I guess there is a silver lining.
  9. cthuhulu

    Musashi in the Armory Auction

    If I had the option I would auction mine.
  10. I find it hard enough to find the motivation these days to click play. If it is coming down to farming that makes it even more difficult.
  11. cthuhulu

    Are PT boats really next?

    I thought it was the Smith.
  12. cthuhulu

    Coal commander or Napoli?

    The Italian special commander has good synergy with Napoli as well.