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  1. cthuhulu

    Anybody else staying in bronze on purpose?

    I will take gold if I can get there. Didn’t make it this round but at least maxed out the rewards.
  2. cthuhulu

    Get Stalin while having Petro?

    Isn’t the fuse better on the stalingrad ap for full pens/cits?
  3. cthuhulu

    Top 3 mistakes new-to-medium players make.

    Know when to use HE and AP.
  4. I am eying the Stalingrad. I know it has been hit with the nerf hammer, but not the guns.
  5. cthuhulu

    Is getting Stalingrad still worth it?

    What is scary is that it is really 314 square kilometers.
  6. cthuhulu

    Is getting Stalingrad still worth it?

    I am in the same boat (pun intended). I have wanted the Stalingrad for a long time but the loss of fire prevention captain skill and radar nerf makes me second guess. I know the petro is considered to be a better choice but the Stalingrad guns have such a reputation that it still calls to me (short fuse and great sigma). Only other steel ship I am interested in is Bourgogne (32 mm plating worries me on this one) which has me going back and forth and causing so much indecision.
  7. So it seems like my computer likes to default back to full windowed screens after any updates and I have started to notice a pattern for shots fired. Specifically, it appears to me that point of impact falls short of point of aim in windowed mode. I realize there is rng, potential network issues, etc. and that I don’t have the capabilities to correctly sample my hypothesis. Has anyone else noticed this kind of phenomena? I have probably just biased myself over time but I have heard about other aiming bugs and thought it was time to ask.
  8. I have enough steel to get a ship with the coupon. Torn between Stalingrad and Bourgogne.
  9. Haven’t seen this many targets since the Corgi days.
  10. cthuhulu

    A Stupid Question About Steel and Ships

    I am torn between Stalingrad and Bourgogne.
  11. cthuhulu

    Emile Bertin, Konigsberg, or Montecuccoli?

    Konigsburg, as it get you one step closer to the Hindy.
  12. cthuhulu

    Ping spikes

    So starting yesterday my pings have been spiking to 1200 during game play. I reset my router and modem to no avail and have run speedtest.net (ookla) which shows my ping as 12-25 to my nearest test location. Virus scan shows no issues as well. So my question is; are the ping spikes on my end or is this a WG issue? I guess I could reinstall WOWS but thought I would ask first. Thanks for any input in advance.
  13. cthuhulu

    One Salvo and I'm Dead

    Showing your broadside is bad, m’kay.
  14. cthuhulu

    When your team decides to potato

    Valium and a shot of whiskey do wonders for dealing with a potato team.
  15. cthuhulu

    Premium Ship Review - Marco Polo

    I was saving coal just for this ship. Guess I will have to wait.