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  1. cthuhulu

    My first super container in the new update.

    Maybe the supercontainer drops should be based upon your choice of the container type you selected eg: try your luck Super containers containers should bestow ships or doubloons while the other super containers bestow something fitting for the class of containers you chose like coal, fxp, flags, camos, etc. with drop rates adjusted accordingly for value.
  2. cthuhulu

    MM - Let's Be Fair

    If longer wait times prevent ROFLstomps then I am all for it. Winning or losing, lopsided matches are not fun.
  3. I have see plenty of games lost in the first 5 minutes.
  4. I value confederate and high caliber more highly than kraken.
  5. cthuhulu

    Flamu tries CV Rework

    Teamwork with creating aa umbrellas might be the only way.
  6. If I ever get a ship in a SC my next purchase will be some Powerball tickets.
  7. cthuhulu

    Topside Tuesday - Best Looking Ship

    The Showboat, BB55 North Carolina. Growing up in Wilmington may be making my choice a bit subjective.
  8. cthuhulu

    50k Base XP for 2 Free BF Crates

    Don’t worry about the regular crates. The drops are crap.
  9. cthuhulu

    What did you do with your Coal?

    Bought Musashi.
  10. That is a uniformed service of the US. Officers are commissioned.
  11. cthuhulu

    BB secondaries are worthless

    Can some people provide damage totals for secondaries rather than ribbon counts? I find that a lot of my hits are shatters or non-pens with no damage. Feel free to include fire damage as well.
  12. cthuhulu

    T8 hell

    I don’t mind being uptiered in my t8’s but the whining from t10’s for me to be more aggressive when it is clear I need to be supporting and not leading the charge is annoying.
  13. I free xp’d The Nelson and bought the Musashi with coal. Nelson was the better purchase.
  14. 16 battles all in my Kami, all solo. Next season will use my Konig exclusively to see how it goes. I don’t have any other tier 5’s I enjoy playing.
  15. cthuhulu

    Baby Ranked party thread

    So between the kami clones the one you could buy before it was pulled from the “store” has a higher win rate. That is interesting.