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  1. cthuhulu

    DD, A pointless class

    The problem is 98% of the players can’t.
  2. cthuhulu

    DD, A pointless class

    I think the dd’s should look at the minimap. If they don’t have support and do not know where the enemy radar is then they shouldn’t charge into the cap or try to engage. If they do then it is on them for their being sunk. Now loss of a game is another beast.
  3. cthuhulu

    Zao or Minotaur

    Mino is too dependent on actually having a good team.
  4. cthuhulu

    DD, A pointless class

    Until dd’s are properly rewarded for one of their main roles, scouting and screening for the fleet, they are forced to try and farm damage which gets them focused and killed.
  5. cthuhulu

    Taking shells after going dark

    Isn’t there a desync issue where your computer shows you are dark but the server is actually registering your position?
  6. cthuhulu

    One of those games

    If my rng is bad to start a game then it continues for the rest of the game. Streaky Rng even seems to carry over from one game to the next so if i have three games of bad rng i call it a day.
  7. cthuhulu

    The magical unicorn Soviet container does exist

    Finally got enough, after getting all available crates through directive three, for the t5 premium. Only reason i chose this is in that ultimate rare instance of a ship in a super container it wont be this ship. I will spend the rest of my tokens on premium time if i get enough for a day or two.
  8. cthuhulu

    OH those tasty Lemmings ....

    Sticking together for ranked does work. You overwhelm the enemy at the flag of your choice and then move onto B with them down a ship or two. Snowball from there.
  9. Think I pulled a back muscle on this one. 20200524_081546_PRSB107-Sinop_05_Ring.wowsreplay
  10. Blys is fine. Its the taters sailing them in ranked that get my salt flowing, quite possibly with the scenario described by the OP. Just had one sail straight into B to start the match when there was an Atl about. One radar and poof.
  11. cthuhulu

    Ranked sync drop twin belfasts

    Pretty sure WG frowns upon sync dropping in ranked. Otherwise they would allow you div up. Based upon the play of the two players in question I doubt they had much of an IQ, so sync dropping in the same ship probably did not factor in other than belfast is a strong ship for ranked this season.
  12. Just finished a ranked match where two clan mates sync dropped with belfasts. They finished last and fourth in a loss for the green team. Gotta love it. I started to name the clan here but figured that would be name and shame, still very tempted to do it though.
  13. cthuhulu

    Unique Commanders for 175K Coal--Worth it?

    Trying to decide between Kuznetov (Kremlin) or Lutjens (Hindy) or go with Thunderer. Leaning Thunderer right now but I am waiting for a new coupon next month. So still time to make up my mind.
  14. Especially on Ocean Map. It is funny as it is so predictable.