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  1. This ship absolutely clicks for me. My win rate is around 64% and I have playing it pretty heavily lately. Been averaging 60k damage and couple of kills per game lately.
  2. I only kept Takao since it was an Atago clone. Myoko and Kongo clones were sold for some reason or other. The plentitude of 10 pt IJN captains was handy though.
  3. This event is perfect as is. I get to take a break and not miss anything of value.
  4. Spotting by team members is key for this boat. If there is a lack of spotting it’s nerfs their one trick which is smoke firing.
  5. cthuhulu

    Buffed Hindenburg

    I think that is people are playing her at distance, as an he spammer, where the turtleback does allow more cits than at closer ranges.
  6. cthuhulu

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

  7. cthuhulu

    The Church of Hindenburg

    The cl cruiser he spam meta certainly makes the uu an interesting set up for Hindi.
  8. cthuhulu

    The Church of Hindenburg

    I had taken a break from Hindy due to the nerfs and wanting to grind up some other cruiser lines. First game back with the buff netted 143k in damage and 1750 base xp game. Forgive me Hindy for I have sinned in not playing you enough. I will be a better devote.
  9. cthuhulu

    The worst day in WoWs I have ever experienced.

    MM can be very streaky. There are days where I can’t lose and days where I can’t win. As a good experiment, I need to start keeping track of the ratio of close games to blow outs.
  10. cthuhulu

    Advice on how to get better....

    The mini-map is your best friend. Don’t tunnel vision on your crosshairs by checking the mini-map so you know where the enemies are and don’t get out of position. By the time you realize you are being focused by 5 ships it is too late.
  11. Fire prevention combines the two area most likely to catch fire, the amidship area. The bow and stern are harder to hit. I run it on my BB’s mostly due to their being am HE spam magnet. As always let one fire burn, unless low health, and snuff it they get two on you.
  12. cthuhulu

    If 1 v. 1 Ranked is done again, which tier?

    Odd tier to keep cv’s out. I would say 7. Good mix of strong tech tree and interesting premiums.
  13. I was going back and forth on this or Thunderer. Decided on this ship instead. So now that I bought this I am sure there will be some kind of nerf to this boat. You are welcome in advance.
  14. cthuhulu

    Mega Santa Madness

    Screen shots?
  15. Make sure to uninstall old video drivers before installing the new one.