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  1. Agondray

    steam manual login botched again

    SO when i moved the WGC came out and i was unable to download it where i moved so i use steam, each patch for the past 2 patches its gotten harder to do a manual login on steam. last patch we had to delete multiple files in multiple areas on a workaround to make it work, now with italy dlc that same work around isnt working. Ive been n discord with some other people that have now either quit playing WOWs because they cant log in without switching to the WGC or switched to the WGC or have restarted so they dont have to mess with WGC which i have heard is basically spyware. Has anyone had the issue using a manual login by steam where wg once again changed things and found out how to get back on or has everyone quit tryng to log in that way now?
  2. wth i can only control 1 thing at a time? this is going to be horrible with me getting chased having to do maneuvers and bomb the hell out of what is chasing me. Why must i manually needs to fly my bombers while my ship goes on autopilot? they are putting way to much trust on people working as a team that simply dont want to work as a team. they already killed my airsupport US CVs where atleast i provided majoritoy aircover against enemy CV
  3. Agondray

    Azure lane

    one of the girls had a mission? i play about every day on 2 servers and neither i saw had a mission for Nelson
  4. Agondray

    Azure lane

    what news, there was nothing posted about them, nor was there a proper end date for when they would stop being sold, there was just an end date for when the missions ended but not the sell
  5. Agondray

    Azure lane

    Are we going to get another chance to buy the Azure lane commanders and ships? i spent the 2 months saving up the money thinking it expired on the 1st of august with the missions to find out it expired a month ago
  6. yeah its called 1 player cant carry the whole team like the others would want you to. i quit randoms mostly due to the fact im tired of seeing a defeat while being the one of the top earners. also spamming HE is better than spamming AP when you get nothing imho, its comes down to do you have a good enough angle or are you going to hit the right areas that it doesnt bounce off, if not use HE. if im at long range i use HE, if im head on he again, if i cant hit something like the turrents or this armor, he. i hate being broadsides and seeing constant reflects so i pick areas of the ship to mess with