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  1. Morbid_Curiosity_

    Salty Attitude in ranked battles

    I personally believe that WG allowing rentals into ranked at T10 takes away from those who have earned their T10s,but on the flip side iv seen those who have T10s derp just has much.
  2. Morbid_Curiosity_

    noob-ish looking for a clan

    Your welcome to join us C4C ,our discord is Https://discord.gg/XGUnEJr.
  3. Morbid_Curiosity_

    (C4C) ClashforCash

    We are experienced players that have been in the game since beta,Looking for new members to join us in building our new clan,Only requirements are that you just wanna have fun,So please come check us out on Discord,Hang out,Division up with us,Talk to us before you decide. Https://discord.gg/XGUnEJr
  4. Morbid_Curiosity_

    (C4C) ClashforCash

    Wow!We are the Drama Queens but here you're spreading information about a clan and it's members that you don't even know or have ever played with,So maybe you should stop judging others and go look in a mirror,and even if you did apply to our clan you wouldn't be welcome we don't judge.
  5. Morbid_Curiosity_

    (C4C) ClashforCash

  6. Morbid_Curiosity_

    (C4C) ClashforCash

    We are a new clan by players that have played the game since beta,We are looking for new members that want to have fun and hang out,Here is our discord drop in talk to us maybe div up before u decide, Https://discord.gg/XGUnEJr.
  7. Morbid_Curiosity_

    (C4C) ClashforCash

    Hey nice seeing u again,Yeah a group of us from 5D decided to go out on our own,Hit me up in game we can div up again.
  8. Morbid_Curiosity_

    (C4C) ClashforCash

    We are a new clan just starting out with experienced players looking for new members,Most of us have been playing since beta,so please come check us out on Discord,Https://discord.gg/XGUnEJr
  9. Morbid_Curiosity_

    Looking to come back!

    Welcome back to the game and you'd be welcome with us,or at least come talk with us see what you think.Https://discord.gg/XGUnEJr
  10. Morbid_Curiosity_

    (C4C) ClashforCash

    We are experienced players that have been playing since beta,We wanted to start a new clan that is geared towards the clan members themselves,so please check us out and division up with us and hang out,Discord is Https://discord.gg/XGUnEJr
  11. Morbid_Curiosity_

    (C4C) ClashforCash

    We are looking for new members to come join us for Clan Battles And more.Please come join us on Discord. Https://discord.gg/XGUnEJr