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  1. Seventy percent of the player base hate being bottom tier. The other 30 percent are liars! Okay, that was an old joke molded a bit for my topic. However, when I sit down and play several battles only to be bottom tier several consecutive times, the game is no longer fun. Sure I can have a good battle when I'm the lowest tier, and I try to make the best of it when it happens. However, it's a lot more fun to actually be top tier once every few battles. It's worse if you get these bottom-tier streaks when you're also on a losing streak because it makes it almost impossible to carry the team. It would be easy to fix: Simply make about a third of the matches have only one tier difference. Being bottom tier when there is only one tier above you isn't that bad. I concede there are times when I am top tier more than my share. However, it's getting those streaks of bottom tier multiple times in a row that is so maddening.
  2. Coyote720

    Games crashes at login

    Here's what I found with my game. Restarting my computer before launching the game helps if you've run certain other programs (e.g., Steam). Also, when the game is loading, don't do anything else until it gets to the authorization phase. Even talking on Discord or plugging in my headset during the loading phase has caused the game to crash. I'm surprised the game has become this unstable after so many years, but following these guidelines has helped me.
  3. Coyote720

    Atlanta Post IFHE Nerf

    Excellent info. Thanks!
  4. Coyote720

    Atlanta Post IFHE Nerf

    I've run IFHE on my Atlanta for quite some time now, and I gave up Concealment Expert to do it. However, with the IFHE nerf and its increased penalty to fire chance, I am debating switching. I am wondering how much more ineffective my shells would be without IFHE.
  5. I have no problem with CVs in the game, but I just got done with a tier IV game with three per side. It was totally stupid. I shot down 28 planes in my Yubari, but it didn't do any good. They just kept coming with full squads and eventually whittled me down and sunk me. There was barely time to get shots off at enemy ships because I was too busy dodging planes or trying to support other ships under attack. One CV per side per match should be a hard rule.
  6. Coyote720


    lol I knew someone would find a way to flame me for my post. Congratulations! The reason to do it in coop is it's simply faster--get it over with.
  7. Coyote720


    I was just starting my third battle last evening when poof! My less-than-two-months-old computer died. Power supply went belly up--completely dead. I got the situation resolved the next day only to find I've been slapped with penalty for "quitting" a battle. First time I ever left a battle not to return, and it obviously wasn't my fault. Okay, I get this isn't a big deal. I'll work off my pinkness in three coop battles, but it's annoying nevertheless. Insult to injury!
  8. Coyote720

    Commander Skills

    I've been waiting patiently to respec my Z-23 captain, which was moved over from another ship and sub-optimally set up both for this ship and for clan wars. Now I have to play a clan battle first? Not the end of the world but annoying nevertheless.
  9. Coyote720

    Ognevoi — Soviet Tier VIII destroyer.

    What does the Ognevoi victory banner camo look like? Any picture posted anywhere? Also, what are its stats?
  10. One CV per side is fine. Tier IV CVs are so weak that if they double up on them, that's okay too. But two tier X CVs in a game is nuts. If you play a DD, you can't really do much except try to survive against wave after wave of planes.
  11. I feel betrayed that submarines are coming. I hope my dread of them is unfounded. Otherwise, my World of Warships playing days are now finite.
  12. I love my Hatsuharu! I have it set up for gunnery and AA, which makes for an all-around ship. It let's me make good use of my guns and make carriers pay for keeping me spotted. However, I am about to get two more points to put into captain skills (for a total of 13). I am torn which to go with. (I already have Expert Marksman.) Do I take Torpedo Expertise or Last Stand? Obviously, I have regretted already not having Last Stand in a some battles. However, it would be nice to have my torpedoes reload sooner, and that would help in every battle. Whatever I pick will be temporary because once I have two more points after that, I will respec and get Concealment Expert. However, that will take a while. Comments? Also, has anyone else set up their Hatsuharu with BFT, EM, AFT, and an AA gun upgrade?
  13. Coyote720

    Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    First, I love your reviews, and this review has probably saved me ~17 dollars since it answered all the questions I had and confirmed my concerns. Thank you! You are correct in your example about the chance of fire only going from 6 percent to 5.7 percent (thus only a 0.3 percent reduction). However, the bottom line is out of 20 potential fires, this module will prevent one fire. That's not much, but it is tangible. So, if I have Last Stand on a ship, I will take the damage control system module every time.
  14. Coyote720

    Premium Ship Review - IRN Aurora

    Thank you for this review, LWM, and for your follow-up post about fire. I am debating getting the Aurora, and this is exactly the information I was looking for. I think the power of demoliton expert is not fully appreciated; I put it on my Murmansk ahead of AFT. If you start one fire, the enemy can put it out. However, if you start two fires with the second coming after they used their repair party, their ship is going to burn! In other words, the damage from two fires can be worth much, much more than twice the damage of one fire.