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  1. Same here. On top of Dockyard not loading, I have to load and reload armory several times to get it to load--also other screens like profile and clan. UPDATE: Using the link that Potohto928 posted above, I was able to access the Dockyard in a browser and collect my reward that way. Thanks, Potohto928! EDIT: Alt-F4 will also get you out of a locked-up Dockyard screen.
  2. Coyote720

    Critical Error?

    I'm getting this same error and guessed it was because of mods/modstation. Nice to have that suspicion confirmed. Thanks.
  3. Coyote720

    Never... until today

    I was wondering if it was still possible. I've gotten exactly one ship (the Warspite) from a super container, and it happened several years ago. Congratulations!
  4. Coyote720

    Looking for a new game

    There is an alternative that I have taken full advantage of: WoWs at Tier 4. I miss playing a lot of my higher tier ships, but there are no subs at tier 4. You still have to deal with CVs, but they aren't as powerful as higher tiered ones. I don't play as much as I used to because there is lack of variety staying at mostly Tier 4. However, it lets me enjoy the game without having to deal with [edited] subs.
  5. Coyote720

    Camos Survey: Waste of Time

    You're missing my point. I have answered every survey offered, and I will continue to do so. My point is this[I/] survey was a waste of time. WG has made camos meaningless to game play. Furthermore, a survey about camos didn't even ask for an opinion what the user base thinks about them in general.
  6. They will show you dozens of camos and ask which ones you like the best or least. If you do take the survey, be sure to pay attention to whether they are asking best or least. I'm sure I marked some down not meaning to. However, what makes the survey poor is they don't ask you what you think about camos in general. To me, they have made them irrelevant with the recent changes. They also do not give you a place to make any comments.
  7. Coyote720

    wows mod station.

    After yet another uninstall/reinstall I got it to work. What a pain!
  8. Coyote720

    wows mod station.

    As I posted on another thread, I keep getting no Internet connection. I was getting "Wargaming Game Center is currently unavailable" error, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now the new error.
  9. Coyote720

    mod station

    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but all I get is no internet connection. Sometimes it downloads about 10 MB before I get that error; other times it simply says I have no connection.
  10. Coyote720

    Quick submarine poll

    World of Warships is/was my favorite computer game of all time. However, I haven't played randoms since they reintroduced subs. They are a deal breaker for me. I'm hoping they get relegated to their own mode eventually, but I'm not holding my breath. I used to spend hundreds of dollars on this game. I have spent less than one hundred since subs were first announced years ago, and I wish I hadn't spent that. Against a well-played sub, I basically become a target. I'm sure it's great fun for the (good) sub player, but not really fun for anyone else. I know CVs get compared to subs--and like subs, CVs are hated by many. However, I can play a ship that can counter a CV. When I play my Yubari or Pensacola, I'm disappointed if there isn't a CV. There are no ships I can play to counter a sub. Sure, some are better than others, but I doubt there is a ship a good sub player fears. Finally, I know this game isn't exactly "realistic." However, if say a ship had a top speed of 30 knots in real life, that's what it will have in game. If a ship had nine 8-inch guns in WW2, that's what it will have in the game. But the subs (and sub torpedoes) in the game are so out of whack with what subs could do in WW2 that it would be laughable if it wasn't so game breaking.
  11. Coyote720

    Subs and exaggerate panic some are creating

    The point isn't whether they are effective or not or if I'm good at hunting them or not. The point is they don't belong in a WW2 surface combat naval game. Of course, they sunk their share of warships but never during a surface combat battle.
  12. Coyote720

    The Only Way to Make (Most) Everyone Happy

    Ask anyone in the Navy. Ship are BOATS.
  13. Coyote720

    The Only Way to Make (Most) Everyone Happy

    You've now twice made your little joke about ending up with "no ships at all" by catering to everyone's preferences. All I'm asking is that there is a random mode that only has SHIPS; submarines are NOT ships.
  14. Coyote720

    The Only Way to Make (Most) Everyone Happy

    I expected a reply like this (more than one actually). So let me respond... I considered suggesting that CVs also be excluded from "Classic" mode, but CVs have been around since day 1. Furthermore, CVs can be countered somewhat by playing ships with good AA. I also understand WG may not want to split randoms into more than one game mode. However, there hasn't been anything more divisive introduced to the game (remember CVs were there at the start) than submarines. I'm suggesting a temporary split to see what people want. However, if you're suggesting WG should decide for us, then that is certainly your right (and, of course WG's). Furthermore, if the split draws equal numbers, then maybe the split should be permanent. Everybody happy. Why is that so bad? Look, even without subs there are things I don't care about when I play. But the game itself is so good I accept them and keep playing. However, subs were nearly--and still may be--a deal breaker for me.
  15. Some people like subs. Some people don't think they belong in the game. The same can be said for superships. Here's what WG should do: Two types of Random Battles should be available: 1. Normal Random. Battles that may contain subs and superships. This mode would carry a 10 percent bonus to experience to entice those not playing subs or superships to play it. 2. Classic Random. Battles would not contain subs nor superships. If one type of random battles was clearly dominant in terms of numbers, then WG have their answer which way they should go. If it's a near even split, then both modes could be retained indefinitely.