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  1. I'm not sure if the premium tier 8 Russian cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov had radar. Does it?
  2. That's not all you said in your post. And even then, I would not fire at a teammate. That would only escalate things and result in two ships sunk on my team. I hope you will look at your anger issue because that will negatively affect you in real life as well as in any game you play.
  3. The OP is actually average in his Independence. So he doesn't need to apologize for playing her.
  4. Last time I played a CV (a long, long time ago in an ocean far, far away), it was a tier IV Langley in a co-op battle. I did okay, but it didn't stop some moron telling me how bad my game play was. Since my favorite ship is the Atlanta, I love to see carriers in battles. So, I am sorry you and fellow CV captains get the abuse they do.
  5. Does Salty Chat Offend You?

    Here's the thing about salty players. Most of them are likely that way in real life. In other words, they are verbally abusive. Sure, I can shrug off salt thrown my way in the game. But these salty people bring storm clouds with them wherever they go. It's sad for anyone who has to deal with them in the real world. I'm just glad I only have to deal with them for a very short time.
  6. Mutsuki. I suck with her.

    I love this ship--my second favorite after the Atlanta! I have My Mutsuki specced for AA, which is often useful. (However, you must keep your AA turned off much of the time. But when you need it or can safely use it, it's cool to slowly pick away those fighters spotting you.) I like the torpedoes because they are faster than other IJN torpedoes close to this tier. Having concealment expert is a must, so don't try to play this ship without at least a 10-point captain. Also, use camo for the extra 3-percent concealment. Knowing when to use its guns is an art. Obviously, you want to avoid knife fights with other destroyers, but its guns can be useful at times.
  7. A very confused Mutsuki driver

    Without at least a 10-point captain, you are at a severe disadvantage. Your really want Concealment Expert, and you need to run with a camo that has the 3-percent concealment buff. That gets your concealment down to 5.4 km. Every tenth of a km concealment makes a difference, so don't scrimp on using camo. It can be hard to hit cruisers (or obviously destroyers) with your torpedoes, but you can do quite well against battleships with Mutsuki's torpedoes. (I'm not saying you should only fire your torps at battleships; however, battleships will usually be your first target choice since they are much easier to hit.)
  8. What is the best Tier 4 Destroyer?

    So true. I have never seen a ship nerfed so hard, in so many ways. I loved that ship. I'm sure my WTR went down post-nerf. Now, I won't even sail her.
  9. Player rating

    Saying karma doesn't matter is like saying your vote doesn't matter in elections. Unfortunately, many (most?) players have adopted this karma-doesn't-matter attitude. Thus, the idiots who give negative karma because they are mad that you sunk them or because you have a premium ship and they don't are having a greater impact on karma than they should. Saying karma doesn't matter is like saying having a good reputation doesn't matter. Unfortunately, if the vast majority don't participate in giving out karma where it's due, then yes karma becomes meaningless. My karma used to trend upwards. However, lately it seems to randomly move up or down if I play well and not move at all when I don't. The system could work if the masses would participate in the system.
  10. You don't get the message that you have been reported for single reports. However, I'm pretty certain you do take a karma hit for one. People dismiss the karma system, but I think it's a fair indicator of your reputation in the game. I agree with the OP that it's pathetic when someone reports you because you got the best of them. The system can work if enough people will actively compliment good play because the good people in this game far outnumber the crybabies.
  11. Fun Driving "BAD" ships

    Mutsuki. I seem to do well in this ship, especially if I can actually get a (somewhat rare) top-tier battle. The Atlanta is by far my most played ship; however, I don't think of it as a bad ship. I also like the Yubari.
  12. I believe it's 1 to 1 for compliments and reports. However, you only get notified of a report if there are more than two. I believe I've read the latter point. I also once lost 7 karma (before we had 10), and I didn't do anything except sink some cruiser who had given me a nice broadside. (I didn't say anything in chat.) So, I assume the sore loser used all his 7 reports on me. That was also the only time I remember being notified that I had been reported even though I've lost one karma at a time many times.
  13. C hull?

    In the past, I have played mostly B hull, trying C hull from time to time. I won't disagree that B hull is probably the better choice. However, I am now a convert to the C hull. I've been seeing more carriers lately, and having DF is so cool when a CV captain comes after you with their planes. It's a matter of play style; I love ships that are effective against planes.
  14. Steven Seagal - Best Fit?

    He works well in my Pensacola. I've thought of switching him to my Cleveland, but the expert loader is really useful keeping him where he's at.
  15. Darn. I misinterpreted the discount as well. Thanks for explaining.