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  1. They_called_me_a_Madman

    Dumped entire round of depth charges on top of sub

    “Subs are ready for a full fledge release into our game” -WG btw ”oh and also heres some UK subs while we’re at it” “Hey guys the community is pretty mad about subs what should we do?” To which another guy says “Lets make a dev blog post and [edited] our way out of it” wg.txt
  2. They_called_me_a_Madman

    WG, show the Blyskawica some love!!!

    Play her like a Khabarovsk and you’ll do dirty things with her. Spec into AFT and farm farm farm
  3. They_called_me_a_Madman

    When high tier gets you down

    Fiji is where I quit the line lol
  4. They_called_me_a_Madman

    Which line design was your biggest deception?

    Italian DDs, most people try to play them like a Paulo Emilio when in reality they’re significantly more gun focused since the torps just arent good enough to rush things unless the target is already like half health
  5. They_called_me_a_Madman

    balance CVs with more realism

    The literal only realistic thing in this game is the ship models (or at least some). For literally everything else, realism left the building in like 2017
  6. They_called_me_a_Madman

    What Part Of This Game Truly Sucks???

    The way I see it is that its a ship made for people to just let the AI play the game for them
  7. They_called_me_a_Madman

    Never Enough Comps

    Writing my entire list would get me banned but the two big ones are “Always use all reports” and “Never compliment anyone for any reason, ever”
  8. They_called_me_a_Madman

    Never Enough Comps

  9. They_called_me_a_Madman

    Never Enough Comps

    I never compliment anyone for any reason
  10. They_called_me_a_Madman

    Please explane to me how this is "fun".

    The spreadsheets say so wg.txt
  11. They_called_me_a_Madman

    What ever happened to T8 being the new sweet spot?

    For the most part tier VIIIs uptier well, some obviously better than others but again, most will still do just fine as long as your gameplay is up to par
  12. They_called_me_a_Madman

    Tier 6 Ranked Preferred Ships

  13. They_called_me_a_Madman

    Expendable camo why?

  14. They_called_me_a_Madman

    Expendable camo why?

    Your ships look like dog [edited]without camos. Use camos
  15. They_called_me_a_Madman

    "Learn your PLACE" He said.......

    Im extremely selective of who I add to my contacts. Thanks for the idea but I’ll pass on it