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  1. What I’m worried about is how you always jump to dumb conclusions. Your self entitlement is something else......
  2. Is that why you’re translating everyone’s posts to russian
  3. Well said
  4. @Reymu Also that match where you tried to TK me, would you care to tell the tale of the salty BBaby whom we both mercilessly burned down, or should I?
  5. When you fired those fish I remember shouting “Oh sh*t!” really loud into the VC. I also remember an Akatsuki game I played with you with 183k damage and a double strike.
  6. Weekend teams
  7. TA is a two point skill, for one thing. You’re only looking at the downside of the skill without the benefit. Even with TA Gearings torpedoes have more than enough range to work with, plus they’re faster and that extra bit harder to dodge on top of it.
  8. You know you can *gasp* mute players and then their messages won’t appear on your screen anymore
  9. Nah. They’re just too busy making new content for us to enjoy
  10. I also hate BBs. Lets jump into a double Khab div and punish the camping scubs :D
  11. Why did you name the thread after yourself? and misspell it at that...?
  12. Sometimes they get caught in a position where they have no choice. Sometimes they may have to wait out a suprise Radar or escape a spotter plane. Is the DD player at fault for letting themselves get caught like that? Yes, but at the same time, I would rather have a low HP DD doing not much than I would have one that throws the ship away trying to satisfy the BBabies in the back of the map. Yes, I am a RU DD main, but I have been playing the IJN and sometimes the things people always expect DDs to do would be downright suicide if you try. Should DDs contest caps? For the most part yes, but not against 2 Moskvas, a Baltimore, a Montana, a Chappy, and a triple Fletcher div. Then theres the VMF DDs that are basically CLs
  13. Its honestly meant more to be a skill for CV planes rather than DDs, but Gearing does benefit greatly from having it, as its base range is 16.5km and having TA will bring it down to about 13.5km which is still more than enough. You can also play your 19pt captains and use elite commander XP to reset skills for free
  14. Maybe it will be: Theres also another 3 more wins that wont fit in the allotted window