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  1. this is my point, you are talking as if there is no problem with the game, I and others are being destroyed by invisible enemy as close as 3 klms away, my question is why, I know how the game works  and i get is a answer the same as you have given me if the game is playing correctly, in my case it is not and I can get no answer as to why.

    1. Destroyer_Zeka


      Because the game is working fine. Nothing is wrong. Any ship that’s that close will always be detected unless they’re either A.) behind an island, or B.) in smoke. And in both of those cases something called RADAR exists. And if not Radar then Hydro. If you’re not seeing enemies that are 3km away then something is wrong with your client. Maybe your graphics card. Idk

    2. warfish55


      thanks for your reply, nothing wrong with pc, people cannot understand what the problem is, I have many friends with the same problem, might be distance from server ping 107 here Tasmania Australia , everyone tells me how it should work, I already know this and people cant seem to understand the problem and give me the answer as if the game has no problem,

      there is a problem and its not any pc issues.