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  1. Destroyer_Zeka

    Subs need fixing

    Just play better 5head
  2. Destroyer_Zeka

    Is it fun to play CVs?

    Just know that all your friends will hate you for playing cv
  3. Destroyer_Zeka

    Destroyers need a second round of tuning

    I honestly cant tell if this is meant to be a troll or serious. Troll: noice Serious: Just play better 5hed
  4. Destroyer_Zeka

    Rediculous Mission Requirements...

    Just take a DD and go disrespect some Minotaurs/Neptunes. Ez 1 mil + pot damage a game
  5. Destroyer_Zeka

    DAZZEL? Wth??

    Running Dazzle is basically throwing on purpose
  6. Destroyer_Zeka


    Play better and this shouldnt be an issue
  7. Destroyer_Zeka

    Current Benson VS Prem Kidd Which one?

    Benson is a negative ship, Kidd is one of the strongest DDs at tier VIII and also can uptier pretty well
  8. Destroyer_Zeka

    Co-op base XP

    Play a different mode then instead of one thats not intended for bxp or ship grinds at all. Galaxy brain tactics, isnt it
  9. Destroyer_Zeka

    rockets need to be changed back

    Just aim, 5hed
  10. Destroyer_Zeka

    Dutch cruiser drogue chute delay is too long.

    Literally just aim, just lead, whatever you want to call it. Or play another line. Or another game, better yet
  11. Destroyer_Zeka

    Cost of battle

    Its like that to encourage you to spend money to buy the permanent camos for your tier IX-X ships. That said, even at tier X its possible to make profit consistently as long as you dont play like a dog
  12. Destroyer_Zeka

    You're favorite looking boat?

    Kagero with blue varient permanent camouflage. Art department really outdid themselves there
  13. Destroyer_Zeka

    It's not radar

    Play better and radar wont be a problem