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  1. ALLOW Test Drive on Prems!!!

    No. By spending your money on a premium ship, you should do it already fully aware that you may end up being dissatisfied with your purchase. Its a risk that comes with buying a premium. Deal with it or don’t buy premium ships. Simple as that
  2. Ranked at five games a day?

    My Ranked strategy is to just play one match a day to start. If I win the match, I play another. Then another if I win. Should I lose a game, if I keep my star I’ll keep playing. Basically the moral of the story is to just keep playing until you lose your first star that day. Once you lose a star, call it a day. Ranked has a tendency of causing more tilt and frustration than normal games due to its rather competitive nature. If you keep playing after losing a star, chances are it can easily turn into a snowball effect and lead to more and more and more stars lost. Just play until you lose a star for that day. If that happens on your 20th game, great progress. If it happens on your 1st, then so be it; “Thats it for now”
  3. I need a break from Tier X

    T10 is where I spend the vast, vast majority of my time, and I rarely dip below unless I’m grinding a line. All I say is just take a ship you like and take it out to do whatever you want. If your teams are tossing the game into the f*ck-it bucket, unless they’re either not fully throwing away the game to the side or you’re extremely confident in your carry skills, just take out a ship you like and farm some tears (whether it be your teams or the enemy)
  4. Take SE as your first 3 point skill on any DD in all honesty. Don’t be that guy who runs SE on a Midway
  5. Quality of game play at upper tiers

    Play lower tiers then. I main T10 and I find the gameplay there quite enjoyable. You’re likely just too used to the lower tier meta
  6. Ranked T10 DD: Your pick?

    I plan to run Shima for the Ranked season. If the meta devlops a lot of CVs then I may switch to Grozo
  7. Who wants lower-tier Clan Battles?

    The current CBs system is fine IMO. The lowest I think we might ever see out of a CB season is T8
  8. No. A ton of clans already have enough issues getting 7 on a good night, let alone 9 players (and a CV) on most other nights. The current CB format is fine and most likely (and hopefully) remains as is
  9. Worst Team EVER I CHALLENGE you to beat this

    Challenge accepted
  10. The meta shifter for Ranked against CBs is going to be the presence of CVs. I expect Hakuryu to rule, especially in the 422 config. Ships like Gearing and Grozo will be more relevant and more common. The other thing is that you can’t pick your teammates and ship lineups and tactics in advance the way you can in CBs
  11. New t9/10 Aki line incoming

    Sounds like i need to stop being lazy and get the Akizuki line going soon
  12. Is there a way to opt out of clan battle?

    You can join a clan but most do not actually require you to play CBs unless its one of the more competitive ones. CBs are entirely optional and the only thing that could possibly "force" you to play them is the clan's rules set by the leadership of said clan.
  13. Disappearing Ships

  14. I'd like this better if I could play it in a window

    Alt + Tab Game settings -> Graphics -> Display game in -> Windowed (Border optional)
  15. Shooting to Fast

    Im guessing OP must be a battleship player