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  1. _Zeka

    DD sanity check, please

    Hence why you reverse into the circle. Should you need it, the option to just drop smoke and accelerate and disengage, and take minimal damage, is right there already, which wouldnt be the case if you enter the cap nose in like a lot of players like to do, and thus are forced to expose themselves for an extended period of time and take fire for that entire duration and it costs them a lot of HP for little to no gain.
  2. _Zeka

    DD sanity check, please

    Its not that you should not have fired, just that you went about it the wrong way. The idea and intent were there to defend the cap with your guns since your torpedoes were on reload, but blind firing into smoke even in a scenario like that you're unlikely to hit anything from sheer guesswork or luck alone unless you have the shell tracers from their own guns shooting at targets outside the smoke. If the enemy was firing, then shooting into the smoke to attempt to reset the cap was perfectly logical thing to do, especially if you could do so undetected. If firing blind, you'd probably have been better off reversing into the cap and contesting it the old fashioned way. Reversing in gives you an escape route should you need it, which is a critical mistake a lot of other DD players make. Golden rule for DD players especially around cap circles is this: Always pre plan your escape route. Reversing into the cap in this situation gave you the ability to quickly accelerate and disengage should you be spotted and focused, as well as having your smoke to drop behind you if you need it
  3. _Zeka

    DD sanity check, please

    Will take a look at and get back to you later on that, but to answer your question, in that situation I would have used my guns to coax the enemy into a certain sector of the smoke that I was about to saturate with some torpedoes. The idea was there, just the execution and reasoning that were lacking a bit IJN DD guns require a bit of aiming to do well in and have very solid HE performance for a DD. My favorite use of guns is setting fires on torpedo targets after they've flooded or as pot shots when you know you can get away with it, as well as the above scenario to coax enemies in smoke. IJN DDs have surprisingly lethal gunpower if you know how to utilize it effectively which takes a lot of practice. As a side note, I primarily play DDs and particularly IJN ones so don't be afraid to reach out to me with questions or needing help :)
  4. _Zeka

    DD sanity check, please

    In that situation I would have torpedoed that smoke relatively concentrated to one side; since you could fire without being detected shoot into the side of the smoke the torpedoes arent focused in, and the result you'll get is usually a cocky enemy who thinks that theyre outsmarting you by moving towards the side your fire is not concentrated in only to meet the business end of a few torpedoes fired into the smoke. To also answer your question, a replay would help greatly or at least name the map on which this occurred as well as which area of said map these events happened
  5. _Zeka

    Permanent Camos are Boring...

    Some mod packs like Aslains (iirc) have ship skins in them if you're interested in any of those
  6. _Zeka

    Permanent Camos are Boring...

    Taste in camo is just the eye of the beholder. I prefer my standard camos for ships such as Shimakaze and Kagero because I like my ships to actually look like ships. Not like floating wrecks like the Halloween camos or any of the ARP ship designs (the latter of which arent even camo's at all)
  7. _Zeka

    Destroyers vs Battleships/ nothing New

    So its okay if a BB wipes a cruiser off the face if the map with a single main battery salvo, but its not if a DD wipes out a BB with a torpedo slew?
  8. _Zeka

    Too much bbs...

    After 12k games if you still haven't learned to effectively whittle a BB or even several at once you really only have yourself to blame, sunshine.
  9. I got my guild mates in another game to try out Wows after they enjoyed WoWs legends. I had taught them basic mechanics in Legends which carried over to PC but they still did poorly. It got so bad though that they wanted to quit and never come back and it was so hard to convince them otherwise. Honestly if they didn’t realize that replays are a thing they might have. I reviewed several of their replays and sent them my own as well. The touching part to me tho about it is that now they want to IJN DD to the same level I do. Their exact words: “I want to be like you”
  10. _Zeka

    Increase research XP

    People will still fail their way to T10 regardless if it takes them 2000 games or 1000
  11. _Zeka

    How do you actually detonate a yamato?

    Any ship in the game excluding CVs can be detonated as far as my knowledge goes. I dont remember where, but there’s a video clip (albeit pretty old and probably outdated by this point) where some random CA detonated a full HP Yamato. It was a DM or T9 Baltimore iirc, maybe something else, but if that indicates the age of that clip, it was a long time ago, at least a year
  12. _Zeka

    Over Pens

    Land enough overpens and the damage will begin to add up, especially against ships that don't have a lot of HP to start with, example being DDs.
  13. _Zeka

    New content

    Thats the last thing DDs need. You don't need a special consumable to counter something that you should already be able to effectively play around on your own if you want to play destroyers with any degree of consistent success
  14. _Zeka

    Adapt or quit?

    Also some DDs may not have smoke at all, i.e TRB and Radar for the IJN and PA DD respectively