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  1. _Zeka

    "Legendary Upgrade" for the Shimakaze

    The legendary upgrade for Shima isn't terrible if you play it a certain way. The problem I personally have with it is that it removes so much of her close range capability which is especially a problem considering my torpedo range is already 8km. That aside, the special upgrade for Shima is more passive overall but also forces you to think like a battleship in a way. You need to be able to plan ahead and preemptively turn your torpedo tubes in the direction that you think they'll need to be facing and use the ship itself for finer adjustments when launching. Gearing and Yue Yang are the worst I find when it comes to module damage, followed by Harugumo and Grozovoi. The former two lose that rear tube so easily I dropped TTM3 on both and even then its not too uncommon for them to be knocked out. Harugumo is a massive target that doesnt handle particularly well and can have her engine and guns knocked out relatively easily. Grozo is a lot more fragile than I originally thought before I tested it all in a TR with some friends a while ago
  2. _Zeka

    how to make khab cw gud?

    i figure that khaba wood do better since its armored and stuffs and has more guns to play around with and is faster all while having equal range to groz so it can kite even better then groz
  3. _Zeka

    how to make khab cw gud?

    Nice touch lets do that too
  4. looking back on the past 4-5 seasons of clan battlez that khbarvks zhe t10 ru dd is not a very good ship for it that Khabarovsk, the T10 rushan destroyer shud receive major buffage to make it moar cb viable on higher levels of play i suggest she be given back her old 10km torpedoz or even the 12km onez that shima and zao have and she also have her detect lowered to gozoboi lvls possible give her the range she has with her legendary mod at base as to increase her kiting value and then make it so ap only overpens her like it does on other dds and while were at it we can give her old rudder shift time back and then also give acceleration buff to make throttle jocking easier-er i think these changes wood increase the khabs value on high lvl teams as an evasion tanker and/or a kiting ship
  5. _Zeka

    Free Xp ship suggestions

    I personally would use the FXP to try out some DD lines. Based on your current list you have yet to play DDs much, if at all, so I would say you should at least try out some of the DD lines and see how you like them. When I started playing I went from BBs to cruisers, then I finally decided to try playing DDs and Ive been a DD main ever since. If you do try DDs and decide you don't like them or just decide not to, I would say go for either Repub or Hindenburg/Roon. Hipper is great but not quite up with the Uegen due to lack of heal but is still a fantastic ship nonetheless
  6. _Zeka

    Stats reset

    I started playing around open beta and it didn't take me too too long to eventually learn the basics, then just grow from there. The game isn't hard to learn unless you make it, and the same applies with every update. Learn what's new and then adjust and adapt. No need to reset stats
  7. Spotter planes do actually spot things. They spot the same way literally any other plane does and is even better than the catapult fighter at doing so, since it flies further away from the ship.
  8. Without a replay you can say that all you want as far as I’m concerned. Even some screenshots would have helped but since you don’t have either nobody here can really help you
  9. Could even have been a spotter plane from said BB spotting you.
  10. Both of those were toyed with in alpha but were removed due to, well, just how bad they were.
  11. Shell hits below the waterline used to be able to cause flooding back when the game was still way way early in development, like early alpha. It was removed for being one of the worst mechanics alongside DDs having citadels