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  1. What's the incentive to play tier 9 right now? Because you know you're going to play tier 10 95% of the time. The incentive is to get to tier 10. And those brackets work because there is no huge value difference between the ships and/or modules except the gap between tier 6 and 8. The fix there would be to give them bonus xp just for queuing up.
  2. Bracket the tiers Apply: kdr, win ratio, hit ratio, top 3 xp finishes (win or lose) with a minimum number of matches
  3. Lord_Vakko

    Henry IV - Double Rudder or Concealment.

    Remember that HIV is an accurate, long range, support ship. The key is to be around the 18km mark so you get 8+ seconds to dodge incoming fire. ALWAYS be angled so that you can just fire your 3 turrets but no more unless you're completely hidden. If you have multiple targets, get 1 fire going and move on to the next one. Nothing is more frustrating than getting that second fire only to have them put it out and now you can't get another. Remember that your HE damage is really low considering the size of the shell. In fact, HIV and Zao do the same HE damage per shell even though HIV has a 36mm size advantage. This means: shoot AP as soon as appropriate (not before or after) Even though my detection is 15.5km, it's been a long since I've died in the first 15 minutes of a match. And I don't use my heal unless I'm below 50% health to maximize AR (I also don't put fires out unless I'm trying to drop off detection or low health). It took me a long time of trying to figure out how to play HIV, and WG has changed the ship twice since I started (legendary and reload booster). But now I'm routinely in the top 3 of xp earners win or lose.
  4. Lord_Vakko

    AP Bombs are WAY too OP...

    So I'm not sure if you've ever played tier 10 before, but let inform you about it. The destroyers up there have really long on their torpedoes. So when you got body spotted by an undetected ship, its usually a good play to turn on hydro to spot those torps that are more than likely coming. (I just looked... you have 1 Henri match to my 400...) You must be one of those players that think hydro is for spotting ships! lol
  5. Lord_Vakko

    Henry IV - Double Rudder or Concealment.

    I with legendary module, I don't have either lol.
  6. Lord_Vakko

    AP Bombs are WAY too OP...

    I have a wooster. But I SPECIFICALLY said my Henri went 100-0 from AP bombs and you suggested I use defensive fire. But it would super awesome if I could switch out my ship once I saw that a CV was present in my match. Can you explain how to do that? Loading screen shows both teams. And then I do what?
  7. Ummm... you play 2 to get to 3. And statistically, 2 and 3 are nearly identical. Besides, the goal of the game is to get to tier 10. Consider 5 vs 7. Where 7 has on average 50% more HP and double the armor. At the end of the day, who queues up to be top tier? What you want is a fair fight. And being bottom tier puts an arm behind your back to where you feel like you must be top tier.
  8. Lord_Vakko

    AP Bombs are WAY too OP...

    Let's see... Defensive fire... that thing I have to trade Hydroacoustic for? Hrm... Destroyers and torpedoes are in every match. Carriers are 1 in 20? Yes! I should go with DF! Gonna do the math here... Midway's AP bombers have 2070HP. Henri AA does 596 DPS combined (DF activated) at 4.5km. That means I can kill 1 AP bomber every 3.5 seconds when DF is activated. Hopefully, those bombers come at me 1 at a time very slowly but not too slowly so my DF doesn't run out. Thanks for the advice, Barton!
  9. Lord_Vakko

    Ranked and why it isn't

    60 games into ranked this season, 56% win rate, rank 7, and I'm pulling my hair out at all the the absolute terrible plays by my teammates that have 44% random win rates. I probably save my star 2 out of 3 losses. Which is insane as well. I'm not the best player. So why do I end up being the one that earns the most xp most of the time?
  10. Lord_Vakko

    Ranked and why it isn't

    Any sport Any competitive game Any business Any (insert thing that uses a rank) All of these things have a board where you can look at it and say my ranking is this and someone else is ranked that. If at the end of the season, you have 1,000 people ranked #1, then your ranking system is garbage unless they're on the same team.
  11. Lord_Vakko

    AP Bombs are WAY too OP...

    100-0 in my Henri other night from Midway AP bombs. 3 minutes into the game. Logged off. Watched Tag. Pretty funny movie. Thanks WG.
  12. One of the biggest issues with this game is the matchmaking. Wargaming has tried to curb the issue with creating this idea of "balance" between the teams by putting similar ships on both sides. But problem is still there: a statistical gap between players puts them at a disadvantage. So how would I fix it? Simple. Static brackets. Tiers: 1 2-3 4-5 6-8 9-10 First 2 brackets should be obvious. And that's basically what the game is now. 4-5 is usually how it is but often, tier 5s are fighting tier 7s. The DPM difference between an Omaha and Atlanta are ridiculous. 4 is the start of carriers and they shouldn't be fighting tier 3s that don't even have AA. 6-8 would be perfect if WG made 1 adjustment, they lowered tier 8 battleship armor from 32mm. When you play tier 8 right now, you feel like a punching bag for tier 10s and a god versus tier 6s. Not only do 9s and 10s have more firepower and hit points, but they also get a heal (except destroyers). Bracketing is how most games like this do it. Cloud Pirates is a perfect example. Let's go Wargaming. Apply some logic.
  13. When I hear the term "Ranked" I think of a position among your peers based on either win/losses or some other statistical criteria. But Wargaming has decided that ranked is based on passing hurdles. Ranked in this case, is not based on wins or win percentage but on patience to grind. In this system, one could, theoretically, lose 30 matches in a row and not dip 1 ranking spot if they're in an irrevocable position. With the piles upon piles of data that Wargaming uses for damage, mitigation, speed, arc, flight time, etc... they can't set up a system where players are actually ranked based on their gameplay? It's 2018 and I'm asking a gaming company apply a rule that has been around for 2 decades.