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  1. Lord_Vakko

    Is the Shinonome worth the grind?

    Great ship if there's no CV...
  2. Lord_Vakko

    Sync Dropping Even In low Tier

    THIS IS YOUR EXAMPLE?! The RELAX clan is on BOTH sides. If you were a prosecutor, no one would ever go to jail unless they straight up said they did it and even then I question your ability to follow through on that. It appears to me that you're upset that after 6k battles in randoms, you've lost more than you've won. And you're looking for some kind of existential reason for it. But the reality is that you typically don't survive to the end of your match and you're not getting any kills before you die. Also, the fact that you rarely play tier 10, you're more subject to bad matching by being up-tiered. So instead of being mad at other players by trying to play with their buddies whether they're good or bad, you should be more upset that the majority of the matches you've played are at a statistical disadvantage simply from the ship you chose.
  3. Lord_Vakko

    Sync Dropping Even In low Tier

    I love sync dropping. Especially when its 15-20 of us in the same ship. Also, if you sync drop in a div with only 1 other div, the odds are in favor for you to be on different teams because of how the MM system works and the requirement of div balancing. But enjoy killing the stupidest AI in gaming...
  4. Lord_Vakko

    Why does Colbert have 127mm guns?

    Plz show me the other 127mm spamming French ship... I"ll wait. And plz get out of here with you're "it was a real ship" nonsense. This is a V I D E O G A M E where you repair floods and fires instantly with a click of a button.
  5. Lord_Vakko

    Why does Colbert have 127mm guns?

    138.5mm is historically accurate in the line that is in the game. You're sooooo caught up on the name of the ship instead of the actual role. This is a game where they literally make stuff up out of the blue and you want to fall into the brackets of listings from Wikipedia.
  6. Lord_Vakko

    Why does Colbert have 127mm guns?

    Radar and torpedoes... 3 tiers lower.
  7. Lord_Vakko

    Why does Colbert have 127mm guns?

    There's a ton of real ships that don't put into the game. My point is: this ship is totally out of character for the line. And WG loves to just drop in premium ships that don't make any sense ie Stalingrad with improved angles. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_submarine_Le_Terrible_(S619) WG doesn't always follow the historics. See Le Terrible... its a SUBMARINE IRL
  8. WG, slow the rate of fire down, give it 139mm guns, and reload booster. Stop creating random gimmicks for ships that are completely out of character for their country of origin.
  9. Lord_Vakko

    Henry IV build question

    If you use Legendary mod only, then you don't need CE. I would get RL instead.
  10. Lord_Vakko

    (VIDEO) CVs are broken

    Amazing contribution to this thread from the player with 4 years of service, over 4300 battles, and 64 T10 battles.
  11. Lord_Vakko

    (VIDEO) CVs are broken

    You completely missed the fact that 1 ship has been attacking me while I'm simultaneously fighting other ships. When I finally get a chance to fight him back, he turns and takes no damage. So I feel like you're disconnected from the original post all together.
  12. Lord_Vakko

    (VIDEO) CVs are broken

    Trying my hardest to carry my team to a victory in Ranked. The enemy carrier is all over me wave after wave. When I finally get my chance to kill him at close range, he turns and sails away taking 0 damage.
  13. Lord_Vakko

    German ships, powercrept and pointless

    For randoms, Hindenburg is totally fine... But it's master of none and therefore it has no spot in the Clan Battle meta.
  14. Lord_Vakko

    Henry IV build question

    Yup. Unless you want to live dangerously in randoms and use the legendary...