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  1. Freedomshells

    Can't lock on secondaries

    thank you!
  2. Freedomshells

    Can't lock on secondaries

    Guys, I'm having an issue locking on my secondaries and I know it's some random obvious fix that I'm overlooking. Or it could be a broken mod from Aslains. It works fine on my laptop where I haven't updated any mods in over a year. But on my desktop, it gives me a reticle that says 'AUTO' when I hit the control key to select a ship. Then it doesnt allow me to click and focus a ship. I've tried it on Ohio and Mass. The ohio works fine on my laptop though. This is probably a setting I'm missing or a mod that might be screwing it up. Any ideas? I've had this issue before but I don't remember what I did to fix it.
  3. Freedomshells

    Steel Ship

    Bourg and Stalin have to be the top 2 choices here. Bourg for randoms and sometimes ranked. Stalin for CBs. FDR and Austin do have their moments, but for ease of play....Bourg is the best choice IMO.
  4. Freedomshells

    Last 100 Games Win Rate

    I do agree with the original OP that it would be great if the game kept an updated WR. Even if its based on the last year, 6 months, or whatever. That means more than what you've done overall and shows your improvement. This is great information for clans and potentially for matchmaking. Even though we have external sources, a more up to date record of your game history would be a lot better.
  5. Freedomshells

    Is Napoli going to be available tomorrow on Monday?

    I hope it's for coal too. I just figure that it might perform like some of the steel/RB ships.
  6. Freedomshells

    Is Napoli going to be available tomorrow on Monday?

    The thing about the directives, is they don't actually expire weekly. So as long as it's released before the event is done then you could potentially complete this weeks directive next week. Having said that, hopefully we get it this friday. I'm sure it will be another steel ship though. Guessing 28k steel
  7. Freedomshells

    USS Ohio veteran players: Need your take on…

    I've changed my Ohio build around a few times. Right now I have it built for secondaries and survivability. Survivability is a must and should be first and foremost. And even with the secondary nerf, its still the best secondary brawler in the game. They're still more accurate than other BBs. Reload vs accuracy.........I think I went accuracy on this? I really don't remember but now it has me wondering. Thinking about it logically, I think accuracy is the right choice though. But depending on which PQ video you watch, you will end up with different builds.
  8. Freedomshells

    what is the advantage of being in a division?

    If you care about winning, you have to be careful though. I've seen 42% players div up with their clanmates and this really lowers your chance of winning. The MM will try to match you against another div. Lets say the div you face is 60%. Who wins? This is only for making a div in port. Once you are in the game and you make a div, it really isn't doing anything except creating a special chat box. But the biggest advantage to being in a div is voice chat where you can plan your attack with other div mates. As long as you're above average, this does increase your chance of winning.
  9. Freedomshells

    New steel ship - Suggestions needed

    The Bourg is one of the top BBs in the game. It has the highest avg damage and WR of any T10 BB. That's what you need to take. Napoli is suppose to be announced soon and that's where I'm at. Napoli, Shiki, or Austin. I dont consider the plymouth to really be a choice here. It seems light years behind the rest.
  10. Freedomshells

    Skip Bombers

    Wait, a Smol is saying another class is unbalanced? Pot......meet kettle
  11. Freedomshells

    So Napoli is interesting...

    Is there an announced date for release? Wondering if I should hold off on getting the Austin and waiting on the Napoli.
  12. Freedomshells

    plea to WG, make AA skills/modules actually useful!

    Well I can tell you that just two ships close together can kill a fully buffed squad of FDRs planes if they spec into AA. The FDR doesn’t get a drop off unless he torps from max range (torps too slow for that) or uses rocket planes (the weakest strike he can do). so it seems to me that AA works. Not to mention fighters will limit the cv to one strike as well.
  13. Except the poll didn't ask what's the best steel ship. It asked which is the most powerful as in which do you fear the most. Its a flawed question because it would depend on what ship you're in. If I was in a DD, then FDR would be the least feared ship. If I was in a BB or cruiser, then FDR IS what I fear the most. But I do agree that the Bourg IS the best steel ship someone can get for their steel.
  14. Freedomshells

    Shiki or Ohio?

    As others have said, Ohio. Ohio isnt as accurate, but its a much stronger brawler. More accurate secondaries, better hull, and faster repairs and heals means it can survive pushing a cap when the timing is right.
  15. Freedomshells

    Brawls has a skill based matchmaker?

    Ah! That’s very possible. I’m just glad to see it being implemented. I was curious to learn more about it