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  1. TaftMan_69

    Prediction for the CV Rework

    nope knowing WG they just screw all the people that have great AA and no lube for the capt. respec once the CV come out about 1/2 the old well seasoned player leave and what about all the people that bought all those perineum cv do they get their money back or just bend over and take it
  2. only got 2 of my 3 kill from the turkey event , are you guys going to screw me again and not give me what i won
  3. TaftMan_69

    CV rework should be canceled

    played it sucks big time wth would you nerf AA , seem to me their trying to FORCE "world of warplane" on you get over it that game blew
  4. TaftMan_69

    So... where are my directives for today?

    i know it would be nice if they inform you with update note but hey its WG they tell one thing and do another