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  1. Takamachi_Nanoha_sg

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    See in this means prepare my wallet for next week~~~
  2. Nanoha is my favorite anime.

  3. Takamachi_Nanoha_sg

    Premium Ship Review: USS Saipan

    Nice review! My only concern is will it be too powerful when at top tier MM..say if it sees mostly tier 5 ships in a game
  4. Takamachi_Nanoha_sg

    Premium Ship Review - VMF Murmansk

    Great review! Though I didn't bring my Mummy out of port since the patch...maybe will sail with her one day
  5. Takamachi_Nanoha_sg

    Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    Good review! Thank you Always like to read your post, your avata is toooo cute