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  1. Takamachi_Nanoha_sg

    I need help with UK DD line.

    I had difficulties playing them at first, but it will get better at tier 7, as the concealment and torps are getting better. T8 onwards I enjoyed their gameplay. They are good cap warriors and good at fire harassment. My suggestion is, play defensively. The short smoke is for you to retreat, instead of push forward. And I feel it is good at defending friendly bigger ships. When I start the smoke, I always try to point my ship back and get ready to move away. In addition, you have more smoke charges, so use it, dont save it.
  2. Takamachi_Nanoha_sg

    campaign task 8?

    You have to play random, not co-op, tier 3 and above for premium account and tier 5 and above for standard account it should be the easiest to task to complete If you find any difficulties, it means you are performing well below average. Watch some tutorials or videos from iChase or Notser etc on YouTube for basics. But you of course can always try to mount signal flags, camos to boost the final exp
  3. Takamachi_Nanoha_sg

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    See in this means prepare my wallet for next week~~~
  4. Nanoha is my favorite anime.

  5. Takamachi_Nanoha_sg

    Premium Ship Review: USS Saipan

    Nice review! My only concern is will it be too powerful when at top tier MM..say if it sees mostly tier 5 ships in a game
  6. Takamachi_Nanoha_sg

    Premium Ship Review - VMF Murmansk

    Great review! Though I didn't bring my Mummy out of port since the patch...maybe will sail with her one day
  7. Takamachi_Nanoha_sg

    Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    Good review! Thank you Always like to read your post, your avata is toooo cute