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  1. PostIt note stuck to the edge of your monitor should do it.
  2. DiggerPH

    Current Laptop GPU’s . . . Which One?

    I have a decent pc. I’m after something for when travelling, hotels etc.
  3. DiggerPH

    Current Laptop GPU’s . . . Which One?

    Also if anyone is managing to play on a current Surface Pro with keyboard and mouse that would be useful to know.
  4. Hi All, I was considering trading in my old iPad Mini for a new iPad Pro. . . . which then morphed into looking at a Microsoft Surface Pro then a Surface Book 2 . . . . Now im looking at a 15 inch laptop as the prices of the above start to get a bit silly. There is also the unknown whether WoWs has hardware compatibility issues playing on a tablet (I would play using a keyboard and mouse though!) Dell XPS 15 looks great but a tad expensive, and no 1060 iirc. . . GPU’s I have narrowed down to Nvidia 1050ti and 1060, and hopefully cpu will be an i7 something or other. Screen will be 1080p and definitely not a 4K. What I would like to know is how WoWs runs with either of those GPU’s and an i7 or even an i5? Thoughts and opinions from experience welcome. . .