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  1. Losses, Losses and More Losses

    Since you enjoy playing CLs, try finding division-mates who enjoy playing complementary ships. DDs will with extend your spotting, provide occasional smoke screens to make quick retreats (or hide in, but do this at your own risk), and help you maintain a better overall SA. Your radar on Atlanta and Indianapolis is also very valuable to them. BBs will take some of the heat from opposing BBs off of you, and eliminate red CA players hunting your CL. CVs will guarantee your Atlanta lots of good AA fun, and give you even better SA than DDs. British CLs will compliment you very similarly to DDs, but with smaller smoke screens and less spotting potential. Still potent though, especially if you can catch a DD or two (or five, given recent trends) trying to make an approach on your team. Although entering a division with an identical ship can be good fun in some instances (and downright trollish in others) I'd caution against it. There are just too many benefits of finding these complimentary ships and too many capability gaps left when div-ing with a sister ship. @Maddminister makes some very valid suggestions regarding complimentary parings in his podcast. Hope this helps a little! -R
  2. Please save battle chat session

    I think this is the much more practical solution. Given the toxicity of most in-game sessions I'm loathe to give trolls further opportunity to waste my neurons. If people want to discuss things afterward, that's what Discord or this forum are for. If there's continued support for this, perhaps there would be room to give participants the option to move to a separate "Debrief" server to discuss... but I think the opportunities to do so for real value are already there, mostly using third-party (Discord) apps. -R
  3. Looks like it, too. Assuming that's the Lord Fisher "Lord Fisher's design" references in the image. People just love that big, round 20" number don't they? -R
  4. My Tech Tree is Broken

    What, you didn't know about the French Fushun-class battleship? Pff, what kind of naval history buff are you? -R
  5. I'm pretty comfortable with the idea that the split is going to happen very similarly to that of the Soviet DDs. What I'm curious about is if the T8 event camo (don't remember which) I have on N'awlins will transfer to the Baltimore. If so, sweet. -R
  6. New Premium Cammo for the Roma

    Agreed, unfortunately. I'd be happy to dish out the additional dubloons too, but I believe your position is most likely closest to the truth. Ho hum. -R
  7. New Super BB "Fuhrer"

    I was, at one time, a tremendous fan of designs like this. That time was 1991, and I was in the fifth grade. -R
  8. New Premium Cammo for the Roma

    Sign me up. I'd love to have access to the bonuses, but just can't bring myself to buy the flying hot water heater. -R
  9. Which premium ship to buy?

    Lots of silly fun, yes. Especially if you enjoy bathing in the tears of battleships and cruisers on the opposite sides of islands and DDs unwary enough to stray too closely. You must have a high tolerance for sudden LOLetions though. Beam-on she's kind of like funny swiss cheese and difficult-ish to pen for good damage. Catch one through the bow or stern though and you're back in port faster than I can finish this car bomb race. -R
  10. I would be pretty tired of that as well. Usually this isn't a program issue though, and is most likely due to poor system performance or poor connectivity. What sort of system are you running, and how are your ISP speeds? If these are fine, then consider deleting the client and performing a fresh re-installation and failing that, engage Customer Support. They're pretty helpful with things like this. -R
  11. Generally I prefer ships which remain upright when at sea. Why would the JMSDF name a class of ships after a German breed of dog? [edit] Did you do the modeling? I like to give credit where due, and it is does display some distinctive traits of the IJN and JMSDF; the tall, raked superstructure and black-booted exhausts. Kudos on that. [/edit] -R
  12. WoWS 0.7.3 USN Cruiser Changes - Video

    No, certainly not. The currently proposed changes, however, are going to drastically reduce the already minimal comfort factor of these ships. At the moment (assuming we are still months away from release) I'm going to hold back from going to full emergency mode and wait a while longer to see what they're like when the CCs get their grubby hands on them. At that point, when WG thinks they have enough of a handle on the line to begin passing them around, I'll start speculating. Until then, I'm going to trust that they'll continue doing what they've done so far with very few (though notable) exceptions: produce a fun product. -R
  13. Des Moines VS Baltimore

    I statistically underperformed in Baltimore and had a so-so sort of time. Now I'm statistically mediocre in Des Moines and having a stinking great time (when not getting LOLblapped in the first five minutes) of it. I think most of it is because DM suits my preferred play style better; she allows me to get in close without being detected and then put 36 rounds (more or not much less) on target before even the fastest of battleships can engage. If they're engaged on the opposite beam then so much the better. That said, I have every Tier VI+ US cruiser in my port at the moment, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the CL line. Now I just need a hundred million credits saved up when they get here. Beh... -R
  14. RIP Stephen Hawking

    Agreed. Anyone who's devoted their lifetime to helping people better understand the hows and whys of everything deserves to be well remembered for it. I strongly suspect the intent of this thread was to do that and not provide a forum for debate or slander. Not that it matters much, but I would prefer to keep it that way. Fair winds and following seas, Mr. Hawking. -R
  15. The joke is that the actual game is dolphin torpedoes, flying battlecruisers and dethray lasers. The WWII-ish "historical" naval combat game will come to an end on April 2nd. -R