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  1. Almost liked it better before. At least I could shoot at the spot below the sudden smoke where the sudden shells were coming from. It is still a problem, but most likely a problem that's going to require a significant rewrite of the visibility and rendering code. Prebuffering an asset client-side before it's generated is a very, very delicate process that could lead to some very significant exploitation. If you thought 1337hax04z were bad before the recent mod purges... yech, don't even want to think about it. -R
  2. Why you like your username?

    I never understand why people would stick so doggedly with the Corporate Flagship, even when they could have obviously used anything else. Part of me thinks they just enjoyed the lengthy, cylindrical shape. -R
  3. Premium Port?

    Always looked more like PHNSY to me anyhow. -R
  4. Why you like your username?

    Civilized brutality. Also related to an old in-game name of mine in something unlikely to be recognized by most folks here. -R
  5. Cruisers in Thread list: Where is Pan Asian?

    Probably just because she's a premium and there's no guarantee she'll always be available for purchase. I've enjoyed the few battles I've had in her, right up until I get to the results screen and learn that everything I did didn't amount to much. Low alpha ships are tricky to play and I just haven't quite figured her out yet. -R
  6. If they stick with what's in the current PTS iteration, this is exactly the plan. It's significantly better than waiting two months for an SC to pop on its own... and getting Zulu flags. Thanks, the other nine-hundred were lonely. -R
  7. Alabama What's wrong

    It's on the stat-tracking websites. They don't pull data from the API in realtime though, so it's probably wrong at the moment. It'll update soon though. -R
  8. Alabama What's wrong

    So far your number of matches played in Alabama is statistically insignificant. Give her time and learn where she's strong and where she's not and you'll enjoy her a lot more. May I also suggest continuing beyond New Mexico in the US line? You'll find that the play style is different the further up the tree you go. They're significantly different than the German line which you have much more experience with. Good luck, and I hope that given time your determination will pay off and you'll be happy with your purchase. I know I certainly enjoy mine. -R
  9. Welcome Comrade Moskva

    Yes, there is. -R
  10. I just don't get the North Carolina

    Good news: What you're experiencing is totally normal for the VII to VIII jump. Bad news: North Carolina is an excellent ship that sees the very best out there on very regular occasion. You're going to want to develop two types of play stiles. Aggressively drive the match when you're top-tier, and play much more of a support role when you're bottom. Fortunately NC's 16/45s work against any Tier X ship, she's just slower, smaller and a little fragile at that tier. Her stealth means you can make some very well educated predictions about where best to position yourself, and even if you're only getting there at 25 knots it's reasonably sufficient. If you don't have the B Hull yet, it's worth the investment and then the engine upgrade which adds two (point one) very helpful knots. You've finally reached the point in the American battleships where their speed can just as easily get them in to trouble as out of it. Even though I always run the speed flag on NC, it's not to blast right in at the beginning of the match and level everything in sight. Usually you're just the first target (in low-tier matches because you're a serious threat and in high-tier matches because anybody who makes themselves a target at the outset of the game will not survive more than a minute or two) and get burnt down immediately. Your speed and your stealth will allow you to pick and chose your battles reasonably well. Keep in mind that just at Tier VIII alone Bismarck, Tirpitz, Amagi, Roma, Kii and most definitely Richelieu will still run you down if they want. The trick is convincing them they do not want to. I didn't mention the range module earlier. That's because I have no use for it, despite having spent the experience for it. 21km is generous plenty and 23 is just silly. Maybe it might possibly be useful if NC had 16/50s, but alas no. The only thing sillier is running the range upgrade on Richelieu. It just increases your firing detection bloom another two kilometers and allows those other four or five red ships see where you are another twenty seconds. Good luck, I think you'll grow to enjoy her once you get your head wrapped around the "fast" American battleship play style. It is a wholly different beast than Colorado, especially in having an extra two rifles you can point downrange while remaining very effectively angled against incoming fire. X Turret is also pretty generously positioned and only requires a little hip check to get a shot off before swinging back into a good defensive position. (Caveat here: I'm no NC pro, and have only very modestly average stats in her. If you're able to use even one part of this post and feel an improvement in your quality of life I'll be happy with the result.) -R
  11. Woah... props for playing 2-4 hours at a time. Have you run the inspect and repair tool? If I'm not mistaken it's somewhere in the launcher, but I don't have access to my home machine at the moment so I can't verify. My only other suggestion is to do a complete wipe of all game files and do a full install since it sounds like a part of the Ultra client is corrupted. It's really not a bad idea to do that anyway once every four or five patches. -R
  12. That's impressive, Kidd!

    Wow... Looks like a Lexington dropped in to a game against a GZ and had an Effit Moment. Poor bugger didn't even make it in the top 8. Congrats to who I can only guess is one of the many Prinz Eugen fans for their Kidd performance. Also, thank you @Seraphil. I needed that. -R
  13. The only reason I can think of for the 1943-1945 dating on it is that it was commemorative of someone's time aboard. While items like this are often manufactured from spent casings (possible in the case of the cup above, but certainly not recommended) even on modern warships, I don't believe that an item this intricate would have been. It may have been a personal item that the original owner had chosen to have stamped/engraved on the ship. While there may be some connection to the ship, as far as I'm concerned it was not present on San Jac in any official role. -R
  14. Yes and yes. Lyon, Fuso, Normandie and many others will be feasting for a bit. Or burning to the waterline. Depends on the ever-variable starch quotient. I'm looking forward to fiddling around with that one too, but we're going to have to wait another month or so. Yes and yes again. I was very happy with Buffalo on the PTS, she can handle a beating and delivers ridiculous AP numbers engaging anything that dares to show its sides. Big, heavy, no frills and dependable. I like her. Kronstadt will be coming to my port this afternoon, seems like a great ship to add variety to the credit-grinding Tier IX premiums. -R
  15. I've been seeing this question a little more than usual lately, and have some ideas. Before that, though, welcome to the forums! Did you use the red "Battle On" button after the previous match and could it be that you're seeing results from the match before the most recent? Could it be that the match ended in a Draw? These are exceptionally rare any more, but do still happen. A Draw is recorded as a Loss. In any case, here on the forums all we have to go off of are screenshots and replay files. If you don't have replays enabled, I strongly encourage you to use this tutorial and maybe the executable tool. This hasn't been updated in some time and I'm not certain it works any longer. -R