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  1. Mister_Rawr

    Lert got a new ship!

    Those droopy bridge wings though. Enjoy! -R
  2. Mister_Rawr

    1st amendment

    Hmm, good idea... Done. -R
  3. Mister_Rawr

    Most luxurious warship you have been on

    Still technically a "warship" and the only World War veteran with which I've gotten underway. -R
  4. Mister_Rawr

    Yahagi much?

    I expect so. It'll be an interesting, different ship. Makes no difference if its stats are more or less of other ships, much more so the players' ability to read the situation and exploit it. I'm making a tongue-in-cheek prediction that her fire percentage is going to be up near that of Conqueror. [edit] Pfef... a paltry 13%. Barely worth noting. [/edit] -R
  5. Mister_Rawr

    A potato has a question

    To put it simply, yes. The additional credit income from premium time is not extraordinary, but neither is it insignificant. Many people have not invested a dime in this game, and that's a great thing. It just requires those folks to make the most of what they have. In general Tier VIII is viewed as being less profitable than Tier VII and to a lesser extent Tier VI. Tier IX and X are very difficult to play exclusively without a premium account, as only exceptional players can maintain a profit at that point without flags, camos and premium bonuses. My best advice is to limit your play in the Monarch to a few games a day and focus more on your Tier VII ship or ships. That's a more comfortable tier to play anyhow due to MM predilections. Use the profits earned there to support your Tier VIII games until they become profitable as well. -R
  6. Mister_Rawr

    Return of Belfast?

    I'd happily play Fiji at Tier 8 with that additional upgrade slot. I like Edinburgh (which is, incidentally, very close to what @MasterDiggs suggests, only a tier higher with meh-ish, but usable torpedoes) but having a smaller, more maneuverable Edinburgh would be fun. -R
  7. Mister_Rawr

    i hate my life today...

    That "Player Support" button up at the top of this page will lead you where you want to go. If you seriously want to file a ticket to have your auto-ban investigated, that is. Most of those auto-bans last a day, or three, or five (I think) and then go away or become permanent if it's particularly egregious. It will take longer than three days for customer support to tell you if they will or will not repeal the ban. Most likely. By then it will have already expired on its own, most likely. -R
  8. Mister_Rawr

    Previous Premium Ships not on sale

    That's fair. I haven't played Kronshtadt in a good long while (too busy grinding on other things) but I seem to remember her having very good credit-generating potential. I'll have to give her a go this weekend and burn a few of the old gamescom 2016 camos I've still got. She seems to earn 500k or so for decent games with no modifiers, and there are a few 2 million+ games posted on replayswows, though I imagine that's with every possible modifier and they are certainly exceptional games near 200k damage. I tried a cursory search of Musashi results and learned something rather interesting. Playing Musashi causes players to forget how to screenshot. -R
  9. Wowza, and here I was thinking that I had an absurdly full port. 250? Yikes. [edit] Seriously, though. I wish there were a really compelling reason to have all of those ships cluttering up my screen besides "Oh, hey. I might want to take Kirov out for a spin one day or maybe Ranked will return to Tier VI and I'm going to need Fairyguts for something." I've had a few ideas, but not a one of them are at all practical. Clan Wars-type map control where your clans' accumulated port screen ships guard your territory would be fun... but nutters to balance and let's face it, taking on a last gasp of fifty Chikumas isn't really going to be as much of a crispy-fried good time as it seems at first. Tete-a-tete where two players lead select ships from their port in a semi-PvPvE scenario would be fun... ish. Again, nutters to balance. I guess you could shift focus and control to another ship in your fleet until there are none left, but that's an untested mechanic. Outside of the new squadron system in Carriers II: DOTageddon I'm not sure if it'll even work. So, yeah. There's that. [/edit] -R
  10. Mister_Rawr

    In Hawaii for veterans day

    In late 2014 and early 2015 my front porch was 610 feet from USS Utah. I miss that. -R
  11. Mister_Rawr

    Previous Premium Ships not on sale

    Roma in her acid trip pope hat camo is supposed to earn a very comfortable credit return. I wouldn't know from experience though. Kii's 20% multiplier is the same. Really, though, nothing can touch a ship running either gamescom 2016 or For Meritorious Service. Running those on Missouri is ludicrous and I'm pretty sure they'd be outright silly on Stalingrad. -R
  12. An awkwardly-phrased, historically-relevant joke? -R
  13. This is critical, and a trap I jumped into with both feet. It's expensive and utterly unnecessary. -R
  14. Mister_Rawr

    Will terror of the deep ever end? So boring...

    Well, you're in luck. From what I remember of the announcement, it only runs for two weeks. This will be the final week. After that I'm not sure what's next in the queue. The PvP version of the Halloween event will probably premier, but as far as I can tell won't be an "operation" as such. I don't know about you folks, but I play the operation for a few games and then move on to PvP pretty quickly. Last week it was after 5-starring it once or twice, this week it's been after bailing the team out and trying to salvage three or four stars as the last sub standing. Meh. Personally, I like the Elite Commander XP and appreciate them doing something different here. It certainly, absolutely, 100% needs further tweaking and testing before being integrated any further into the game, but I expect that will happen over the next year or so. Honestly I don't expect to see anything sub-surface in this game until next year this time when spookisubs returns. Maybe around then they'll be seriously looking at adding submarines into other modes. That said, I've been surprised plenty of times. -R
  15. Mister_Rawr

    Previous Premium Ships not on sale

    I'll just leave this here. -R