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  1. This seems to happen at least forty times in every match anyhow, so I can't see how making it automatic changes anything. -R
  2. Sweet Sweet RNGeesus

    Don't worry, your six-loss potato bombardment is only just beginning! -R
  3. T 61 anyone know whats happening

    Fixed that for you. Seriously, though... A KGV in snowsuit? I'll take one of those, thanks. Also, am I just dense or is anyone else having difficulty with the "Aftvent" clue? -R
  4. A Tier V Atlanta? Let the hilarity ensue. I expect so. With HE, Smoke, Defensive AA, and un-nerfed Fletcher ROF I expect this could fit in to Tier VI with few issues. -R
  5. So given that I can't take a drink every time someone brings up something I have done (dumb no-drinking-at-work rule!) what sort of response should I have here? [edit]And just to stay on topic: Never have I ever played Clan Battles. [/edit] -R
  6. I will close the enemy to my maximum range, turn broadside, establish the gun line and let loose. In my mighty Wyoming. -R
  7. Colorado....WOW!

    Sorry, had to. -R
  8. Whale Cemmorative Flag

    This. It's kind of embarrassing, really. [edit] Have to run my mouth on this a little more. The game requires both kinds of players, and both should be equally proud of their contributions. Without a significant portion of FTP players, the purchasing patrons have an anemic player base which will eventually die off. Then what would all of those purchases have been for and what fun is it playing against the same six people over and over? Without a healthy base of purchasing patrons, the game development team runs out of funds and the only option at that point is to somehow support the game with advertising revenues. I'm probably not the only one who finds that a miserable option. Is going to a retail-driven system a solution? It's a very pre-2005 system, and has pretty much been abandoned in favor of hybrid retail/micro-transaction. Hybrids can work, but as EA is (maybe?) learning, they are a very volatile gamble. TLDR: Does one part of the community deserve something special? My opinion is a strong negative. Both ought to have equal share of the rewards. To do otherwise imperils the long-term viability of the game. [/edit] -R
  9. WoWS dying?

    It seems that every rantpost I read claims that [insertsubjecthere] will be the downfall of WoWS. As far as I can tell, there was a surge of population in mid 2015 when Beta opened, another at the end of the year when the game went live, and then a falloff afterward as people - as usual - found other neat things to do. There are regular peaks of server populations around special events, and fall-off in between. Personally, I wouldn't pay much mind to the doomsdayers. It's most often a waste of time, but does get some people attention and they like that. -R
  10. From the first sentence of this article: "La corazzata Giulio Cesare fu un'unità della Regia Marina che servì in entrambe le guerre mondiali." Interesting. Later in the same article it refers to "Il Giulio Cesare", which implies that when referring to the proper noun it's masculine but when referring to the ship as a ship, it's feminine. I'll have to bug some of my friends who're still on active duty with the Marina Militare. -R
  11. New Teamkilling Consequences

    This is a game of action and consequence. You don't pay attention to your speed and rudder and your CL ends up exposed and focused. Don't pay attention to the map and your CV ends up wandering in to DDland. Don't pay attention to where you are in the map or how close that enemy is when you fire and your DD gets burnt down. Don't pay attention to the friendly you're driving near and you end up peppered with 127mm. Or 460mm, y'know. I like that it's something else I have to worry about. Yes, I'm one of those people who get upset at thousand-round mags in movies. I don't have time or desire to play a game where I just hold the trigger down and wander off to do something else while the game shoot-shoot-shoots itself to death. I want consequences when I'm too tired to remember to make sure my torpedoes aren't CBDR to a wandering ally. I think it's fun (maybe I should worry about that.) Sure there are people who abuse the system, and I'm not seeking to excuse their actions. I do think the system in place could use a tweak or two but for the most part it's accomplishing what it sets out to. It's been weeks since I've seen a legitimate, intentional TK or even significant friendly fire. Granted I haven't had much time to play, but I've still managed more than a few matches from Tier IV to X and I just don't see it happening. Maybe I'm lucky? My stats would argue otherwise -R
  12. So I'm having a bit of trouble, and would like to know if anyone else seems to be as well. After the latest patch I loaded up in a Tier VIII match and was immediately dumped straight to the desktop. The client just exited without any notification, without locking up. There were no error logs, it was just as if I hadn't even been playing. I restarted the client, got through the match loading screen and was able to control my ship long enough to put on full speed and a hard left rudder before the client crashed to desktop, once again without any amplifying information. I gave it two more attempts and received the same results before giving up. Deciding that it was probably a graphics issue related to the new ship skins, I decided to execute a full wipe, re-download & re-install. I played one game in CO-OP with the stock medium graphics settings, maintained a reasonable frame rate and although it did briefly lock up when zooming in or out, it went well enough that I could get by. Hoping to improve things and encouraged by the results in the PVE game, I reset my graphics settings to low (or off in many cases) and entered a Tier V PVP match. The matchmaker came up, loaded me in to a match, and once again I was disconnected and dropped to the desktop with no logs, no errors and no clue. I restarted the client and was returned to the match loading screen, only to experience the same crash twice more. TLDR: Is anyone else experiencing nearly-constant client crashes to desktop without any error or log? If so, have you had any success fixing it? Thanks! -R
  13. But does it also take decades to accomplish? In bocca al lupo, -R