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  1. Mister_Rawr

    Lunar New Year flag

    Just that time of year, I suppose. -R
  2. Mister_Rawr

    Lunar New Year flag

    So this showed up unexpectedly. Mostly because I don't pay attention to much these days. I like it. Sadly it means I must now purchase Thunderer to have a ship from which to fly it properly. -R (Yes, I am in fact playing the game on a 486sx 25)
  3. Mister_Rawr

    South Carolnia

    Imperial_Hammer also makes some excellent points; superfiring turrets caught on for a reason. -R
  4. Mister_Rawr

    Invisible Torps from Lightning

    Not invisible, just unlucky. Lightning torpedoes have an extremely short visibility and are pretty quick. 1.3km goes by AWFULLY fast when the object is approaching you at a combined 93kts. Your muzzle flash obscured the first torpedo that hit you entirely due to the perspective in use at the time. The second was barely visible around the splash generated by the first and the third sailed on by. In the right hands a Lightning is very dangerous. -R
  5. I will always upvote this. -R
  6. Mister_Rawr

    South Carolnia

    I played her in the line so long ago I thought it was a good idea to sail back and forth and try to snipe. It is not. I had much more fun with her later on employing good angling and putting her ridiculously heavy gun armament to use in close, where any good shotgun belongs. Map awareness is key; get moving early and get moving quickly. Go to where you expect the action to lead and set yourself up to be there when it eventually happens. Avoid the edges of the map; you're nearly immobile and if the action shifts away from your corner you'll be useless for the remainder of the match. Angle as much as you can, even at the expense of your firing arcs. Do the hippy hippy shake and take advantage of ships distracted by other targets or turning their tasty broadsides toward you. Your own sides are rather squishy, so guard them until the opportunity arises to put your full battery to use. As slow as she is, having four aft-facing batteries does make her a pretty effective... well, not a kiter per-say. Maybe butt-tanker is a better term? If you wind up with red ships chasing you, you can make them pay for it dearly. Lastly, don't expect to hit anything greater than 10km away. It'll make you angry and look silly. Do take some time and follow the other guidance in this thread, it's as applicable to Wyo as it is to South Carolina. SC's recent buffs can make the transition a little frustrating though, don't expect anywhere near her kind of accuracy when you get to Wyo. -R
  7. I view it as kind of like this. It's not a camouflage, so much as a statement. Come and get me. If you dare. -R
  8. In the town where I was born lived a man who sailed the sea and he told us of his life in the land of submarines World of Warshippies. So we sailed up to the sun till we found the sea of green and we lived beneath the waves in our yellow ... ehm ... obviously not 'cause there are none of them in the game. -R
  9. Mister_Rawr

    What is the next Bounty Event?

    Voted SciFi. May the 4th is a Saturday this year, just sayin'. -R
  10. Mister_Rawr

    Racism, swearing at a player

    True, and that's a real shame. I'm of the opinion that each of us have an obligation to hold the others accountable. If someone can't conduct themselves like a decent human being and treat the others with a shred of respect, they deserve whatever reports, bans or otherwise they receive. I'm not blameless of throwing salt, but there're boundaries. Meanwhile, the internet is a lot less faceless than the worst offenders seem to think. Things follow people into the real world all the time, and it's not usually pretty when they do. -R
  11. Offer your congratulations for their free flags? -R
  12. Mister_Rawr

    Ships in Air Supply Containers

    Normal. You got the credit value of the ship, not doubloons. This round of freebies doesn't award those, I'm afraid. -R
  13. @LT_Rusty_SWO and @dbw86 are quite correct, per modern USN regulation. I can't speak to historic regulations or even those of any other maritime fighting force, though. While there are some inaccuracies in the in-game locations, especially considering moored/in port locations, I'm more than satisfied that for simplicity's sake they're (mostly) in their underway steaming configurations (more or less) correctly. -R [edit] Adding @GrayPanther2018 to the attaboy list since I was ninja'd. [/edit]
  14. Mister_Rawr

    Lert got a new ship!

    Those droopy bridge wings though. Enjoy! -R
  15. I guess it would have been nice for folks who work 13+ hours a weekday to have had a chance, or advance notice that the test was only available for three days in the middle of the week. Meh. -R