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  1. Not quite nothing. I'm sure it'll come with time. The mode is still very early in its life. -R
  2. USS Arizona and HMS Hood

    About as opposite as two "battleships" could be. I enjoy both very much. -R
  3. I'm not going to run crying about it, but this certainly doesn't mean I enjoy seeing that ship in game on either side of the screen. There seem to be equal chance of do-nothing-potato or a player wrecking the face off of everything bigger than a cruiser and then gunning down a DD or two for funsies afterward. Not much in the way of middle-of-the-ground Asashios out there in my experience. I'm also not going to quit playing just because the game changes a little bit. Life changes every darn day and I'm not about to go around threatening to stop breathing every time it does. No matter how much everyone else would enjoy it. -R
  4. (sorry, out of reactions for the day. Again. I wonder how many doubloons it costs to refill my allotment.) -R
  5. This. Also +1000 for the Enigma: Rising Tide video. That game didn't deserve its fate. Sorry I'm out of responses for the day. Does it seem like we're getting less of these to anybody else? -R
  6. Oh, right! That's what I meant to go back and look at last night when I got home. Maybe today since it'll finally be before 7 o'clock. Is that... uhm... good? -R
  7. what do you have to do to get a win?

    Just from the screenshots, this is what I see: You had one carrier who played well, doing a fair amount of damage and killing a pair of ships. The other finished another couple damaged ships, but the red carriers outplayed yours in the end. It looks like the red Independence had a very good game and I'm surprised their Ryujo was found and sunk. Did one of your DDs spend the whole match trying to chase the carrier down? Emerald was probably one-shot early in the game. Acasta was probably trying out a brand new ship. Losing those two relatively early costs a lot of situational awareness. It looks like the Gadjah Mada was found and tied up by the carriers and managed to do some damage despite being spotted. That's a crucial loss of damage and SA potential. Your top-tier battleships are in the bottom half of the table. Your Bretagne overperformed in a very mediocre ship. Texas players on both teams did pretty well, and your 30 air kills makes a very satisfying AA game. What can I say, it happens. I'm also entirely likely to be completely wrong about all of this. I'm used to that idea. -R
  8. I do not recall what you are referring to. What patch and what changed in the Versatility column? I've been playing since August 2015 and the last change I can remember was when Evasive Maneuver was added in 0.6.0. That was January 2017 and we got a respec. I can't say. I was told by very trustworthy sources that there was compensation given to any player who had participated in Clan Battles. My clan choses not to, so I can't say with 100% absolute certitude. -R
  9. Just restating this. Because it's not wrong. -R
  10. Alaska

    Has there been any discussion of transitioning all reward ships from FXP to coal? If so I may have tragically and severely miscalculated. Wouldn't be the first time. -R
  11. Alaska

    Hopefully it doesn't kill you for another patch or two. You'll probably want to be able to spend it around then. Not that I know anything. Just suspect. -R
  12. Ship skins

    If you mean skins that are part of a mod, most likely the author of that particular mod will need to update and re-release their mod pack. Something has probably changed that does not translate. Contact the author to see what they have planned. -R
  13. Okay then. I highly doubt it, but it doesn't look like anyone's getting the chance to find out so there really isn't much point in belaboring things. Eeeeeeeeeeh... not so certain the devs would allow NC's to be less effective. Stats based on what was really a very lucky shot isn't a thing WG does very often. Otherwise Warspite's unassisted range would be 24km. -R
  14. Does 6.5kts make such a difference that an updated WV would be noncompetitive against a pretty-universally-admired NC? -R