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  1. WhiteTulip

    I really don't understand this game

    If you see me in game one evening, give me a shout. I’ll give you some pointers on Fiji and Exeter. They both play very differently. And I think a lot of the comments above are accurate, that you moved up a bit too quickly. I did the same thing. The first ship I got was a Sims, followed closely by a Scharnhorst. My win rate hasn’t been the same since.
  2. WhiteTulip

    Who have you seen in game

    I saw @Lord_Zath just yesterday. We were victorious.
  3. WhiteTulip

    Fuel: as a way to balance CV's

    I’ve utterly given up on the idea that CVs will ever be balanced.
  4. And the folks here are non-nautical by nature, so the terms can be interchangeable. Or in the real world do you call them decks and overheads, bulkheads and ladders?
  5. Why do you keep on with this? Who cares?
  6. WhiteTulip

    Tips needed for Buffalo

    Completely trollish.
  7. WhiteTulip

    About the Noises

    It doesn’t seem right to call them “sounds”, “audio”, or “sound effects”, so noises will do. At one point last night I nearly ran into a friendly ship. As we passed one another, I could distinctly hear the sound of the other ships screws turning. Guess what... Subs are coming. I’d bet the new noises have something to do with the arrival of our underwater allies, just like you can hear the planes pass overhead. Oh, and does anyone know when the SS Rework begins?
  8. WhiteTulip

    Why Kremlin and Smolensk exist

  9. WhiteTulip

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    Of course it needs to be said. Even if they ignore it, WeeGee needs to know.
  10. WhiteTulip

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    I don't think it's the CVs in themselves. I think they're a major part of what's wrong here, but I think the power creep is getting completely out of hand. The HE throwers that have recently been added are just as much a problem. Now they're going to add subs (and I think it's safe to assume that the sub addition will be just as half baked as the CV rework was). And now we hear that HE will be somehow nerfed before long. The multitude of currencies is the dysfunctional icing on the cake. But the whole experience is degraded by all of this.
  11. WhiteTulip

    Morse Code Heard While in Port

    Which port is this in? I usually hang out in Hawaii, and I don’t recall hearing any Morse there.
  12. WhiteTulip

    DD vs BB - Discussion

    And just from a strictly marketing point of view, I might actually go out and BUY a console if they were NOT different games. I wouldn’t mind getting off of WOWS on my computer, really. But the simple fact is that I’m not starting over with a more limited offering of ships. Open up Legends and you’ll open up opportunities.
  13. WhiteTulip

    DD vs BB - Discussion

    Just a few minutes ago, I wiped out a T7 BB (can’t recall which), in a T5 Kamikaze. He pushed too far forward. I had three racks of torps. I sent two on the firing solution in case he went on the same path, and one on the path he should have taken to escape and fight another day. He sailed straight and I got a DevStrike against him. Was it my fault that he pushed too far forward? Was it my fault that he sailed in a straight line so long? My ship and my capabilities didn’t have that much to do with his demise. He just screwed up. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve been wiped out by a BBs secondaries while trying one of those up-close-and-personal torpedo delivery runs.They are loads of fun, and very satisfying, but they only work about 40% of the time. What’s really telling about your initial story, OP, is that you had no screen of DDs or CA/CLs . Maybe poor play on their part, maybe they were all dead, but without a screen, you’re best move is to move. But when you make it to Montana, rest assured that I’ll be out there somewhere in a Shimakaze...watching...patiently...for my opportunity to slip past your screen.
  14. WhiteTulip

    "Legendary Upgrade" for the Shimakaze

    No, it wouldn’t. It was a terrible upgrade. I’ve kept all of the Legendary Upgrades (don’t run them all the time, but kept them), except Shima. You have to play Shima in a particular way to make it work, and I don’t like sitting back at max range and tossing torps to see what hits. I’m more inclined to F3s, to be honest. The LE for Shima is super useless to me.
  15. WhiteTulip

    Russian B**crapOP cruisers and battleship

    In the eyes of the Russian developers, yes.