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  1. WhiteTulip

    Server down?

    I got into the server, but I couldn't get a game to start. Waited in queue three times. The last one was 14 minutes, just to see how long it would go.
  2. WhiteTulip

    Looking for a new game

    I think most of the problems are with the matchmaking. If they were to fix that, I don't think the subs and CV's would be as obvious a problem. But they don't want to fix that. so...
  3. WhiteTulip

    One Complaint I Don't Understand

    But that's part of playing on a team or fighting as part of a unit. The difference is that we can't train together with others we fight with. As a result, the mixed bag of fates involved should be equally distributed.
  4. WhiteTulip

    One Complaint I Don't Understand

    Yeah, that makes perfect sense.
  5. Sometimes I think people just WANT to complain about this game, for no other reason that the simple joy of complaining. Flamu seems to be the quintessential complainer about everything WeeGee does, and I'm going to pick on Flamu here a bit. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of things going on here that are complaint-worthy, but there is one complaint that I just don't get... THE PLAYER BASE IS HORRIBLE/STUPID/INCOMPETENT/WHATEVER Yes, there are players that get T8 or T9 ships that don't have the experience to play them, but that's been going on for the entire five years that I've been here (and I was guilty of that myself when I started). We're all facing the same players and we all have the same odds of getting a good team, and measured over enough time it all balances out. Big whiff. Over time, who cares. So when people here complain about how bad the game play is, or when Flamu posts is umpteenth video railing at the monumental stupidity of one player that simply made a singular error in judgement in a video game - why waste so much time and energy? (I honestly don't understand why someone like Flamu still plays the game; he's always angry and ridicules everyone he encounters. Others here on the forum have picked up the same attitude. It just mystifies me how someone can be so seemingly miserable doing something that's intended to be fun.) The game play is what the game play is. The player base is the player base. We're all in the same boat and this particular issue impacts everyone equally. So why do so many people piss and moan about this ad nauseam?
  6. WhiteTulip

    French cruisers.

    In fact, you can sell them for silver once the line is released. They're yours to keep. But having unlocked and played Cherbourg, I have no interest in continuing down that branch. Cherbourg is most definitely not my style.
  7. WhiteTulip

    The American Fattleship Line

    I apologize. That might have been me. I melted a GK not long ago. If it's of any consolation, I did briefly feel bad. But honestly, that's nothing compared to what I did to an Izumo with an Eagle once. I actually sold both the Eagle and the United States after that game. That was pre-nerf, but both the T11 CV's are a level of toxicity that just isn't good for the game and I didn't want any further part of it.
  8. WhiteTulip

    Need some advice if this PC will run the game...

    I run it on Linux. It's a bit clunky and disagreeable at times, but it works quite well 95% of the time. There are no in-game issues at all, only the occasional busted load.
  9. WhiteTulip

    Incentivize Veteran Players to Play Mid & Low Tiers

    I already play some low and mid-tier games. They can be quite fun. And you have to train level 2 captains somewhere. And low and mid-tier games are mostly devoid of the toxic chat and attitudes you get in the upper tiers. I think this is a great idea, LWM, but the degree of greatness of an idea is inversely proportional to the likelihood that WeeGee will implement it.
  10. WhiteTulip

    people reporting because you play a cv

    You completely misread that. Kindness, or lack thereof, is not a problem that the game designers need to contend with. It's a symptom of a greater problem. This is why people say that WeeGee and their employees are tin-eared when it comes to listening to criticism. The reason this happens is that people are frustrated with a lack of counterplay. It really is that simple. It's not the individual, it's not the particular game, it's not even the particular game itself. It's plain and simple really - it's because of the lack of counterplay against CV's and Subs. People are reacting to that.
  11. WhiteTulip

    people reporting because you play a cv

    I went through a spurt of playing CV's again when the T11 ships came out. I went from 54 to 5 karma points in a matter of days. Some people will always think they know how to play your ship better than you do, even though they watch you play for only a few seconds per game (assuming they're fighting their own ship at least some). This is true of every ship in the game. But CV's and Subs are special because of the lack of counterplay. I honestly can't blame people for taking their frustrations with WeeGee out on me when I play CV's (and subs are too boring to play). If you're going to play CV's, that's just the way it is. It's not sad or stupid on the part of the other players. It's entirely WeeGee and their design. That's what cause the frustration you're seeing, not you personally, not your play, not the game you're in - it's ultimately frustration at the designers.
  12. WhiteTulip

    Superships and money

    I get about the same, but I don't use perma camo. I use one of the other camo patterns that gives a boost to credits, so it works out. I've only actually lost money on two or three games.
  13. WhiteTulip

    anti sub. mechanics

    It's the same thing in randoms. Anything with a stern rack might as well just run away unless the target suddenly appears and is within 5km. Then you might have a chance. But anything more than that and you're going to swallow a lot of torps before you get close enough to have a chance with the stern rack.
  14. WhiteTulip

    anti sub. mechanics

    There are so many things wrong that you're probably right. But the investment will never happen. They think they're right - the spreadsheet says they're right - so they'll never rework anything in any significant way.
  15. WhiteTulip

    anti sub. mechanics

    Yesterday I had a T8 U-Boat appear 4km from my Oland. I charged it. I got 18 gun hits, 8 depth charge hits, and two fires on the thing. It did not die to all this. A BB from half a map away actually got the kill shot. Today I was in a Conqueror against the T10 U-Boat. It was spotted twice. I air dropped DC's on him the first time and only got 1 hit. A Gearing spent half the game trying to hit it and got nothing. The second time it appeared was point blank off my starboard bow. Every torp he shot at me hit. I lost half my health on the first spread, and the second half on the second spread. There just isn't any fun in this anymore. Subs aren't the only reason for this (the campy meta in higher tiers is ultimately the killer here), but subs are a significant contributing factor.