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  1. Type F3 Torpedoes

    I'm curious if anyone has tried the Type F3 torpedo on the Yugumo or Shimakaze. I haven't opened the Shima yet, so it's something I'm thinking about once I get there. Does the reload time and speed compensate for the short range?
  2. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Just applied to WOLF2. There are two of us; myself and The Amazing Mystico.
  3. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    This is a really cool idea, and I am tempted. But i do have one question - If a few members wanted to try clan battles, is there anything to prevent that? Do you know if there any members that might want to give it a shot? I haven't had the best experiences with clans so far (even one that I created). So something informal would be appealing if it could be worked out.
  4. Clan Battles DD comparison

    I hope you all don't mind my asking - I don't play clan wars - but I'm curious why everyone is talking about tier 10 DDs exclusively. Does it have to be T10 ships?
  5. I'm not sure looking at this for the starting point is really the right way to look at it. It's more about style then ease of play. The poster that suggested taking each line up to tier 5 is on the right track. By that time, you'll get a feel for how you like to play. Each DD line is different. Once you get to T5, then it's time to consider where the journey is going, more than how you're going to get there. Which line do you think you'd like best at T9 or T10. Your style of play - and where you have fun - is vitally important. Full disclosure - my style is ninja torpedo guy, and I only gunfight with it's an unfair fight or I'm forced into it. So from a torpedo guys point of view: The US line is the most well rounded. The mid-tiers are not so much fun, or I didn't think so, but the upper tiers are a hoot. I'm not fond of the Gearing, but I'd take the Fletcher into any battle against any group of opponents, and the Benson served me quite well in ranked this year. The US line can be run as torpedo ninjas, and is a good bit easier to play than IJN. IJN ships require a great deal of patience. You have no option but to become the inviso-destroyer. They have one ship with very good guns. Otherwise, the only other ships you can gunfight are other IJN DDs. IJN can be a bit frustrating, but they can also be a whale of a lot of fun. I'd take the Kagero into any T10 battle as well, and the Yugumo too, for that matter. In some situations, they are absolute magic. The German line can be run as torpedo boats with guns, and can be very effective. I've had a lot of success with the Germans, but they are less successful for me than the IJN and USN lines. But the Geade, Maass and Z-46 will alway have a place in my port. The Russians - this is where I quit. I just don't like relying on guns as much as torpedo-flinging, so the Russians didn't suit me. This is where you need to determine your style. Good luck and enjoy!
  6. For Those Of You With DD Elite Pins/Emblems

    Without doubt, I see your point. I was really just curious how they did it. I think it's interesting that the Khaba was mentioned twice (once here, once privately), as the way to hit those numbers. That's gunnery at its best, I suppose, which means for a torpedo player like myself the DD Elite pin is a much more distant prospect. I prefer the inviso-destroyer play style, so pew-pewing isn't really my thing from the outset. I sold the Gearing shortly after getting it, just because I prefer to focus on torps more, and as a result the Fletcher suits my style better (same with the Germans, tough to a lesser degree).
  7. I'm curious what you're doing differently that gets 64k damage on average over 100 games. A little background: I've gotten to T10 DDs on the German and American lines, and T9 on the Japanese. I've had many games over 100k damage. My highest was 177k I think (with a DD). I've gotten a few Krakens. My average damage right now with DDs over the last 100 games is about 44k (I have the DD2 pin). I have just under 55k average damage with the Kagero. The Fletcher and Z-46 are around 44k average each. I am best at the ninja torpedo boat play, and generally don't play gunboats at all. I admit that I do have difficulties with consistency (which may be the key, I understand). I'm just curious if you DD-Elite players can put into words what you're doing differently.
  8. FINALLY did it. Minotaur in Port!

    Congrats on the ship and the first game! To me, the Mino is a great deal of fun and a greater deal of frustration. But I just started playing with radar, and that's removed a good bit of the frustration so far. The second game I ran radar had 2 DDs smoke-up trying to hide from me, and they didn't last long enough to utter the expletive that was obviously on their tongues. She was the first T10 ship I got, and I've had a ripping good time with her in 100+ games.
  9. Is the the this Line good?

    Is this a joke?
  10. Is the the this Line good?

    Um, no. Think of the Neptune and Minotaur as sandblasters. I've worn down Yamato's with my little Mino guns. These are the same guns from the Leander on, so it's very possible. It's actually quite fun to watch them just whither away. You aren't going to go yardarm-to-yardarm with a BB, but you can do significant damage if you know what you're up to.
  11. Don't give up on it yet, but do take your time. It's a harder line to learn to play, but if you get good with the Ninja tactics it can be a whale of a lot of fun. People sometimes call the Mutsuki the Mutt-Sucky, but I find it to be a hoot to play. Sure, you're spotted half the game, but if you can figure out how to play the Mutt well you'll be able to play anything in the IJN line well, and those skills will serve you in just about anything that's not Russian. And to be honest, learning to play spotted won't hurt you when you have expert CV players throwing planes at you constantly, and everybody on the enemy team has some kind of radar. The Mutsuki is like the Geade in German line - not everyone can play it well, but those that do learn how will play the higher tiers well...very well, in many cases. I ran the Minekaze side first, and found the same to be true there as well, but not quite so critical. And don't buy into all those lines of thought that a torp hit at higher tiers is all luck. It's not. It's harder to be successful, true, but if you learn your craft you'll do well. I had 170k+ damage and a Kraken in a tier ten game just last weekend - and I was in the T8 Kagero. By way of full disclosure, I should say that I'm not fond of the gunboat DDs, regardless of the line. My Fletcher is a torp model, and I sold the Gearing after a dozen games because I just didn't find it fun. But I find the German, American and Japanese DD lines to be a great deal of fun overall. But taking your time and learning your craft is vital in the IJN DD line.
  12. Don't do it, man. Just don't. Buy a Ferrari instead. It won't be so demanding, it will corner better and have better acceleration, and the maintenance costs will be nothing by comparison.
  13. Tips for torps?

    I doubt you remember this, EA, but we had a little encounter about a week ago that brought this into focus. I was in one of my first games in the Kagero (5th or 6th game maybe), and you were in a French cruiser, if I remember correctly. I ran wide and got behind your lines. You, two BBs and a DD were trying to cap the zone that I ran wide of, and you're two BB's parked behind an island. I unleashed torpedo hell upon them (and you...TRB). I sank one of the BBs and hit the other, but you managed to evade. You also headed straight at me. What followed was an 8 minute duel. Folks, I'm a DD main and I've been chased by plenty of CAs, but this was one for the record books for me. Every time I let fly a volley of torpedoes, EA turned as if he could see them from 8km away. This guy is a zig-zag expert. It took every trick in the book to stay in that fight. I even set a smoke screen that I didn't use, just to throw you off and change my angle of attack (never underestimate the value of a decoy smoke screen). I could not come up with a pattern in your zig-zags. Finally, I just left my torpedo targeting on you and didn't shut it off, so you couldn't tell when I might or might not have launched at you. I even had to time my shots to make sure your spotter plane was on the wrong side of your ship as my torps approached. After all that, I did manage to hit you with two torpedoes. The moral of this story, for everyone else, is that it is possible to hit even an expert player with your torpedoes if you throw enough at them and use all your tricks and skills. But the thing is, this little exercise took both of us out of the battle for a long time. And my team was more inept than his, so EA's team got the win. (And parking an Edinburgh with radar in a cap as the ninja Kagero approaches, really didn't help my cause any. I thought I was the only one that ran the Eddy with radar.) You're right, it made for a long night, but it was a heck of a lot of fun too!
  14. Tips for torps?

    There are high percentage shots, and low percentage shots. Are you taking more low percentage shots as you get higher in tier? I've seen that happen, especially in radar-heavy games. An example of a low percentage shot is bow-on against a highly maneuverable opponent. Or a stern chaser from too close to max range. Or any shot >10km as the spread opens so much, or taken at max range with long running times. Even a juicy target can be low percentage if it has a spotter plane up. A high percentage shot is a broadside target at closer range. Maybe a bow-on shot against someone that turns like a slug. Then there are the blind luck shots. These are launching into smoke, or at a particular spot (an island that CA's might hide behind). These don't necessarily have targets when their fired, but they aim at denying an area to the enemy and you catch someone napping at times. Even a potato can evade with a low percentage shot, and an expert can get caught by a high percentage shot. If you're taking a lot of low percentage shots and missing, don't sweat it. If you're taking a lot of high percentage shots and missing, that might be something else. Zig-Zaggers can be had if you watch for a pattern and have time to take advantage of it. Very few are truly unpredictable. There was a study done after WWII that said the IJN hit rate for torps was 6%, and that the USN rate was just over 4%. I figure anything over those is gravy. Anything above server average is certainly gravy. And spotter planes do circles. If you can, launch just before they're right between you and the target. Hopefully, the spotter will be on the other side of the target ship when your torps arrive. Edit: had to correct the auto-correct
  15. USN Cruiser Split Question

    Perfect. I appreciate the info. I might even like the Pensacola if it's down a tier. I'll have the Balto in a month, so that will cover the list.