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  1. I've got 161 games on the Mino overall. It's just the past 40 or so that have gone horribly wrong.
  2. I've been playing the Mino quite a bit lately. I'm trying to get the Legendary Upgrade (I figure it might be fun), and have been playing through all the assignments. I got to the part where you have to win 15 games, and suddenly I can't win much of anything. I've won 3 games in the past 15 outings. I've had two losses with 160k+ damage, and several over 120k and 100k. I've only had a couple under 80k, and only two spectacularly bad games. In fact, for damage, this has been one of the best runs ever for me in the Mino - my average damage per game is actually up 10k since I started the Legendary work. But there are very few wins. But the losing streak is longer than just the past 15 games. At one point, I lost 12 in a row. I'm running smoke now, not radar (there's plenty of radar around these days). I've only been detected by radar three times since I started playing for the Legendary Upgrade, so it's not like I'm leaving myself as a sitting duck in the smoke. She hasn't fared particularly well in Clan Battles either, though the win rate is much closer to 50-50 in CB. I have seen some of the worst examples of game/team play I've ever encountered recently as well, but clearly that can't be the only problem I've run into. Example: On Shatter recently, 10 ships went to A and were unable to take it, while I and a Montana held off 7 enemy ships at C until they finally sank or turned back (I ended up capping A myself and dying in B - this was one of the 160k+ damage games). I'm not farming damage, but getting stuck in spots where I have plenty of enemies to fight. What on earth am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?
  3. Long ago, when I was first trudging up the RN CL line, I went into a battle with the Danae in a 2 ship division on the Solomon Islands map. My friend was behind me by about 4 km, just after the game began. No shots had been fired yet, and I was not detected. As we went past the river mouth on the west island, a BB took a random, blind shot into our area through the low spot formed by the river. They hit me in the Danae and blew me up in one shot. That, for me, defines the Danae. We have forever after referred to this as "The Danae Incident".
  4. fellow Fiji drivers

    I seem to be getting more misses since the last patch but it's with everything, not just Fiji.
  5. Should I Quit the Line

    The detection range is the detection range. Make up for that by avoiding the 62 knot torpedoes. But describe your process for aiming your torps? Are you going for maximum impact upon arrival, or maximum chance of getting a hit? Are you accounting for the snapshot effect of the firing solution? Are you going for low percentage shots mainly, or high percentage shots, or a mixture of both?
  6. Should I Quit the Line

    First off, as to another line, I'd say USN first, then Germans. USN is overall more balanced. IJN is without doubt the most difficult DD line to play. And yes, it's true, you can get into places and situations from which there is no escape. As they say, this line is feast-or-famine. So first off, I'd decide whether you want to continue on the feast-or-famine path, then decide whether you want to abandon the line or not. You can also play the USN and German lines as ninja torp boats if you like that style and want to stick with it. Now... Look at my badge. That's 100+ games in the top 3 in XP. One of those games was on the Atago. 4 were on the Harekaze. All of the others were Kagero and Yugumo. None were on Shimakaze. The last quarter of those 100 games was played in the radar meta, and yes, my progress slowed considerably with the USN CA/CL releases. I am not unicum by any definition. I do not fear any T10 fight in either the Kagero or Yugumo. This line can fight, and this line can win. I think a better question to ask yourself at this point is this - do you need to finish the line right now? The answer is always no. Nothing is compelling you. Take your time, ignore the Shima if you want, and try to have fun without pressure. I'm not a big fan of the Shima. She seems, to me, the most situational of a highly situational line. I keep her around for ranked and Clan Wars. In both of those, with the right combo of allies, the Shima is a killer. She still has a place in my port, and always will. But the Kagero and Yugumo will always have a place in my port because they're both a whale of a lot of fun. As to the guns on all three ships. You do them a disservice, to be honest. I gunned down a Z-52 in the Kagero a couple of weeks ago, and we both started out at about 70% health. Neither of us had allies nearby, so it was really one on one. You can even outgun a German in the right situations. I have outgunned Fletcher as well. (But I've never out shot a Gearing.) Yes, the ratio of me outshooting them is maybe 1:3 in single combat, but it happens, and when I lose they're way more chewed-up than they were when we started. And I can't even tell you how many times I've bagged a Khaba by letting fly the torps first, waiting till they're half way home, then opening fire with the guns. Khaba drivers always turn to attack thinking you weak, and almost never evade the torps. Just learn to lay the torps in the right place before you start shooting. Everyone thinks the IJN guns are weak - use that bias against them. They shoot slowly, yes, but they hit hard and they don't make rainbows when they fly. Consider how you define "aggression", at least as far as this game goes. Bullying caps isn't your gig; you're a ninja 95% of the time, and a pest the other 5%. But you can be quite aggressive in IJN DDs - the aggression just plays differently. I run a tangent line on the zone first, or avoid it completely at the beginning. As soon as you trip the zone, some nitwit is going to hit radar. You can always go back and get the zone later. Spot the radar ships first, and call the targets for your team. Then get the zone when you can, or head out and fight somewhere else. And if you can get behind their lines and raid from the rear, you can hit 200k damage under the right circumstances (I actually had 165k damage in a single shot once by getting behind a bunch of island hugging CAs and BBs - it just worked out perfectly by the time the torps got there). You will have games with zero damage, or 2k, or 6k. But you can also break 200k at times, and over 100k becomes common enough with patience and practice. And if you're expecting torp hit rates greater than 8%, you're not likely to get that anywhere else either. My hit rate is 8% across all the different lines. Historical IJN hit rate was 4%, so anything over 4% is pretty solid. I've seen some pretty terrible torpedo aim from DDs in the higher tiers. Last thing: Don't give up unless it's just no fun anymore. I was just about to that point after the USN/radar thing hit. But it's coming back now, and I've learned a thing or two from others.
  7. Akizuki lost Elite status

    I saw the same thing on mine.
  8. Fletcher. She does everything well, and nothing badly. But I did see someone say that the Yugumo was the IJN version of the Fletcher. I don't think that's particularly true, but the Yugo is my favorite DD right now.
  9. Update 0.7.6 Bug Report

    I got a very small update this evening. It was only maybe one meg, but happened so quickly I'm not sure of the size. Now the game will not load at all. The first screen begins to load, stays black, and hangs. I'm on Mac OS 10.11.6. Will open a ticket with the help desk.
  10. Radar has ruined dd play

    Thanks. I may take you up on this offer. But I'm first going to try some of the videos. Do you mind if someone else tags along? A friend of mine plays too and he's having the same difficulties. I posted something on stats today on a clean thread. Turns out, the ones that suffered the most from the heap of radar are IJN DDs and Ninja drivers. I tried a Fletcher today as a test (only had time for one game), and got 4 kills in a hard-fought win with just shy of 100k damage. EDIT: And if you could give any pointers on CA play, I'd appreciate that too.
  11. DDs and Radar – Stats Tell The Tale

    This is certainly an issue. The worst I've seen personally was 6:0, with 4:2 or 4:1 being pretty common.
  12. I’m waiting for a software system to finish backing itself up, so I suspect that this will be a bit more brief than the topic actually deserves. I won't have time to proof this either, so my apologies in advance for typos and nonsense. I'll try to edit later if needed. And if the bar is open, grab a beer before going any further. There’s been a fair amount of talk scattered around the web about the state of DD play relative to the overabundance of radar now in WOWS. I thought I’d take a look at the actual statistics, and see what information that may give. It was, I admit, quite a surprise. A little background: I’m a DD main, and my focus is IJN. My favorite ships, and the ships I do best with, are the Kagero and Yugumo. But I own just about all of the IJN DDs, and do pretty well with all of them; to me, they're fun. But since the advent of the USN CA changes, my performance in-game has suffered a great deal. My win rate with my favorite ships is down 4 points and 3 points respectively, damage is down 9%, kill rate is down 12%, and XP per game is down 8%. My personal experience since the last update has been pretty grim, and I know others are experiencing similar results. But what are the overall stats on these things since the update? All of this comes from the maplesyrup.coocan.jp site. I compared May 5 stats to June 16. There were some other dates compared as well, but for this post, these are the two dates we’re concerned with. Suffice to say that these were not taken in a vacuum. All are from the NA server. Everything here is tier 6 and above. First I looked at all DDs on these two dates. Number of players actually increased 2%, as did number of games. From what I’ve seen in-game myself, it looks like there are a lot fewer DD players since the update. But that isn’t borne out by the numbers. Also interesting is the fact that the win/loss rates are almost exactly the same between the pre-update week and the post-update week. Average XP earned and average damage were both down, but only by 1%. Average kills per game was exactly the same. So I have to admit, I started thinking there was something wrong with the stats recorded on this site. I decided to look at the USN CA rates for the same period, with the idea of trying to validate the paragraph above. USN CAs saw a 247% increase in players between these two different weeks, and a 249% increase in games played. The win rate of these ships was up by 11%, the draw rate was up by 33% (interesting), and the loss rate was up by 14%. Average XP earned was up 9%. The Cleveland saw the biggest jump in usage. Average overall damage was up 18%. Average kills per game was up 12%. So this confirms the increase in the number of players and games played. And it indicates that the USN CAs are winning, losing and drawing more often than before. So this piece of it confirms what I’ve seen firsthand, and more or less validates the above, I think. Next I decided to breakout the IJN DDs and have a look at those. The number of IJN DD players was down 2%, and the number of games was down 4%. But the win/loss rates remained almost exactly the same before and after the update. Where the IJN DD players have suffered is in average XP (down 4%), average damage (down 6%), and average kills per game (down 4%). I didn’t do an in-depth look at other nations DDs for this, but I did spot check a few. The Gearing, Fletcher and Fushun are almost exactly the same statistically between the two different weeks, as was the Z-46. The Khabarovsk actually increased its statistical performance (the Khaba remains an enigma wrapped in a mystery). The Gadjah Mada suffered even more than the overall IJN ships did. Next, just to see if I could validate some of this in another way, I decided to look at ships that rely largely on smoke as part of their fighting style. For this, I looked at the Akizuki and the entire RN CL line. The Akizuki’s stats fell in about the same way the overall IJN stats did. I initially assumed this would be worse for the Akizuki - it’s amazing slowness and sluggishness would seem to cost it in a radar filled world, but she seems to have fared rather well given the overall fall of IJN DDs. The RN CL line was down significantly in number of games and players (about 12% each). But the win rate for RN CLs was actually up 2.3%. Average XP earned was down, but only by 1.6%. Average damage was down by 3%. And average kills was up by 2.4%. So there are fewer players and games, and their results are down in every category except win rate and kills. Go figure. I think what this is saying is that the average DD players are playing just as badly now as they were before the USN CA change. So the top of the bell curve really hasn’t changed a great deal. In this case, the changes in radar haven’t changed the average players’ style of play or capabilities. And all this seems to be ok with them, as it was ok before the changes. They sail into battle, largely oblivious to their surroundings, and move on to the next game when that one’s over. "When ignorance is bliss, then tis folly to be wise." There are, however, a certain number of players that haven’t adapted, or are sailing ships that aren’t so easy to play in this phase of the meta. This is where the IJN DDs are, and guys like me in particular. I personally had a way of playing (Ninja) - prior to the changes - that is somehow incompatible with the current meta. And I play the one line of DDs that has been statistically most impacted by the changes in a negative way. IJN DDs were already the line with the highest skill floor, and that floor seems to have been raised even more. So it seems to me that the question needs to be rephrased a bit. It’s not an issue of radar having wrecked DD play in general terms; the stats do not bear that out in any meaningful way. The question is more akin to: Has the abundance of radar wrecked IJN DD play? And as a corollary, has the abundance of radar wrecked a particular style of play, and if so, how do people that played that style regain their mojo?
  13. Radar has ruined dd play

    2 wins and 10 losses today. 5 of the losses were a direct result of the overabundance of radar. Short of just driving to the edge of the board and doing nothing, I'm just not getting this new meta. I'm going to try lower tiers for a while. Or I'm going to have to take a break. This just isn't worth the time anymore. I have almost no free time these days, and wasting it is not in the cards; and this is becoming a waste. I'm off today (mental health day, as they say), and I'm actually going to go work on a fence in the heat rather than play WOWS anymore. I'll try to watch the videos you've posted, Kuro. I'm faintly hopeful that things will slow down a bit after tomorrow. Maybe those will inspire me. And yeah, I get it, it's my fault for not adapting properly. But I don't need this learning curve just now. I think I'd just throw in the towel entirely if I weren't only 17 wins from the top IJN badge. I get what you're saying Kuro. I just hope you see my point of view as well - from the top of the bell curve.
  14. Radar has ruined dd play

    I'm going to play nothing but T5/6 games for a while. I don't think I can love this with zero expectations anymore. I'm doing nothing but losing now, and it's just not fun. Maybe if I go back to the lower tiers, it will at least bring back some of the enjoyment.