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  1. Grflrgl

    Hakuryu Problems

    Thanks very much, everyone. I switched to the dual torps from the quad torps and it's made a world of difference. I won 7 of my last 10 games after switching the loadout. Thanks again!
  2. I doubt it. What might appear as spite to you is perhaps a different perception for the CV driver. It could be that you were the easiest kill, or seen as the easiest kill, and he simply went for what was easiest to get. He managed 3 passes on you in a T10 game. That says something. Generally, if he'd gone after the BB or CA/CL, there would not have been a third pass, and probably not a second one. The AA is too thick. At T10, you can actually have AA so dense that you can't see your target at all (just a wall of black and orange puffs that totally obscure your view of the target), so the fact that they went after you was probably because you were perceived as an easier target for some reason. For a CV, it can take a very long time to wear down a BB, and CAs/CLs can be quite hard to hit when you're already low on planes. If it was me, I'd probably have been farming damage off the BBs if the situation was that far gone. But it could be that the CV driver just wanted a notch on his belt, and you were the easiest to get at with the weapons he had at hand. And to be honest, a lot of CV drivers think rocket planes are a waste of time against BBs and any kind of cruiser. It's very definitely not true, but that's the perception. If he didn't have any DBs or TBs left, or wanted to let them regen for a few seconds, then that might have played into his thinking: All I have are rocket planes, so my only target is a lone DD, so - who's easiest to reach?
  3. Not so much. I've been playing a fair amount of CV games lately. I don't target DDs at all, in general terms. I will go after them if they make themselves targets, but I don't go hunting them down myself. The rewards are simply not worth the time investment. Here's the deal - if you make yourself a target, don't be surprised if the CV-angels-of-death come for you. What do I mean by make yourself a target? I've gone after DDs that were spotted by other team members. That way I can see the target and drop maybe 5k damage on them - either cripple them or finish them off. But if you're involved in a running gunfight with another DD in a cap, don't be shocked with the CV comes after you. Another is the fabled AFK DD. If they're sitting in my line of flight, yeah, I'll take a shot at them. I'll also take a shot at them if they're lined up with someone else I'm trying to hit. So if my planes are after the BB behind you, yeah, I might take a swing at you on the way to the BB. But in general terms, it just doesn't often pay to get overly target-focused on the DDs. They're really hard to hit. And as a slight aside - under ideal conditions I can drop about 8k damage on a target with rocket planes. In general, an average run is more like 3k or a little more. I'm really disappointed in anything under 2.5k. So yes, you can get smoked in three runs by a competent CV player, but the conditions are pretty close to ideal for the planes. I've also had DD opponents where I drop 9 strikes on them and get <1k damage. Those guys were working to not get hit. If you're doomed to be spotted by the planes, don't turn your side to them at the last moment. Bow or stern facing the planes is much better for you as the DD. Run toward the planes if you're certain to be spotted, boost, and make it hard for the CV player to react in time. Speed is your friend, as is a small profile to the attacker.
  4. Grflrgl

    Hakuryu Problems

    I actually bought the 4 plane option early on. I had enough points to just get it without having to grind it. I think that was part of my problem. I actually ran the first test of the 2 torp package last night. It was much more familiar. The game was a win and I did decent damage (though not up to server average yet). And I do have the torpedo acceleration and quick aim skills. The skipper is 17 points, and up through the ranks from Hosho on.
  5. Grflrgl

    Hakuryu Problems

    I'll research the 2 torp option and see if that helps. If not, I'll work on the aiming point. It's weird that I could hit things in the early games, but not since about 10 games into the ship.
  6. Grflrgl

    Hakuryu Problems

    I have everything but the TBs with 2 torps.
  7. Hi Everyone, I need some help. I finally managed to hack my way through to the Hak. Everything started out with great promise. I won 5 of my first 7 games. I broke 80k twice in that stretch, and 100k once. I then went on to lose 9 of my next 10 games. I've had two games without a single torpedo hit, and one with only 2. My damage went from about 78k average in those first 7 games, to about 50k now. DBs have never been something I'm particularly good at, so now my hits are almost nonexistent. The game I just finished had 2 torpedo hits, one bomb hit, and 32 rockets. What am I missing here? Is there something about this ship that I just didn't see in the write-ups? I drop a whole load of torps in essentially the same spot I would with the Shokaku, and every one goes behind the target. I move my aim forward, and they manage to dodge every one - BBs no less, not just CAs. When I do get a hit, it seems to take forever for the torps to land, but more often than not there are just no impacts at all. I even went into the practice room to see if I could sort out why nothing is hitting, but that was a waste. Bots don't do what people do, so I scored 300k damage in the training room which translates into <30k damage in randoms. This is perhaps the most discouraging ship I've run into, and I'm at a complete loss as to what I'm doing wrong. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Grflrgl

    AA since 8.5

    Perhaps for the flak bursts, but not from the lesser AA devices. I've had flak clouds so dense in T10 games that I couldn't even see the target for two or three seconds. Makes hitting things rather more difficult.
  9. Grflrgl

    More REAL ships please

    I agree. There are plenty of real ships out there that would be fun, but I'm really tired of seeing ships that never got past the planning stages.
  10. Grflrgl

    Exeter worth a buy? July 2019

    And Leander and Perth, just to make the set complete.
  11. Grflrgl

    Exeter worth a buy? July 2019

    I have her. She's going to depend on how you play her more than anything else. I play her open water, for the most part, and do well. 31 games with 80.6% WR. Can't beat that with a stick.
  12. Grflrgl

    Question about plane attack runs

    Nope. Depending on which CV/Navy you're using, you get one torp for T4, two for T6 and T8, etc. It's a progression. Now, having said that, Shokaku gets two per drop and Lexington gets 3. Go figure the logic. But I think Midway gets 4.
  13. With Michael Bay in charge, many things will explode and no story will be present.
  14. Grflrgl

    Jingles on the NTC Debacle

    You're actually saying the exact same thing I am. I only mentioned IKEA because someone else did. If you find value in Doritos, buy Doritos. If not, don't. You're absolutely correct in that all of this is subjective.
  15. Grflrgl

    Jingles on the NTC Debacle

    Not at all, and this coming from a guy that just bought a new dish washer over the weekend. But I guess what this is boiling down to is the individual player's view of the quality of the product. If people think an Exeter is worth the cost of an iPhone X, then they'll pay it and WeeGee laughs all the way to the bank. But odds are pretty good that there would be no player around that would pay the $1000 to get the iExeter X. It still boils down to what people are willing to open their wallets for.