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  1. I think one thing that's consistently overlooked in this rework conversation is the role of MM. I just came from another pointless game, where the enemy CV was 2nd on their team with 35 planes shot down, and our CV was next to last with 12 shot down. Enemy CV had 2 kills, ours had none. I was deleted in 3.5 minutes because the torpedo bombers descended upon me from Mount Olympus, cross-dropped me like a pro, and I had no where to run. I don't see the rework, or the conversations about the rework, dealing with this disparity of skill in any way.
  2. Regardless, you're still getting pummeled.
  3. Grflrgl

    Pensacola or Dallas line

    Depends on your play style. For CAs I prefer the USN line. For CLs I prefer the RN because of the smoke options and pretty decent torpedos. But with the American heavies you can damage just about anything that comes along if you're in the right situation. You get a fair amount of flexibility with the heavies too. With the USN CL line you're often just left with HE spam as your primary play option.
  4. Grflrgl

    Help on Baltimore

    I only have about 20 or so games in the T8 Balto (I was working other lines since the split), but I have gotten back and find her to be a whale of a lot of fun. But I did play the T9 version as well. Priority Target - It's one thing to be detected, it's another to know that they're actually shooting at you. Adrenaline Rush - Shoots faster later in the game. Superintendent - I'm running this now, but not sold on it. May switch to Demolition Expert or BFT. Not going to do it till the CV changes come out. Concealment Expert - for the reasons above. It's good to become invisible again when the action gets a bit over hot. You'd be amazed at how many times Priority Target said I was aimed at, only to re-vanish before the shells were fired; once or twice a game, maybe. Expert Marksman - I like to be able to swing the guns a bit faster. Expert Loader - You should plan on switching back and forth rather often during each game. One point free at the moment. I've been running Defensive AA Fire II lately, as there are so many accursed gnat throwers lately. I'd prefer hydro, but what are you gonna do... Premium radar and premium repair. Main Armaments Mod 1, DamCon 1, Aiming Systems Mod 1, Steering Gears Mod 2, Concealment Systems Mod 2 Now, this is an arguable setup, I'll grant you. I'm not even sold on it. But it works, and it's fun. I try to get at about a 45 degree angle to a cap and turn bow-on to the approaching ships; if possible, within radar range of the entire cap. I try to get an island on one side of me, as protection against torps and shell fire from my flanks. In general, I can pretty much forget that I have aft guns. If they can be brought to bear on a target, swell. If not, I don't worry much about them. Stay bow-on to everything you can, and avoid giving more than about 45 degrees of your broadside to anybody. When the big dogs start throwing shells at you, back away and point straight at them; forward, reverse, forward, reverse, repeat - throw their aim off. Just yesterday, I had an Alsace at about 8km (I still want to say 8000 yards....metric....blech), with a Des Moines coming behind her in support. The Alsace was largely distracted. by other ships, and could only shoot at me with her stern guns (her forward guns were busy). I was bow-on and had my flank protected by an island. Only one enemy ship could fire on me at a time. I didn't sink the Alsace, but I did help rip her to shreds. HE till she caught fire, then AP till she tried to flee, then HE till someone else got the last shot. So convincing was the situation that the Des Moines abandoned the push and reversed away (and eventually right into a point-blank shot from one of the BBs behind me). I also went bow-on to six enemy ships (accidentally misread the mini map and thought I was up against one ship when it was really the remainder of the enemy fleet). It was me and a Richelieu, and I was bow-on while the Rich was in a bad way. We actually held on long enough to deflect the enemy push, maybe two minutes, and at one point I had 4 firing at me. In another game there was a North Carolina lurking somewhere off on my flank that I didn't see until she turned me into an oil slick. I was broadside to her, fat dumb and happy, and just waiting to be deleted. The Balto is a beast, but a situational beast. Bow-on you can stand up to anything for a while - even Musashi and Yamato (albeit briefly). And the AP shells will damage even the heartiest BB if you aim at their soft spot. Eventually, you'll get the RNG back to get the fires with HE too. Server average damage with the Balto is about 33k, but I'm managing about 50k by playing her this way. Don't give up on her - she can be a ton of fun.
  5. Grflrgl

    Voice Comms are down Again

    Still down this evening.
  6. This is at least part of it. I was engaging at 20km+ at times. I've adjusted according to your comment above, and it has helped. I've had one good game since with 135k damage. I can't get a win, but at least the damage is up. The Iowa may be the unluckiest ship I have relative to wins. But thanks very much for the range suggestion. It's helped.
  7. HELP! A while back, I decided to try the USN BB line. I went through most of it without a problem. In fact, The New Mexico will always have a place in my port. But when I hit the North Carolina, I started having serious problems. Those problems are continuing with the Iowa. I'm not even sure I want to try the Montana anymore. I can't seem to do damage. I had a broadside Amagi sailing right in front of me yesterday. I had three shots. I got only one hit that did any damage, and that only 1380 points. Just now I had another fight in the Iowa. I was reversing against Alsace, Yamato and Musashi, all charging hard. (I had allies on the flanks). But in all of those shots, I had only 1 that generated more than 4k damage. Same with a battle against a Missouri - one hit for 4k and everything else under 2k - both aimed at his bow and at his broadside. Everything else either bounced or over penetrated. I'm having an amazing number of over pens. I even switched to HE to try and do SOME damage. Every shot the Alsace took did 4k damage, and we were bow-to-bow most of the fight. But he got 4x the damage I did. The dispersion has been a problem too, but I think I have that worked out. My hit percentages are back up a bit. I do a ton more damage per shot with every other BB I play. Heck, I played a Baltimore last night and got more damage in one game then I have with the Iowa in the last three. Is there something about the USN BBs that I'm missing?
  8. Grflrgl

    RN DD Commentaries

    You're a lawyer or an engineer, right?
  9. Grflrgl

    RN DD Commentaries

    Calm down. "They are RN CL's with HE rounds, no citadel's and lower HP ((basically in a nutshell)." And that's exactly how I play them. It's not rocket science to figure out that the devs wanted them working this way. Doesn't change the fact that they're gimmicky torps unless you can show me another navy that fires singles. Doesn't change the option that it lacks a primary function of every other DD in the game. What I've noticed are a lot of people getting needlessly pissed when someone disagrees with them. To me they're boring and I'm not sure if I'm going to keep them. I'm happy for you that you like them, but a differing opinion isn't a bad thing.
  10. Grflrgl

    British DDs First Impressions

    My impression so far is that they're just dull.
  11. Grflrgl

    RN DD Commentaries

    I really don't like what they've done with this line. They all seem to play about the same, and the kindest thing I can say about them is: BLAND. They're just spectacularly dull. I've had some good games with a couple of them - some very good games, but they just aren't fun. I had to sail across a map last game in the Jervis. Without boosting, it took half the game, and my team had evaporated before I got back into action. I'd trade the gimmicky torps for boost if I could...well, if they were half decent torps ( I think the Sims has better torps, maybe). With the IJN DDs there's perpetual tension. With the Americans and Germans, there's action. (I don't play the Soviets.) With the RN DDs there's yawning. The Brits deserved better than this. So far, this line has been a big let down.
  12. But what do you do if you're not getting the RN containers anymore? I haven't seen one since I opened-up the Hall of Fame. Is that normal?
  13. I've noticed that I'm not getting any of the RN containers anymore. Has anyone else run into that? And how are people opening up the other RN DDs? I've got the Acasta, but I've seen other ships like Icarus about, but I can't seem to find a way to open them up. Thanks in advance!
  14. Grflrgl

    Re Thinking Conqueror

    Just curious, but what kind of captain skills were you using before and after? Thanks for doing this. I've tried the 457s a few times. Can't say I like them. Can't say I dislike them. But i didn't think about the idea of using just AP in them, and I didn't change any captain's skills along the way.