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  1. Game Crashes Getting Worse

    Yeah, I saw one. I figure, the more of us that say something about it, the more likely they'll see it and take action.
  2. Game Crashes Getting Worse

    Can't speak for anyone else, obviously, but the game is crashing more and more often for me since the last update. Just in the past hour, it's crashed three times. The last one made me reboot the computer to get things running again. Then it would start, but wouldn't let me in. And this ALWAYS happens between the time the queue is decided and the game actually begins. This time, I didn't make it back in 20 minutes, so no mater what, I was "AFK" for the entire time.
  3. What tactic is this?

    Amen, brother. I've had loads of perfect torpedo shots that I didn't take because there was a risk of it turning blue-on-blue (or, I guess, green-on-green here). And I had one not long ago where I did hit a Scharnhorst with a torp. But I warned him not to turn right before I took the shot. He turned right. I yelled at him in the text window to turn back. He didn't see it. I fired dozen warning shots across his bow. He didn't notice. I sank him. He later apologized for not noticing the warnings, and that he couldn't turn back fast enough once he realized what was happening. I Interestingly, it did NOT turn me pink. But I try never to take shots that MIGHT hit a friendly.
  4. DD Incentives

    Hey Doc - just a quick update since your tutorial session. I keep stats on my games (you should have seen me when I followed baseball). Before your tutorial, I won 45% of my DD games with my 14 active DDs (I don't track ships I don't play anymore). I honestly didn't realize it was quite that bad. In the DD games I've played since your tutorial session, I've been on the winning team 52% of the time. I'm also identifying my screw-ups a bit more clearly now. My 3-minutes-and-out games are fewer and my average experience is up almost 4%. Anecdotally, Mystico says he's had about the same results (though he doesn't track his stats). 1000 thanks, Doc. I REALLY appreciate you taking the time!
  5. Gnevny to Minsk Grind

    I've really enjoyed the Minsk. It's one of my winningest ships at this point. I also didn't care for the Russians, other than the Storozhevoi (which I still have). But as someone above mentioned, the Minsk can be a beast.
  6. Game crashes constantly now

    Since the update a couple of days ago, I'm getting pretty regular crashes. WG, if you're looking at this, it seems to be a memory stack error. I can't get a screenshot because it shuts everything down. What's different now is that my Mac is crashing as well. I use both a PC (occasionally) and a Mac (regularly). The PC crashes occasionally, but never the Mac. The Mac has been crashing since the update a couple of days ago. There have been a couple of crashes that took the entire computer with it. One of those was on a Mac where I couldn't even force quite the program.
  7. Accidents happen, especially with torpedoes, and I generally don't beef about it. But what ticks me off is when I get blamed for driving into the torps myself. That happened a couple of days ago, when a CA behind me decided he had a shot (he didn't, really). They guy went off on me because I should have seen it coming.
  8. Honestly, man, you hear more in the first day of basic training than you'll see in years on this game. The language here is kinda tame by nautical standards, and what people here refer to as "salty" was merely punctuation when I was in the service. I've seen some guys trying to talk like real sailormen in chat, and I really find it kinda funny most of the time. It often sounds like a 12 year old playing pretend boatswain's mate. If you want to complain about the language, how about this: I have kids that watch over my shoulder sometimes, and it would be nice to not worry about the chat box. They'll hear it all later, but they don't need it now and they don't need it from a game.
  9. DD Incentives

    Fair enough. And I'm going to bring my buddy along too, if you don't mind. We both want to get better at this. If nothing else, I try to be on around 6:30pm to 7:00pm central time on Saturdays. Maybe a touch later, but generally around then for a couple of hours.
  10. DD Incentives

    Doc, I'll grant you much of what you say. And I do not claim to be a skilled DD player. I have my moments - some very good moments - but those moments are much more sparse than yours without doubt, and much more sparse than I'd like. And you continue to make this sound like every game I play is devoid of shooting, and you do me a slight by continuing this line. The game above was an exception - an extreme example used to prove a point. And I'll likely never get my DD win rate up to 49%, to be honest. I started playing this game to blow of steam after a rough patch at work (laid off last year, step down this year, double workload at times). So my main aim was to sink stuff, and not punch holes in walls. And my division play is always with a buddy of mine from high school/college, and we're making up for lost decades as much as playing the game. I didn't start looking at win rate until maybe 800 games in - maybe 900 - and by that time the statistical damage was done. So while your jab strikes its target, it's really a bit of a waste. "The truth is that players need to learn how to bring out the full potential of the DDs that they are playing." So teach me. You have a willing and eager student.
  11. DD Incentives

    And guys, when I say that maybe it would be good to hang some points on spotting, there's no reason that this need be exclusive to DDs. I did a mission once that included spotting a certain number of ships, and it was largely accomplished in a Leander.
  12. DD Incentives

    I daresay you might be a bit of an oddball yourself (meant in the most respectful way possible). I've seen a ton of heavies lately that hid behind islands because a lone invisible DD kept slinging torps in their general direction. I've been known to get into knife fights with cruisers myself (which is one of the reasons that my time with the Neptune was kinda rough). Ya also have to admit, there's a fairly hefty portion of people in this game that think DD drivers are only good if their lifespan is less than three minutes. Otherwise, they weren't trying to cap hard enough. (And yes, I include a hefty number of DD drivers in that group.)
  13. DD Incentives

    This was a rarity - an extreme example. And I was the only DD on my side of the map. The tactical situation was that I was the eyes of our force for quite some time. I also play RN CLs. How many times have you been in battles where your DDs go early and you're blind, while some IJN DD spots for their team and the big brutes in the back just hammer the rest of your squad? I had three smokes; 1 went to cover the advance of our battle line, 1 went to cover an ally that was in big trouble, the third was pretty much wasted but it seemed like a really good idea at the time.
  14. DD Incentives

    Why not make spotting measurable and give a reward for it? They already know how much damage is caused from your spotting. Why not hang a few points on that. Doesn't have to be much, really. And yeah, no damage at all. I used my smoke for others and to cover the advance of our main battle line. I never had time to slow down and use it. I did get shot up - lost about 40% of my HP. Also, there were no DDs on my side of the map at all. There were only 2 in the game. On our side we split. On their side they both went the same way, away from me. We had most of our CAs and all of the heavy metal on my side. So the enemy CAs didn't last long and the heavies stayed back and blasted at the other heavies. Honestly, I've got a fair number of games driving DDs and I've never seen a tactical situation like it before. I went to attack a CA that was hiding behind an island, but he stuck his nose out long enough to get sunk by somebody else before I got there. It was a strange game. I was very active, and threw torps out where I could, but just didn't get any hits.
  15. DD Incentives

    Sorry, but how is this being hypocritical?