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  1. enderland07

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    ... no? Why would you think this to be the case? A game can absolutely be balanced and not fun. See, World of Warships. You can take your pick - radar proliferation or CVs, either are equally valid contributors to a lack of fun. It is certainly the case that more balanced games are more likely to be fun. But simply being balanced doesn't mean it's fun.
  2. enderland07

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    My opinion is that the game is actually pretty well balanced. Both before/after the CV rework. From a purely game mechanics perspective, the game has been pretty well balanced for a long time. Like I said before though in a very popular post in this thread: I don't care about balance. I care about the "fun factor." As realistically do most players. Just because you can't read doesn't mean you get to summarize the majority of the playerbases argument incorrectly and present it authoritatively.
  3. enderland07

    WG should fix flooding

    The flooding change was such a good buff to good players, lol.
  4. enderland07

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    I do not think CVs are overpowered. I think CVs are a negative experience to play against, in spite of being reasonably balanced for most players. Those two concepts are very different.
  5. enderland07

    When will Slingshot Drop Exploit be fixed?

    How else can you farm damage in a roflstomp game? ;-)
  6. enderland07

    How do you go on with a cursed ship?

    Normally people blame something else:
  7. enderland07

    Miserable MM

  8. enderland07

    don't lose hope when the team's down

    Wow their CV did work.
  9. 2024 is pretty far away to be wanting a free respec. Who knows if you'll still be playing or not?
  10. enderland07

    credit sink ship.

    I think that'd be a good idea. The game needs more "end game" content.
  11. DE is a great skill. The problem is there are almost always better skills, especially at higher tiers. Practically it might mean 1 more fire in a game on average at high tier for cruisers. Which compared to the other captain point skills is just.. not worth it in most cases, except for cruisers with very low base fire chance initially (DM/Wooster).
  12. Joke ------------- your head
  13. Yeah legendary upgrades are literally all trash. Unplayable WG, unplayable. edit: ffs, this was a joke based on the thread title, I can't believe how many people are taking this seriously
  14. enderland07

    Least favorite T10?

    The YY still is the only TX dd to have deepwater torps.
  15. You're open to the idea of CVs???? I thought it was a PSV requirement to hate them