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  1. enderland07

    Meet ur new cancer division

    Can't be upset about submarines/CVs if a bunch of surface ships have all the focus ;)
  2. enderland07

    Meet ur new cancer division

    Yeah I'm sure glad WG released more ships that are cancerous for the meta. Just what the spreadsheet said we need!
  3. enderland07

    The New MM Seems To Be Working Well

    I've wanted those on a more regular basis as someone who mostly plays TX.
  4. enderland07

    Research Bureau is Awesome

    This would be a great argument for the NTC... except the entire purpose is to give people something to grind for, not achieve trivially. Making it super easy for people to achieve the goals seems counter productive.
  5. enderland07

    Research Bureau is Awesome

    This is such a compelling argument. Augmented by great persuasive skills! Thanks for enlightening the masses. No one has heard any of the reasons for the NTC to be good, glad you were the first to say so.
  6. You've played about 7k games. Figuring 15 minutes a game, you're looking at about 2000 hours worth of gametime. That's over an hour a day average for the time you've been playing a game. It's not remotely surprising for me to consider that people such as ourselves (I'm close to your battle count myself) would care about the game. Especially given you have a number of premium ships, which seems to suggest you've paid money for the game.
  7. Wait until a T7 operation (Narai is best now, lots before) is towards the end of the time its running, so players know what they are doing Add all the best free xp flags onto a ship you are good at for T7 Add a good camo Queue with randoms Nearly always win, get decent base XP and huge amounts of free xp You can substitute (4) with "div with friends) if you want, it just makes the win more reliable (but you normally lose potential experience b/c your teammates are better).
  8. Not to mention that even though I had bad french free crate RNG... I still don't have to play below the T6 once they drop this week.
  9. They've literally given those out every single anniversary event. They also give out 500 fxp regularly as an item in the "more resources" crates.
  10. I think many of the CCs are a lot more reasonable than zoup, honestly. Empathizing with the playerbase should be a bigger requirement of being a CC than clicks/views. But... meh, I doubt that'll ever happen. Zoup is the National Enquirer of WoWS. Every once in a while someone will read that and think it's true news, too..
  11. Gotta feed the clicks somehow, right? I feel dirty for listening to his last video and adding a viewcount, tbh...