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  1. 2883 battles causes nervous sweating? ... crap.
  2. Stats don't matter though!
  3. You are far more generous than I am in your assumptions.
  4. Maybe there should be a section of the forums where they can get dev/WG answers, but limit it to folks who have paid more than $1,000 for the game. I could suggest that somewhere.
  5. Someone who volunteered to be a moderator.
  6. I'll talk with the other mods and see what we can do.
  7. enderland07

    WG - I would like to participate

    To program? Depends a lot on how separate ingame settings are from whatever process records these. This type of flag wouldn't naturally fit on the ingame settings pages though so it'd probably be a flag on your account somehow. It might take longer to make it fit there meaningfully?
  8. enderland07

    WG - I would like to participate

    I'd love a global opt-in button.
  9. enderland07

    Tier X cruisers

    I take a good percentage of damage in the Henri when I speed juke a salvo... only to find out my enemy completely led too little initially... I should just accept that most people can't aim at the Henri correctly and stop speed juking lol.
  10. enderland07

    Okay, help unwrap this guy's thinking?

    You realize you are talking about the Kitakaze and not Kitakami... right?
  11. enderland07

    DE on Worcester?

    Wooster has 152mm main guns.
  12. enderland07

    Reporting Ships and Captains on Principle

    I don't really do this but the ship class that probably gets reported by me the most is the Asashio. It's a ship which isn't fun for the other 23 players in the game anymoreso than CVs are. It's such a negative playing experience to play against too, dodging 16 high alpha torps as a BB player who plays reasonably aggressively is still annoying as hell, even if I rarely die to them.
  13. enderland07

    WHY!?!? Why do Divs always spawn in the middle??

    This always happens to me when I play the Henri.
  14. When I play in a 3-man division, I I still don't win 100% of the time. Your fundamental premise is wrong.
  15. enderland07

    Tips for DD Duels

    OP could have been sailing broadside and getting blapped by AP too. Sims arcs are also way worse than Z39s, so if the range was very far the Z39 has a huge advantage. At closer ranges, the Z39 has big advantages due to hydro/smoke too. Sims is just not a great boat to get into a gunfight vs a Z39.