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  1. I miss the heyday of fun operations. Narai is going to be just one more in a long list representing the most fun operations in WoWS, removed for no reason. It's already been neutered in the fun factor twice, third time might be the charm... Not to mention Dynamo (which was hilariously fun), Cherry Blossom... sigh.
  2. I will be sad to see Narai hammered yet again. It is overwhelmingly the most fun I have in this game. I am so thankful that I stopped giving WG any money after 2018 given how insistent they are on ruining this game.
  3. enderland07

    What is the best supercruiser?

    In what context?
  4. enderland07

    Just got the Montana. AA??

    AA skills on any ship are basically a waste. You want to run this set of skills, in this order: PT, EM, SI, FP, CE, AR, BoS You can swap FP/CE in order depending on playstyle.
  5. enderland07

    What losing looks like without a premium account lol

    The first two games look like you played a battleship and shot HE all game, farming pointless fire damage and getting some garbage time kills. Which shouldn't be surprising to lose. Especially since you said you were the last player alive in all three games, it seems likely this was the case. Given the lack of spotting ribbons in the destroyer game, my guess is you played the destroyer poorly and also farmed garbage time kills after the game was decided. It's important to realize that: Not all damage is created equal. 100k fire damage over a game is much less meaningful than 100k AP damage in the first 10 minutes. Or a single early game 50k dev strike potentially. You can often farm kills/damage by playing in such a way that yields a low winrate, especially when using HE. In fact HE makes it even easier to farm pointless achievements without contributing to a win.
  6. Players in all classes suicide at start. It happens faster with destroyers though. Sometimes, you can see a BB/CA player positioning in a way which is nearly guaranteed to lead to their death a minute or two later. That's no less silly than when a DD does it. The big difference is people don't understand why they get wrecked in BB/CAs because the suicide is a drawn out suicide vs the nearly instant death destroyers receive.
  7. I suggest you actually read the post you are responding to as it will make you seem less... trollish.
  8. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/191939-why-almost-all-good-players-hate-cvs/
  9. enderland07

    New Campaign Please

    Harder to monetize and timegate campaigns.
  10. enderland07

    New Campaign Please

    WG is too short sighted to realize how great campaigns are for 99% of the player base.
  11. I regret that I have but 11 reports for CVs a day.
  12. enderland07

    Welcome to World of Warships

    You mean median winrate. Accounting for the very rate draw, weighted average winrate is 50%.
  13. enderland07

    WoWs players have a HUGE karma problem.

    I run out of reports 10x as often as compliments.
  14. enderland07

    Welcome to World of Warships

    Consider that even the best players only win 70% of their games solo. That means that 3/10 games you can have amazing games and still lose, even if you are in the top 0.01% of players in this game.
  15. Luckily for me, I'm in the middle of a long and drawn out move so I'm not yet tempted to play again. It does make me wonder who comes up with this type of email though.