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  1. What other destroyer can send 16 deepwater torps with nearly no detect range from 16-20km away at me? And just because something is fun to play doesn't mean it's good for the game. A destroyer with 3x5 regular deep water torps and TRB would be fun to play... for the player playing it.
  2. I really don't know how this ship will benefit the overall game. I play battleships pretty aggressively when I play them and honestly this ship seems like it will be a cancer to that style of play - it will encourage me to either: Sit back and snipe Island camp Division None of these options are good for the game. I think that any ship should have the question, "does this actually make the game more fun for everyone?" and when you get ships like this, which while maybe hilarious result in situations with stupidly easy damage at the beginning of a game... I guess I have a hard time seeing how it's actually good for the game. Hard rock/paper/scissors isn't good for matchmaking. Which makes it not good for the game itself. I mean gleefully referring to the "good ole days of 20km shima torps" kind of ruins credibility for me.
  3. Suggestion of new game modes

    WG should make a weekend event where it's only 12v12 of the same class type.

    New maps keep the game interesting, even if people dislike them. I personally am torn whether I like this or not but it's definitely interesting either way.
  5. Encore Graphics Engine

    double post..
  6. Encore Graphics Engine

    How many graphics engines have you worked with from a software development perspective?
  7. ... you mean you aren't supposed to do that!? And yeah, I do too. PM, AR/LS, TAE/SE, CE/RDF is a good build imo and probably what you are running too I'd guess (maybe SI instead of TAE?).
  8. I find that most people who think destroyers are overpowered either: don't play them are just bad Seriously, if you want to know how to nerf destroyers, play them yourself. I rarely find myself dying to torps in either BB/CA and I'm pretty aggressive - but it's because I also heavily play torp boat destroyers. It's not the line that's the problem, it's players.
  9. Gun Sounds

    I like the constant roar of the Atlanta guns.
  10. Encore Graphics Engine

    People seem to think changing a graphics engine is like putting on a different coat. Realistically, it's more like changing your entire skeleton out for another skeleton. If that sounds hard/painful then you got the analogy.
  11. I have gone back/forth on TA for the Gearing because of how many times people blunder into the torps at nearly max range. I keep thinking to myself, "TA is better" but then I get those games where I randomly hit battleships at 15km with torps that were spotted for miles and shot at targets less than 10km away and think... ok, maybe the lulfactor is worth not speccing TA.
  12. 2-13 tonight

    How many hours does it take to play 30 games?
  13. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    I'm surprised how many people would rather quit than play the game. I hope any of you who are doing this never complain about teammates in this game, ever.
  14. What's the next T6 Scenario monster?

    Molotov and Budyonny are pretty OP in this scenario. Pretty easy to get 30-50 citadels with either.
  15. French BB`s

    If you have no other boats you like playing and just are waiting for the french battleship line... I have a feeling you are going to be sorely disappointed.