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  1. March to Kronshtadt

    To be fair, until you have a few TXs you still have to grind a looot of credits. The combination of perma camos + Missouri makes credits not really a factor.
  2. What is your Karma score right now

    I'm close to 100 now. Ranked has been good for farming karma.
  3. March to Kronshtadt

    Well, saving was easy:
  4. Yep, this. If you have a player who consistently is a 45% battleship player who buys Gulio Cesare OPPremiumBB and has a WR of 50%, it means that boat itself is causing the WR increase. This is very different than the boat itself having a higher winrate. For example, the Flint/Black have high winrates, but that is because the players who own them are on average better players because of how you win them.
  5. I've found a pretty strong correlation with people who complain about "dds not spotting/capping!" and people who worry about their paint being scratched.
  6. Taking it to the next level?

    After every game ask yourself: What mistakes did I make? What did I not notice in-game that I should have? And always play to win. No matter what, make plays that are needed to increase the chance your team wins. Context, I've held about a 60% WR recently in my last 300+ solo games with these ships as the most played (don't ask why I suck at the Zao, I can't figure that one out... :') )
  7. Dealing With Participation Apathy

    There is "camping" and "not yoloing to die." A lot of people confuse those.
  8. +1 This is how you get players with thousands of games and 42% wrs.
  9. Question for Shima captains

    This is the build I think is best, too.
  10. First official 19-point Commander

    Congrats. It's fun to have them and get delicious elite xp.
  11. Molotov is fun, I think my record is 50 citadels in Aegis (the one where you have to defend the convoy against all IJN ships, I think that's Aegis).
  12. How does a single bomb hit at the start of the game detonate you?
  13. Commander xp conversion?

    I mean, it's a tradeoff, right. I have close to 2.5M freexp too but am missing Conqueror, Grozovoi, Großer Kurfürst, Henri IV, Minotaur, Moskva, République, and Z-52 (plus CVs). and the Wooster for Xs.
  14. Commander xp conversion?

    I mean, I have 3M elite commander xp so... It's somewhat tempting because of that. It's a lot easier to get elite commander xp than free xp.