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  1. BB AP

    I mean... it's an example of "something changing" that affects the OP's example and one which wasn't announced.
  2. BB AP

    Well, sort of. The last change (the water change) wasn't announced.
  3. Massachusetts. Atlanta. Alsace (RIP).
  4. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    This is particularly relevant because I was only in the game just over 5 minutes. That meant I averaged almost 40k damage a minute that I was in game (including the startup times where you don't do much damage). Guess I gotta make the fastest grind of those Legendary missions and will carry some folks to coop victory ;)
  5. Signal flags are not resources

    I've gotten 1200 coal a few times.
  6. Running in WOWs in Bootcamp

    I have a late 2015 Macbook Pro running WoWS in Win10 bootcamp and it runs great.
  7. Narai: Killing the King

    Yep, unless your team is chicken you can normally kill it before it makes it behind the islands.
  8. As a certified Narai farmer I will say that it's harder now and the rewards are slightly nerfed (a massive Atlanta carry is now closer to 2.5k base xp) but it's still winnable if people are decent. I will say though the number of potatoes I can carry feels lower. The previous iteration I could nearly always 5 star with a solid game but in this one, it's too hard to keep from losing a star without at least some team support.
  9. Can the Indianapolis be repaired?

    Boise, the other version of Boise, and Graf Spee say Hello.
  10. I think you might be right, I do remember getting a SC for every TX you played during a time period. So I guess... maybe we'll get a decent event again :)
  11. I wonder what the odds of an event like this again are. lmbo.
  12. The game needs a reason which encourages players to play an objective. Standard battle is much worse at this than domination for better or worse. When I play destroyers, I much prefer domination over standard, too. The gameplay is a lot more engaging and dynamic, which for a ship like a destroyer is better.
  13. duuuuuuude not cool!

    WG doesn't have a doubloons<-->gold program yet. Sorry!
  14. Yeahhh this advice is fun. But bad.
  15. OPQ

    Here I thought this was going to be about a clan named OPQ trying to have a similar name to OPG