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  1. enderland07

    Why is the Phoenix so flammable?

    I mean, it's a Phoenix:
  2. I actually would be very surprised if it's too different than that sort of distribution, too, though I would be curious to see if any of the data exists for this. I wonder if any of the various stats sites have it?
  3. enderland07

    What to do with the Ovechkin Capt's????

    How did you get the 15pointer? Containers?
  4. Yeah, @Lord_Zath tested it in his latest video about here -
  5. Do you have data that drives this analysis in WoWS? I'm curious if there's a straightforward way to actually get this data. I wouldn't be surprised to see something like this either, though the tail on both sides is probably a lot bigger than I want to know.
  6. The biggest thing here is I would expect to see considerably more players in every match with 60% stats in their respective ships. I rarely see many players above 50% in their respective boats with significant games and most often see MM like this (which is from my last game today, which is the last one I can see as it's in MM Monitor still and yet it illustrates this point well, coincidentally). This is a 41.6% weighted WR: It's entirely possible this is confirmation bias on my part. I'll start tracking this over the next few games I play.
  7. The test example is different because each student's results are more or less independent of other student results. In the divisioning example what you are saying is kind of true - but it is not relevant to the actual weighted average. Imagine a 3 man div that wins 10 games in a row with the same 21 other players - the weighted average for all those players still is 50%. It statistically would look more like: 3 players @ 100% WR 21 players @ 42.8% WR (assumes this playerpool is perfectly distributed with 9/21 of the time on the dived team) Keep in mind that it's not 9/24 but it's 9/21 -- there are 21 remaining players to be distributed once the division is placed. This means assuming random ships, each remaining player has a 9/21 chance of being on the divisioned team. Maybe it's worth clarifying. The entire reason the weighted average matters is that it is relevant to the question: Do better players or worse players quit more often? If people who are good quit more often, we'd expect to see an overall weighted average of player stats amongst players who have played recently to be lower than 50% - because we're taking good players from WoWS history out of that pool. And vice versa for the opposite situation.
  8. Almost all the clans I recognize as obviously affiliated with Texas are overwhelmingly below average.
  9. This doesn't make sense. In every game in reality, there are equal numbers of players on each team - normally 12. This means there are 12 wins and 12 losses recorded for nearly every single game. This is true regardless as to how many people were in divisions in those games. People divisioning doesn't change that 12 wins and 12 losses happen in normal games (barring draws, less than 12v12, etc).
  10. Number of games * WR. So if you had these players I just made up: 50 games @ 40% WR 100 games @ 50% WR 70 games @ 45% WR 20 games @ 70% WR This example would be: (50*.4 + 100*0.5 + 70*0.45 + 20*0.7) / (50+100+70+20) = 48% But for every game, barring draws, it's 50%. The median in the above example would be coincidentally close to 48% (47.5%). What this means though is in the last two weeks, the weighted average of every player who played ends up being very close to 50% regardless of whether half the players are 100% and the other 0% or the more realistic mix in between. It's the distribution of the wins/players is what is interesting to me for the purpose of this thread.
  11. You are confusing weighted mean with median. The median WR would be below 50%. The weighted average WR would be exactly 50%.
  12. Someday the game will reward me for escorting the CV! Someday!
  13. enderland07

    Community Challenge: play all ships in port once

    It has been interesting because in my playthrough, several really strong ships (Kami, Scharn) basically hit uptiered worst-case MM and made for incredibly unfun games. Even for me, who is much better than average. I can't imagine how the average player must feel. The Kami game I don't know if I even got any damage, the CV parked a fighter above me until I died, which short of the pity-AA kills, there's nothing a Kami can do (I guess I could have just gone in the back and camped other ships but given the steamroll the game was that wouldn't have helped much at all). Course, maybe the average player doesn't actually understand how frustrating this is and just has a fun time anyways
  14. Well, it's actually really difficult for a mere player to get this sort of information. Probably the best way to get it would be to write a script to parse all of your replays and look up each player, both their ship stats as well as overall, and make a weighted average result.