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  1. Julius_Persi

    New German DDs are pathetic at best

    Hey I love playing French DDs as DDs hunters and I have faced some tier VIII and IX and those guys hit me pretty hard on Fantasque, Mogador and Kleber, full shots of ~6K. I always play angled I didn't know if those German DDs hit me hard cuz I was angled or always pen thanks to a short fuse or shot at the water to slowdown the AP. With a full angle I could avoid those pen but I can't use half of my turrets. ¿somebody knows if with a full broadside can I avoid those pens on French DDs?. Please any Info could be pretty usefull to play with em or against em. Well take that in consideration, those KM DDs could be DD hunters too.
  2. Julius_Persi

    Rework = I'm Out

    Today after taking a break from this game I tested the rework, but man the 500K of XP to 20 and the 700k more to 21 is so batantly a Money grab, that I consider my self to Rehab from this game, then I Uninstalled. I enjoyed a lot and spended more money that I should, but this Kind a bussines mode tire me off. Enjoy the Seas guys.
  3. Julius_Persi

    What happens to the XP that is earned on the submarines?

    The captain experience goes elite, you can use that experience in any captain that you like, So is like stacking xp for any of your captains.
  4. Julius_Persi

    Submarine Live Testing: Day 1 "First Impressions"

    Today in sub Mode I realice that Radio position Finder only shows nearest surface vessel, I was Deep charging in my french DD and u-69 spoted by an Ally sonar, I know where he was, but my radio signal show the vector from a distant unspoted enemy DD. The last also apolies for a SS with radio position.
  5. Julius_Persi

    Teh Mighty Mighty Vauquelin

    I consider my self a good vauquelin captain in random, here in ranked I tried my common Rush tactic to hunt a DD and then disengage, but doesn't work well here, cuz the over extend and being under crossfire (in ranked people has a lot of good aim, I get used to the random average bad aim) leave me almost died the most of the time, but changing the táctic to spot first for the steam, see if my side is weak or not, to hunt a DD with radio position Finder if he is alone, Make me carry a lot for the team, vauquelin is a blast. My setup is: Incoming fire alert, last stand, expert marskman, adrenaline rush, basic fire training, advance fire training and Radio position Finder with a Honoré brother, he is a vauquelin captain but I used him in Le Terrible the most of the time as one of my favourite ships in the Game. PD: Minks and Leningrad are powerfull ships too for this ranked, not brutal ambushers, but a lot better for mid and ranged combat.
  6. Julius_Persi

    How Many Ships Are Immune to AP Bombs?

    I never get citadeled in Jean Bart tier IX MN BB, and Republique tier X MN BB. IIRC yamato clases could be citadeled in a high altitud drop, but the drop is pretty picky.
  7. Julius_Persi

    Subs are getting interesting..............

    Some one knows if a DD with radio location skill could hunt submerged Subsmarines with the vector info of the location of the SS?.
  8. Julius_Persi

    HP distribution on DDs

    Hi guys, I'm having a blast playing with french DDs as anti DDs role, I love have carry potential instead of waiting for the match to develop. I googled a lot but I can't find the answer, here we go: I've a question about how is HP distributed on DD compartments?, is the same for all DD? if not, how is distributed on French ones(stern, bow and midsection)?. Taking in consideration no Repair party, is usefull the use of survivability expert for +350HP per tier?. Thanks in advance guys.